Why the state wants your children

Following on from the previous post, here is the second wave of attacks against Christianity. Most things seem to start in America,

“An American child who has been educated at home by her Christian mother has been ordered to attend a Government-run school so she can learn about other belief systems.

“The court conceded that the New Hampshire ten-year-old is bright, sociable and academically advanced for her age, but decided she should no longer be home schooled.

“The reason, says her mother’s attorney, is simply that the girl’s “religious beliefs are a bit too sincerely held” and need to be “mixed among other worldviews”.

She must not be allowed to develop as a Christian.

She should be taught “different points of view at a time when she must begin to critically evaluate multiple systems of belief”, the guardian ad litem argued.

The UK Government now wants the authority to check up on all home-schooled children for much the same reasons:

Some evangelical parents need monitoring by the state because they may ‘intimidate’ their children with ideas about God, sin and hell, a BBC radio host has said.

The Government’s Schools Minister replied by saying this is part of the reason for conducting a review of the rules on home education.

I believe that the main purpose of mass immigration, and especially of Muslims, is to cause friction by demanding that every religion is treated equally. It is not good enough that our society has thrived on our Judeo-Christian customs and values and that it suits most people. Everything must change to ensure ‘equality’ and children must therefore be conditioned into complying.

People living their own lives and being responsible for their own children are a danger to control-freak governments. Imagine children being raised in a faith and being taught right from wrong – the real right from wrong and not New Labour’s version. Growing up to be responsible, hardworking, decent people. How will the ‘authorities’ ever be able to monitor them properly?

If they are taught about spiritual things and to value their bodies, they might not need to go through the ‘sexual health’ system that is promoted so much, which means they will be less likely to need mental health services. If they are intelligent and hardworking then they will be less likely to be dragged through the benefits system and if the family is not dysfunctional, no social workers need be involved.

This means they must be criminalised to be assessed by the State.

Our masters are terrified of Christianity because it is the complete opposite of their ‘values’. One promotes family life and the other ‘educates’ and legislates to destroy it so they can run everyone’s lives.

I wonder what the EU will do about it? Actually, I don’t think we need to wonder too much; this is the situation in Germany.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is supporting a first-of-its kind application for political asylum by a German homeschooling family. Uwe and Hannelore Romeike left their home in Bissingen, Germany to escape government persecution directed at them because they homeschool.

You have to wonder if the Nazis didn’t win the War after all.

According to Staff Attorney Michael P. Donnelly, HSLDA’s contact attorney for Germany, “German homeschoolers, of which there are few because of the persecution, are fined thousands of dollars, sent to prison or have the custody of their children taken away. Many of these families have fled Germany when threatened with the custody of their children. Some have told me that they are willing to go to jail for their beliefs if they have to, but they will not allow the state to take their children. This year alone nearly a dozen families have fled this in the face of this harsh persecution.”

All I can say is this: resist the tyranny.

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  1. English Viking says:

    These are the exact same German laws on home-schooling that were introduced by that renowned champion of human rights and equality, Adolf Hitler. He introduced them in the 1930’s to prevent children escaping his ‘special’ lessons on how great the Government was and why anyone who disagreed was a traitor. The current UK Government’s agenda (and no doubt all subsequent others) is exactly the same, namely indoctrination of propaganda.

    The mass importation of muslims may have begun as some kind of utopian, multi-cultural dream, but it is going to end as a nightmare. They do not want equality with other religions and nor do they receive it. They are currently treated favorably in many areas of everyday life that ‘kafirs’ are not. Every single precedent of a society becoming dominated by this alien culture and religion has resulted in war and civil destruction. Unless these problems are addressed, well, anything is possible, but the most likely outcome is a Kosovo-type war.

  2. Jim Baxter says:

    This is a tricky question. At what point, if any, should the state intervene in matters of what ideas homeschooling parents communicate to their children? Physical and emotional maltreatment of children is one thing – but indocrination? – Who defines what that is and at what point it goes beyond the parents teaching their children what they believe is right. At what point, if ever, it is harmful?

    Would you be content knowing that children down the road were being brought up as racial supremacists of whatever race, or as Satanists, or being taught that all our thoughts are being controlled from behind the moon by a speceship, assuming, for the sake of discussion, that they are not being incited to criminality?

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Jim, for me, the defining factor is what motivates governments to do these things? In the examples I’ve given, yes, it is about indoctrination – but it’s the state that wants greater access to children to indoctrinate them. If the agenda was genuinely about concern for children then I might have a different opinion.

  4. English Viking says:


    It’s me again!

    I would not be happy with children being taught absolutely anything by unqualified persons with a not-so-hidden agenda, that is why I do not like State Education.

