Failed in Wales

I have just watched the debate on the EU referendum between the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, and Nigel Farage.

This is the first time I have really heard Carwyn Jones. I don’t know if he has a nickname, but an apt one would be “Get Yer Facts Right!”.

This is rich coming from someone who either really doesn’t ‘get it’ or is playing stupid in order to stick to Labour Party policy in order to keep his job.

I don’t know how many times he talked about the importance of his “nation”, Wales, and how “proud” (comes before destruction, Get Yer Facts Right) he is of it, yet he is dead against “nationhood”.

The poor man is deluded; possibly schizophrenic, seeing as he is proud to be Welsh, British and European. I’m surprised he didn’t say he was proud to come from Earth.

He is so busy being proud that he fails to see (or wilfully ignores the fact) that his “nation” (without nationhood, because that’s bad!) has prostrated itself at the feet of the EU.

I couldn’t help notice his initial aggressive body language, which seemed to diminish when it became apparent that the majority of the audience wasn’t buying his tired old propaganda.

He is so “proud” of his nation-without-nationhood that he is desperate to cling onto the increasingly despotic EU for handouts to farmers and others and wants us to believe that all the big companies will move out of Wales after we leave the EU.

Didn’t that happen about thirty years ago? Remember the “Not the Nine O’Clock News” song, “Failed in Wales”, about the many companies, including the steel works, that went bust?

What good did being a member of the EEC do Wales then?

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Named Person: Police State Scotland


The Scottish Government: plans to interfere in all aspects of every child’s life.

I have emailed this letter to our local paper:

I want to make the readers aware of one of the most pernicious pieces of legislation I can remember in my lifetime and there is little time left to act. Every child in Scotland will be affected.

We have until 30th to email the Scottish Government with our objections to the ‘Named Person’ legislation.

To believe that this idea is being implemented to safeguard Scotland’s children is naive in the extreme. This is not just about abuse, which of course is repugnant, it concerns every aspect of a child’s life from their birth to 18th birthday (or even after that if still at school).

There follows some examples of what your child’s Named Person (i.e. State guardian) is to be involved with and how parents, other family members and school friends could be dragged into conflict with the State.

Children’s ‘wellbeing’ will be monitored. An ‘Easy to Read Guide’ to the plans describes wellbeing as “another word for how happy you are” and says that a Named Person will check that a child is respected, which includes being given a say in what they watch on TV and how their room is decorated.

Can you see already how this is not about wellbeing, but about control? Control is at the centre of this scheme. If your child wants to plaster his bedroom walls with death metal posters and you disapprove, he can have a word with his Named Person (probably a teacher or health worker).

In other words, your children, your home and your beliefs will become the property of the State. The State will be using children to modify (read: coerce; bully; threaten) how parents act and undermine their beliefs and diminish parental responsibility and authority, weakening the family.

Many professionals have spoken out about the scheme’s potential dangers.

Carole Ford, former President of ‘School Leaders Scotland’, wrote to The Scotsman criticising the scheme.

She wrote that whilst a single point of contact is welcome, appointing a named person for every child is a “completely unnecessary interference with parental rights” which actually “diminishes parental responsibility”.

She said that this is “a direction of travel no sensible society would follow”.

She also stressed that implementing the scheme for all children, rather than those who are specifically identified as vulnerable, would make its impact “so thin as to be negligible”.

The full statutory scheme is scheduled for next August, but pilot schemes are already operating in many areas.

A senior teacher in a Moray secondary school has been convicted of sending grossly offensive or indecent images of children; she had been the ‘Named Person’ for 200 pupils!

Simon Calvert, NO2NP spokesman, said: “It has to be hoped that the local authority has begun an internal inquiry into how such a person could ever have been given such a powerful role in the lives of children.

“The Scottish Government must tell parents what additional steps it is taking to vet Named Persons. Given their greatly increased involvement in the personal lives of children, there clearly ought to be greatly increased background checks to make sure they cannot abuse that position of trust.”

I contacted our new MP, Richard Arkless, about a separate matter. He was very helpful, so I told him of my concerns about the ‘Named Persons’ scheme. He supports the plans and replied that, “I think we have to agree to disagree on this”.

