TV Licensing: ‘enforcement’ officers harassing for commission

I have received a letter from TV Licensing – those nice people who presume you are guilty until they pronounce you innocent.

Sick of the filth on the BBC four years ago (Jerry Springer, the Opera was the last straw), I decided I was no longer prepared to support this vile organisation through the TV tax.

I told TVL last year (yet again) that I don’t watch broadcast telly and so don’t require a licence. Surprisingly, they left me alone after just two or three letters!

This latest letter states: “If you are still not using TV receiving equipment at this address, you needn’t take any action. Just expect a visit from us soon.” (My emphasis)

Do you know your rights, because many ‘enforcement’ officers don’t seem to know their restrictions?

I originally downloaded this interesting document (a freedom of information request) from one of the BBC’s websites, but I can now only find it at

Basically, if one of their ‘enforcement’ officers turns up at your door, you are “not obliged to assist them”.


“If a person advises TV licensing, in writing, that their officers must not enter on their property, this would normally be honoured unless there was a good reason to believe that an offence had been committed, when options such as a search warrant application could be considered.”

“TV Licensing officers have no legal right of entry without the occupier’s permission, except when a search warrant has been granted in relation to the property.”

In light of this, I am concerned by this job description for a TV Licensing ‘visiting officer’:

“As a visiting or sales officer for TV Licensing, your responsibilities will include making door to door calls to business and residential properties to ensure they are properly licensed.

“As well as updating our extensive database, visiting officers will also enforce prosecution proceedings by taking statements under caution.

“A self motivated individual you will be driven by your desire to exceed set goals and targets and will have a flexible attitude to attendance patterns and working hours.

“Your perseverance and flexibility will be rewarded with a basic salary plus a bonus scheme that has no upper limit.”

So they think they can take statements under caution. How do they have the authority to do this?

A bonus scheme with no upper limit? No wonder this sort of thing happens:

Notice at the end the two goons from TV Licensing refuse to show their ID cards. They think they are a law unto themselves.

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  1. I used to receive regular letters from the TV licensing authorities. I got fed up replying to them, so I gave them a telephone call to inform then that I did not have a TV, was not going to get one, and that I would not be replying to any more of their letters.

    Oddly enough, I don’t receive them any more. I’ve not received a visit either!

  2. Neil Jones says:

    I was away from home last night. My wife and daughter were home alone. Some goon came onto my property (I had already contacted TVL about harassment, and previous unlawful warrant enforced by four police officers and two TVL goons. No police even attended my home when I was burgled) back to the present, it was dark and raining, this stocky bold headed bloke allowed himself access to the rear of my home, by walking down the side of my house and having to proceed through a closed six foot gate. As my daughter is only four, the back garden is considered a private and secure area for her to play in. As it was very dark, and extremely unusual for an unknown cold caller to be knocking at the back door this late, my wife decided not to answer the door, and instead opened the bathroom window, this man immediately shouted up to her “Mr Jones” she replied “who are you and what do you want?” this bloke replied “I am a law Enforcement Officer” (No form of ID was offered) she again asked him “what do you want?” He responded “Mr Jones” not satisfied with his unsupported claim of being a “Law Enforcement Officer” she asked again “who are you, and what do you want Mr Jones for?” he replied “He will know who I am when I see him!” Concerned, she told him to hold on, very frightened she retreated into the bedroom to phone me, during this time he walked up and down the side of my property, between the front and back door slamming the gate before dissapearing into the night. I was so concerned from her call, I immediately phoned some friends to also attend our home to assist in ensuring safety in numbers. I phoned the police to see if it was any of them who had visited, which they didn’t. This man was acting in a very threatening and came accross as very frightening and aggressive. So the BBC has resorted to using “Rent-a-thugs” to enforce their ILLEGAL tax (more on this to follow) for their BS propaganda lies. I was actually told off by police for my comments, on what I would have done if I was home, as regardless of who anyone claims to represent, if they come onto my property uninvited and act in a threatening way, I will use whatever force I deem necessary to protect my family and myself.
    After the BBC breached its Royal Charter with the people, by accepting additional funding from other pro EU organisations, which it is stated in the Royal Charter it is NOT allowed to do, as this would affect the BBC’s supposed impartiality. The Communications Act 2003 is the new legislation used to extract revenue from the people to pay for this unsolicited propaganda from the governments media whore aka BBC. The problem is this, ALL legislation passed since 1999 is Null and Void, as the then Labour party, kicked out all of the Hereditary Life Peers from the house of Lords under a general application. This move was ILLEGAL! Check this out Also I forgot to mention if you look a little deeper, you will realise it is your duty NOT to pay the licence tax, as this government has committed Treason, and are also guilty of war crimes. Also look at this Who has the moral high ground?

