The problem with ‘gay’ penguins…

Homosexuals around the world have been using the apparent phenomenon of same-sex penguin parings as proof that homosexual acts are natural and so must be normal among humans too.

What a shock, then, that in San Francisco Zoo, Harry has left Pepper, his ‘gay partner’ of the past six years, for the newly widowed Linda.

The Pink News reported in 2005 that Silo and Roy, New York’s famous ‘gay’ chinstrap penguins split after they had “been living together as husband and husband for the past six years.”

The pair had successfully hatched and raised an adopted chick, and “inspired six other gay penguin couples at New York’s Central Park Zoo”.

“However, when Scrappy, a single female arrived from Sea World Zoo in San Diego, Silo’s eye went wondering and he moved out of his and Roy’s nest and moved in with Scrappy.”

As it looks like penguins get the six year itch, there is still hope for the lady penguins at Bremerhaven Zoo where staff have tried to persuade Six Point and Slash to mate with some Swedish birds, so far unsuccessfully.

Bizarrely, some homosexual activists protested about the introduction of the females. I guess they are keen to perpetuate the myth that homosexuality is a fixed trait.

Edinburgh Zoo, famous for its penguin parade which I saw on visits as a schoolboy, has similarly lonely and/or confused birds.

The Pink News explains: “Zookeepers believe a shortage of female birds is making them lonely, causing them to pair off.

Head penguin keeper Roslin Talbot told the Scottish Daily Record: “They have sometimes tried to physically mate with each other – not very successfully.

“But mainly, they sit together in pairs and display to one another.

“If we had four male king penguins and four female king penguins, this wouldn’t be happening. But this year we have just two females, because older females have died.”

We are well aware that human homosexuals think they are entitled to rear children without forming a relationship that makes it possible and the same has happened in China’s ‘Polar Land‘ in Harbin, where a pair of three-year-old male penguins has been stealing eggs from other nests in an apparent attempt to become fathers.

“The deception however was noticed by the other penguins and the couple were soon ostracised from the group.”

If we can learn anything from penguins then surely it is that homosexual desires may be overcome in time and/or when the right chick comes along.

By the way, Silo and Roy from New York Zoo inspired the propaganda book aimed at children, And Tango Makes Three. My guess is that the publishers won’t be updating it in light of Silo becoming straight.

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7 Responses to The problem with ‘gay’ penguins…

  1. Jim Baxter says:

    Well, I don’t agree with your campaign against homosexuality Stewart – live and let live – and I’m sure most Roman Emperors would say the same – only Claudius seems to have been exclusvely heterosexual – despite the fact that they could, by virtue of their power, have any partner of any description that they wished. So your argument fails.

    My own view is that a man inserting his procreative member into another man’s dung has something wrong with him. But – if both parties agree – it’s really none of my business – any more than my view is any of theirs. They no doubt think that there is something wrong with me. That is their right and I respect it.

    It is true that many male animals deprived of sexual opportunites will try to mate with something that is not the female of its species, as anyone who has ever owned both a leg and a lonely dog can attest. Humans do just the same. There are many supposedly ‘straight’ men who have had unusual encounters with vacuum cleaners and other objects offering apertures, and who have ‘fallen in the shower’ on an object with penetraive proprties which has become inserted in their rectums such that it requires hospital treatment to remove them.

  2. HMS Nerd says:

    Dude, Jim is quite graphic. But, there’s something compelling about this story. I suggest checking out the video (not gross) :

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thanks for the link. Those interviewed seem to regard people as just animals (one said we are part of the ‘wanton animal kingdom’), which I don’t believe we are, but as one chap said, humans shouldn’t be looking to animals for clues as to how to behave.

    “You’re behaving like an animal” is meant to be an insult not a casual remark.

    Yes, Jim is quite graphic and I read his comments just before going to bed last night, so I had unfortunate images going round my head.

    But it’s only ‘natural’ to be repulsed by the behaviour that he describes, isn’t it? How can anyone legislate against one’s instincts? You might as well try and make people not dislike snarling dogs or big hairy spiders.

    Jim – I consider my “campaign against homosexuality” to be as a man warns another that he is about to fall off a cliff unless he changes direction.

    You sound as disgusted by homosexual behaviour as a person rightly should, therefore do you not agree that things have gone too far, including even ‘educating’ youngsters that it’s ‘just another lifestyle choice’?

  4. Jim Baxter says:

    I don’t find homsexual behaviour involving anal sex – and not all homsexuals practise that – ‘disgusting’ Stewart but I don’t mind portraying it for what it is. It’s, well, not my cup of tea. But there are no doubt people would find some of the things I engage in, and, I don’t mean either physical or intellectual – all legal I should say – to be not their cup of tea. You will be well aware that there are those who are outraged by your adherence to creationism.

    I agree, and I have said before on your blog, that there are some things going on in our society which appear to promise its doom in the form in which we recognise it, such that less permissive societies may take us over. The classical Roman Empire was brought down in part by its devotion on hedonism and weariness of itself -although it metamorphosed under new rulers and creeds and hence survived much longer than some realise.

    I think that primary reinforcement, refusal to delay gratification, and the infantile pleasure principle, are our enemies – the pursuit of immediate or near immediate self-satisfaction at the expense of contributing to society and working towards of our ambitions. Hence the credit boom and bust.

    Ensuring that contributing to society is taught as the main source of personal well-being, while acknowledging that is inexticably linked with the pursuit of individual gratification is our best hope. If we pursue only the latter and neglect the former, then we are in trouble. And we are. The problem therefore is independent of personal sexuality. There have beeen many homosexual people whose personal pleasures have beeen secondary or have depended upon their devotion to service, to their work. Just as there have been many of all orientations and creeds.

  5. Jim Baxter says:

    Sorry, that was very long-winded. It can be summarised in eight words. The best way to get is to give. There are similar sentiments in the Bible, I know. Ahem.

    We have to ensure that our children are consitently exposed to that idea.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    “You will be well aware that there are those who are outraged by your adherence to creationism.”

    Yes indeed, Jim. Tell me why. Why, more than just about any other topic, does believing in a literal Creation and demonstrating it with science turn some ‘normal’ people purple with rage?

    I know what you were getting at and you’re right. They’d learn it all by reading the Bible.

    Western governments today don’t want that because the truth sets you free and a little knowledge (in the poles) is a dangerous thing (to the elite), so they do anything they can get away with to keep us sated with all sorts of bling – sex, sport, soap operas, etc.

    We all want to look cool and keep up with the Joneses when what we should be doing is, like you say, thinking of others.

  7. Jim Baxter says:

    ‘Western governments today don’t want that because the truth sets you free and a little knowledge (in the poles) is a dangerous thing (to the elite), so they do anything they can get away with to keep us sated with all sorts of bling – sex, sport, soap operas, etc.

    We all want to look cool and keep up with the Joneses when what we should be doing is, like you say, thinking of others.’

    That’s certainly true Stewart. I quite believe that if too many of us became more altruistic people who spent our spare time, say, in community work, instead of ‘consuming’ that would creat a fair bit of unemployment. No doubt that’s one reason why consumerism is encouraged. It is ‘patriotic’ to run up debt. You’re helping the economy, and also binding yourself to the system. Once you’re so concerned with keeping up with your various payments, you don’t have time to think more deeply.

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