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The business of preserving life…unless it is human life

For me, there are many things wrong with the country and the world. Some make me really angry or upset. You will know some of them already: abortion, sins of the flesh and traitors in high places. I used to … Continue reading


Vile and disgusting

As somebody who often comments on homosexual matters, I thought you would like to hear my opinions about Jan Moir’s “vile and disgusting” article in yesterday’s Daily Mail. I believe that the original article was amended, but I didn’t see … Continue reading


Tolerance can often be a one-way street

Further to my previous post but one, consider this case in the news last week. A LONDON Church was effectively ‘silenced’ by a Court after a decision by Magistrates to uphold a noise abatement notice, not to play excessive sound, … Continue reading

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Glaswegian speaker wanted

No, I don’t mean another Gorbals Mick, but someone who can translate Glaswegian into English. Today Translations placed an advert in The Herald newspaper on Tuesday seeking speakers of “Glaswegian English”. Successful candidates, who could earn up to £140 a … Continue reading


Dutch courage; British dhimmitude

Geert Wilders, the so-called far-right Dutch MP who was banned from entering the UK earlier in the year, has won an appeal and plans to come here as soon as possible. Mr Wilders was denied entry to Britain for a … Continue reading


Czech Mate

The game of chess that is the Lisbon Treaty is still being played, despite massive cheating by those in favour of it. Poland have now dropped out the game by signing the cursed thing, which now leaves the freedom of … Continue reading


One last shake of the dice?

With some predicting another and deeper recession just around the corner and our traitorous leader ready to sell off even more of the family silver to pay for his gross negligence and incompetence, I wonder how much longer Britain can … Continue reading

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And I think to myself… what a funny old world

Some people believe that the Creator God made the universe, while others think it somehow just happened by accident. Some folks believe men landed on the Moon. Others, that they filmed in a studio. There are some who will staunchly … Continue reading


Censored by LabourList

I thought the whole point of having a blog was to post articles and invite people to comment on them. Apparently not. Not with LabourList, anyway. Alex wrote: “Stewart, I’ve removed your links and would appreciate it if you took … Continue reading


The ‘gay Christian': an oxymoron

I read in the Pink News that a “Christian council worker sues after being sacked for homophobic email.” Denise Haye, 25, worked at Lewisham Council’s legal services department. Last September, she used her work email address to send an email … Continue reading