    There are already extensive rules and regs concerning home schooling. There is no way of stopping a parent from indoctrinating a child, whether home-schooled or not. The examples you list are not the reason behind the controversy at the heart of home schooling, the Gov is not concerned with people being taught about Satan or spaceships, they are very concerned that children are being taught that Christianity is the only true religion, or that their Government are incompetent liars. Any person concerned about indoctrination would do well to look at their local schools and ask what is going on in there, between the hours of 9-4, that has so changed our youth in the last 10 years that the violent crime rate amongst GIRLS has increased by 150%? This is what happens when right and wrong are taught as relative concepts and no ‘indoctrination’ takes place.

  5. Jim Baxter says:

    I tend to agree Stewart. I distrust the state at all times: if children are loved, cared for, and taught to respect others as they respect themselves, that’s what matters.

  6. Jim Baxter says:


    There you are, you old barbarian you. We crossed in the post there. It’s the only posting that will be going on in this country today.

    A very good day to you sir.

  7. David L Brown says:

    Mr Baxter.

    The examples you use are regrettable. Belief in racial supremacy IS a criminal offence. As for the other two they are both religious viewpoints. As soon as you use any example of what might be an objectionable religious stance, you are making a value judgement. People are being killed every day for their religious views, and not just in Afghanistan or Pakistan. A secularist agenda that seeks to impose a multi-cultural, all faiths are equal, but some more equal than others system on education will cause problems. They only real solution is for the state to not have anything to do with religion at all, ever.

    AS for you personally, you may regard my faith as silly, that is your perogative (FTR I am neither Satanist or Aetherian Society, but Pagan), but it is best not to make any public remarks about anybodies faith, wars have started over less.

  8. Jim Baxter says:

    Belief in racial supremacy IS a criminal offence.

    No it isn’t. Incitement to racial hatred is.

    We don’t have thoughtcrime yet. Yet.

  9. Jim Baxter says:

    ‘They only real solution is for the state to not have anything to do with religion at all, ever.’

    There I agree with you.

  10. Stewart Cowan says:

    David, as far as I am aware, this blog hasn’t been the cause of any wars – yet!

    Why Paganism?

  11. Jeff says:

    Another xian whining about persecution. Big yawn …

  12. Stewart Cowan says:

    You’re a follower of PZ Myers, I take it, Jeff.

    You’re bound to learn more of use here.

    P.S. Do you have children? If so, whose are they: yours or the State’s?

  13. Roger Penney says:

    Are children best educated by those who love them because they gave birth to them and live to care for them or are they educated in schools?
    Schools do not educate, they might have done years ago but have gopne downhill since.The ethos of schools controlled by the worst of the children. Teachers have no control, anyhway they are concerned for their own careers and not for the well-being of children. A few may concern themselves for the children but they will be seen as weird or lacking ambition because they do not aspire to be a ‘line manager’ whatever that is? Maybe something to do with ‘line dancing’.
    There are assumptions underlying the existence of schools. First that they prepare children for adult life and a job. In fact they prepare them for unemployment and the dole queue. They may make some into low grade office and factory fodder. Success is seen as going to university where they learn nothing much and certainly not how to study.
    Schools assume that a certain group of children grouped according to their success in the narrow band of skills which school recognises. It assumes that these are all alike, learn at the same speed and are interested in the same things.
    Parents who home educate, however, can answer their childrens’ questions, show them the things and the places they are interested in and do it with real concern and genuine love. To be loved is perhaps the most important thing in a child’s life. Your respondent who argued that turning out decent people had the right idea. These will be folk who love truth and justice.
    What schools teach children the skills of democracy, to be able to explain their ideas and to give rational reasons for them? What schools teach children to be able to listen to a variety of other people also giving reasons for what they believe and what schools enable children to analyse ideas and modify their own beliefs accordingly if they find that those ideas do need to be modified? I susp[ect that only the family can do this.
    Schools do teach children to learn how to avoid the bullies by sycophancy or by keeping ones head down and saying nothing. They teach children to have only one opinion and that of the majority and that to be different is a crime. They teach that science has the answer to everything and that teachers are always right.
    No wonder we have mayhem on the streets and in the schools. No wonder we have sixteen year old illiterates and gangs of firls with babies brought up on junk food and junk entertainment.
    Switch of the idiots looking box (dinilo’s dicking muktar) and visit the library then read to your children and argue about the book. If your children disagree with you praise them of give them some more pudding.

  14. Stewart Cowan says:

    Yes, as time goes by, all the conspiracy theories seem to be true. The deliberate dumbing down and sexualising of children, all part of a mass social engineering experiment to make us compliant slaves under a global government.

    The fact that it’s deliberate is truly sickening. They need our society to crumble in order to pick up the pieces and rearrange them for their own selfish purposes.

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