Coalition to build on Labour’s “equality” agenda. God help us.

Lynne Featherstone is the new Equalities minister at the Home Office. She is a Liberal Democrat, but far more liberal than democrat. She has posted to her blog a transcript of the keynote speech she gave at last week’s LibDem Conference.

I am disturbed, but not remotely surprised, at the willingness the new regime has, not just for continuing to accept Labour’s social “reforms”, but building upon them.

Labour spent three terms in office using the excuses of “equality” and “diversity” to attack our freedoms. Now we see a Tory-led government that really is no better. Because they all dance to the same tune.

This is my reply to Ms Featherstone (segments from her speech are in italics)…

I think you mean well, Ms Featherstone, but there are contradictions here. For example, you said you want to look forward to “a Britain no longer suffocated by state intrusion” and “where local and individual power is restored”.

You don’t think Labour went far enough, which I reckon gives you three options:

1) More Labour-style micromanaging of our lives and institutions through legislation and the fear of being seen as different in a way which is contrary to the equality and diversity Grand Plan, such as being a conscientious objector or a believer in traditional morals or even being a patriot.

2) More conditioning via state “education” and the media to make us “willingly” compliant.

3) Give money to bribe people into accepting the agenda.

What you need to do is change attitudes, and after 13 years of Labour’s cajoling and sometimes downright bullying, this means adopting one of these three strategies, or a combination.

You said you want less state intrusion, so that rules out no.1. There is not enough money for no.3 and it wouldn’t work anyway, therefore you are left with no.2, i.e. gently changing people’s beliefs through what you would consider education. But this isn’t how the rest of your speech reads and is wrong anyway.

There can be no equality the way you want simply because most people don’t see the world the way you want them to.

There are some things you *cannot* and must not change, for the benefit of everyone. You said “There is nothing equal about a child’s life chances being determined by their parents’ wealth.”

Of course there isn’t, but the alternative is a Soviet-style communism or probably something even worse, where people aren’t allowed to create wealth for themselves. Everyone would exist in equal poverty and serving the State.

You cannot have equality in a fallen world, so when you say that organisations will be “free to focus on the community they serve, not the Whitehall bureaucrat they fear,” this cannot be because you then went on to say, “Public bodies will have to publish a whole range of equality data – about their staff – about their services.

So there will be no sense of meritocracy; of fairness. The right person for the job will often be kept out to make way for someone who fills the quotas set by those Whitehall bureaucrats you wish to dismiss. Just as it is now: equality without fairness.

The next section of your speech is frankly, scary, because it is yet more re-engineering of society. Clearly, Labour didn’t go far enough for your liking.

You mentioned “gay rights” more than anything else. You said, “The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of our community…still feel defined by that identity, not their personality.”

The militant ones – the ones the government caves in to – make it everyone else’s business to make sure they are identified by their sexuality!

One of my proudest moments so far in government was the launch at Number 10 of our action plan for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

I think many people are left wondering what supposed rights are left for them to win. Oh, I see,

Civil partnerships…did not go far enough!

I know you won’t be able to see that “gay marriage” is a great danger to society as normal families are the basic unit of a strong, healthy, safe society.

In schools, we will tackle homophobic bullying.

This is just another of those microscopic issues which the gay lobby has blown out of all proportion in order to get its message across. If you really were concerned about “equality” then you would be dealing with *all* bullying and not just what Stonewall advise.

(And a great place to start saving money is by cutting off government funding to these astroturfing fakecharities who exist to demand the loss of freedom to the rest of us. They don’t even speak for the many homosexuals who just want to get on with their lives without a constant fuss being made about their lifestyle.)

In the workplace, we will fight to end discrimination.

There will always be discrimination. It’s just that Government has changed the targets.

In family life we will protect the rights of same-sex couples to raise children in stable and loving families.

Or in other words you will discriminate against children by not placing them in a normal family setting, which has been proven to be best for their development. Children are not a “right” anyway!

As if re-engineering your own society isn’t bad enough, you want to spread this unfair, immoral agenda across the globe.

Homosexuality is still illegal in over 70 countries. This is unacceptable.

