Teenagers deserve better

Tom Harris has just written this post about one of the schools in his constituency, good citizenship and talent:

But whatever you do, don’t waste your ability and your skills, because you’re the only person on the entire planet who can use them.

The Bible warns us not to waste our talents and Tom is right what he says, as far as it goes, but as I commented:

The very fact that the UK has to import teachers, doctors, dentists, plumbers and so on while one in ten youngsters is a ‘neet’ (not in education, employment or training) shows just how much talent has been left to rot.

You can talk all day about the vastly increased numbers attending university, but what are the benefits for the country?

At least a doctor or dentist should be able to repay his student debts fairly quickly, but you have inspired me to search for what subjects British students are signing up for these days, if not teaching or the various branches of medicine. Harry Potter, probably.

Geraint is right, we don’t want the government’s continual interference in our everyday lives as we all keep telling you, but one thing you that should be done is to make sure that we can look after ourselves as a nation, in terms of our military, food supply and employment in vital services and our ability to be productive.

We already rely on imported food, imported goods of all kinds and even imported labour. Centuries’ worth of skills are being lost and people are standing around street corners dealing (imported) drugs instead.

It’s no way to run a country – unless the idea is to run it into the ground.

But, yes, I know some teenagers and they are very inspirational to me, especially the ones I meet at church, some of whom are multi-instrumentalists already.

They deserve a better government.

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2 Responses to Teenagers deserve better

  1. Andrew F says:


    Teenager here. I’m quite happy with a Labour government, ta. It’s the reason our schools get decent levels of funding. As for doctors and dentists, applications to study Medicine and Denistry massively exceed the number of places available. And we’re going to have a surplus of home-made doctors in due course. In fact, the NHS has already said that it’s not having any more foreign medical professionals. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article3321919.ece

    Not like the facts should ever get in the way of a conspiracy theory, eh?

    But if you want something to get angry about: I’m off to study American History at either Warwick or UEA next year. Completely useless, just high-quality intellectual masturbation really, with the third of four years spent in America. And guess what? You’re paying! For my flights even! Huzzah.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    *waves back*

    “I’m quite happy with a Labour government, ta.”

    Mr Selfish, or what?

    “In fact, the NHS has already said that it’s not having any more foreign medical professionals.”

    And para. 2 of the Times article says:

    “For generations the health service has been sustained by immigration but yesterday the Home Office moved to end a crisis that has prevented thousands of highly trained British doctors from advancing their careers”

    I rest my case.

    Am I paying for your flights to Warwick, East Anglia or (as I fear) field trips to Gettysburg, the Alamo and Little Big Horn?

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