Am I trending on Twitter yet?

My previous post has caused a bit of a stir and been retweeted and retweeted. Good for the stats, of course, but I really don’t like how some people have completely misunderstood me. As usual with the topic of homosexuality these days, if you speak out against it, you are derided as being “full of hatred”.

Here is what some people have tweeted:


RT @DaveMorgan25: Disgusting, inaccurate and pathetic article RT @StewartCowan: The long road to legalised paedophilia


@benandarnie I am speechless. Genuinely stunned at the level of hate @stewartcowan shows. Closet case I bet. Knob.


I agree with @benandarnie – @stewartcowan is a horrible, nasty homophobe. And he gives a rubbish blow job too.

There are other negative comments, but on the bright side: one positive one,


@StewartCowan excellent post! This is such evil, and it can only get worse.

Exactly! The post was about how the social engineers are using homosexuality to try to legitimise paedophilia in our culture. Why don’t these people want to talk about that on Twitter?

I don’t hate anyone for engaging in homosexual acts. Sure, I think it’s disgusting and I hope and pray that those involved will waken up to a bright new dawn of understanding, but hatred? Certainly not. In fact, the love that I have for them is what drives me to write the way that I do and to describe the reality of what is going on in our country today in no uncertain terms.

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  1. len says:

    One final thought. Jesus said, “. . . if your eye is bad, your whole body is full of darkness” (Matthew 6:23). Jesus was using the physical eye as an example of what happens in our souls. If our view of the world is jaundiced by sinful, selfish desires, everything we see, even spiritual truths given by God, will be distorted or blocked out. In the first chapter of Romans Paul describes the slippery slide from God as men first willfully ignore God, then drift farther and farther away from Him. Ultimately, if we are completely stubborn in rejecting God, He will allow us to have our wish and withdraw His presence from us, allowing us to enter a moral and spiritual “free-fall” that ends in complete moral and spiritual degradation. When God allows our eyes and ears to be permanently stopped up from understanding His message, the stage is set for Divine judgement.

    ( I believe this is the present day scenario with our society, we are running out of time, eventually the doorway to Life and salvation will close)

  2. Len,

    You didn’t give me proof, you gave me wishful thinking. The Bible works well as a series of allegories- albeit interspersed with the prejudices extant at the period- but when you start believing it’s a historical document (which can also somehow predict the future) you’ve drifted off into fantasy land.

    FCar from free falling, if we can jettison more of the religious baggage that still holds people back we’ll be far better off.

  3. Len,

    Do you believe in ghosts? Vampires? Werewolves? Are there faeries at the bottom of your garden? Do the gods of the Hindus exist? The Loa of Voodoo? What about the Greek pantheon?

    You probably rightly dismiss some or all of those as superstitious nonsense. So why do you cling to your own superstition, which is no more valid than pixies?

  4. len says:

    Ian Pattinson,,
    I am disappointed you cannot think of a valid argument against the truth contained in the Bible.I was looking forward to a debate not meaningless jibes.
    I do however wish you all the best ,perhaps we can discuss this later on a more meaningful level?

  5. Len,

    You didn’t give me anything to argue against. You promised me prophecy but gave me something so thin it was see through. No doubt there’s a lot of wisdom in the Bible, but there’s a lot of nonsense as well. The problem is that the people who spend the most time reading it don’t seem able to differentiate. You can quote me a passage which you think is about a particular subject, but few of them actually tell me anything. I prefer studying reality to pretending an ancient text tells me about what is going on now.

  6. len says:

    Mr Pattinson,
    I can only assume that you have some sort of filter on your mind that prevents truth getting through.I think this is a reasonable assumption Biblically speaking.

    ” … walking in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened,
    being alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them,
    because of the blindness of their heart”
    (Ephesians 4:17-18)
    As I said before you need a divine miracle to open your spiritually blind eyes.

  7. Len,

    Choosing not to blandly accept the simplistic religious world view and striving to understand as best I can the mechanisms, history and wonders of the real world isn’t a form of blindness. If you can’t understand how awesome learning stuff is and can only cope by trying to force everything to fit the narrow stereotypes laid down by your ancient book then you are the one who is blind and filtering out reality.

  8. Ian,

    Maybe you should burn a Bible at the next public perv-fest (perhaps Manchester Pride).

    The perv brigade needs to get serious quick-sharp because the worm is turning against perv politics. I predict that the entire perv agenda – currently at its high water mark – will be reversed in the UK within 20 years.

