Eugenicist conference at the Scottish Parliament calls for population to be reduced by a quarter

In the first video I posted here about the neo-eugenics war on humanity, Alan Watt warns us about the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) who are demanding governments radically reduce the population. (Starts 4:20 in.)

Two MSPs have given these well known “ecofascists” their time and attention – and a conference in the Scottish Parliament. Unsurprisingly, Greenie Patrick Harvie is one. The other is the SNP’s Dr Ian McKee.

One campaigns for homosexual and environmental issues and the other is a retired medical doctor and Deputy Convener of the End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill Committee.

They both think a lot of people need to be wiped off the earth.

That’s what I love about “democracy” – you have the chance to vote for such lovely, lovely people.

The radical group is urging First Minister Alex Salmond to launch a Government campaign to curb family size, using the slogan “two’s plenty”.

OPT is calling for Scotland’s population to be cut by a quarter.

Dr McKee, whose wife organised the Holyrood conference, insisted: “The world has finite resources and we can’t go on growing at the current rate. This is a taboo subject for politicians but I think it is something the Scottish Parliament should be discussing.”

I guess getting rid of people to satisfy Gaia is still kind of taboo, but the media and state “education” have made so many other taboos appear normal, like abortion, homosexual acts and increasingly, Dr McKee’s area of interest, bumping off old and sick people, that it’s probably just a matter of time before sacrificing live infants to appease the gods of nature is once again seen as acceptable.

[Dr McKee] added: “I think the Government could encourage families to have less children.

“There is a lot of societal pressure to have children. I think it seems very sensible to put forward the case that people should consider carefully limiting the size of their family.”

Either the man is stupid or, em, no, he is stupid. The fact is that Europeans and North Americans aren’t even having enough children to sustain the population. “Family Planning” has, for decades now, been extremely successful in convincing the public that they only need two children. Feminism has convinced millions of women that they should be separated from their one or two children at an early age to go out to work.

That part of the agenda has already been carried out: mission accomplished for the eugenicists.

[T]he OPT believes Scotland and Britain must do their part to stabilise the world’s population, which could rise to more than nine billion within 40 years. They want the UK population to fall to as low as 30 million, with Scotland playing its part in the reduction.

Can you imagine what needs to happen to achieve this? And these people have been allowed to hold a conference in Parliament.

On immigration, the OPT believes there should be a zero cap on net immigration, meaning numbers would be strictly limited to replace those leaving the country to live elsewhere.

In order to halve the UK population with no net migration, a strict one child policy over decades would be required, like in China. Here too would be a land of forced abortions and sterilisations.

Look who some of the patrons of the Optimum Population Trust are…

Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE – the naturalist we grew up to love and trust.

Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, and UN Messenger of Peace. (Yes, eugenics is peace!)

Susan Hampshire OBE (remember her?), Actress and population campaigner.

Professor Aubrey Manning OBE, President of the Wildlife Trusts and Emeritus Professor of Natural History, University of Edinburgh – another naturalist who would rather cuddle a dung beetle than a human.

Jonathon Porritt CBE – of course. Another friendly face who would rather you were dead and buried. Or is cremation more environmentally-friendly (if you extract the mercury fillings first, obviously)?

Sir Crispin Tickell GCMG KCVO, Chancellor of Kent University, Director of the Policy Foresight Programme at the James Martin Institute, and former UK Permanent Representative on the United Nations Security Council.

After I posted those Alan Watt videos on eugenics, Frank Davis pondered upon the likelihood of major world events being predetermined by a global elite, and largely decided against it.

If you look at those involved with the OPT, you can get a glimpse into how things work. Alan Watt explained that he had come to the conclusion that there had to be an elite leading the world because “the big players” like Henry Kissinger, the Huxleys and Lord Bertrand Russell belonged to the same institutions and history had panned out according to what they had called for in their writings.

This little OPT humanity-hating cabal consists of everyone they need to change the UK’s attitudes and laws. They have the nation’s most recognisable authority on the earth – a broadcaster who receives almost unrivalled respect. They have two UN representatives, and of course the UN supports China’s one-child policy. They have scientists and professors who can talk up the agenda to their naive university students and their equally naive colleagues. They will write for major newspapers about why we need a one-child policy to save the earth.

