The future’s Islamic – Must see video

This is a very important video detailing the rise of Islam in Europe. It has had over 12 million views on YouTube.

The video starts by explaining that for a society to maintain itself, the fertility rate must be at least 2.11 children per family. Most countries in Western Europe have rates below this replacement figure and so the native populations are in decline, while Muslims, with much higher fertility rates (although the 8.1 figure given for Muslims in France seems way out), will be the dominant force in Europe, especially considering future immigration and especially if and when Turkey is admitted to the EU, as David Cameron has been championing.

As the narrator says, “In a matter of years, Europe, as we know it, will cease to exist”.

It has to be said that there are some wrong statistics in the video, not only the number of countries in the EU. The quoted figure of 25% Muslims in Belgium is actually the figure for Brussels, but isn’t that worrying enough?

Here is that information on the apparently bizarre claim that Germany will be an Islamic state by the year 2050.

Germany has one of the largest populations of Muslim immigrants in Western Europe, with a Muslim community of over 3 million. That trend is expected to continue, leading some demographic trend-watchers to warn that the country is well on the way to becoming a Muslim state by 2050, Deutsche Welle reported.

The Brussels Journal reported last month that one third of all European children will be born to Muslim families by 2025. There are an estimated 50 million Muslims living in Europe today–that number is expected to double over the next twenty years.

The video ends with a call to action to spread the gospel to Muslims.

Let’s consider how we have arrived at this situation in the UK.

a) Mass immigration of Muslims – New Labour, especially, wanted to radically change the country and rub the right’s nose in diversity.

b) This radicalisation included devaluing our own customs and values so that everyone could be “equal”. This led to Christianity being marginalised. The media, especially the BBC, were glad to lend a hand.

c) The eugenics measure called Family Planning has produced a dramatic decrease in the number of children being born to British people. Sex “education” these days is about stopping “teenage pregnancy” and little else – no morality or family, because they aren’t to matter anymore.

d) The rise of feminism has encouraged Western women to deny themselves a family in order to pursue their “careers” which often end up being dead-end jobs and regrets that they didn’t start a family much sooner.

e) Other measures have been put in place which, deliberately or not, have had the effect of reducing the number of births. Encouraging half of school-leavers to go to further education obviously results in fewer marriages and children and the heavy debts they are left with, and often unemployment on leaving, make it difficult to think of having a family afterwards as well.

f) The rise of secular humanism, whose adherents are so blind that they cannot see that they are aiding the destruction of what they hold dear. They believe that with Christianity weakened, they will take over. Not with an influential Muslim population they won’t! And this is exactly what their efforts in attacking our Judeo-Christian heritage is achieving.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between what has been deliberately set up and what hasn’t. We know that mass immigration by Labour and family planning by eugenicists like Marie Stopes were deliberate attempts to a) increase the foreign-born population and b) decrease the native British population.

The best thing of all would be that Muslims would accept the Gospel, but with state education and the media obliging so well with the equality and diversity agenda, this is probably extremely unlikely, especially with a decreasing number of native Brits keeping the faith.

Is Britain destined to become an Islamic state in a generation or two? Maybe sooner?

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  1. Like your post Stewart.

    Given your use of the word “destined” in your question “Is Britain destined to become an Islamic state…” I would have to answer a resounding ‘NO!’

    I do not believe that Britain is in any sense meant to become an islamic state or that such an outcome is already a foregone conclusion.

    What is certain right now is that there is a very real risk of an islamic takeover.

    There can be absolutely no doubt that all genuine muslims in the UK want to see an islamic takeover by any means necessary.

    The demographic timebomb is indeed ticking. Only recently the media reported that Mohammed (and variant spellings) was the most popular name given to baby boys throughout England and Wales last year.

    And Mohammed was the most popular name in the west midlands.

    This is what I blogged about a trip to Bradford earlier this year:

    Once the muslim population is large enough an islamic takeover will be possible through the ballot box.

    Any political break-up of the United Kingdom into its constituent nations only makes the islamic takeover easier.

    If the rise in the muslim population isn’t halted, or if muslims aren’t converted in large numbers into following Jesus rather than Mohammed, then we will reach a key tipping point – I think a muslim population of about 12 million – that really will be the point of no return on the road to an islamic state, and well within the next 40 years… certainly in my lifetime (I’m 34).

    But Britain is not destined to be islamic; I trust that Britain is destined to wake up and turn back to God before it’s too late.

  2. English Viking says:

    …’Is Britain destined to become an Islamic state in a generation or two? Maybe sooner?’…

    Yup. It will start with ‘race’ riots in places like Bradford, Leeds and Birmingham. More and more concessions will be given to the Muslims in an attempt to quell the violence. Suicide attacks will escalate, and these will be against ‘soft targets’, like people at petrol stations or the de-railing of trains, because the Gov will safe and sound in its ivory tower. Eventually, sharia citadels will emerge, and dhimmis will embrace the so-called order that sharia brings, at least until they realise that, as ‘unbelievers’, they are the direct equivalent of dog’s excrement to the followers of Islam. No really. Drug dealers will be shot, along with pædophiles and murderers. All well and good, but so will Jews, Christians, Hindus and anybody else who doesn’t submit (that’s what Islam means – submission). Women will beaten, disfigured, burned, buried and stoned, all for ‘inappropriate clothing or behaviour’.

    PS. The vid you post is excellent, but it is no longer accurate. It is quite old now, and the figures are worse, in terms of the Muslim population. Just look at Kosovo (you know, that piece of Serbia that pretends to be an independent country) to see what happens when Islam takes hold. For Kosovo, read Birmingham.

    PPS. If the Muslim population of the UK is ‘only’ 2.5 million, why does the trade association for national meat retailers say that they have 6.5 million customers for they Halal meat and cannot keep up with the demand?

  3. Of course, if seven million British people hadn’t been aborted since 1967 (and ongoing at over 200,000 people annually) then the demography of the UK would be rather different now.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    You used the right word on your own blog, Richard: sleepwalking.

    “Any political break-up of the United Kingdom into its constituent nations only makes the islamic takeover easier.”

    Everything that has been done has been done to weaken the UK.

  5. Stewart Cowan says:

    “For Kosovo, read Birmingham.”

    Good point, English. Very good point.

    I didn’t know about the meat retailers. I suppose we don’t know how many illegals are here.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    Richard – our own holocaust. Vicious murder dressed up as “choice” and “rights” and the people love it. Let’s hope they love this country’s judgment as much. I don’t think they will. Well, we’re starting to see it now and they don’t. You reap what you sow…

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