I reminded him that he is entitled to his opinion, but that he is employed to represent us, regardless of his own views, unless these conflict with his conscience. I await his reply to my last email with interest, especially his views on this question:

“Some people say they will refuse to accept a Named Person for their children.

“What will happen to them? Will their children be removed in dawn raids by social workers accompanied by police?”

That might sound like fantasy, but in the past, families in Glasgow whose asylum applications were rejected have been subjected to dawn raids and sent back to the likes of Kosovo and Albania with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing. Where was the concern for children’s “wellbeing” then?

The ‘Named Person’ scheme is part of GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child). According to the Scottish Government’s website,

“The Wellbeing Indicators are used to record observations, events and concerns and as an aid in putting together a child’s plan – if one is needed. The My World Triangle and the Resilience Matrix are used to gather, structure and help with assessing and analysing information.”

This sounds like ‘1984’ meets ‘Brave New World’ to me; as I wrote earlier, I believe this is all about control.

I have read that some pupils have been grilled by their Named Persons into divulging information about their classmates, such as whether they smoke or drink. No doubt, their political and religious views will also be of interest, like how non-PC they are so that they can be enrolled in re-education classes.

Whatever happened to privacy and trust? These cannot be permitted when a government is so out of control. Information gathered from children will be shared, i.e. made available, for many people to access. The dangers are obvious.

The Scottish Government tries to insist that parental rights will not be undermined in any way, but children are already encouraged to seek confidential NHS treatment with neither the knowledge nor the consent of their parents.

Some parents say they are not prepared to cooperate, but as Aidan O’Neill QC says, “Not only can you not opt out of the scheme you have to positively co-operate with the Named Person otherwise you could be characterised as ‘hostile’ or ‘non-engaging’ which leads to further state involvement.”

I encourage everyone to contact our South of Scotland MSPs of all parties urgently. You might also like to tell our MP, Richard Arkless, how you feel. His party is imposing this gross infringement on freedom and privacy. What they are saying is that no parent in Scotland can be trusted to raise their own children.

The unfortunate fact is that politicians will mostly toe the party line and will refuse to acknowledge reason or try to constructively deal with concerns. They must be made to – they work for us!

The independence of the family is at stake as is the safety of children, both at the hands of possible unscrupulous ‘Named Persons’ and by creating so much ‘noise’ in the system that genuine cases of abuse and neglect could fail to be noticed because the attention has been diverted towards little Johnny or Jenny’s bedrooms not being decorated quite as they would have liked.


Spiked has tried to understand why the Scottish Government and Welsh and London assemblies are more authoritarian than Westminster:

“The trouble here, though, is that ministers in the Welsh Assembly or the Scottish Parliament instinctively understand that the devolved assemblies aren’t powerhouses of decision-making. Local assemblies may be able to make decisions on collecting the bins, sorting out street lighting or tinkering with transport, but they’re not in a position to make a substantial difference to a region’s economy. They’re not in a position to implement changes that can improve infrastructure or affect the lives of people in any meaningful way. Instead, they have the power to meddle, interfere and restrict ordinary people’s day-to-day behaviour. They’re meaningless institutions desperately in search of meaning. So, in order to create a sense of purpose, to show they’re more than just talking shops, the devolved assemblies introduce fresh bans, new laws and more red tape. Yes, banning e-cigarettes in public places or placing all children under state surveillance doesn’t make much rational sense. But for a minister seeking to justify their existence, such policies make perfect sense.” ”

“…activists are more likely to defend all sorts of authoritarian measures that they would object to if Westminster had introduced them. The SNP congratulates itself for demolishing the Labour Party’s support in Scotland, only to introduce controls and bans that make New Labour appear like a collection of commune-dwelling anarchists. As anyone who has argued with SNP members will know, they’re bizarrely incapable of making any critical judgements about their party’s poisonous authoritarianism. The centrality of Scottish identity is a way through which politics is now suspended north of the border.”

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UK Government Drops Bid to Provide Services to Saudi Prisons. More to Do

Ali al-NimrFrom an email just received from Reprieve and regarding my previous posts:

“The UK government has today announced that it will drop its bid to provide services to the Saudi prison system.

