Broken Britain or Bonkers Britain?

There is an interesting Populus Poll in the Times about ‘Broken Britain‘. There aren’t too many questions, but what we can deduce is disturbing.

The first few questions indicate that people are more optimistic than pessimistic about the future, but when it comes to the situation today, the glass is half empty.

64% of respondents said that Britain was going off in the wrong direction while 31% thought that Britain is on the right track, however the same poll also has 30% of respondents saying they would vote Labour if there were a general election tomorrow. Does this mean that it is the Labour voters who think Britain is on the ‘right track’? Well, 35% of them said we are on the wrong track and 54% think that society in Britain is ‘broken’. Even after thirteen years, the connection is obviously lost on over half of Labour voters.

This means that it’s not just Labour voters who think everything is hunky dory. Bizarely, 22% of Tories think we are on the right track (yet 94% think it is time for a change; presumably the other 6% who said they were Tory voters lied??).

A third of Labour voters would emigrate if they could. They didn’t say if that was before or after they had yet again cursed their country with their vote. ‘I’m all right, Jack.’ That’s socialism for you. Slightly more (38%) Tory voters said they would emigrate, but we all know they are selfish anyway. According to New Labour.

Four percent fewer women than men think that we are on the right track, four out of ten think that their children’s lives will be worse than theirs and three-quarters think Britain is broken. So much for the überfeminist agenda that they thought would make life better for them.

The biggest sigh of all came when I read that 82% of the total said it was ‘time for a change,’ and yet 90% intend on voting LibLabCon in the election. With all this talk of electoral reform, I would like to suggest that a basic IQ test be given to everyone on the electoral roll. Maybe see if they can tie their shoelaces as well. It’s not even ‘turkeys voting for Christmas,’ is it? A bird that was allowed to live and had witnessed the carnage every December would eventually get wise to the fact that when the tinsel and fairy lights come down from the loft, it’s time to find a really good place to hide, but the turkeys who vote Tory and Labour, particularly, are so cemented in the basic left/right tribalism that they cannot read the signs, while the LibDems think they are free of all that, but really, the are all voting for the same thing.

If most people (73%) think the country is kaputt and 60% are looking to the future with optimism, who are they expecting to change things around? The people who broke it in the first place? It’s like asking the proverbial bull in the china shop to dress up a shop window with a display of Royal Doulton. It’s never going to happen.

If Britain is broken, what is the glue that will put it back together again? As far as government goes, if there is an answer, then it surely lies somewhere in the ‘others’ who, at present, only one in ten intend voting for and it includes at least one or two parties I wouldn’t want to form a government.

Is it too early to start running around the streets shouting, “We’re all doomed”?

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13 Responses to Broken Britain or Bonkers Britain?

  1. subrosa says:

    Britain is broken because the governing system is broken. We need to get rid of the system and start electing those who are capable and willing to put the country first.

    OK, ok, I can hear you Stewart – surely there is a possibility that pink elephants may float past the window shortly.

  2. English Viking says:

    Britain is ruined because Brown is bonkers. We are as water, poured on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. 2 Samuel 14 v 14 KJV.

    It’s over.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:


    I think we need to educate the masses and arrange trials for treason. More pink elephants?

  4. Stewart Cowan says:


    It’s over.

    Could be.

    Could well be.

    We fight on regardless…

  5. English Viking says:


    Running away might be more appropriate. He that fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    The corruption is global though, English. Where could you go to?

  7. English Viking says:


    I see your point.

    Some places are not yet as bad as others, although I suspect it will not be long.

  8. Jim Baxter says:

    Always pleasnt to find common ground with you chaps. I say you chaps – I never disgaree with Subrosa.

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  10. Dan H. says:

    I reckon that the electoral rot set in when the requirement for a person to hold property was dropped from the electoral system. That acted as a couple of things: it ensured that only people who were smart enough to cope with basic finance could vote, and it ensured that only asset-holders voted.

    The thing here is this: if you give everyone a vote, then everyone includes people too stupid to understand how money works, how government works, and how to survive other than on a drip-feed of charity from the State. If a man is too idiotic, too pig-ignorant or too lazy to fend for himself, then you really shouldn’t be trusting him to make grown-up decisions regarding how his country is governed since he is demonstrably incapable of making similar decisions even on the scale of himself.

    Quite how you’d work some sort of selection here I don’t know; maybe only permit taxpayers to vote or something. However the fact remains, you need to exclude morons from decision making processes.

  11. John Pickworth says:

    If we had any bloody sense we’d stop pussy-footing around playing the politician’s game and take to the streets.

    We need to start taking responsibility for our own affairs because quite clearly we cannot trust the fools at Westminster or the idiots who send them there. In a similar vein and on a smaller scale we need to start saying no. No to bin taxes! No to the flippin’ victims surcharge! No to parking/speeding taxes! No to sky-high green inflated fuel bills! And no to practically everything Labour has introduced and everything the Tories plan to introduce!

  12. Stewart Cowan says:


    We can understand the importance of dumbing down the masses – the proles actually vote in assorted Communists and traitors and they can still call it ‘democracy’.

  13. Stewart Cowan says:


    I have been contemplating where we go from here. I’m sure they’d love us to start going mental so they could invoke the Civil Contingencies Act and make Gordon dictator for life.

    We have to be smarter than they think we are!

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