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Predictions for 2010

1. The Conservatives will win a May election. Prime Minister David Cameron will tell us how much he cares about a fair society and giving help to hard-working families. It will be just like another Gordon Brown. People will pull … Continue reading

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Resolutions #2

These are repeat resolutions: Keep off the booze. This is quite an easy one now after twelve years, but I know I must never be complacent. Keep boycotting Nestlé. Child slave labour and marketing milk powder to women who would … Continue reading


Welcome to the blog roll: Subrosa

I have added the Dundee Wifey to my very short (exclusive!) blog roll. Not only does she post interesting articles, she also tends to respond to comments.


Christmas Miracle: Mother and baby die in labour, then both revive

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Ten reasons to leave the EU

Tory MEP, Daniel Hannan, has made a list on his blog. 1. Since we joined the EEC in 1973, we have been in surplus with every continent in the world except Europe. Over those 27 years, we have run a … Continue reading


Orf with his head!

We have become so tetchy. So scared of causing offence. Even scared stiff to be associated with somebody who has been accused of causing offence, that when DJ Tom Binns dissed the Queen by stopping short her Christmas message on … Continue reading

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Who should get custody when lesbians split up? The natural mother?

The Pink News often has interesting stories. This one shows why we should not interfere with nature. People get hurt, including children. And this also shows, yet again, that homosexuality can be dispensed with. The biological mother of a seven-year-old … Continue reading


Resolution #1: Saving time

Things have to change in 2010. I said the same about 2009 and 2008… but I mean it this time. One of my biggest problems is that I waste far too much time on the internet, so I propose the … Continue reading

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Please reprogramme your conscience to be compliant with State directives

We know how much New Labour despises the individual (not just the family). They hate intelligence (because a little knowledge in the proles is a dangerous thing to the elite); that’s why we had to be dumbed down. They hate … Continue reading


Be careful what you tweet

I am fairly new to Twitter and I know some politicians have got themselves into trouble with their tweets, but I didn’t reckon on being misquoted myself. Misquoted isn’t the right word, as I was quoted correctly. Rather, I was … Continue reading