“With two juveniles at imminent risk of execution by the Saudi authorities, this decision could not have come soon enough – thank you for being part of our campaign to make it happen.

“Over 7,000 of us emailed Justice Minister Michael Gove to let him know that the UK government cannot be complicit in the same system that is threatening to execute juveniles for the ‘crime’ of protesting.

“Ali al-Nimr and Dawoud al-Marhoon were both 17 when they were arrested and tortured into ‘confessions’ in the wake of political protests in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. They were both sentenced to death. Executions are shrouded in secrecy in Saudi Arabia, and it is possible that both juveniles could now be executed at any time, without prior notification to their families. Both face execution by beheading – Ali was sentenced to ‘crucifixion’, which involves public display of his body after he is beheaded.

“Cancelling the bid has sent a clear message that the UK does not support Saudi Arabia’s gross violations of human rights – a message that comes at a crucial time, with fears that Ali and Dawoud could be executed at any moment as both are moved into solitary confinement.”

They took their time cancelling the bid, but it shows what a few appeals can do. Imagine if ten million of us snowploughed politicians, government departments, embassies, etc. when gross injustices are evident.

Well, there are young men in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere who still need us to intervene on their behalf. Do not be afraid to contact people! I have been calling the Saudi Embassy in London and the UK Embassy in Riyadh together with my MP and emailing our Ministry of Justice (as they wouldn’t allow me to speak to anyone!). They might not call you back or email back, but they get your message.

David Cameron has even joined Jeremy Corbyn in asking for Ali al-Nimr to be spared the death sentence. There is still silence from the USA (those people spreading ‘democracy’ around the globe!). I called their London embassy yesterday. The women I spoke to hadn’t heard of this situation and would not put me through to the Ambassador, saying that I would have to write to Grosvenor Square instead.

I emphasised the urgency of the situation and asked her to pass my details on to the Ambassador anyway. It is sometimes interesting to note their reactions when their humanity is pitted against their duty to comply with the ‘system’ when 21 year-old men are due for beheading at any moment.

Their Edinburgh consulate‘s automated telephone system was a nuisance and I didn’t get to speak to anyone, so emailed them.

I will be keeping the pressure up on them too. If they want to be the world’s police force, they had better be seen to justify it. Again, for a change. But when people do not hold them to account they will do nothing or act contrary to our interests.

The UK Government has done the right thing for a change. Do not expect them to do it again without even more pressure. It is your country too. Take control! Have fun with it (while being responsible, naturally).

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How the World Works

Here’s how the world works:

1. We bomb countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to bits to give them ‘democracy’.

2. We become friends with countries like Saudi Arabia who behead and crucify people who peacefully demonstrate for ‘democracy’, even bidding to improve their prison service which tortures people.

3. Backroom deals are done to make everything look so respectful.


Do something.

This is easy – simple petition on Government’s website. petition.

Avaaz – now well over a million signatures.

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Stop the Saudi Crucifixion

While the UK is disgusted/amused/bemused by the revelations of an alleged encounter of a sexual nature between David Cameron and a pig’s head, his pals in Saudi Arabia are planning to behead and then ‘crucify’ the body of 17 year-old Ali al-Nimr for demonstrating against the power-mad, amoral and psychotically tetchy regime there.

Please sign the petition and send an email to Michael Gove here.

Incidentally, our Ministry of Justice is bidding to provide support to the Saudi prisons service. More blood money from the Arab world to our morally repugnant swine in government.

You can contact the Saudi Ambassador to the UK in London.

You can contact our man in Riyadh here. (They are closed today, 23rd, for ‘Saudi National Day’).

A Saudi official has just been given a top human rights job at the UN:

THE United Nations (UN) has been attacked over the “scandalous” appointment of a Saudi Arabia official to a top human rights job – despite the repressive regime having beheaded more people this year than Islamic State.

Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr is also due to be killed at any moment on apparently trumped-up charges.

Help stop the rot.

UPDATE 8:41pm – I have just noticed this Statement from The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in London about someone called Raif Badawi. I don’t know who he is or what he has allegedly done, but the statement says:

In response to recent statements by various countries and international organisations regarding the case of Saudi citizen Raif Badawi, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia wishes to state that it has no tolerance for foreign entities meddling in the Kingdom’s internal affairs. The Kingdom will not tolerate such outrageous, ridiculous interference in its sovereign criminal justice system.

