Alan Watt: The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity

PROMISE: You will be enlightened by watching this series of four videos. I am not going to describe the content, I just beg you to listen to the smooth-voiced Scot who lives in Canada describe the history they never taught us and the future they could never have imagined.

UPDATE 14/10/15 – It is now my belief that Watt is a shill. Like all shills, he gives out much true information, but only to then add in his own version of events. Watt’s speciality is secret societies and mystery schools and seems to use the lies manufactured by some of these to pass off as truth. For example, he insists that not only did Jesus never exist, but neither did Moses, Abraham, etc. The elites need to destroy credibility in Christianity to succeed and so I present Alan Watt as a useful idiot, in my opinion. Beware!





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