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Flying the flag

I have just printed some EU flags fit for purpose Plain language: More pics to follow as we spread them around town.

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MSNBC’s seven signs of evolution all point to creation

One of my favourite Creation scientists, Tas Walker, has demolished the MSNBC’s “seven signs of evolution”. He writes, ” the beautifully illustrated examples demonstrate the truth of creation”. Read it here: MSNBC’s seven signs of evolution all point to creation


UKIP beating Labour in latest poll

The latest Populus poll for the European election shows UKIP on 19%, three points ahead of the red party. It sounds good, but it is still a narrow lead considering it is a patriotic UK party versus traitors who have … Continue reading

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Brazilian president wants to ban any public criticism of homosexual behaviour

The Christian Institute reports that Brazilian television programmes which convey the message that homosexual acts are immoral or unhealthy are to be banned from daytime schedules. Brazil’s Justice Secretary said that while such programmes would be restricted to after 11pm, … Continue reading

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More like China every day

It’s not just New Labour and local council apparatchiks who despise Christians, the Americans are getting in on the act too. SAN DIEGO — A local pastor and his wife claim they were interrogated by a San Diego County official, … Continue reading

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What have we become?

Abortion in Scotland has risen to an all-time high. In a news release, the Scottish ‘Government’ described it as “disappointing” and they “are working with parents, schools and NHS Health Scotland to provide additional support and information around relationships and … Continue reading


Modernising Britain

Tom Harris jokingly suggested that our national flag needs redesigned “so that it is truly representative of all Britain’s cultures and sexualities.” Depending on what happens in next week’s elections and the next couple of years, I suggest we wake … Continue reading

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Attention! Do you realise the conditioning your children have been under?

One of my favourite bloggers, Tom Harris MP, wrote today that Alan Johnson is “a great man”. Certainly, he seems favourite to be next Party leader based on this poll by LabourList a couple of weeks ago. Johnson was preferred … Continue reading

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Grinning traitors

David Miliband, brother Ed and Hilary Benn just don’t get it. Tony Benn does. Note that Ed Miliband obviously hadn’t even read the Reform Treaty when this We Are Change video was made early last year. We cannot trust these … Continue reading

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The Apostate Church of Scotland

It is with much regret that I have to report that the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has voted by 326 to 267 to support Scott Rennie. Mr Rennie lives with his homosexual partner, but the Kirk has … Continue reading