Another thought criminal comes to grief for disagreeing with Stonewall’s agenda

This is what happens these days when a councillor expresses his concerns about homosexual fakecharity Stonewall gaining access to schoolchildren (starts 2hrs 20:56 to 2hrs 28:45)…

Cllr Chris Windows (Tory) said that he thought it was wrong to allow “a certain actor” (i.e. Sir Ian McKellen) to become a potential role model to impressionable young people based on his sexuality.

Whether you agree with him or not, and of course I do, he is surely entitled to express his opinions in the council chamber without being abused with shouts of “disgusting” and “bloody disgraceful, that is”.

But of course Stonewall think they are allowed to bully the general public as do their supporters who, unfortunately, seem to include most politicians who have either bought into the “homophobic bullying” scam or are too afraid to disagree. Notice that Cllr Windows didn’t get any support.

The soppy leader of the Labour Group begins her response with, “Oh dear… oh dear”. She goes on to say that with comments like Cllr Windows’ young people are going to be put off “coming out” while they’re young. More on that later.

Alex Woodman (Lib Dem) said: “I wholeheartedly, unequivocally condemn the outrageous homophobic remarks by Cllr Windows. He should be utterly ashamed of himself.”

Chris Windows came back and explained, amid some further heckling, that he didn’t like undue pressure being put on youngsters. This is what concerns me too. While all those right-on councillors are busy condemning Chris Windows, they are obviously unaware of the damage promoting homosexuality to teenagers could do. A large number of children have some experience of same-sex desire, so putting pressure on them to “come out” early is grossly irresponsible and has been linked to increased teen suicide.

But this is a tribal thing. Stonewall clearly care about their “own” and nobody else.

Psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Satinover says,

[W]ithout any intervention whatsoever, three out of four boys who think they’re gay at age 16 aren’t by 25. So if we’re going to treat homosexuality as a state, 75% of ‘gays’ become ‘non-gay’ spontaneously. That’s a statement which I consider ludicrous, but if you accept this tacit proposition—that being gay is an actual state, like being short or being tall, black or white—then in three out of four people that condition changes itself spontaneously. . . That’s with no outside intervention, just the natural processes of development.

So what do we do about this alleged epidemic of “homophobic bullying”? Lie to kids and tell them that homosexual and bisexual behaviour is normal and acceptable or seek to stop ALL bullying and stop interfering with youngsters while their hormones are playing up?

Of course, the latter is the more sensible and sensitive option, but it is not “right-on” for Labour and Lib Dem politicians, and an increasing number of Tory ones too, who desperately want to get brownie points from Stonewall.

Gary Hopkins was one of the councillors who invited Stonewall in because their “research” showed there “was a problem” in the Council and also “unacceptable levels of homophobic bullying in schools which needed to be addressed.”

Stonewall speaks and everyone jumps: councillors, the police, businesses – all itching to be seen to be toeing the line. They don’t understand teenagers – they have just been manipulated to jump to attention when the words “equality and diversity” are uttered and anyone who can still think for themselves and say, actually maybe that isn’t such a good idea, is immediately branded “disgusting” and “homophobic”.

Cllr Chris Windows has been suspended from the Tory Party over the “incident”. Philip Lardner, the Tory candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran in this year’s General Election was also suspended simply for stating on his website that he believes in traditional sexual morality.

If you want to get anywhere in politics these days, you need to leave your brain in a box on top of the wardrobe and your conscience out for the bin men.

Everyone’s favourite Tory, Boris Johnson, wrote this a few years ago:

If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog.

But this was him leading the 2008 London “Gay Pride” parade.

Boris Johnson at London's "Gay Pride" 2008

This is probably what Chris Windows must now do to try and regain the “respect” of his fellow councillors. Meanwhile, Stonewall continues to get access to children to peddle their lies and gain recruits when they are at their most vulnerable.

