Why the ‘Nanny State’ Had to Turn Nasty

Today’s post from Frank Davis is about how the “nanny state” is a misnomer; it should be the “bully state” and…

If anything it’s really a technological, eugenicist state, engaged in a vast social engineering project. The goal is to create an ideal human type, that is smoke-free, alcohol-free, slim, fit, vegetarian, sustainable, low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, etc. This will be ‘progress’. And that means denormalising and demonising and excluding smokers and drinkers and tubbies and meat-eaters and anyone else who’s non-ideal in any way whatsoever.

It’s essentially a new variant of Nazism. It’s just (at the moment, anyway) a soft Nazism without selections and gas chambers, that uses rules and regulations and media campaigns to cajole and bully and shame everyone into conformity. But it could at any moment metamorphose into fully-fledged, genocidal Nazism because it’s underlying logic is essentially genocidal: it’s trying, after all, to get rid of undesirable traits. And when cajoling and bullying don’t work, mass murder will be the only remaining option.

It’s also a soft Nazism because it’s not overtly racist or homophobic. But this is just a temporary historical expedient, and when its true genocidal character finally emerges, gays and lesbians and Jews and blacks won’t be spared either.

Very recently it hit me that our whole (Western) society has been recreated by eugenicists. They’re not Nazis as such, but socialists/communists, which some would argue are one and the same with a few tweaks.

It’s why the ‘master race’ idea has resurfaced, as Frank graphically phrased it, like a blind and bloated corpse ascending from the depths of a lake, its distended right arm raised in rigid salute.

But he never really died. He was like Dracula, asleep in his coffin by day and working undercover at night, out of sight, biting every governmental, academic, voluntary and religious institution in the neck, in the guise of the likes of the Fabian Society,

Named after Roman general Fabius Maximus (nicknamed “Cunctator”, meaning “the Delayer”). His Fabian strategy advocated tactics of harassment and attrition rather than head-on battles against the Carthaginian army under the renowned general Hannibal.

The Fabian Society stained glass window

The Fabian Society stained glass window, now displayed at the Fabian-founded LSE.

The Fabian window, designed by early member George Bernard Shaw, shows their recently defunct (I believe) symbol of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Either side, you have co-founder Sidney Webb and G.B. Shaw hammering away at the earth as an anvil, shattering it, to rebuild it in their image.

The window had been stolen and when found, was donated to the London School of Economics (which was founded by four Fabian members) where Tony Blair, then PM (and a Fabian)

Spoke about the remarkable way the Fabians influenced the Labour party, not just in its creation but also in its economic, political and intellectual development. ‘Despite all the very obvious differences in policy and attitude and positioning… a lot of the values that the Fabians and George Bernard Shaw stood for would be very recognisable, at least I hope they would, in today’s Labour party.”

The early ‘pioneers’ of ‘soft’ eugenics include Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood (who privately wanted blacks exterminated through sterilisation). The abortion mills of America are now killing as many blacks every three days as the Ku Klux Klan lynched in all of its history.

Over here, the demented Marie Stopes called for sterilisation of ‘undesirable’ types while sending adoring poetry to Hitler. Now we have ‘clinics’ named after this lunatic who cut out her son from her will because he married a short-sighted woman. Their MD is a government advisor on teenage pregnancy strategy, as is a director of the other famous abortion ‘provider’ BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service). That’s why they keep advising lower ages for sex ‘education’ (we have seen how past efforts in sex education have increased their number of customers) and Fabian Ed Balls has been championing sex ed for five year olds. Now some sick people/subverters billed as being ‘experts’ are targeting nurseries.

Because the Fabians knew that to destroy the family was the only way that total socialism could be achieved, creating sexual confusion and separating love from sex seems to be an effective way of creating dysfunction and has prevented a lot of people from the last generation or two settle down to normal family life.

And the proles bought ‘family planning’ hook, line and sinker. But while they thought they were doing the planning to have a better life (one or two children and more money to spend on a better house/car/TV) it was the socialist elites doing the planning to destroy the family and reduce the population.

Then came feminism and ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’ and the rest of the sexual ‘liberation’ of the 60s, which was actually consigning future generations to loneliness, single families, disease and regrets from playing around and general struggle and strife.

Another consequence has been the need for millions more houses for all the singletons, hence house prices have been going through the roof. Combined with draconian planning legislation, we have been consigned to living cheek-by-jowl in tiny houses. The old tenement flats in Glasgow are huge compared to some of the more modern offerings. Frank adds,

And what’s truly shocking (for me) about this new Nazism is that its ideology seems to have permeated the whole of British society (and more or less every other society as well) without anyone really noticing.

This was the Fabian trick. Their other logo was the tortoise as they knew they would have to move imperceptibly slowly so that people wouldn’t catch on to these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Why religions have to go and we cannot be allowed to follow our conscience is, as another Fabian H.G. Wells put it, that the old religions of the world must give way to the new religion of collectivism. The new religion should be the state and the state should take charge of all human activity.

Finally, I knew the name of Ezra Taft Benson from my Mormon days (he was a former President/’Prophet’) but before that, he had been Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture and said:

I have talked face to face with the godless communist leaders. It may surprise you to learn that I was host to Mr. Kruschev for a half day when he visited the United States, not that I’m proud of it. I opposed his coming then, and I still feel it was a mistake to welcome this atheistic murderer as a state visitor. But, according to President Eisenhower, Kruschev had expressed a desire to learn something of American Agriculture — and after seeing Russian agriculture I can understand why. As we talked face to face, he indicated that my grandchildren would live under communism. After assuring him that I expected to do all in my power to assure that his and all other grandchildren will live under freedom he arrogantly declared in substance:

“You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.

