Is Cameron a traitor too?

Real Street is listed as a political blog, so I thought I’d do some politics as I have been a bit slow of late. I have wanted to comment on much, but at the end of the day lately, I’m afraid I’ve not been much bothered about writing. I’m in the mood just now, so here’s what’s on my mind at the moment.

Our Dave has appointed himself chief supporter of Turkey’s entry to the EU. Instead of offering us a way back out from behind the New Iron Curtain, Cast-iron Cameron wants an EU with another 70 million Muslims in it.

Dave considers Britain’s best interests, and is as in tune with public opinion, as Gordon Brown at his best worst.

Although 37% of those surveyed would be ‘happy’ to go on holiday to Turkey, only 14% of the public would like to see the country join the EU, while double that number (28%) would ‘definitely not’ like to see Turkey join. These findings clearly indicate that PM David Cameron’s views on the matter are not shared by the general British public.

I would love to visit Turkey and see as much of the fascinating historical remains as possible, but I don’t want my taxes paying for their upkeep, while the Turks come here and take our jobs while demanding special treatment – or rather, given special treatment by British cowards terrified of losing their jobs or facing humiliation for saying or doing the “wrong” thing.

The debate about the EU has to move away from an economic one. “We would be worse off out, financially” say the EUrophiles. Even if that were true, which I doubt, “so what,” is what I say. What’s the use even of being a millionaire if you are serving a life sentence in jail?

David Cameron is just the latest globalist puppet defending Airstrip One against the powers of truth and freedom. Sovereignty will continue to leach out to the EU, UN and envirofascists as the government tries to get away with handing over our money to any EU or global institution demanding we pay for everything from renewing infrastructure in Eastern Europe to paying penance for the alleged climate change damage done to third world countries due to our industrial success.

The giant transnational corporations must also be made fatter. The corrupt WHO/UN just has to say the latest ‘flu scare is a “pandemic” and the government will order 50 million shots from Big Pharma. As with climate change, facts won’t matter. Someone in Brussels, Geneva or Washington will shout, “Jump” and Cameron will reply, “how high…would you like the British people to pay this time?”

To destroy this country and keep us as a deprived backwater of the globalists’ empire, they need to do exactly what they are doing:

Bankrupt us economically, via: ludicrous membership fees to be dictated to by the EU; the use of climate change laws/carbon credits to relocate our industry to the third world; wars; low wage migrants; a huge underclass on state benefits; getting half of school-leavers into further education which will leave them unemployed and with huge debts, when many of them should have been working all along.

Bankrupt us morally, intellectually and as a society, via: mass immigration; promotion of promiscuity; dumbed down ‘entertainment'; state education replaced with indoctrination; fearmongering; creating barriers to people meeting together via such devices as the smoking ban and ludicrous health & safety restrictions.

How can Cameron not see this? How much is he wilfully complicit in the destruction of our country?

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6 Responses to Is Cameron a traitor too?

  1. English Viking says:

    Some people would consider Dave as a NWO stooge, and think that if he hadn’t got in there would be some kind of alternative. They really are ALL the same, there is no alternative. No peaceful one, anyway.

    To answer the question in the title of your post, Yes, he is.

  2. len says:

    The European Union Federal Superstate has been created and put into affect mainly by stealth and deception.It will be (once fully in power) one of the most repressive regimes ever to exist.
    George Orwell`s nightmare vision ‘1984 ‘seems to have been used as a blueprint to create this ‘new society’.

    Regarding Turkey, the Turk`s living on the Western side of Turkey seem pretty laid back but the Turk`s on the Western side far more’Islamic’.

    Our Sovereignty( as will others) will go because it is incompatible with the aims of the E U, Why Cameron is for his move is beyond me.

  3. English Viking says:


    It’s not that he cannot foresee the awful, Orwellian consequences, he most certainly can; that’s the point. That is exactly what he wants, and he’ll accomplish it with a handshake and a smile, if we let him.

    RE: ‘Our sovereignty’. We lost that in ’73. Really.

  4. faulksd says:

    Cameron is to conservatism what Uri Geller is to spoons – he is part of what Sean Gabb refers to as the ‘Quisling Right’. He is not to be trusted – but for that matter, who in politics really is? I struggle to imagine. It is better to put our trust in God than in princes. For that reason, I take an anarchist view (seeing that government is not working for the benefit of – or responsible to – the people, and thus not fulfilling its God-given purpose. However, the institutions of Common Law, Magna Carta and the judiciary for its implementation must remain intact).
    As for the Orwellian nightmare, I can see it coming. I take comfort in the promise of its inevitable destruction. I love the Greek word ‘gegraptai!’

  5. len says:

    Seems that whatever Government,whatever Party is in power in the UK they all seem to fall into the same mould which is similar to the ‘Vichy’ Government of France, without power,without the integrity or the will to do anything other than rubber stamp whatever its masters in Europe decree.

  6. len says:

    I suppose it is not so surprising that Cameron is thinking of reneging on some of his election promises.Bankers seem to have precipitated the financial crisis but it will be poor that bear the burden.
    I would add that I am all for getting scroungers and work dodgers off the back of society,but it is a mark of our society how we care for the sick,the disabled, the elderly and the disadvantaged.

    I cannot believe all politicians are totally blind to the social engineering that is going on to prepare us for a federal State of Europe.

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