It is important to note that the case in question was administered according to legitimate Saudi statutes by a respected Saudi judge whose task is to execute the laws of the country. The Kingdom upholds and protects the independent status of its judiciary and the equal treatment of all its citizens.

According to HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom, “the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia works to foster positive relations between the Kingdom and the UK. To do so, we support the independence of other countries’ legal systems. Hence, we expect the same respect for the decisions of our court system as we accord the court system of other nations.”

In short, Saudi Arabia strongly condemns foreign parties intruding into its internal affairs. Sovereignty is absolute, and it should be treated with the utmost respect. As it would expect any other nation to do, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia categorically rejects any form of external pressure that any entity may bring to bear upon its legal process.

Do you think they have good reason to be this paranoid? I expect they have many good reasons. The country is infamous for callous legal decisions, no doubt made by “respected Saudi judge[s]”.

Sorry, Saudis, but your sins shall find you out. The tyranny which exists in your country demands that decent people throughout the world expose your ways and intervene in your affairs.

As for your assertion that “sovereignty is absolute”, this is a lie. You are a member of the United Nations, which does not allow for such a situation to exist.

If you treat your people with respect then the rest of the world will treat you with respect and there will be no need to issue such petulant statements in the future.

If you are going to behead teenagers for wanting more freedom or thrash women half to death for being raped then expect “external pressure” and exposure of your “justice” system as long as you continue in your barbarous ways which do not belong in the 21st century or in any other century.


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Transgender Children

While on YouTube searching for something different, I encountered this video of an eleven year-old boy who dresses as a girl (and has done so for some time).

It is a neat follow-up to my previous post: ‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names (and Abstaining from ‘Traditional Societal Norms’).

There is also an ABC documentary about him, a ‘charity’ called Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation and a book, I Am Jazz.

On a more general note, Louis Theroux made a programme called “Transgender Kids“:

Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco where a group of pioneering medical professionals help children who say they were born in the wrong body transition from boy to girl or girl to boy at ever younger ages.

At the Child and Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Hospital Louis meets children who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Louis is told that children as young as three can show signs of rejecting the gender they were assigned at birth, leaving parents with a difficult dilemma – do they start transitioning a child who is still developing their own identity or do they wait and risk making the change once their body has gone through the transformations of puberty?

It is a decision that can be the start of a complex series of medical interventions, from puberty blockers to hormone replacement therapy and eventually gender reassignment surgery. Louis spends time with children and their families as they negotiate their way along this life-changing journey.

What is going on? This was totally unheard of when I was growing up and I assume, for almost everyone.

I reckon that, like homosexual behaviour, feminism and humanism, the constant media conditioning has rewired many people’s brains.

On the ABC documentary, the mother says,

“We all think things like: God made me special because there aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis”.

See what I mean? Where did this notion come from? When we were kids, we were happy to have sweets and toys, but the truth is that those Y-chromosomes mean that anyone born a boy will always be a male.

There seems to be an obsession with transgenderism and ‘transphobia’ these days: yet another opportunity to increase dysfunction in society, create more divide and conquer and another ‘hate crime’ to restrict freedom of speech.

I am not saying that “gender dysphoria” doesn’t exist or to make light of people who feel “trapped” in the “wrong” body. It cannot be pleasant, but I am sure that love and therapy are the way forward, not “gender reassignment”. How about support and prayer, common sense and straight-talking?

As for a mother, Robynn Weldon, who left a review of the book on Amazon, this is another way children are brainwashed: by their brainwashed parents,

“My 6yo daughter loves it [I Am Jazz] and I am very glad to have this fun introduction to transgender issues. I do have one objection though. The narrative strongly implies that Jazz believes she is a girl *because* she loves pink and mermaids. As a parent trying every day to battle the cultural message that girls like certain things and boys like other things, this is a problem. However, reading it with my daughter did provide a chance to start talking about that exact issue, and ultimately she concluded for herself: “I think we all have a little bit of boy AND girl in us.”

See how people now have this aversion to normal male and female traits, roles and interests?

The confusion is extreme. She doesn’t understand that the “cultural message” is not what it used to be, but is now designed to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture, values and laws.