And just about on time, as predicted, Obama comes along.

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Political Correctness Was ‘Invented In Nazi Germany’ and How They Made the Most out of Socialised ‘Healthcare’


Increasingly fewer manners.

This is a bit of a ramble through some of the important beliefs it is important to our ‘masters’ that we swallow and where those ideas came from and the damage they can and are doing.

Ever wonder why our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate? It is because the EU is based on Hitler’s ideas for the Continent after his hordes won the War.

Frank Davis has discovered that political correctness seems to have begun life in Nazi Germany after listening to an interview of Christopher Monckton by James Delingpole and taking the trouble of transcribing this part.

It’s a dangerous time. I’ve been looking quite closely at the pre-Nazi period in Germany. I have a lot of papers to do with it which aren’t public, because my grandfather was minister of information during the early years of the war… And so he had a lot of papers on this, and was very interested in how the Nazis had managed to get control. And they had followed a pattern that is discernible in their documents. The first thing they did was to go round saying there was only one acceptable point of view. That was where Political Correctness really first was invented, as you were not allowed to have a point of view other than that of the Nazi Party. Even though they were hardly represented in the Reichstag at all, they were beginning to shout down anyone who disagreed with them, and they would attack the individuals rather than their arguments…. The next stage was they began openly demanding that those who disagreed with them should be arrested, put on trial (or not put on trial, they didn’t much care) and then either imprisoned or executed… for disagreeing with the Nazi party on almost anything.

I saw a note the other day from somebody who’d listed half a dozen instances of what I call the Climate Communists saying that people like us should be arrested, imprisoned, tried and executed for crimes against the planet, or treason against the planet, or high crimes against humanity. There are various formulations from Jim Hansen upwards… Practically every week somebody is now saying this. And I thought I would just see if we bullied the bullies back, what would happen… The third stage was that they took office, and then they began going round and arresting people and executing them because they took a different view. So I don’t like the fact that we’ve got to stages 1 and 2. And one of the interesting things about pre-Nazi Germany was that because of the savage personal attacks which were directed by the Nazis at anyone who disagreed with them, it eventually got to the point where very few people who disagreed with them would dare to say so. And so it was left to only a tiny handful who dared to put their heads above the parapet.

I was talking to a US Congressman the other day, and I said, “Why, since you don’t believe a word of this global warming stuff, why don’t more of your colleagues do what you very occasionally do, and come out and say this is rubbish?” He said, “We’ve all seen what’s happened to your reputation because you dared to speak out… … We’ve watched this happening, and we don’t want it happening to us. That’s why we don’t speak out more often.” That is exactly how it was in Nazi Germany, and I have all the papers on it… And you could see this hate-speech going on all the time against anyone who dared to disagree, and eventually it worked: people just became frightened to say anything. Now that is happening in our legislature to quite a large degree now. People want to get re-elected, and they know that if they come out too openly against the usual suspects, then the Greens will target them – perhaps even at national level – and make it impossible for them to be re-elected… If you broadcast, they’ll try to take your advertising revenue away… This constant attack against the individual doesn’t so much hurt the individual, what it does do is frighten off anybody else from doing the same, and this comes over and over again in the pre-war papers of what was going on in Nazi Germany.

As Frank adds, No mention of the Nazi antismoking parallels.

That’s yet another similarity: the paranoia of ex-smoker Adolf and our ASH-obsessed politicians.

Which brings me onto why socialised healthcare is so important for dictatorships. They can achieve all manner of control and ideological subversion this way.

Although Bismarck had inaugurated an NHS-lite in the 1880s for certain people but only because he supposedly believed that a light version of socialism would stave off full-blown Marxism, it was during the Weimar Republic (at which time, of course, the USSR had socialised everything) when further major advances were made to German socialised healthcare and the popularity of social Darwinism had also grown, so by the time Hitler came along, he could implement, for example, the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring which enabled a “Genetic Health Court” to order the sterilisation of anybody considered to suffer from a supposed genetic disorder (many of which weren’t genetic).

He did this within months of becoming Führer.

The Holocaust Encyclopedia states,

Public health measures to control reproduction and marriage aimed at strengthening the “national body” by eliminating biologically threatening genes from the population. Many German physicians and scientists who had supported racial hygiene ideas before 1933 embraced the new regime’s emphasis on biology and heredity, the new career opportunities, and the additional funding for research.

Isn’t it just the same today? They opened up “research” facilities and funded “experts” to try to legitimise what they wanted to do all along. Nowadays we have all the funding going to support just one point of view: that the climate is changing due to humans; that secondhand smoke causes numerous deaths; that the Theory of Evolution is true by producing the most ridiculous of human ‘missing links’ which are even less convincing than Piltdown Man.

As you know, I’m big on the Creationism vs evolution theory debate, so when a lemur called “Ida” was introduced to the world five years ago as the missing link between apes and humans by then New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg (who is probably far more of an anti-smoking zealot than Hitler was), the sound of the accompanying enormous global media fanfare made sure everyone ‘knew’ that we were descended from the animals. Sky News said,

The search for a direct connection between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom has taken 200 years – but it was presented to the world today at a special news conference in New York.

