Monthly Archives: July 2010

Am I trending on Twitter yet?

My previous post has caused a bit of a stir and been retweeted and retweeted. Good for the stats, of course, but I really don’t like how some people have completely misunderstood me. As usual with the topic of homosexuality … Continue reading


The long road to legalised paedophilia

Anna Raccoon has revealed that Stonewall are flapping their petticoats again because the twenty TV programmes they monitored were not ‘gay’ enough for them. Or at least, they didn’t show homosexuality in exactly the way they wanted. The shows they … Continue reading


Burkas, bad. Stone Age toilets, good.

Time for me to get all Daily-Maily on you with these two stories: Calls grow for burka ban in Britain as French outlaw Islamic ‘walking coffins’ and Shopping centre bosses approve ‘Asian squat toilets’ following cultural awareness course It’s all … Continue reading


A visit to the doctor

I am now required to visit the doctor every two months in order to get my prescription. This is a fairly recent development, as they weren’t bothered before. I always forget to book more than a week in advance and … Continue reading


Cranmer needs YOU!

He hasn’t added to his blog for almost four weeks and many of us bloggers have been worried about His Grace. Five days ago, he broke his silence with a *Cough* on Twitter. He needs our help. I donated money … Continue reading


The ‘Religion of Peace': Christian Professor’s hand hacked off for ‘blasphemy’

There really are few words which can adequately describe the hatred that Mohammedanism is able to stir up among some of the ‘faithful’. One wonders if the Devil himself hates with more enthusiasm than some followers of the “Religion of … Continue reading