It is very unhealthy for society. Men are becoming wimps, women more masculine (ironically, some are anti-male) and children must be becoming increasingly confused as time goes by, which simply helps the Controllers destroy society to rebuild it in their own image, as depicted in the Fabian Window.

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‘Gender-neutral’ Baby Names (and Abstaining from ‘Traditional Societal Norms’)

baby-hand“Gender-neutral” baby names: more proof that the world has gone bonkers.

“BabyCenter’s Global Editor in Chief Linda Murray has linked the trend to younger, more open-minded parents who have elected to abstain from traditional societal norms and gender stereotypes.”

Indeed! “Gender stereotypes” and “societal norms”  should be challenged wherever they rear their ugly bigotry! For example, I am a man with a beard. I think women should also enjoy the freedom to wear beards, whether through hormone treatment or prosthetic adornments which clip on to the ears, without feeling that they are abnormal in our society, never mind considered freaks.

Perhaps men should shake off the shackles of their societally-imposed gender-imprisonment by turning up at their favourite drinking den sporting stockings and suspenders? While talking to their confused and concerned friends, they could take out a compact from their handbag and powder their face, while complaining about the price of eggs.

“This year in particular, celebrities have been at the forefront of the gender-neutral trend by naming their daughters traditionally ‘male’ monikers such as: James (Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds), Andy (Jack/Lisa Osbourne) and Wyatt (Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher).”

Of course they are! “Celebrities” are charged with the duty of leading the masses astray by subverting our culture and opening up yet more fronts on the fraudulent “equality and diversity” bandwagon aimed at creating division and moral confusion, leading to a further breakdown in society leading to our country’s destruction and takeover by a global government which doesn’t give a stuff about “gender-neutrality”, “equality”, “human rights” or any of the other cunning devices used to ensnare the naive population into accepting their own slavery through a gradual, complex series of changes in society.

Here’s a radical idea: why not seek to return to the days when men were men and women were glad of it; when there was order in society (there are/were “societal norms” for a very good reason); when families and society as a whole were successful because people knew what their role was, relatively free from this crazy confusion and when our own people ruled our country, rather than took orders from the internationalists during their long campaign of corrupting our people and institutions until they are defeated?

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The Art of Distraction: Paedophile Politicians vs Fading Celebrities

Leg-iron was thinking about worries the other day. It seemed simpler in the 1970s when we had to worry about the Cold War becoming hot and turning our mortal bodies into radioactive dust or more likely leaving us staggering around with radiation sickness, scavenging for food and medicine in a post-apocalyptic setting.

There were worries about climate change as well back then, but it was a new ice age we were to fear. I have heard it say that the last ice age is still with us, with regard to the glaciers in New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

If this is the case and the world really is warming up – but not for the past twenty years or so – then maybe the planet is just returning to a more normal state; the way it was before the ice age and man has little or nothing to do with ‘climate change’ which is just being used to worry us into accepting global government given the power through the UN to make everyone comply with “sustainability” measures to “save the planet”.

Leg-iron makes this poignant point,

Child abuse is illegal but still happens. It’s not new. Even the scale of it is not new. Most of the cases coming to light are historic, from years back. Nobody seems much interested in stopping the abuse that will be happening right now. It’s so much easier to prosecute the old cases.

He finishes with this,

I worry about what they’re distracting us all from.

Anna Raccoon has demolished much of the historic celebrity cases; she was a pupil at Duncroft at the time Jimmy Savile was supposed to be running around abusing the girls there. The whole shebang was probably set up to distract us from what is going on in the Parliament and other seats of power and influence.

Like that ‘lord’ and former MP, Lord Janner, whose dementia seems to have prevented a trial, despite the reports of,

“Children being violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building [i.e. the Palace of Westminster] in which we now sit.”

Apparently, a “trial of the facts…would not be in the public interest”.

Just in the Portsmouth South constituency, there are characters with an unhealthy interest in children.

Their MP for many years, ousted at the G.E., is “Self-confessed teen fondler Mike Hancock”.

It has come to this,

The Tory, Labour, UKIP and even LibDem group leaders in Portsmouth have all written to Theresa May demanding that the police take action.

