A lemur called ‘Ida’ and the desperation of evolutionists

At last! The missing link has been revealed to the world that helps us understand that we are descended from animals. Just like Piltdown Man and ‘Lucy’ did!

The ‘news’ papers of course are glad to go along with this latest wheeze. The Daily Mail boldly proclaims, “Scientists find the ‘missing link’”.

World Net Daily has an altogether more sane approach.

They report: “A book, a movie, a press release, news reports, television specials and an interactive website – all launched today – have converged in a multi-media exclamation, set to shout to the world that the “missing link” in man’s evolution has supposedly been found.”

So, a lot of money to be made from some old lemur bones!

Professor Jorn Hurum of Norway’s National History Museum, who is leading the team of fossil experts, explains on the website announcing Ida’s discovery:

“Darwin said a lot about transitional species and how they were missing from the geological record. And he said that if a transitional species is never found, his whole theory will be wrong,”

So, evolutionists are pretty desperate to label something – anything – as a potential missing link.

WND continues, “The Times of London reports that some scientists have joined in criticism of the media coverage, arguing it is wrong for a discovery to receive such heavy publicity before other researchers can evaluate it.”

Ken Ham is a Creationist at Answers in Genesis.

“It’s obviously a lot of media hype to promote an ideology,” Ham told WND. “In the wake of a lot of controversies in creation vs. evolution, evolutionists want to be able to announce they have the ultimate proof. … It’s obviously a ploy to promote a book and a television special and to indoctrinate the public in evolution by making a lot of statements that are way beyond what the scientists themselves wrote.”

“Hurum, however, defended the campaign, telling the New York Times, “Any pop band is doing the same thing, any athlete is doing the same. We have to start thinking the same way in science.””

I’ll leave the last words to Ken Ham, who told WND:

“For Attenborough to come out and say, ‘We have the missing link; it’s no longer missing,’ only admits they haven’t had missing links before this time. If evolution is so decided, why would they get all excited about one fossil that they find now, when they claim they’ve had proof of evolution for years?”

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  1. IAIN says:

    I was expecting something that looked like Phil Mitchell from Eastenders. :)

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