New Labour vs God

Two stories have caught my eye about New Labour’s panic to hand the Almighty His P45.

The first involves two of the remaining British dependencies, which have new draft constitutions that make a reference to Christianity. The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean is a ‘God-fearing country based on traditional Christian values, tolerant of other religions and beliefs’, while St. Helena and its dependencies wish ‘to continue as communities of tolerance, with respect for government and the law, Christian and family values and protection of the environment’.

Any guesses why the Foreign Affairs Committee doesn’t want references to traditional Christian morality? Because it could undermine ‘gay’ rights in the overseas territories and they don’t like Christianity being singled out above other faiths.

The occasional person asks why I write about ‘gay’ issues so much. Honestly, I didn’t know this story involved homosexuality until after I started writing.

The row has broken out following efforts by New Labour to modernise the remnants of the British Empire, giving their citizens more rights in return for introducing anti-corruption and human rights laws.

So if the local yobs aren’t already sticking two fingers up at the police, then human rights laws will see they start. As for anti-corruption laws from New Labour, that’s just silly. Obviously, the main thing is to deter people from enjoying ‘traditional Christian values’ while society falls apart around them.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee is Labour MP Mike Gapes who says that ‘Overseas territories are bound by our international obligations.’

The Christian Institute website reminds us,

In June newspapers reported that Foreign Office officials had been told to push ‘gay rights’ when representing the UK abroad.

According to a Foreign Office guide, officials should make sure “LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] aspects are included in local activities promoting British cultural life”.

They are also to use funding “to support civil society work for LGBT rights”.

So there we go – buggery, promiscuity and sex change operations are now part of ‘British cultural life’.

And here’s me thinking culture was music, poetry and the theatre.

Words just fail…

The second story is equally disturbing. Actually, I’ll do this other one later as a separate post.

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