Just a decade ago, seven out of eight voters in Brian Souter’s private referendum in Scotland wanted to keep the Clause that protected schoolchildren from being subjected to the promotion of homosexuality. Mine was by far the majority view. I am certain that had we known then how far things were to go (and we were assured that removing the Clause would not lead to homosexuality being promoted) the poll would have been even more in favour of keeping this safeguard in place.

Most Tories still fall over themselves to praise Maggie Thatcher, when introducing Section 28 was one of her governments’ finest achievements, but now many have succumbed to the all-controlling Marxist philosophies their heroine abhorred.

Stonewall – stop perverting the minds and souls of the youth.

Tories – stop being cowards and closet socialists.

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10 Responses to Another thought criminal comes to grief for disagreeing with Stonewall’s agenda

  1. Leg-iron says:

    I’ve heard about that psychiatrist’s remarks before, a long time ago. He’s not quite right. Those kids don’t ‘change’ from being gay to being straight. They were never gay.

    They are at that stage where they are making the transition from a non-sexual boy who wants to play with other boys into a sexual adult who, in most cases, wants to play with women. Not all cases, but most.

    It’s a confusing time – they have spent all their youth thinking girls are ‘yeuk’ and now they have hormones raging around, giving them sexual urges, and their minds haven’t yet worked out where to direct those urges. In a lot of cases, all their friends are male at that point so those sexual feelings are very confusing. Lots of teenagers think they might be gay at that time but in reality, few grow up to be gay. Most turn out straight in the end.

    I didn’t experience this confusion personally – it’s common but not universal – but I knew a few who went through that period of thinking they might be gay, but weren’t. I only know of one kid at school who did turn out to be gay, which must have annoyed the hell out of a lot of girls because he was one of the better-looking of us, very intelligent and was a talented musician too. The girls had to make do with the likes of me which must have been a terrible burden for them. There might have been more who grew up gay, I don’t know. I was never one for a large circle of friends.

    I have no problem with gay people, as you know, but Stonewall’s attitude seems to verge on ‘if you’re not gay, you are wrong’ which is just stupid. It’s no different to the antismoker zealotry or the anti-fat brigade or even radical Islam. ‘If you are not one of us you are inferior’ is the chant these days.

    The thing is, if Stonewall get their way, they won’t be a minority any more. Then what will they do?

    As for sex in schools – we were taught the basic biology of the reproductive system in one lesson, and that was it. Relationships? Sort that out for yourselves. It is not the place of schools to tell children how to live their lives, only to provide them with the basic tools to give them the chance to succeed at it.

    Sadly these days, it seems schools concentrate on the former to the considerable detriment of the latter.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I concur with almost all of that L-I. I think you’re right, it’s the same all-controlling mindset that pervades all those other agendas designed to destroy our country and freedom.

    I hardly knew anyone at school who was even camp, let alone “gay”. Like you, I think one chap might have turned that way as an adult. There was little or no so-called “homophobic bullying” that I ever saw.

    I don’t think Stonewall will ever get a majority, but when they have equality and more, then what do they do? They already have more than equality, because they have the power to shut down debate with the word “homophobia”. It’s the equivalent of the magician’s “abracadabra”. It just makes criticism disappear.

    I too was shown the basic line drawings of the male and female reproductive systems. That’s all. We didn’t need to be shown how to put a condom over a banana – mainly because none of us was sexually active that I know of!! We would more likely have been had the “safe(r) sex” mantra been drilled into us from an early age.

    I firmly believe that “gay rights” and feminism are deliberate mechanisms for changing society ultimately to our detriment. They both increase family breakdown or the inability to start a family in the first place – and this is important when you are trying to destroy nation states to build a Marxist empire like the Soviet EU. As Lenin said, “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”

    Stonewall believe they have the right to pervert the majority if it saves a few cases of bullying – and to Stonewall, bullying includes the use of the word “gay” as a casual, unthreatening insult.

  3. How many more conservatives can the ‘Conservative’ Party boot out?

    I was expelled from the Conservative Party for expressing orthodox conservative views on homosexuality (and also on islam); I’m almost ready to launch a major strike on Millbank’s secular-humanists which has required a lot of preparation but which should be well worth the effort.

