Power to the People – but how?

Is Leg-iron considering the possibility of standing for election? Can we break the spell that the great mass of proles is under that makes them vote Tory or Labour at every election?

I’m confused. People seem desperate to vote for someone who is honest, straightforward and talks sense, i.e. someone outside of the mainstream parties. Readers of the Daily Mail website will leave comments like: “Littlejohn for PM” or “Clarkson for PM”.

They don’t stand, of course, and so they vote Tory or Labour as always, however when a genuine opportunity arises to vote for someone who could make a real difference, they’re not interested. I’m thinking of Craig Murray in the recent Norwich North by-election, who stood for honesty and is well known for trying to expose corruption from here to Uzbekistan.

He got less than 1,000 votes (under 3% of the vote).

Looking at the results, I see that the Libertarian candidate, Thomas Burridge, polled a total of 36 (yes, three whole dozen) votes, exactly a quarter of the Official Raving Loony Party’s gross.

In short, what am I saying?

We’re finished!

Or we will be unless the people can be educated as to what’s really going on and unless we hold politicians from the mainstream parties to account. Proper account, because I seriously wonder how or if people can be weaned off the tribalism of Red and Blue. This leaves us confined to working in that two-party framework.

A couple of weeks after his defeat in Norwich, Craig Murray wrote in his blog:

I am afraid that the result of Norwich North by-election has severely dented my appetite for blogging. When I put my views to the electorate and asked for their support, I could hardly have been more comprehensively rejected. I was convinced we could get a respectable vote of 7% in Norwich North and have something to build on.

I read a comment on LabourList a few days ago, I think by potty-mouth Old Holborn, who suggested making a citizen’s arrest on Blair at one of his ‘faith’ foundation meetings.

I’m sure there must be plenty of ways we can hassle, cajole or seek to bring to justice, those who have betrayed our trust.

I’m not sure if we even require a large organisation to be effective. I’m talking about totally peaceful action, by the way. They’d probably love an excuse to introduce martial law.

As individuals and small groups exerting pressure on mainstream politicians, we may stand a chance to regain lost freedoms and reintroduce decent values, while also supporting candidates from parties who have not sold out to corporate and globalist organisations and hope to build a powerful support for them in time.

What do you think?

Any other ideas?

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2 Responses to Power to the People – but how?

  1. Andrew F says:

    To be fair, Thomas Burridge was a teenager. And he didn’t seem very bright. And quite obviously desired a life as a career politician. I mean, I’m no libertarian, but tell me, what kind of free marketeer seeks public office as their first job? Seems intellectually dishonest to me.

    The girl who won in Norwich was disgusting, though. Never have I seen such a vacuous party-automaton. When she was reading (yes, reading – from a bit of paper in her hand) to make her self-important speech – doubtlessly crafted at Cameron HQ – I yelled, “Just wave to your mum and be done with it, would you?”

    I don’t necessarily care whether they come from political parties or not, but I really wish someone would flood the Commons with intellectual heavyweights.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I didn’t know Thomas Burridge was a teenager, but even so, if you can put a red or blue rosette on a monkey and it’ll win…

    Yes, we need intellectual heavyweights, gifted with wisdom. That rules out Littlejohn and Clarkson.

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