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Equal rights for ex-gays!

Yes, it’s true. PFOX (Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays) won a court ruling after being denied renting a booth at a conference in case it offended homosexual groups. In turn, they were offended and so took legal action. … Continue reading


The nastiness of the Daily Mail reader

I seem to have developed a bad habit for reading the comments under Daily Mail articles. There are many more than before as they no longer moderate the comments for every article. I’ve trudged through two lots today. The first … Continue reading


Reigning cats and dogs?

Do dogs have ‘dignity’? Can you ‘murder’ a cat? The comments left by Daily Mail readers under two articles today seem to suggest that people these days care more about animals than human beings. The dog story is about poodles … Continue reading

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Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi

I’ve been hitherto unwilling to write on the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi because there are so many unknown factors.  I would be surprised if he is guilty, so I think he should have been released for the sake of … Continue reading


It’s Grimsby up north

I was somewhat distressed by the story of 22 year old Richard Tailby getting beaten up by three women in Grimsby. Not so much because of his fairly minor injuries, but the evidence it provides for how our society has … Continue reading


Giving up on the police

Further to the news from a couple of weeks ago about people in part of Southampton hiring their own security force to patrol their streets at a cost of £3.15 each pw, the Mail reports today that TJ Morris, which … Continue reading

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The new paternalism

Tom Harris’s latest guest post is by the NuLabour MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce. The Harry Enfield look-a-like writes a lot of sense. Tom Harris writes sense too sometimes. You wonder why they have let the Labour Party be taken … Continue reading

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A new attraction in Bournemouth

Picture the scene. You’re on a family holiday at the seaside. You’ve sat on the beach for days only to get pink and blotchy, the kids have frittered away six months’ pocket money in the ‘amusements’, you’ve eaten more fish … Continue reading

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I have just been called an “anti-Christian homophobe”!

I thought I’d been called just about everything on blogs, but this is the first time I’ve been an “anti-Christian homophobe”! Back on MEP Roger Helmer’s blog and someone called John M.J. writes: I would ask you all to note … Continue reading


When is homophobia not homophobia?

Tory MEP, Roger Helmer, has been receiving some criticism on blogs today. The Pink News seems to have just discovered that he expressed an opinion on his blog three weeks ago that they disapprove of. The blog post in question … Continue reading