Vile and disgusting

As somebody who often comments on homosexual matters, I thought you would like to hear my opinions about Jan Moir’s “vile and disgusting” article in yesterday’s Daily Mail. I believe that the original article was amended, but I didn’t see it, so I’ll go by the current version.

Basically, Jan Moir cannot believe that the late Stephen Gately of Boyzone could have died of natural causes. I’m puzzled as to why she seems so certain.

What Ms Moir goes on to say, and this is what people are getting their knickers in a twist about, is that homosexual ‘civil partnerships’ aren’t as good as normal marriage.

Another real sadness about Gately’s death is that it strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships.

She also cites the late Kevin McGee, the former civil partner of Matt Lucas, as evidence.

The public reaction against her has been enormous. I wonder if this would have been the case had she written similar things about a heterosexual pop star.

I doubt it, because we’ve all been conditioned to be supportive of homosexuals and be outraged on their behalf. This has worked due to people being distracted from thinking about the physical behaviour and the morality, to focus instead on more abstract issues like ‘discrimination’ and ‘rights’.

The moral indignation is sweeping the blogosphere. Alastair Campbell thinks the article is an ‘outrage’ and offers a line-by-line guide to Ms Moir’s apology-cum-explanation.

My comment to Mr Campbell was:

I’m not defending Jan Moir’s article per se, but you must love this sort of thing, as it takes the public’s limited attention away from New Labour’s vile and disgusting behaviour.

And another thing, you don’t much like people wanting to know how someone really died, do you? I’m thinking of Dr Kelly and Mr de Menezes in particular.

At the end of the day, Jan Moir is entitled to her opinion and the Daily Mail is entitled to publish it. If people are genuinely angry, then what are they intending to do about this: Ugandan MP proposes that gays should be executed?

Oh, and not only did Marks and Spencer’s request the removal of their ads from the online page, but so did Nestlé: I’ve boycotted them for years due to the way they promote their powdered milk in the Third World. Sad to see they’ve got their priorities wrong. Upsetting homosexuals: bad; dead babies: who cares?

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3 Responses to Vile and disgusting

  1. AdrianT says:

    That’s the point Stewart; the cases of Matt Lucas and Steven Gately are anecdotal.

    If you are going to use these examples to explain the state of gay relationships, then how do you explain the tens of thousands of long term committed relationships?

    Does Adrian Chiles’s, Phil Collins’s or Gary Lineker’s recent marriage breakdowns explain the state of heterosexual marriage, or for example, the problematic lives of the rich and famous? Any journalist who automatically jumps to the former conclusion would be treated with the ridicule and contempt she deserves. Wonderful to see Daily Mail readers doing so in Mrs Moir’s case.

  2. Jim Baxter says:

    Adrian is quite right, of course, in that two examples prove nothing. The woman who wrote this ‘piece’ is clearly a moron. But Stewart’s question is, would the reaction have been as negative if she had applied her ‘analysis’ to the myth of happy-ever-after heterosexual marriages.

    I reckon so.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thanks, Jim, for explaining that to Adrian. Of course two cases prove nothing. If Adrian read what I wrote properly, then he would have understood it as you have.

    He seems to be permanently in attack mode and his mind’s made up, which means he’s right and I’m wrong!!

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