As Leggy says, Nobody seems much interested in stopping the abuse that will be happening right now. Especially by politicians, senior police officers, judges, senior social workers and those who procure children for these poor excuses for humanity.

Last year, the adopted child of Portsmouth South’s previous long-serving MP, the late Ralph Bonner Pink, told the Sunday Express that Pink sexually abused her “and had her packed off to Broadmoor when she was 16 to keep her quiet”.

There was another candidate caught with low-level child pornography.

All this from one constituency – that we know about. I imagine it beggars belief what goes on around the country when these sick freaks get together, probably with their Masonic chums from the police and courts.

I reckon that’s why the masses are fed a constant diet of 40 year-old stories about faded celebs.

The Romans’ “bread and circuses” is again alive and well. We get our fill of distractions: celebrities, sport, fake news, unrealistic (mainly) worries and as long as the belly is full, the people remain docile and ineffective. I have noticed in recent years how people in the “caring” services seldom give a flying fudge about those in their care, because their salary is their number one, two and three concern.

Perhaps the “obesity epidemic” is due to over-eating because of all the worries we are conditioned to react to.

Ironically, the United Nations is interested in Controlling the global obesity epidemic,

At the other end of the malnutrition scale, obesity is one of today’s most blatantly visible – yet most neglected – public health problems. Paradoxically coexisting with undernutrition, an escalating global epidemic of overweight and obesity – “globesity” – is taking over many parts of the world. If immediate action is not taken, millions will suffer from an array of serious health disorders.

Yet the WHO and other UN agencies fill our minds with worries and order national governments to implement dictatorial laws: bans, controls and all manner of restrictions in freedom, whether to “save the planet” or save workers in the hospitality sector from breathing in secondhand smoke, thus closing many businesses through loss of customers, because scraping by as unemployed is better than breathing in a wee bit of smoke in well-ventilated venues!

And is it a coincidence that this “obesity epidemic” appears to be a reaction to the greatly reduced smoking rates? Let’s look at what happened in the ‘States:

USA Smoking and obesity graphSome comments mention that this doesn’t take into account the rise of obesity in children, but if the sprogs have fat and lazy overweight and exercise-challenged parents, there is surely a greater chance that the children will follow their parents into being couch potatoes and fed on ‘lazy food’?

I have wandered somewhat from the serious problem of paedophile politicians. Naturally, this is an issue which we are not meant to worry about – but use our two minutes hate on the wicked deeds of those on benefits, decrepit celebs and the dead.

And why isn’t the whole House of Commons calling for an independent enquiry into paedophilia in politics? Maybe this is the biggest give-away to the scale of the evil?

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Happy Tax Freedom Day

Yes. Today is Tax Freedom Day. The Adam Smith Institute has calculated that on average we have spent the past 150 days paying tax and the money we earn for the remainder of 2015 is our own to do with as we please – as it were.

So, we have paid for the politicians’ overblown salaries and expenses, the quangos and fake charities telling us how to live (all year, not just for five months), the phoney wars, the EU protection racket money (which comes with no protection), etc. You get the idea.

For those struggling to understand the concept, there is a very short video guide for dummies (imbeciles, really) from The Telegraph. Tragically, Katie Morley, “senior personal finance reporter,” manages to get it wrong by saying that there is VAT on a bottle of milk.

Anyway, we can pretend that the money we have for the next seven months is all our own and the Dick Turpins in power don’t get a penny. Instead, we use it to pay the highway robbery of gas and electric bills, mortgage or rent on grossly overpriced housing and generally get ripped off right, left and centre on just about everything.

Mimi & Eunice'


Despite paying all that tax, it seems that David Cameron is prepared to allow a 12 year-old girl to die when the medicine to help her is sitting in a hospital cupboard.

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Bad Eggs in Top Jobs: Is It Inevitable?

Low-grade criminals might carry a sawn-off shotgun or excel at breaking and entering houses to pinch a few pieces of bling or cheap electronics to sell down the pub, but a life of crime with vastly better pay and conditions seems to be just waiting for those intent on wheedling their way to a top job.

It pays better and saves them getting caught with drugs or weapons or risk having to fence goods or climb up ladders into ladies’ bedrooms to steal their jewels without leaving so much as a box of Milk Tray.

The FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, is big news (again). He has had to deal with widespread corruption. He seems to consider himself to be the president of the world,

“Blatter has created himself his own world. He wants to appear like a king, like an emperor, like the Pope. He sees himself on the level of these people. He can be terribly ruthless. I’ve heard people say he would sell his own grandmother. When it serves him – and when his power is at stake – he will do almost anything to defend it.

The 79 year-old has been president since 1998 and is seeking a fifth term in today’s election where he faces Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein.

Blatter later vowed to restore trust in Fifa and “find a way to fix things”. 

After nearly twenty years in the job, that might be a good idea. It reminds me of the EU failing to keep their accounts in order for about the same length of time.

They are all “kings” and “princes” now. Accountability? Meh.

But Mr Blatter denies responsibility. It’s the others, you see…

Swiss prosecutors plan to interview 10 Fifa executive committee members as part of a separate investigation into the bidding process for the World Cup tournaments in 2018 in Russia and 2022 in Qatar.

Like the EU, it’s not someone’s lunch money which goes missing or the pilfering of biros from the stationery cupboards, but seven FIFA officials, including the Vice-president, have been charged with receiving over $150 million in bribes,

In total, 14 defendants were charged by the US Department of Justice with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies in a 24-year scheme.

How it is done

“Blatter has an incredible talent in judging other people, in seeing their weaknesses, detecting them and making use of these weaknesses at the right moment. He’s able to charm people and he also studies the circumstances around people – how they react in certain situations.

“And then he sets up his plan, using these people. Once he decides to move, he has everyone in place and he can play his cards accordingly. And people react the way he expects them to react.

It’s like a standard blueprint for those intent on power. If we compare it with UK politics we can see why that is also so corrupt and unaccountable.

Apparently, David Cameron is embarking on a “charm offensive” with European leaders.

France has accused David Cameron of trying to “dismantle” the European Union and suggested it will block his plans to claw back powers from Brussels.

Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, said that the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is “very risky” and “quite dangerous”.

He said that Britain had “joined a football club” and cannot decide “in the middle of the match that they want to play rugby”.

Bravo to M. Fabius for the football metaphor to aid the transition of themes here.

I think the French are in on Mr Cameron’s “EU Referendum” joke and that the European Establishment has no need to fear. Cameron is a Machiavellian who, like Herr Blatter, collects people whose weaknesses he can exploit.

Why was Cameron a chosen one? As the Grauniad explains,

Cameron learned about the value of spin during a previous career as director of corporate affairs for television company Carlton, now part of ITV, his only professional excursion beyond the cosseted world of Westminster.

And Eton was just the place to both work his way up the greasy pole and as the years passed, to rise to fag-master and have roles reversed as an army of slaves was available to practise on.


‘Head boys: How we imagine Boris Johnson, Bill Coles and David Cameron would have joined forces at Eton.’

I can imagine them inventing their own ‘EC’ (Eton College) regulations to convince their fags to engage in the most ridiculous, unfair and embarrassing behaviour which turn their subjects into little more than dehumanised serfs. Just like they do to the rest of us when they reach high office.

One abiding memory [of Eton] was the ‘ boy-calls’, where one of the senior boys would bellow ‘BoooyUpppp’. Every fag would drop what they were doing and race up the stairs to the Library – the last one got ‘fagged off’ to wherever the Librarian thought fit to send him.

Almost any behaviour was permitted as the fags swarmed up the stairs. Tripping, shoving and elbowing were all viewed as acceptable – even laudable – methods of trying to waylay your panting compadres. This was perfect preparation for future MPs as they try to claw their way up the greasy pole of state.

Having been voted back into Number 10 by his fags, Cameron can get back to his dirty tricks about our EU membership and his fabled “Referendum”.

Can the French really be fooled? Non, monsieur! Is Frau Merkel losing her beauty sleep over Cameron’s games? Nein! It’s just Jeux Sans Frontières, but the leaders’ heads are plenty big enough without the need for papier-mâché ones to be made.

Even if the Referendum does go ahead, Cameron and his fellow fag-masters will make sure that the insufficiently-educated fags with a vote are taunted, traumatised and terrified into wanting to stay in.

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