All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others (as usual)

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the equalities commission, appears to regret the appointment of an evangelical Christian as an equality commissioner – because it upset gay and atheist campaigners!

The Christian Institute reports, “Mr Phillips’ suggestion that he regretted the appointment came during a question and answer session at a conference called “faith, homophobia, transphobia and human rights”.

Equality isn't for everyone?

Equality isn't for everyone?

“His answer is likely to intensify fears among faith groups that the Commission regards religious rights as less important than others.

“Other equality commissioners include the homosexual lobbyist, Ben Summerskill. He has called for churches to be forced to employ homosexuals and for the police to stop Christians who were peacefully protesting against ‘gay rights’ laws outside Parliament.”

As I have said many times before, these ‘hate’ and ‘equality’ laws are for a purpose – dividing society.

Any rational person can see that ‘equality’ is the last thing that is being promoted. In fact, you cannot make people equal, for several reasons, including:

a) some people don’t want equality, they want superiority,

b) all people are not equal in every situation, by definition,

c) one person’s ‘equality’ often means someone else’s rights are undermined.

Let us scrap the ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’ and open the ‘Meritocracy Commission’. The slogan could be – We Care About Fairness, No Matter Who You Are.

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