Another Tory thought criminal is brought to ‘justice’

In another scary incidence of Tory Party control freakery and discrimination against anyone with a mind of his own, Philip Lardner, their candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran, has been suspended by the Party.

His crime? Writing on his website that he believes homosexuality is not normal and that it should not be promoted to schoolchildren.

We haven’t seen the likes of this outrageous behaviour since, oh last week, when a Conservative Party candidate in Hampshire,

defended his views against equalising the gay age of consent, saying he feels there is an increased risk of HIV infection.

Dr Julian Lewis, the incumbent MP for New Forest East and shadow defence minister, was accused of being a “paranoid homophobe” at a local hustings by left-wing activist and student Andrew Tindall.

And of course, a couple of weeks ago, Chris Grayling had the nerve to suggest that people who run B&Bs in their homes should be able to decide who resides there.

Yesterday afternoon, the Pink News exclusively revealed Philip Lardner’s views on homosexuality – simply by reading his website. Yes, this is how easy it is to get your exclusive mentioned in the national press and ruin someone’s career in the process.

Look at the headline: Exclusive: Scottish Tory candidate says homosexuality is ‘not normal’.

Indeed he did, but the Marmalade Sandwich has cleverly noticed how the MSM have reported it,

All [The BBC, the Times, the Independent, the Telegraph, the Scotsman  – and, for all I know, several other news providers as well], without exception, have printed a sub-headline which is not true – at least not according to the stories they printed underneath. All say that the Philip Lardner, the Conservative candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran was suspended by the party for describing gay people as “not normal”. All then proceed to quote the remarks which Mr Lardner apparently made. Nowhere does he say that gay people are “not normal”.

He says “I will not accept that their behaviour is “normal.’”

So the original story in the Pink News may be prefaced by the only correct headline, although they fell in line with the others with the update: Updated: Tory candidate suspended for saying gays were ‘not normal’.

According to The Times,

A would-be Tory MP from Scotland has been suspended after describing gay people as not “normal”, it was disclosed today.

No, he did not. He described the behaviour as not normal, rather than the people.

The comments made by Philip Lardner on his campaign website were branded “deeply offensive and unacceptable” by a party spokeswoman.

Under the heading “What I believe in”, the North Ayrshire and Arran candidate had written: “Homosexuality is not ’normal behaviour’.”

Ah, so the journo gets it right with a direct quote, but notice how he uses a quote within a quote: ‘normal behaviour,’ as if to ensure he distances himself from the remark or perhaps to highlight the ‘offensive’ part.

Mr Lardner has been dismissed for stating his personal beliefs, but these beliefs are mainstream no matter how often party officials call them things like: deeply offensive and unacceptable. He also has science on his side because homosexual acts are certainly not natural. Not only that, but he is also lexicographically correct. It is not normal. It is abnormal, but he chose to use the phrase not normal to make it softer.

This latest episode reminds us of what a government led by David Cameron would/will mean.

1. You have to watch what you say and write at all times lest you be accused of a thought crime.

2. Traditional, moral values mean diddly squat.

3. Your children will be indoctrinated à la New Labour.

4. There will be no place for dissent and the harassment of people of conscience will become more severe.

Ironically, Mr Lardner also writes on his site,

Someone must change things – please vote to make that person me.

It doesn’t look like it will be him, sadly, but he is right, someone must change things and very soon.

If it is any consolation for him, he is better off away from these backstabbing sycophantic socialists who have assumed control of his former party.

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16 Responses to Another Tory thought criminal is brought to ‘justice’

  1. Jim Baxter says:

    ‘He also has science on his side because homosexual acts are certainly not natural.’

    You quoting science when it suits you Stewart?

    Everything that humans do is natural. Everything. That doesn’t mean you have to like it. Dislike is also natural, necessarily. It’s something else that humans do.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    How are you doing Jim? A new email address meant you were held for moderation.

    I quote science when it is true science, not just when it suits me. Biologically (i.e. scientifically), the human anatomy is very clearly made for a particular sexual activity.

    Humans choose to engage in otherwise unnatural acts out of lust. They didn’t resist temptation. They have chosen the flesh over spiritual things.

  3. English Viking says:

    Dr Baxter,

    Long time, no see.

    I thought you were either dead or in prison. Good to see that you are still breathing and at large.

  4. English Viking says:

    Jez Kemp.

    I have just read your open letter to Mr Lardner.

    The extent of your PC brainwashing is astonishing. You appear to call for tolerance of any and every opinion, except those you disagree with; you chant the mantra of equality, but demand preferential treatment for yourself; you accuse people of hate, and then contribute to a man’s discomfort in losing his job by attempting (badly) to fisk his previous comments and encouraging others to do the same. You end your long-winded whining with an attempt to extol the virtues of free speech, and then go on to suggest that opinions such as Lardner’s are only acceptable if they are uttered between private individuals, in a private place, almost immediately after condemning the man for suggesting that that is exactly what homosexuals should do with their opinions.

