The Myths and Hoaxes in 21st Century Britain. Part 1: The Theory of Evolution.

A couple of centuries ago, the philosophy of uniformitarianism was gaining in popularity. According to this philosophy, the processes we see happening on earth today are presumed always to have occurred: “the present is the key to the past”.

From this philosophy, developed by Scottish amateur geologist, James Hutton, assumptions about the earth’s past are made – that is, assumptions based on a philosophy and not on scientific evidence.

For example, when a modern geologist sees a massive canyon with a tiny river running through it, he assumes that this tiny river carved out the canyon, and of course, that would have taken millions of years. This assumption is based on a particular philosophy which has become the predominant one and so the assumptions are taken as facts. They aren’t facts, they are assumptions, based on the philosophy that “the present is the key to the past”.

By believing in uniformitarianism, the scientist is presented with a big problem. He has to make the evidence fit the philosophy. So, a tiny river must have carved out the Grand Canyon; mountain ranges must have developed over millions of years by tiny, gradual movements of the earth’s crust.

Evolution Theory came along shortly afterwards. When scientists (natural philosophers) knew that evolution was a fact, they had to fit it into their philosophy of long ages and belief that “the present is the key to the past”

We all know that creatures evolve. A mutation in a bug can produce a resistance to insecticide. With billions of insects, one such mutation is possible; indeed can be expected. Natural selection means that most of the planet has life present, but this is due to fairly simple differences, for example, animals with longer fur survive in colder climates and wingless beetles survive on windy islands, where their now extinct winged predecessors were being blown out to sea. When a really big change occurs, such as a beetle loses its wings, it is still due to a very minor genetic change. The information that says “make wings” stopped working. All the information for wings is still in the beetle’s DNA, so that, if some time in the future these wingless beetles were seen to have sprouted wings, it is only because a mutation caused the gene to be switched on again. No amazing, very gradual, process has happened over millions of years to produce these complex wings. The information was there all along. Just like with the blind cavefish that can see again “after millions of years” when the gene pool is improved with blind cavefish from a separate population.

This is the vital information I wish to relay: that these scientists gave evolution abilities which it does not have. They had to in order to fit evolution into their philosophy. The mistakes were compounded. People were further separated from the truth. The layman became blinded by millions and billions of years and therefore believed that anything is possible given a vast amount of time.

It is, of course, theoretically possible, but so are lots of things, like drawing out all four aces from a thousand decks of cards consecutively. It’s never going to happen, though. The life we see around us is far too complex to have developed by random mutations and natural selection. The genetic information which builds complex structures has been there since the Creation. Mutations only enable creatures to evolve from their created state.

This is why we don’t see real evidence of transitional life forms. I discussed Archaeopteryx on Tom Harris’s blog earlier this month. Archaeopteryx is perhaps the best known alleged transitional fossil, even though it is a fully formed bird with wings, feathers and avian lungs.

The fossil record does not support the Theory of Evolution. It supports an ordered creation – one where relatively minor genetic changes enable animals and plants to adapt to various climates, terrains and diets.

To sum up:

Modern science is largely based on an assumption made by an amateur Scottish geologist. As natural philosophers started becoming known as “scientists” in the increasingly materialistic 19th Century, they had to incorporate evolution into their philosophy of long ages while simultaneously rejecting the Creator, or at the very least devaluing Him. This necessitated massively overestimating the capability of organisms to evolve. Tragically, this catalogue of errors is now considered to be the truth by most people: people who know little or nothing of where their beliefs come from, but will defend them anyway. 

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53 Responses to The Myths and Hoaxes in 21st Century Britain. Part 1: The Theory of Evolution.

  1. robbo says:

    If the bible is true why does it say that god made a man out of dirt and a woman out of his rib and how so you explain the existence of god?
    Why is it proof just to believe something and why, if you can be bothered to type, can’t you be bothered to use some punctuation and grammar?
    How does stretching out the heavens like a curtain mean that it could have been instantaneous and solve the problem of the speed of light and the size of the universe?
    In what way does the theory of evolution predict that “man should evolve into a better person” and in what way are we degenerating into something evil?
    Where is the evidence for a global flood just a few thousand years ago and how is it you think that the Grand Canyon could have been formed by it when it is clear that it was formed by a river? Have you ever looked at flood damage?

  2. christian thomas says:

    you guys much have a strong aversion to evidence.

    this statement: “Unfortunately for Darwin, the fossil record still hasn’t yielded what he would have expected and never will.”

    this s an argument from ignorance. you might want to study what’s actually in the fossil record. many of the fossils are showcased around the world at natural history museums. what’s the average cost of a visit to a natural history museum like $10? you cheap bastards. small price to pay to avoid sounding ignorant. do you think these exhibits are based on hear-say?

    the Hall of Human Origins at the Smithsonian catalogs all primate ancestors from the time in which our relatives had tails all the way up to us. We’re talking multiple millions of years of transitional fossils native only to our branch in the tree of life. on showcase. for you. to see. in person.

    if you don’t understand why all these variations of skulls across history are transitional fossils leading up to us, you’re simply deluding yourself and being avoid-ist to facts that are demonstrably contrary to your “beliefs.”

    no evolution huh? exactly what relation were the neanderthals and early cro-magnon man to modern humans? oh wait a minute they’re a different version of us that preceded us? hmmmm. where are they now? by you guys argument neanderthals and cro-magnon man are not a transitional version prior to us modern humans? how do you justify that and based on what?

    please quit kidding yourselves with whatever non-logic you use to foster such willful ignorance and intellectually laziness by reiterating fiction as truth.

    by the way, you are just one of four distinct groups to EVOLVE and migrate from Africa and we know this down to a genetic level

    each one of these illustrated beings we have the actuall fossil of.
    each is clickable for you to see the bone fragments

    Don’t forget we see evolution in microbes, bacteria, and viruses in response to our pharmacological. these are just small examples that you’re clearly denying the realities of in respect to all biological life.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Mr Thomas,

    I approved your comment as you must have spent a while writing it. Unfortunately, I’m too busy with work to do much else, but I cannot be accused of “willful ignorance and intellectually laziness” whatever else.

    I have never denied evolution; I only deny the magical powers you give it to create complex life from non-living material.

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