They have admitted that all the previous ones were fakes.

With her human-like nails instead of claws, and opposable big toes, she is placed at the very root of human evolution when early primates first developed features that would eventually develop into our own.

Yet her offspring had to walk upright. With opposable toes? Maybe thumbs would have been more convincing, chaps.

Anyway, less than a year later, the fuss had died down about this Holy Grail and lost ark of archaeology (see how evolutionists want it to be a religion?), when it was discovered that Ida was not a human ancestor; not a ‘missing link’.

So we are left with no credible evidence of a link between humans and ape-like ancestors if Ida was the first groundbreaking example. Yes, the Theory of Evolution is rammed down our throats as much as the Carbon Con and the need for a European superstate and socialised healthcare and fake ‘human rights’ and so on. All for control. As Lenin stated,

Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.

Back on the subject of socialised ‘healthcare’ under the Third Reich and a few years after the ‘Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring’, Action T4 (Aktion T4) came into being where perhaps 200,000 people were euthanised (murdered) in mental hospitals from 1939.

Medical concerns which had largely been in the private domain in the nineteenth century increasingly became a concern of the state. The physician began to be transformed into a functionary of state-initiated laws and policies. Doctors slowly began to see themselves as more responsible for the public health of the nation than for the individual health of the patient. It is one thing to see oneself as responsible for the “nation’s health” and quite another to be responsible for an individual patient’s health. It is one thing to be employed by an individual, another to be employed by the government.

As I have said before, the NHS now exists primarily to control, subvert, keep the Pharma transnationals making healthy profits, collect data for the government and of course, kill.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote:

He who is bodily and mentally not sound and deserving may not perpetuate this misfortune in the bodies of his children. The völkische [people's] state has to perform the most gigantic rearing-task here. One day, however, it will appear as a deed greater than the most victorious wars of our present bourgeois era.

It was around this time that some of the (other) characters who have shaped the modern Western world were active, like Marie Stopes, who doted on Hitler and concentrated her ‘clinics’ among poor people and her counterpart in the USA, Margaret Sanger, was prominent and wanted to sterilise the blacks into extinction. Stopes wanted to sterilise the diseased, drunkards and people of ‘bad character’. Probably blacks, Jews, gypsies, etc. as well, but not sure if that’s on record.

Social Darwinism thrived after the apparent defeat of the Third Reich. You could argue that Aktion T4 is alive in the UK with unborn babies with disabilities allowed to be aborted (murdered) up until the moment before birth and where the Liverpool ‘Care’ Pathway starved and dehydrated people to death.

Like Aktion T4, the LCP was painted as a caring way of dealing with people, but is leading to increasing numbers being killed off one way or another, with hospitals receiving extra money for people dying this way. There are even the good old ‘targets’ to aim for. Targets are another way to ensure control and compliance.

Interestingly, T4 used starvation as one of the killing methods, along with lethal injections and gas chambers.

Eugenics is very much on the agenda. The first UNESCO Director-general was Julian Huxley, the famous internationalist and eugenicist.

The WHO’s first D-G was also a eugenicist called Brock Chisholm, whom Frank Davis wrote about a few months ago.

This notion that nation-states are the cause of war is now a modern orthodoxy, routinely trotted out as a justification for the EU into which European states are to be dissolved, after being ‘bought through guile’, and bound by treaties of cooperation such as the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Chisholm was also an advocate of world government, saying:

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

There has even been a eugenicist conference at the Scottish Parliament.

One of the patrons of the Optimum Population Trust (now Population Matters) calling for depopulation is David Attenborough. That Sky report says,

Sir David Attenborough said Darwin “would have been thrilled” to have seen the fossil – and says it tells us who we are and where we came from.

“This little creature is going to show us our connection with the rest of the mammals,” he said.

“This is the one that connects us directly with them.

“Now people can say ‘okay we are primates, show us the link’.

“The link they would have said up to now is missing – well it’s no longer missing.”

And people trust these individuals with their ‘superior knowledge’, delivered with posh authoritativeness, that the population of the UK should be reduced to 30 million by midway through the next century.

This headline may be slightly misleading, but the Führer made the most out of it and showed how dangerous it can be in the wrong hands: The Real Father of Universal Healthcare – Adolf Hitler,

The first mass murders of the Holocaust were carried out in the socialized German hospitals and the techniques for governmental mass murder were developed and refined there. Several hundred thousand handicapped and mentally ill persons were murdered in Hitler’s universal healthcare system. Retarded and mentally ill children were euthanized and the T4 project did the same for handicapped, mentally ill and elderly adults. In his order permitting medical killing, Hitler called them “mercy killing” and “lives not worth living.” In this way Germany produced great savings in healthcare, not only due to the extermination of existing patients, but many ill persons and their families became too fearful, due to rumors of the killings, to dare check into the hospitals.

I believe this is one of the reasons for blanket smoking bans in an increasing number of hospitals these days. It will deter smokers from seeking treatment. For example, I reckon that over 90% of the many, many people I shared communal areas with in the alcohol detox centre in 1998 were smokers. I noticed a few weeks ago on Google maps a sign at the entrance that the hospital is now completely no-smoking. I cannot imagine how some of those poor folk getting treatment for one addiction which some find totally impossible to be free from could cope for the hours they must be spend there without a cigarette. Many will inevitably not seek help. ‘Natural selection’ will kill them off when, for example their livers pack up or they walk in front of a vehicle.