  4. Steven Harvey says:

    As a teenager in the 1980’s I was subject to homophobic bullying that eventually led me to have a nervous breakdown at 15 years old. I knew from a very young age that I was gay and that I was born this way and you don’t have the right to state that no person has the right to be themselves without being victimised. Stonewall are not pressuring anybody to be homosexual. We have the right to be ourselves no matter what age. Being that you clearly have no understanding of how it feels to be discriminated against, what right do you have to be so bigotted about it. It is the bullying that one can’t be themselves that creates unhappiness leading to suicide.

    Nobody is teaching anything, they are simply saying there is nothing wrong in being who you are and you have no right to be humiliated or bullied for it.

    I take it that you feel that all vunerable people deserve to be bullied if they don’t conform to your twisted ideas. That is just plain wrong and inhumane.

    I may disagree with Chris Window’s comments but he clearly is a better person than you being that he is actually allowing himself to go see what it is Stonewall are actually doing. For that I give him a little bit of credit.

    Just because you don’t see it don’t think it doesn’t happen. if you really feel vunerable young teenagers/adults shouldn’t have the right to be true to their own identity then that says it all about you.

    If you saying that most younger ‘go through a phase’ then by 25 they ‘go straight’ then whats your problem. They’re clearly going the way You want them to. If nature takes this form you have no right to dispute it.

    But what gives you the right to dictate who can live there lives of who they are and who can’t?
    What gives you the right to say all those who are having difficulty with being gay because of pressures from people like you telling them they are wrong, being told they are not alone and that who they are is exactly who they are and be happy with that?

    No-one gives you the right, thats who.

    Heterosexual or Homosexual, it is the way we are born.
    Your religion, discrimination and bigotry is you choice, you are taught it, therefore you teach it.

    The only people that are ‘destroying family life’ is you and your kind because you just don’t know and don’t care about your fellow human beings and rights of progressing to be better human beings.

  5. Stewart Cowan says:


    I read one report that Cllr Windows had suspended himself, but every other article I read said he had been suspended.

    “…a major strike on Millbank’s secular-humanists…”

    Sounds marvellous. Any more info?

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    Mr Harvey,

    Thank you for commenting. I never, ever say that people should be victimised.

    By my “twisted ideas” I presume you are referring to my wish that children shouldn’t be rushed into declaring to the world they are something when next week they might not be. Obviously in your case, you had already convinced yourself that you were homosexual or had the media convince you.

    If you saying that most younger ‘go through a phase’ then by 25 they ‘go straight’ then whats your problem.

    My problem is that some will be led down the wrong tragic path before they can turn their lives around.

    I know what Stonewall are doing – I have been following them for the past few years. What they do is take taxpayers’ money to hire people to go into schools to promote homosexuality to their children. They have hundreds of billboards printed to bully the general population. They produce promotional videos which are also shown in schools. They cosy up to MPs to get their agenda passed into law. That’s what they do.

    I don’t “dictate” to anyone how to live their lives, I only offer my views (and evidence). It is Stonewall who dictate when they say “get over it!” and use bullying as a pretext to dictate to teachers how they should react.

    I am not destroying family life – I promote it by rejecting feminism, homosexuality and what passes as modern sex education.

  7. I’d love to spill the beans Stewart but the time for that is not quite yet; I daresay that you’ll be one of the first to get wind of the gathering storm… perhaps even before the press ;)

    Timing is important and I’d rather not ‘go for it’ too close to Christmas so it’s probably going to happen before 10th December or else about 4th January.

  8. Stewart Cowan says:

    Nobody wants to know the news at Christmas time, Richard, so sounds sensible. Are you well on the mend now?

  9. “If you want to get anywhere in politics these days, you need to leave your brain in a box on top of the wardrobe and your conscience out for the bin men.”

    Well said Stewart, couldn’t have put it better myself!

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