Is it unacceptable to you that many countries have different cultures from ours? Isn’t this another flaw with “equality and diversity?” These countries, mainly in Africa, have in some cases learned from experience that homosexuality is best kept as a taboo. Natural human relationships strengthen society as a whole. They recognise this! Many people in the West would strongly agree. You have no mandate to change the social fabric in African nations.

“Gay rights” has become such a powerful ideology that everything else must be sacrificed to it, even otherwise decent, happy and tolerant communities.

Regarding religion and gay “marriage,” you say we cannot have “an Orwellian Animal Farm where “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others”.”

I’m glad you used the word “Orwellian” because we all know we are well down the “1984″ road already. This warped notion of equality is a major contributor, because it delivers enslavement.

For example, you voted for narrowing the existing employment freedoms of churches and religious organisations in the “Equality Bill”.

You have removed the genuine right of religious people to employ those who share their faith. How ridiculous is that? How anti-freedom is that? And you want more of the same until we are all “equal,” i.e. all without the freedom to live according to our own standards.

So I am working with those with a key interest in this issue about what the next steps should be.

I have a key interest in these things, because I care about what kind of society we live in and about my personal freedom. Nobody asks me!

You release yourself from the clutches of “gay rights” and move onto feminism, with your vision of the future:

When you walk into a boardroom and half the Directors are women.

When a man, other than Nick Clegg, dropping his kids at the school gates is considered the norm, not the exception.

And when Jeremy Clarkson ditches the career in telly to take up equalities training in Leeds.

Now, you know that men and women are different. A man and a woman aren’t equal per se, they are complementary. This is why it is good and right and natural that a man marries a woman and not a man. Men and women have different skills, even different chemicals to enhance their job as parents.

Oxytocin – the “cuddle chemical” – is normally released during social interactions and the child feels the benefit from mum and dad in different, important ways. Even nature tells us how wrong the equality agenda is!

But to see this change we need a cultural shift in Britain’s values.

We have seen this and it is a disaster. The key word is “values”. We need to see their return: family values; sexual morality; valuing of human life; patriotism; genuine freedom and fairness: all the things which have been compromised in order to, and let’s be honest, allow homosexual behaviour to be accepted and take women away from their children to work on a supermarket checkout or behind a desk.

Has it been worth it?

Government can’t force people to change. But it can enable them to change.

Government is forcing people to change – change or lose your job – change or you won’t get to adopt – change or you’ll lose your business.

You spoke about education and you spoke about the rich being able to give their children more.

What you can do is go back to giving children a decent state education like they used to get before the system changed to prioritise filling their minds with all the dangerous socialist dogma they must endure today.

Children are losing out in a major way. They are depressed. They are sexually promiscuous. They are drinking and taking drugs. They are becoming deep in debt.

Please reverse this dangerous philosophy for their sake and everyone else’s.

What you consider to be “equality” is not working and cannot work, unless everyone is equally poor, equally immoral and equally dumbed down.

Only *fairness* has a chance of success and this is clearly contrary to the “equality” agenda. This isn’t to say that some animals are more equal than others, but that *all* animals deserve to be treated fairly and free to hold their own beliefs; even free to dislike someone else’s beliefs or lifestyle.

Everyone is entitled to equal treatment in law where there is dispute, but the job of government is not to force people to believe or act in certain ways, but to support society through a moral code of law.

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2 Responses to Coalition to build on Labour’s “equality” agenda. God help us.

  1. len says:

    There is a small group of people who want to change Society, to change the very moral fabric of our Society to make it conform to their own personal preferences and desires.To do this they use subtle forms of brainwashing introduced gradually step by step.We are gradually loosing our freedoms under the banner of, the rights of man,freedom of the individual,human rights etc.This has been done so cleverly that the public are being led without them hardly being aware.This is a constant process done through the media,TV, films, books, mag`s etc.
    Gods moral law which is the basis of our Civilisation has ,or is being replaced by man`s moral law which is Political Correctness the’new moral code’ devised by man which gives him licence to follow whatever desires drive him without restraint.This is driving our Society ever downward and we are reaping the results in many ways as the very fabric which held our Society together comes apart .

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Totally right, Len. Deliberate, small steps over decades seem to have lured most people into this web of deceit.

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