One of the issues for the German pioneers was the cost of universal healthcare. When the UK welfare state was being set up, it was admitted that it could only be afforded if there was full employment and industrial output. We are very far away from that now, while the scope of welfare has expanded far beyond the horizon of its founders. The NHS cannot treat everyone, so patients seem to be getting thinned out one way and another.

My 92 year-old grandmother was repeatedly sent home from the doctor’s surgery and A&E. The blood clot which left her in agony was ‘all in her mind’ and she died a few weeks later after many visits seeking help. She had been incredibly fit and not a hypochondriac in the slightest. Maybe it was a genuine mistake. What do you think?

But the local paper wouldn’t print the story as almost the exact same thing had happened a few months earlier, which they did print.

Another example being the plumber from Hertforshire who was denied urgent treatment to fix his badly fractured arm until he gave up smoking. They can save money and/or micromanage people’s lives in unbelievable ways.

But how many times have we heard Hitler’s reasons of “mercy killing” and “lives not worth living” as excuses for aborting unborn babies suspected of being disabled?

It’s now being used to promote euthanasia for the old and sick.

Who’ll be next? The mentally ill, like under T4?

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DRIP and Tricks of the Political Trade

The real reason for the drastic Government reshuffle, according to many commentators, is to deflect our attention from the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) Bill which has been rushed through the Commons after the European Court of Justice decided the current measures were ‘illegal’. But according to The Freedom Association:

With the Snoopers’ Charter already having been widely rejected by the public and parliamentarians – the DRIP Bill looks far too similar. While the Home Secretary has claimed this is “merely status quo” legislation – a short glance at it clearly shows that it will grant the security services and police carte blanche access to the emails, telephone calls, texts and internet usage of all UK citizens at home and abroad.

Hat-tip to Leg-iron, who writes,

It’s how stage magic works. While you watch the fancy moves of the left hand, you don’t notice the casual slip of the right hand into a pocket.

It’s like that lesser-used trick made famous by Labour ‘spin doctor’ Jo Moore, “A good day to bury bad news” while thousands had just been killed on 9/11.

Miss Moore’s memo, written at 2.55pm on September 11, when millions of people were transfixed by the terrible television images of the terrorist attack, said: “It is now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury. Councillors expenses?

The first shock is that she’s not a ‘Ms’. The second shock is that such a callous, heartless female was not put on one of those all-women MP shortlists.

But – and this is my point – the U.S. security services were passed intelligence from various governments’ security services about an imminent attack pre-9/11 and ignored them (I wonder why!).

Secondly, if it’s the paedophilia they’re concerned about re. the need for data retention – it seems endemic in Westminster, the judiciary and the upper echelons of the police and is well known about (among themselves and by MI5), but gets covered up.

No. The data retention is for us. If not for now, for the future. Not for terrorists or paedos, but to intercept anti-government talk and catch manmade climate change ‘deniers’, etc. and probably for other reasons, like sifting ‘chatter’ for evidence of tax evasion and benefit fraud.

Re. Jo Moore’s comment in 2001:

But around Westminster, where there was shock and distaste at her cynicism, it was thought that she would have to go.

Sure. You can imagine the ‘shock’ among the heartless and the brain dead in Westminster, can’t you? I can picture them laughing their heads off while they down another subsidised G&T.

The Rev David Smith, whose cousin died in the attack, told the BBC that Miss Moore’s attempt to exploit the tragedy represented the very worst in modern politics.

Now that IS funny. Considering New Labour had recently won their second general election and routinely dumped on us all for years.

But the thought occurs that all this paedomania has been engineered, not only as a sleight of hand to distract us from what the right hand is doing (or the other left hand), but to bring in more surveillance. It could be why, decades later, hundreds of women (and a few blokes) have appeared as if by magic to accuse all manner of people – the living who have mainly managed to defend themselves and been found ‘not guilty’ and the dead Jimmy Savile, where the claims of his alleged abuses are being systematically exposed as fabrications by Anna Raccoon as Savile routinely seems not to have been at the hospitals at the periods in question or he was not left unaccompanied at all when the ‘victims’ were subjected to his hand up their blouse, etc.

So what we need is more surveillance. More intrusion. Scotland’s “Named Person” police state nannyism.

Another famous trick that the best illusionists can do is to make an elephant disappear. That’s why so many people fail to see the elephant in the room.

Or rather, the herd of elephants…

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For the Children… and the Adults

Leg-iron tells us that Theresa May has announced that there is going to be an investigation into paedophilia, not just in Westminster,

To placate the masses, they are also going to investigate the NHS, the BBC and the Church (just the one religion, naturally) where they will find plenty of big name scapegoats to take the drones’ attention away from them.

It’s what they do. Like creating new Acts containing a variety of themes and hoping nobody notices the really intrusive or offensive part.

So yes, I’m sure this insider “enquiry” will find a few NHS doctors who have groped children and some more dead or aging weirdos employed by the BBC and some nonces-in-frocks in “the Church”.

Oh and of course they’ll go back a few decades and find evidence against dead MPs and metaphorically exhume a few corpses for a show trial because it used to happen, but there’s no evidence of it now – while they frantically worry that their heinous secrets will finally be revealed.

