Resolution #1: Saving time

Things have to change in 2010. I said the same about 2009 and 2008… but I mean it this time. One of my biggest problems is that I waste far too much time on the internet, so I propose the following:

1) Stop following people on Twitter who are of no interest. For example, I follow one chap (I think he started following me first, so to be kind, I followed him) who gives regular reports from Grimsby Town matches. No offence to him or the football club, but I really don’t have time for things like this. A few people tweet often, but they say things that are worth reading more often than not. But some people will tweet things like just took some chicken out the freezer to defrost. Like I need to know this.

2) Greatly reduce commenting on politicians’ blogs, because they just don’t listen – at least the ones I comment on, which tend to be New Labourites. I just thought that some honest dialogue with politicians would reap some rewards, but it just seems to be an infuriating waste of time. There have to be more effective ways of improving life in the UK.

3) Don’t get involved in potentially lengthy discussions when there is work to do. Last time I was on Richard Dawkins’ blog, I spent six hours defending my beliefs against maybe twenty others. I even attracted a bit of respect last time, which was wonderful. Much as I would rather blog than work, being self-employed means I have to be careful as far as time is concerned, and I know I have been reckless at times.

I’m sure there is more I can do, but I reckon that if I implement these three measures (especially nos 2 and 3), I should save at least an hour every single day (several hours some days) for the rest of my life.

I have also filed this post under ‘addiction’!

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