    If you want to legalise kiddy-sex – about the only political perv objective yet to be achieved – then your gang need to get a move on. The Hetero-Normal Brigade is mobilising and it will reclaim society and banish perversion from the public sphere.

  9. Richard,

    Do you have a macro of some sort that inserts “perv” or “pervert” into everything you type? I imagine your shopping list must be interesting-

    Sausage pervert
    Breakfast pervert cereal

    What, exactly, do you define as “Hetero-Normal”? It doesn’t have to be a long definition, but it needs to show that you’ve thought about it. You need to be able to fully describe what you think you’re fighting for or else you’re just a pointless angry person.

    Of course, I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone who matches your definition who finds the things you’re saying on their behalf laughable and offensive.

    Oh, and the “homosexuals are paedophiles” line is pathetic and ridiculously wrong. If you seriously believe that then you’re dangerously deluded.

  10. Heterosexuality is normal. Men are sexually attracted to women and vice versa. It’s not difficult to grasp, the concept of what is normal.

  11. So I’m normal, by your definition. Which is nice. And I find your attitude and opinions bizarre and offensive. Which is unsurprising, because they are bizarre and offensive. I know quite a few bisexual and some homosexual people and they’re all more normal than you. They live, work, love and play just like the rest of us and without your desire to hate what is different to them.

    And you haven’t apologised for equating homosexuals with paedophiles. I recommend you do so. You’re the sort of person I’d want kept away from children, not any of my gay friends.

  12. English Viking says:

    Mr Pattinson,

    If you are normal. I’m delighted to be weird.

  13. Ian,

    Homosexual-perverts represent only 1% of the general population and yet they make up about 40% of paedophiles. Homosexuality and paedophilia are the closest of bed-fellows.

    The desire for boys is a common enough experience for many homosexual-perverts – so much so that the strong link between the world of gays and the world of paedos cannot be denied.

    Statistically, exclusively heterosexual paedophilic activity is an aberration and it is not typical of the general heterosexual population but the same cannot be said of homosexuals. Amongst the homosexual-pervert population, paedophilia is not unusual in the slightest but is rather a gay cultural norm.

  14. English,

    You’re just a big hairy closet case. Nothing weird about that.


    A source for that claim if you would. I’ve heard it before and seen it trashed, so don’t be too upset when you turn out to be wrong yet again.

  15. English Viking says:

    Mr Pattinson,

    If I denied being a ‘closet-case’, you would say I was in denial. It’s an easy win really, if you believe such things.

    Pederasty is just a clever name given to child-sex. It has been around for millennia, but in the last 20 years or so it has become fashionable to deny it.

    Answer me this: If the gay population of the UK is less than 5% (it is, believe me) can you produce figures that state that 95% of Pædophiles are straight?

    No? Thought not.

  16. English,

    Have you gone out and counted every poof you could find? I bet you enjoyed that.

    You’re missing the point anyway, unsurprisingly. Paedophilia is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are about attraction to adults.

    And this constant need to hate people and blame external forces for your own failings is a sign of self hate or deep seated insecurity. Talk to someone about it, get some therapy, you’ll be better off for it.

  17. len says:

    One of the arguments presented by homosexuals is that their behaviour is ‘natural’and seen in the animal world.And if you follow evolutionary doctrine that we are only evolved animals the logical conclusion is that homosexual behaviour is OK?.
    Animals also steal,commit incest,murder,and are driven primarily by instinct.So if we follow this evolutionary pattern of thinking all these things are OK?

    The Bible states in Genesis that man was made in the image of God, so what went wrong?

    When Man rejected bearing the image of God and re-aligns himself( with the master spirit of rebellion, satan himself ) he then lies,steals,kills,destroys and does acts in direct rebellion to god .

  18. It’s a sound and well-accepted principle, Ian. You can go and look up every back issue of every academic journal etc which has ever referred to the “claim” if you wish – but I don’t need to do it for you.

  19. If you can’t actually show me any evidence for your claims I’ll just accept that you’re making them up. You can’t even name a single “academic journal” that has referred to the claim can you?

  20. You go look it up if you want to. I don’t need to. I’m not your researcher. That homosexual-perverts are proportionately massively over-represented in the world of paedophiles is not open to debate – it is a long established fact.

  21. English Viking says:

    Mr Pattinson,

    If you cannot produce academic journals that demonstrate that 95% of Paedophiles are straight, I’ll assume YOU’RE making it up.

  22. Isitfoggy says:

    So nearly 2 years later Richard “I like to pretend to be women” Carvath still can’t back up his claims.

    What a surprise!

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