With Leon Brittan threatened with death by some, you can be absolutely sure that the truth is so explosive it will be kept covered up.

You have to wonder what it is that makes so many politicians so keen to destroy our culture, laws, freedoms and independence. Have they been filmed having sex with children? You can bet some of them have, which is the reason they’ll do anything and everything to destroy our country to order because they know they will be exposed and/or found dead in a bizarre, sexually-depraved situation.

Meanwhile, Frank Davis discusses VGIF’s report about the story in the Edinburgh Evening News about a campaign to make shopkeepers keep their high-caffeine energy drinks hidden,

Pupils are set to be turned away from tills and the addictive drinks removed completely from general display, with sales assistants fetching individual cans from back rooms for adult customers.

Harley in the comments finds a comical connection. BBQ for Cancer Research UK:

Host a BBQ on the big weekend of 19th – 20th July, invite your friends to donate to attend and cook up some cash to help beat cancer sooner.

Charcoal or gas, rain or shine, join in this July as gardens, parks, and rooftops across the land turn up the heat on cancer.

Then he suggests, Someone ought to tell them that BBQ’s ’cause’ cancer!

Barbecues poison the air with toxins and could cause cancer, research suggests.

A study by the French environmental campaigning group Robin des Bois found that a typical two-hour barbecue can release the same level of dioxins as up to 220,000 cigarettes.

Dioxins are a group of chemicals known to increase the likelihood of cancer.

The figures were based on grilling four large steaks, four turkey cuts and eight large sausages.

As if that wasn’t bad enough,

The French food safety agency is also undertaking research into the possible cancer-causing effect of carbonising food during the barbecuing process.

They have found that some hydrocarbons which have been linked to cancer are incorporated into the food.

Desmond Hammerton, a retired professor of Marine Biology, is campaigning to raise awareness of the problem.

He called for warnings to be included on barbecue equipment.

Would that include gross images of tumours (which could have had many causes) and dead bodies (actually, actors pretending to be dead)?

And now, something – for the adults. Again, courtesy of Frank, house wine served in bars and pubs won’t be allowed to be any stronger than 12½%. This Government plan is to ‘curb binge drinking’.

This great idea is part of a package to decrease the amount of alcohol drunk in Britain by a billion units a year.

Which equates to about one bottle of 14% ABV wine per adult every six months.

It is such a tiny amount, it will doubtless be part of a continued attack on anyone who dares to continue to drink and will follow the Tobacco Control template.

But for a change, it’s not for the cheeeldren, but for the adults, who are becoming more infantilised with every passing day, so that soon, only size will tell them apart.

With the constant fuss over obesity (in fact, anyone remotely round of tummy), children of all ages will be nannied into anorexia, although I can’t see our government going as far as Dubai’s and giving fat children gold to lose weight.

Individual entries will get 1g of gold for each kilo lost, but with the focus on families, each participating family will win 2g of gold for every kilo lost by an active member. Families can participate with kids up to the age of 13.

As Gordon Brown developed an undiagnosed addiction to selling off our gold at the lowest possible prices, we could probably stretch to rolling out the scheme to a couple of primary schools, as long as the children aren’t too chubby.

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Westminster Paedophile Ring: Now the Death Threats Start?

I was wondering about the current MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, who is taking a leading role in the attempted paedophile investigations in Westminster - as his seat was held by pervert Cyril Smith from 1972 to 1992. He recently appeared before a Home Affairs select committee examining what Leon Brittan knew about any paedophile activity and I headed over to Google, where I found this:

simon_danczuk_google_deathThe year of his ‘death’ is interesting. He won the seat that year and presumably that was when he started meeting the various constituents who have come to him regarding Cyril Smith.

Then I turned to The Telegraph and found this astonishing admission:

[Simon Danczuk] claims a Conservative MP told him not to name Leon Brittan in a parliamentary committee and suggested he could be responsible for his death if he did.

Other members of the committee received telephone calls with the same message.

Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move’, he advised me. ‘It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

There’s nothing going on?

Even Google have removed two items about Leon Brittan, as Tom Pride discovered: Google searches for ‘Leon Brittan’ and ‘PIE’ censored after Cease and Desist notice.

google Leon BrittanStill, nothing to hide, eh? No information still around which the creatures in the “shadows” need worry about?

The missing dossier was handed to former Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, by Geoffrey Dickens MP, “a long-standing campaigner against child abuse”, who said the information was “explosive”. His son said it would “blow the lid off” the lives of powerful and famous child abusers. But, of course, it was lost or destroyed.

Unfortunately, his dad died in 1995, aged 63. While looking for his obituary for the cause of death, The Independent says that using his parliamentary privilege (so he could not be sued for libel) he named intelligence diplomat, Peter Hayman, as a paedophile, but that The Foreign Office, naturally, defended their man.

More on that angle shortly. But I haven’t been able to find out how Mr Dickens died.

After outing Hayman, Mr Dickens claims he received death threats and his son told the BBC,

Around the time that the dossier was handed in, Mr Dickens said the MP’s London flat and his constituency home were both broken into and ransacked within the same week, but that “nothing was taken”.

“They weren’t burglaries,” he added. “They were break-ins for a reason. We can only presume they were after something that dad had that they wanted.”

Just coincidence, don’t you think?

They were no doubt searching for a second copy of the dossier. Mrs Dickens claims to have destroyed it, but it has just been revealed that the Director of Public Prosecutions also received a copy, which clearly was similarly not acted upon.