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    I am slow in thanking you for your comments, Mr Jones, but thank you.

    We live in a country where these goons think they can walk all over us. I wonder if in the past you allowed them inside? I heard that’s the worst thing you can do if you have no intention of paying the TV tax.

    I will check out those links.

    Thanks again.

  4. English Viking says:

    Mr Jones,

    Thank God I am not the only one who has woken up.

    Starve the beast!

  5. Alvin says:

    Tuesday 18/01/2011. Last Saturday I recieved January’s threat. It states that as I have not responded to previous letters a hearing is to be set at the local court. It says that I will be allowed to take the letter with me when attending court. Should I be worried?

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hello Alvin,

    I’m not an expert in this area. I just know you don’t need a licence if you just watch DVDs and videos. I get about two letters a year from TV Licensing. Sometimes I phone and say I don’t need a licence and other times I ignore them. Every time I tell them I don’t need a licence, they tell me someone will visit me to make sure and I tell them that they won’t get in. I can’t remember if they make a note of that or not.

    If you don’t watch broadcast telly, I don’t know how they can possibly demonstrate that you do in court.

    I don’t think you should be worried. What do you think? I’m wondering why they picked on you.

  7. English Viking says:


    No you should not be worried, that is the point of the letter – to induce compliance through fear.

    You cannot be summonsed to a Magistrate’s Court without a Bench Warrant having been issued or charges laid by the CPS. If neither of these things has happened, bin the letter, tell anyone who turns up to your property without a Warrant to do one (under NO circumstances let them in without one, and saying NOTHING other than ‘Go away’ to them) and spend the money you have ‘saved’ (from a thief) on something nice.

  8. Alvin says:

    Equipe52, operating under the name Team 365, are responsible for TV. License threats sent to homes. Team 365 has a base at;
    80 London Trading Estate,
    Roding Road,
    London, E6 6LS.

    Equipe52 – c/o London Registrars Plc.
    4th Floor,
    Haines House,
    21, John Street,
    London, WC1N 2BP

  9. says:

    close down the bbc who needs it that will put an end to our troubles

  10. Stewart Cowan says:

    Absolutely, Sam. They haven’t had my money for over six years. I refuse to pay for such an evil set-up.

  11. Thomas says:

    i thought that only the police could obtain a search warrant for any premises, in the case of crimes. As tvl is a private company that employees members of the public, i would have thought that judges would have more sense that to sign warrants for members of the public to enter your house to find out if you are watching tv.
    If tvl can prove that you are watching without a license then should they not make a complaint to the local police and provide proof that you are watching tv or stealing their tv signals from the airwaves.
    ps only a license is needed for watching or recording tv, tvls own statement on their website for all to see

  12. Thinker says:

    reading the comments, and considering that there are children in most houses, should these people be let onto property where there are children, without having proper background checks, the reason I say this, is because it seems that many of these tvl employees have questionable characters, I say this because of the tactics many of them use to obtain info about households, something to think about!

  13. Stewart Cowan says:

    It sounds very reasonable what you have written. It does seem that TVL think they are above the law. I understand that they have no right of access to your home without the police and a search warrant.

    And I also agree that some of these “officers” are unsuitable for the job after hearing stories and watching videos on YouTube. Some of them are intent on harassing women on their own and the elderly.

    It is state-sanctioned bullying.

  14. Thinker says:

    this from the justice of the peace (magistrates) blog
    and can be looked up on the internet
    Earlier this year on 9th April I discussed the organisation which is responsible for funding the BBC; TV Licensing. This organisation is also responsible for prosecuting those who watch TV in contravention of the law by not having a license. This body has the full trappings of a prosecuting authority with its own fines department, courts listing department and of course its own prosecuters. It also has its own publication department which sends to interested parties three or four times a year “In Brief” with information of interest.

    This newsletter is sent out to all magistrates who are members of the Magistrates` Association. I have copied the current edition`s four pages at the end of this post. Roughly 10% of JPs choose not to join the Association. I would presume the Association receives a fee for this although I stand to be corrected on this assumption. TV Licensing is but one of many prosecuting bodies which use the magistrates` courts system to enforce their regulations. For those unaware, using a TV without a license is a criminal offence. It is also a criminal offence eg to be a ticket tout or to ill treat an animal or to contravene planning regulations. The organisations responsible for bringing prosecutions on those matters do not send regular information to magistrates. I question why TV Licensing does so. Is it to inform magistrates who adjudicate on such cases or to subtly influence them in general? If the latter I can assure them that they have failed totally. Indeed most of my colleagues on my bench would happily see TV license evasion be de-criminalised and tried as a civil matter.

    Whilst the BBC is a nationalised business the requirement that using the service without a license is a criminal offence is arbitrary. It is time for change.

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