And notice how the majority of patrons have been “honoured” with British Empire medals. One of these is Sara Parkin OBE, who is “Founder Director and Trustee of Forum for the Future, Chair of the Richard Sandbrook Trust, Board member of the European Training Foundation“.

The ETF is the EU agency which supports education and training in countries surrounding the EU. Eugenics is a global agenda, not just for us lucky ones in the EU.

Forum for the Future is also concerned with “global challenges” like climate change and population growth. Look how they are getting their agenda across,

Since 1996 our Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development has been training the sustainability leaders of the future. Last year we celebrated the graduation of our 165th student, and many graduates are already making their mark as think-tank directors and government advisers.

Scared enough yet? This is how they do it. They use the mass media; they train the young to be “leaders”; they are involved with their fellow eugenicists at the UN.

That Scotsman article ends with this,

A recent paper by the OPT claimed that if couples had two children instead of three they could cut their family’s carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York.

That’s what children are to these monsters: a waste of air. Useless eaters. Parasites.

But they are the parasites, attaching themselves to every broadcaster, school, government department, and everywhere else they can, to promote their sickness and kill off sane and measured debate.

This is why it doesn’t matter which main party you vote for – the politicians aren’t in charge.


Since writing this post, it has become obvious to me from videos posted online that Alan Watt is obsessively anti-Christian and is possibly yet another double-agent in the ‘Truth Movement’.

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16 Responses to Eugenicist conference at the Scottish Parliament calls for population to be reduced by a quarter

  1. Frank Davis says:

    Just a quarter? I thought they were aiming at something more like three quarters, or even seven eighths. Which will obviously require genocide of a scale that will make the Holocaust look like a tea party. None of them can bring themselves to say so yet, but they’re slowly shuffling their way towards that. Of course, none of them will be registered for the gas chambers. They’ll have exemptions.

    And is it Alan Watt, or Alan Watts? I distinctly heard him pronounce his own name as Watts. But I may be mixing him up with someone else. There’s someone called Alan Watts who has been writing books along vaguely mystical lines for the past 40 years.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hi Frank,

    It sounds like he’s saying “Watts” but it is Watt. This is his website.

    Scotland is largely empty, so they are probably prepared to let us off lightly. The rest of the UK will have to shed more than half their populations to make up. As you say, they couldn’t possibly admit to their real objectives at the moment.

  3. Frank Davis says:

    You’re quite right. I’ve been confusing him with the late Alan Watts.

    But the two of them write some fairly esoteric books, and they look a lot like each other, and they both have beards. Simple mistake.

  4. Twisted Root says:

    Stop at two is the beginning of the open campaign to reduce population here. I too was interested in the type of people who were pushing this for our own good and crunched some numbers and did a post on it in October. It is highly relevant I think so if you will permit I include the link below.

  5. Global ‘over-population’ is a myth (but a powerful one – a deadly lie that more and more people accept).

    The problem is not over-population (and it never will be). There are plenty enough resources and space for the current global population and as the human race expands in the future. The problem is greed and exploitation, the problem is corrupt governments, the problem is the unfair distribution of resources.


    35,000 children around the world die of hunger every day. Is that because there isn’t the food to feed them? Of course not. Some parts of the world are starving to death whilst other parts of the world have enormous surpluses of food.

    You might want to consider sponsoring a child. It costs just 70p a day.

    As to the globalist agenda to bring about one world government, the globalist agenda to form a new world order is very real and the efforts of those pulling the strings behind the scenes have gathered pace since the Second World War. We have to recognise that we are certainly living in the end times and Satan’s one world government is on the way (but not for long).

  6. Naturally, these Malthusian fanatics and eco-fascists will be anxious apply the logic of their high-mindedness to themselves – and will initiate an unseemly rush to the front of the queue for annihilation. After all, the same rules they invent apply to them, don’t they? Or am I missing something?

    My big mate Leo eats Malthusians as a delicacy for breakfast – but they give him terrible wind..

  7. That’s all quite disconcerting. That there are people around who hate their own kind so much is odd, to say the least.

  8. Zaphod says:

    There’s a lot of hyperbole here. I’m pretty sure that nobody is suggesting killing people already born, to reduce the population. Not even China.