Having just read this harrowing account of recent events of a British man living in Germany whose 85 year-old mother, Mrs Barbara Hofschröer, who is crippled with arthritis, was kidnapped by the German police and has not been seen since.

It seems like when they were living in England that they upset the System to such a degree that they had to skip the country, but Interpol were set on them, first in Austria from which they escaped then to Germany, where they assumed they would be safe (although I don’t know why).

In a debate in the House of Lords two years ago, Lord Maginnis of Drumglass (UUP) asked,

Does anyone in authority care that social services and police in North Yorkshire have conspired in the persecution of Mrs Hofschroer and her son? Are details of dismissals, forced retirements and other shady and costly measures pertaining to North Yorkshire Police available to legislators in Parliament? No. Basic justice is distorted by the system, but I can see nothing to address this major issue in the Government’s plans.

It is not surprising that paedophiles can get away with it for decades when the whole system appears to work together against the people, even in cases as seemingly unimportant as Mrs Hofschröer’s.

It would explain how thousands of children go missing every year and are taken from loving parents without reason and the existence of secret family courts to facilitate the kidnapping of children without proper evidence and where social workers can tell any old lies and are believed over the families.

Our whole state system appears to be a set up. I realise from recent personal experiences how the organisations you believe are there to help us are in fact fronts to preserve the veneer of respectability of the System.

For example, our Health Board is not there for the benefit of patients. Having let me down very badly, a former local councillor who had to deal with them told me their main job is to protect the image of the NHS. Someone I know who works for the NHS (and who normally doesn’t speak ill of anyone) told me they don’t support NHS workers either.

They really sell their souls when they protect the System and neglect the children, the sick, the old and the poor.

Just what does Leon Brittan know about the paedophiles in Westminster that would endanger his life if he made it public?

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What People Really Care About

facebook-quiz2When I post or share serious issues on Facebook, I might get half a dozen ‘likes’ and one or two comments. For a change, I shared this quiz three days ago and as you can see, have dozens of ‘likes’ and 871 comments.

Unheard of in my Facebooking history.

Now that I know what’s important to people, I can forget about wasting my time, in my own small way, trying to rescue this country from the ashes and concentrate on meaningless quizzes.

In fact, I think I will turn this blog into an entertainment centre with the latest pop videos, celeb. ‘news’, sports results service, recipes for oozy, dreamy desserts and links to money-off codes for the latest gadgets.

Let’s fiddle while Rome burns.

Who cares, you squares?

Right, now. For this to work, I need to brush up on popular ‘culture’ from the past twenty years.

Tune in for World Cup semi final news and views later in the week, where there will be a special World Cup quiz and a recipe for a dessert using Brazil nuts.

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Are These Flatshare Adverts ‘Racist’?

The BBC has discovered various ads, mainly in shop windows, where people looking for flatmates state a preference for someone of a particular nationality, religion, gender or ‘sexuality’: Flat adverts that may be breaking the law.

flat-advertsThe piece reminds us that, “Today overt racial discrimination is both illegal and socially unacceptable.” However…

Newsagents in different areas of London carry adverts saying:

“Double bedroom available… Asian only”
“Double room to let Gujarati (Indian) only”
Close to the station and bus stops (Filipino only)
“Professional single lady or Sri Lanka professional couple”
“House for rent… only Asian families”

And even on the Gumtree website you can find the occasional advert for flats in London and Birmingham specifying race.

The newsagents or online adverts are not common but they are easy to find in London in particular.

Contrary to what the social engineers would have for us, people want to “discriminate” when it comes to who they want to share their communal living space with. Shouldn’t that be their right?

I lived in a shared house in the London Borough of Harrow (Middlesex, really) for four years (1988-92). There was my bedroom and three others and I once counted up the number of people I ended up sharing the house with and I think it was 16 or 17. Some stayed for a couple of years and many left after a few months. I think one lasted a week and obviously realised he had made a dreadful mistake.

Within about six months, I had been there the longest and I sometimes had the job of showing round prospective new tenants. As I recall, the only non-white British or Irish person who was interested was a young chap from Singapore. He took a room for a few months.

But in those days, race didn’t seem to matter. ‘Sexuality’ wasn’t a major issue in society. People seemed more at ease with everyone else. Having moved around Britain quite a bit, I have looked in many newsagents’ windows for a room or flat, so if I saw some of these ads I would be glad for the advance warning.

Aren’t they just saving people time and trouble by stating what type of person they really want? For example, if you have a house of Filipinos you probably want another one. What’s the big deal?

If you have a house of white men and women like we had in Harrow (except for the Singaporean) and we advertised for white British only, we would no doubt be all over the media as well as up in court for our disgusting racist attitudes.

But when contacted by the BBC, advertisers were taken aback to hear they might be breaking the law. A woman who placed a “Filipino only” advert in a newsagent in Golders Green, north London, explains: “I’m sorry about that. All the people here are Filipino so we need Filipinos.”

An advertiser in Tooting, south London, seeking a “Muslim family” is disappointed that the law may not allow for religious preference. “We are Muslim and it’s a flatshare. What can I say? Everyone has his own preferences. OK?”

Diet is a commonly cited reason. The author of a “Gujarati (Indian) only” ad says: “I’m a vegetarian and I don’t like meat in the kitchen.”

