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Smoked out, locked up

Leg-iron reports on the first publican to be jailed for allowing his customers to light up. Nick Hogan, 43, from Lancashire, was sentenced to six months in prison for repeatedly refusing to pay a fine imposed for flouting the legislation. … Continue reading


The limits of “diversity”

I have been wondering how many other types of “diversity” we are expected to celebrate in the coming months and years. I ask because of the latest upset and offence caused to homosexuals and feminists by none other than Ed … Continue reading


Everybody needs good neighbours

I think a lot of bloggers will pick up on this story. A company selling “Anyone but England” T-shirts for this year’s World Cup has rejected suggestions it is racist after police in Aberdeen visited its store. Police warned Slanj, … Continue reading


Conspiracy theories revisited

One of Real Street’s regular commentators, Ian Pattinson, has tried demolishing the arguments I made on my recent post about various conspiracy theories by posting his thoughts on his own blog. I left a reply there, but like he says … Continue reading


Incredible talent


Gordon spews forth in Coventry

In a very unbelievable and silly speech in Coventry today, the Gorgon set out his vision for a fairer Britain. It sounded well done, actually, so that millions of gullible folk will fall for it yet again, in a sort … Continue reading


Let’s all laugh at Labour – again

We’ve had a laugh over the various party political posters so far, so you would think that New Labour’s actual election posters would have been thoroughly thought out. Instead, wee Dougie Alexander has come up with this slogan: A future … Continue reading

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Do not expect anything better from Cameron’s Tories

After thirteen years of New Labour mismanagement (to put it mildly), what are you hoping for when Dave becomes Prime Minister in a couple of months’ time? A referendum on the Lisbon Treaty? Forget it. A more sensible relationship with … Continue reading


Oh dear! reports that, One third of university students do not know Gordon Brown is leader of the Labour party, according to a surprising new survey out today. The poll, conducted by student accommodation provider Unite, asked 1,500 students about various … Continue reading

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Little succour for “scum-sucking” sucker

I wasn’t going to bother writing about Scum-sucking-pig-gate, or whatever they are calling it, but one of my Twitter followers, Chuckie Roberts, said I’ve been on the news where he is. They showed a screenshot of David Wright’s Twitter page … Continue reading

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