    In short, Sir, you are a hypocrite.

  5. Stewart Cowan says:

    Yes indeed, English, Jez shows the classic signs of PC brainwashing. He talks about “any or all religions” and “people of other religions or no religion”.

    Jez, what has been done to you is condition you to reject your Judeo-Christian society and national identity to favour a mishmash of ideologies contrary to the best interests of our country.

    We have, or had, a better society than most countries because, not despite, of our Christian-based laws and morals. The vacuum created by their erosion is sucking in Sharia law and all manner of manmade regulations which are seriously affecting people’s freedom.

  6. Actually homosexuality is entirely natural. Homosexual acts have been observed in all manner of animals. Swans do it, bonobos do it, even educated fleas (probably) do it.

    Sorry Stewart, but you’re wrong about the science even when you pretend it supports your argument.

  7. Leg-iron says:

    Everything that humans do is natural. Everything. That doesn’t mean you have to like it. Dislike is also natural, necessarily. It’s something else that humans do.

    I hope you tell that to the antismokers too.

  8. Stewart Cowan says:


    Jim is a smoker, as I understand. But I disagree with him about everything being natural. Clearly there is nothing natural in sodomy.

    Unless, you take Ian’s attitude that something that is ‘natural’ for bonobos (it’s always bonobos!) means humans should do it too.

    If we believe Jim that everything is natural, then chopping off your leg is natural. A few people actually have the fetish of wanting to be monopeds and get the amputation.

    If we believe Ian that if an animal does it then it’s okay for a human to do likewise then people would be legitimately eating their children and defecating in the street and so on.

    I think this all adequately demonstrates why a society needs moral absolutes.

  9. English Viking says:

    I used to have a dog that would eat it’s own excrement. Should humans descend to the level of dogs, in order to ‘prove’ that something repulsive is ‘natural’?

  10. Stewart

    You’re predictable, but still funny. Keep up the cognitive dissonance.

  11. Stewart Cowan says:


    Of course I’m predictable. I call a spade a spade. You seem to fail to comprehend that just because something is natural doesn’t mean human beings should partake of it, as EV’s last comment proves.

    So come clean Ian, cognitive dissonance schmissonance: which do you believe? That humans are mere animals and are therefore not to blame if they behave like them, or that we are more than just animals and as a result, have higher standards to maintain if we are to live as part of a civilised society?

  12. Humans have evolved to the point where they can comprehend the context and consequences of their actions. Unfortunately some haven’t evolved past the point of needing superstition to explain everything or the desire to hate people based upon those superstitions. We’re capable of achieving a lot, but we’re also capable of far worse than any animal. Your standards aren’t the sort that are going to create any kind of civilised society.

  13. Stewart Cowan says:

    That’s poor, Ian. Very poor, son.

    If humans had, as you claim, “evolved to the point where they can comprehend the context and consequences of their actions,” then most would behave quite differently. I know I would.

    The fact is that we were made with a conscience. Something that people like you want to cut out of others if they don’t fit in with your ideas – or those ideas which have been planted in you via state ‘education’ and the media. And you think this makes you loving, I bet.

    Your problem is that you have not worked out the difference between reality and myth.

    I have just been studying how the ‘millions of years’ age of the earth idea came from and why it came to be popular. It was based on a totally ridiculous idea called uniformitarianism. It was added to with more false suppositions and over the past two centuries, this myth has become ‘truth’.

    You are no more a ‘free thinker’ than the members of a lost jungle tribe that has been going its own way for hundreds of years.

  14. John Howell says:

    I honestly believe that people may be born with their being attracted to the same sex. I was once entrenched in a church group where daring to question was frowned upon . I left and thought for myself with the logic born with. Who am I to judge others. Often Christians are so locked into their doctrinal beliefs that everyone else is lacking.

  15. Stewart Cowan says:

    “Often Christians are so locked into their doctrinal beliefs that everyone else is lacking.”

    Tell that to the talking heads at the Church of Scotland, where they have decided to allow clergy in same-sex ‘marriages’ and to call for an outright ban on smacking. Both go against the word of God, but the CoS seems to have found another god and rejected truth quite a while ago.

    The truth about homosexuality is that, yes, some people have feelings for members of the same sex which are an affront to the Creator. People with such desires, like those with many, many other negative desires, should earnestly strive to overcome them.

    As an alcoholic (drink-free for 18 years) I know what struggles people can face, but nobody said that the journey to salvation would be a piece of cake, did they? It is those who ‘endure to the end’ who will be saved.

    It is not being judgmental to turn a brother or sister away from sin and towards everlasting life.

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