An advertiser in Perry Barr, Birmingham, who put an ad on Gumtree for a “student room (Asian females only)” defends the wording: “We have done that because we are Asians and live in.”

A number of those contacted refused to discuss the wording of their adverts.

Some ‘experts’ believe the Equality Act is ambiguous, for example,

Chris Norris, head of policy at the National Landlords Association, is less sure. “It is not clear whether tenants who do the same are breaking the law or not, although such behaviour is discriminatory against other potential housemates,” he says. “Tenants looking for new housemates should focus on describing the house’s current occupants so that potential applicants can judge for themselves whether they would be a suitable fit or not.”

As it is, you are allowed to discriminate, for example, “No smokers, pets or DSS”. In fact, these are probably the most heavily discriminated people and it is perfectly legal.

So much for equality and tolerance. I expect a good way to make sure your properties are always filled is to advertise rooms for smokers on the dole.

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Propaganda Wars Ahead of Scottish Independence Referendum. They Can’t Both Be Right.

With less than three months to go until people in Scotland vote for ‘independence’, Leg-iron and I have just received the 16-page booklet from HM Government, What staying in the United Kingdom means for Scotland.

scotland-is-stronger-in-ukThere are not many ‘ethnic minorities’. Normally, government literature is bursting with them to rub our noses in diversity (Andrew Neather). There’s only one black person; the setting is a warehouse with three people wearing hard hats. The black  gentleman is standing in front of a bearded man who looks like he’s about to cry (I think the black fella’s standing on his foot, hence the broad smile on his face). The trio  is completed by a woman with a slightly mad expression who is baring her teeth. Maybe this is why the bearded man is afraid?

As they’re all undoubtedly actors, it’s difficult to know what the photographer was trying to get from them. Vote ‘No’ for pain? It’s pain either way, if you ask me.

The style of the booklet is staid; written in language much like you would expect to read in a brochure for a hemorrhoid ointment. It contains gems of information, like the 31 million taxpayers in the UK which they allege makes the pound safer. What they mean is the 31 million income tax payers, not the 60 million real taxpayers.

Pensioners pay VAT, Council Tax, alcohol/tobacco/fuel duty, etc., etc. When I was an alcoholic on benefits, my tax rate was about 50%. Even young children pay 20% VAT on their toys and sweets.

What the UK Government leaflet is telling us is that criminally high levels of taxation make for a stable currency.

“2/3rds of Scottish exports go to rUK” (edited account).

This is a genuine worry. As a small business owner probably 80% or even more goes to rUK. As it’s retail, would independence put people off buying from me? Or, if an independent Scotland wouldn’t get into the EU, as Leg-iron claims, because Spain would block our application in case Catalonia gets ideas, then people in rUK would be able to buy our goods without having to pay VAT.

That’s why the big CD/DVD/Games companies moved to the Channel Islands. This could be a benefit, not a worry.

Apparently, we have cheaper bills being in the UK. I don’t think mine could be any more expensive. Of course, once Windy Miller gets the country up and partially running with another few hundred wind farms, bills probably will be even more expensive.

“Lower taxes, higher public spending.”

They are trying to tell us that taxes would be even higher in an independent Scotland. How could this be possible? They allege that each and every Scot (not just income taxpayers) is £1,400 pa better off being in the UK.

That’s strange, because the ‘Yes’ camp claim we’d be much better off out. Their ‘newspaper’ which arrived several months ago claims that Scots have each paid ‘the equivalent’ of £1,700 extra in tax pa compared to those in the UK as a whole.


From “Yes!”, Autumn 2013

Just who do we believe? They cannot both be right.

Or can they? Maybe they can by using semantics and statistics to produce the most misleading conclusions.

Like today’s ‘science’. You start with the conclusion: “You will be better off by voting our way,” then find the data and the right wording to demonstrate some degree of accuracy.

Or just lie and ‘stuff the stupid proles’?

Then we discover that the UK “is the second largest aid donor in the world”.

So vote ‘No’ and keep watching your money disappearing into the bank accounts of dictators while you carry on struggling to make ends meet. Bad move, UK Government Ministry of Truth. Surely they know that we Scots have short arms and deep pockets? At least, that’s the common (mis)perception.

Here’s a cracker, bearing in mind Mr Juncker’s appointment as next European Commission President and Cameron’s alleged humiliation at being only one of two not to vote this federalist in charge (the Hungarians were the other objectors); a man who will insist on further integration thus relegating Cameron’s notions of “reforms” to the dustbin of his mind.

Although, a number of commentators are writing about how it moves us closer to exit from the EU.

If only.

According to the UK Government propaganda booklet, the UK is “An influential voice in important places”.

Tell that to David Cameron.

How many thousands of times have we been ordered to do as we’re told by the EU, UN, European Court of Human Rights, other countries etc.?

Heads we lose; tails we lose. Maybe if the coin lands on its side we will stand a chance…

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A Revolution in the UK is Inevitable, Reading into the Words of Tony Blair


If, like me, you cannot stand looking at his face, here is one of his unmistakably-Blair hand gestures. Perhaps this is what happens to hands metaphorically dripping with the blood of many.

Anna Raccoon has blogged about Tony Blair’s latest words of wisdom on his “The Office of Tony Blair” website, titled Iraq, Syria and the Middle East – An essay by Tony Blair.

Anna asks, “had he decided not to go to war, the situation would be exactly the same as it is today. So that makes it irrelevant?”