    Encouraging people to have fewer children is probably futile, but it’s not evil. If you simply have an idealogical/religious objection to all family planning, then just say so. Argue that on it’s own merits, without inventing a eugenics bogeyman. I assume you’d like to taken seriously by the rest of us, not just your own clique.

  9. Stewart Cowan says:

    Catch-up time…

    @Frank – All us beardies look the same.

    @Twisted Root – Judging by that, one day there will only be Muslims and descendents of minor nobility (moved to reservations).

    @Richard – overpopulation is to be one in my series of Myths and Hoaxes. I have considered sponsoring a child, so I’ll have a look.

    “We have to recognise that we are certainly living in the end times and Satan’s one world government is on the way (but not for long).”

    Absolutely. The conspiracy “loons” were right!

  10. Stewart Cowan says:

    @Caedmon’s Cat – Naturally, these fascists will have such important positions in the new system that they will be considered indispensable.

    @Dick – Maybe that’s another reason we have been trained to hate each other (hoping we won’t stand up for justice when a certain section of society is deemed surplus to the earth’s needs and carted off, like smokers or Christians).

  11. Stewart Cowan says:

    @Zaphod – I’m pretty sure that nobody is suggesting killing people already born, to reduce the population. Not even China.

    Of course, in China, people are murdered for their body parts, particularly Falun Gong members because of their clean living. Some are said to be murdered specifically for new parts for the country’s elite, but I can’t believe that, can you?!!

    Then there are vaccines. That’s a most effective way to kill millions. Look at the documented cases of medical “mistakes”, such as the HIV-infected blood knowingly distributed throughout Canada which killed thousands or the cases of cancer viruses and other nasties in vaccines. Wait till they get serious with it!

    Inventing a eugenics bogeyman?

    Would you have said that about Hitler at the time? What appears to be planned will be death on an unprecedented scale.

    I assume you’d like to taken seriously by the rest of us, not just your own clique.

    I consider my “clique” to be open-minded people who are prepared to learn what’s really going on and stand up against injustice. Not the sort whose view of the world is based on what they are told by the liars and traitors in government and the media.

  12. 6079SmithW says:

    Surprised they are even proposing this. The people of Scotland are already breeding at below replacement level – from National Statistics Online:

    “Scotland’s fertility remained lower than the UK average, at 1.77 children per woman in 2009, compared with 1.80 in 2008.”

    Promoting 2 children per woman would actually increase the birth rate.

    England’s low indigenous fertility rate is hidden by the government administered mass invasion of that country by high fertility aliens.

    For anyone who thinks populations can increase perpetually, I recommend Albert Bartlett’s entertaining lecture:

    Part 1/8 at

    Once you accept that they cannot, the next question is when do you start to stop them growing?

    Arresting growth and even reducing population gradually is desirable insofar as it increases the margin for error when we are reliant on natural systems for producing sustenance. I suspect we are probably overpopulated for traditional agriculture to supply our food, since top soil erosion, depletion of water aquifers and the peak of oil production are reducing our potential for future traditional food production.

    I suggest a read of Lester R Brown’s books at (he seems to be a ‘warmist’ and postulates a reduction of food production; I suggest global cooling is a greater threat to food production).


  13. Stewart Cowan says:

    Citizen Smith,

    Thank you for that extra info. We have a Scottish “government” which wants more immigration, yet may entertain the proposal to further reduce the native fertility rate.

    Promoting two children max. would probably further reduce the no. of children. You know what folk are like, they’ll see “Two’s Plenty” and they’ll just decide to have one, or just not bother – sacrificing their never-to-be-born children to Mother Earth in the hope of a good harvest!

    Yes, England with far more aliens will probably have an even lower fertility rate among natives.

    I don’t believe we are overpopulated for traditional agriculture to supply our food. The EU pays farmers not to grow anything. “Peak oil” is believed by many to be yet another scam – and people are starving because so much agricultural land is taken up with biofuels.

    I agree that global cooling is a greater threat to food production. The major landmasses are in more northerly climes, so an overall warming would surely produce more farmland.

    The bottom line is that the world’s elites think there are too many of us.

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