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The countdown has begun, Mr Brown

A regular commentator has sent me this image in an email. It’s made my day. Can’t wait for the real thing. We’ll have the watch back, please. In fact, everything you own will be auctioned off to help, in a … Continue reading

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Was I wrong?

A fellow Christian who is an MP has emailed me suggesting that it is unchristian of me to call for the ‘summary execution of political opponents’. Just to make it crystal clear, I am not actually calling for the ‘summary’ … Continue reading


Question Time and its aftermath

I have now seen last week’s Question Time. (I couldn’t watch it live as I refuse to pay the licence fee.) The BBC is denying that Nick Griffin’s appearance was intended to boost viewing figures, but clearly, this was the … Continue reading


Treason like this deserves the gallows

This blog has only been going for a few months, but I have stated certain things for years, such as this: mass immigration is for social engineering purposes. That’s because the mainstream parties are controlled by global elites who want … Continue reading


Your new Führer

In the 1940s, Adolf Hitler dreamed of being the Führer of the whole of Europe. In 2009, the job is the same, but is expected to be filled by a different war criminal: Tony Blair. Czech president Vaclav Klaus has … Continue reading


Save the planet: eat your pets!

Another great idea from the Green Monster brigade. The eco-pawprint of a pet dog is twice that of a 4.6-litre Land Cruiser driven 10,000 kilometres a year, researchers have found. So you could run two of these gas-guzzlers and its … Continue reading


Why the state wants your children

Following on from the previous post, here is the second wave of attacks against Christianity. Most things seem to start in America, “An American child who has been educated at home by her Christian mother has been ordered to attend … Continue reading


New Labour vs God

Two stories have caught my eye about New Labour’s panic to hand the Almighty His P45. The first involves two of the remaining British dependencies, which have new draft constitutions that make a reference to Christianity. The Cayman Islands in … Continue reading

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T-shirt designers wanted

LabourList has announced the upcoming Young Fabian T-shirt campaign: “this policy changed my life”. I think I’ll enter this one that I designed as a poster last winter:


In support of free speech

The Press Complaints Commission has received many thousands of complaints about Jan Moir’s article about Stephen Gately in last week’s Daily Mail. I have just emailed them in support of free speech. You can contact them here. My email read… … Continue reading