Blair writes,

We can argue as to whether our policies at points have helped or not; and whether action or inaction is the best policy and there is a lot to be said on both sides.

It is not how I remember the events of the time. It seemed like every possible excuse was made to go to war. Inaction was not an option. There were the WMDs which Blair et al insisted were there, the Iraq Dossier or ‘Dodgy Dossier’, largely plagiarised, most notably from an assignment posted online by a graduate student (that’s how desperate they were for ‘intelligence’ to make the case for war), the murder and cover-up of former UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly for refusing to keep quiet that there were no WMDs, the fake 45-minute claim that Iraq could launch a chemical or biological attack and the equally fake humanitarian concern for the people who were terrorised by a brutal dictator.

I was thinking of the fake ‘news’ reports of Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators to rouse the public into a state of ‘something must be done’ rage, but that was the first Gulf War. The Guardian wrote years later,

Take the Kuwaiti babies story. Its origins go back to the first world war when British propaganda accused the Germans of tossing Belgian babies into the air and catching them on their bayonets. Dusted off and updated for the Gulf war, this version had Iraqi soldiers bursting into a modern Kuwaiti hospital, finding the premature babies ward and then tossing the babies out of incubators so that the incubators could be sent back to Iraq.

But onto the point of this post. I have taken this sentence from Tony Blair’s ‘essay’ and changed some words which would appear to make perfect sense if his original meaning for the Middle East is true. If it is then the UK is surely heading for a revolution.

The problems of the Middle East United Kingdom are the product of bad systems of politics mixed with a bad abuse of religion British values going back over a long time. Poor governance, weak institutions, oppressive rule and a failure within parts of Islam the Establishment to work out a sensible relationship between religion British values and Government have combined to create [a] countries country which are is simply unprepared for the modern world. Put into that mix, young populations with no effective job opportunities and education systems that do not correspond to the requirements of the future economy, and you have a toxic, inherently unstable matrix of factors that was always – repeat always – going to lead to a revolution.

When will it happen here, Tony – when? You didn’t invent our multicultural, gender dysphoric, ‘equality’ infested prison, but you moved it along at the speed of light. Or should that be the speed of darkness. What is the speed of darkness? If anyone ought to know, it’s Tony.

According to St Anthony, our bad system of (one party) politics, the serial abuses of our way of life to accommodate every immigrant’s beliefs, institutions weakened by his Fabian-doting cronies, ever-declining educational standards and poor job prospects for the young is a toxic mixture that is always – repeat always – going to lead to a revolution.

When it happens, remember who is primarily (ir)responsible.

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Ambulances without Paramedics on Some 999 Calls to Save Money

There is a new money-saving plan now operating where some ambulances are attending 999 calls without a trained paramedic on board.

A few years ago we had the first plastic policemen aka Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), now we’re getting acrylic ambulance men.

What next? Fibreglass firemen?

Ambulances staffed only by lesser-qualified Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs) will now be responding to incidents in Yorkshire – including the most serious emergencies.

Unions have slammed the move, calling it “deeply concerning”, while ambulance workers said they would not want their relatives being attended by one of the non-paramedic teams.

One staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I would not want to stand there and watch as the unqualified, untrained, inadequate ambulance response did nothing but watch with me as my relative worsened and possibly died.”

This is a poster on the Yorkshire Conservatives’ blog from about four months before the 2010 general election:

Here is a picture of William Hague unveiling the poster to a gullible nation in the Morley & Outwood constituency.

hague_poster_nhsThis is Ed Balls’ constituency. The latest witterings on his website are under the heading, Only Labour can offer the long-term economic plan Britain needs.

No comment from me is required other than that routine would be more suited to the Comedy Store. This person, who has been ‘championing’ sex ‘education’ for five year-olds for years, is obviously seriously deluded (to put it mildly). But that’s beside the point regarding this post. Well, actually, there is a connection. There seems to be a correlation between more detailed sex ‘education’ directed at increasingly younger pupils and increased rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases which cost the NHS (taxpayer).

Back on topic and the issue of ambulances without paramedics on emergency calls has been going on for a while. Here is a story from Suffolk from five months ago:

Medical support staff with as little as six weeks training are responding to thousands of emergency 999 calls instead of qualified paramedics at the East of England Ambulance Service, it can be revealed.

This is because, according to the National Careers Service:

Emergency care assistants are usually on AfC band 3, earning between around £16,271 and £19,268.

Extra allowances to reward out of hours, shift and overtime working.


Qualified paramedics start on AfC band 5, earning between £21,388 and £27,901 a year.

Senior paramedics (also known as emergency care practitioners) and team leaders will be on AfC band 6 and can earn up to £34,500 a year.

Additional allowances may be paid to staff in certain parts of the country and to those working on standby or in shift patterns.

Saving all this money can make it possible to add yet another tier of NHS (mis)management!

But while the Department of Health is paying GPs’ surgeries to nanny us to death with such things as schemes and payments to encourage people to stop smoking and while the money is there for procedures which really shouldn’t have to be paid for by the taxpayer, like when Thomas wants to become Thomasina and gets the full physical makeover, the most basic requirements of the ‘health’ service are neglected: paramedics on ambulances and proper hygiene in hospitals.

How many managers are required to make sure there are enough bottles of disinfectant and a sufficient number of cleaners to administer it?

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