Spot the difference…

Muslims in Britain…

“Protestors” breaking the Armistice Day silence in central London on Thursday.

Muslims circumventing our animal welfare laws because it is for “religious” reasons. Lamb, beef and poultry slaughtered according to halal procedures are now standard in some schools and hospitals. The 97% of non-Muslims must submit or go hungry!

Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza is wanted by the Americans and Yemenis on terrorism charges, but cannot be extradited because of his “human rights”.

Rowan Williams

The leader of the established church backs sharia law for British muslims.

Christians in Pakistan…

Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of four, was sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’ against the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Asia Bibi, 45, is a married mother of three girls and a boy. Her son is Imran, 19, and her daughters are: Sidra, 15, Isha, 11, and Isham, 9. They live in a small Pakistani village called Ittan Wali Chack. Since their family is very poor, Asia worked as a labourer on a farm. Her son, Imran, works at a brick kiln and her daughter, Sidra, does embroidery work at home.

On June 14, 2009, Asia Bibi was working on a farm with her Muslim colleagues when a discussion about Christianity and Islam arose. During the conversation, the Muslims accused Asia of insulting the prophet Muhammad and beat her. Her Muslim colleagues then spread the rumor that Asia ‘insulted’ their prophet around the village. Five days later, a group of Muslim villagers, incited by her colleagues, severely assaulted Asia. When the police arrived, they arrested Asia and registered a case of blasphemy against her. According to Article 295-C of Pakistan’s criminal law, it is a crime punishable by death to blaspheme the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

On November 7, 2010, after more than a year of trial, a court in Pakistan sentenced Asia to death and fined her 100,000 Pakistani Rupees ($1163.) She has seven days to appeal the decision to the higher court.

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  2. Richard Borrett says:

    Don’t forget that Kosher meat is slaughtered in the same way – its not just for Muslims… Not everything is about Islam you know.

  3. Richard Borrett says:

    And another thing –

    the only point you can possibly make with that post is that We provide greaster freedoms and more rights and some Islamic countries… Your implicit suggestion is that we should not. If we did not, we would no longer provide better rights and freedoms and would be no better – how would this be any good for anyone?

  4. No Mr Borrett; the point is that whilst it is of course true that the UK and many other countries provide greater freedoms than do Muslim countries (after all it’s hardly difficult is it?) the fact remains that the Muslims in the UK enjoy greater freedoms than the remainder of the population.

    This is very, very wrong, and due I believe in large part to the aggressiveness, hate and terror preached by numerous Muslim clerics, organisations, states and individuals. Just consider as one well-known example, the Rushdie case: I think it an outrage that a foreign power can pronounce a sentence of death on a British subject, apparently with impunity.


  5. Richard Borrett says:

    “Muslims in the UK enjoy greater freedoms than the remainder of the population.”

    Total nonsense. The only example purported to be given above is untrue (slaughter of animals), as I have pointed out.

    And, I might add, your comment is an absolutely perfect example of Islamophobia (with the proper use of ‘phobia’). – note, I do not accuse you of racism as I think, clearly a phobia is quite different. The fear that a loosely defined and internally diverse group is somehow being treated more favourably and to the detriment of others, on no basis and to the exclusion of evidence to the contrary is clearly the result of an irrational phobia.

    What about the US imposition of arbitrary detention without trial and the US and UK complicity in the Torture of citizens of other states – is that not just as disgraceful – in fact more so, given that these actions were actually carried out?

    Clearly none has the moral upper hand and this is my point – the reduction of such issues to ‘us’ and ‘them’ is juvenile and unhelpful, and is the very reason we are in this mess.

  6. Well Mr Borrett, I note with interest that you studiously avoided addressing my point (an example) concerning the Rushdie case… And chose to introduce (predictably as an irrational phobic such as myself would imagine) an anti-American element.

    Irrational? Well I don’t approve of torture any more than you do, but that wasn’t the point was it?

    Islamophobia? Why should these people be allowed to hide behind veils? If they don’t like living in western Europe then they can bugger off to Saudi or Afghanistan can’t they? And no, I am not embarrassed to admit that my blood boiled at the the disgusting “islamic” demonstration at the Remembrance ceremonies.

    Mohammedans used to be mellow, cultured people, the vast majority probably still are, but they are not permitted a voice – or perhaps choose not to speak – because their absurd religion as preached by fanatics will sentence them to be stoned to death, flogged or whatever. Admit it: it’s barbarism that belongs in its rightful historical place: the 14th century.

    Trivial perhaps, but if people in the United Kingdom are reluctant to erect a Christmas tree in a shop window on the grounds that “it might cause ‘offence’ (that stupid concept) something is very, very wrong.

    And this bollocks about blasphemy. If I choose not to believe in someone’s pathetic concept of a god, what the hell has it to do with anybody?

    As Le Marquis de Montaigne observed in the 17th century: “Man is truly mad: he cannot make a worm, yet he invents gods by the dozen.”

  7. Coda: “Clearly none has the moral upper hand” you wrote.

    Who wants an “upper hand”? I don’t. I claim and neither so I seek a “moral upper hand.” I make no claims for the moral superiority of any particular ‘culture'; it just happens that I prefer mine and prefer not to have it stolen from me.

    I left England for a number of reasons, one of which is that the English way of life has been largely destroyed, by weakness in the face of force.

    Of course cultures will evolve, that after all is the history of England.

    To have in little more than a generation one’s culture usurped by aliens supported by parasites in national and local government is indeed a bridge too far.

  8. English Viking says:

    What Paul said.

    PS. Islamic slaughter and kosher or Jewish slaughter are not the same; there is no chanting by a moon-worshipper during the kosher process, and the praying is to YHWH, the God of the Christians and Jews, but not the God of the muslim.

  9. Richard Borrett says:

    I dealt with the point directly – though i may not have said that was what I was doing. My point being that there are ‘western’ states that do unforgivable things to the citizens of other states (and to their own citizens) and that this phenomena (like almost every other) is not purely an ‘Islamic’ one.

    “Why should these people be allowed to hide behind veils? If they don’t like living in western Europe then they can bugger off to Saudi or Afghanistan can’t they”. This doesn’t even deserve comment. Since when did living in western Europe require one to be of any religion, or to dress in any way, or not to be of any religion, and could expect to be persecuted for failing to fit into this? (oh, I remember…)

    ” I am not embarrassed to admit that my blood boiled at the the disgusting “islamic” demonstration at the Remembrance ceremonies”. Me either – it was disgracefully offensive, but I am not stupid enough to think that it was any more Islamic than I am Chinese.

    “Mohammedans used to be …” – this is pure bigotry and thats all I can say. Try replacing the word “Mohammedans” with ‘Japanese’ or ‘Jewish’ and see if it is offensive…

    “reluctant to erect a Christmas tree in a shop window “. These bollocks stories always come up and are invariably revealed to be just that – bollocks. There is no reason for this other than the scaremongering in the reactionary press. Anyone who is afraid to do so for fear of offending is an idiot, pure and simple, and their idiocy can’t be blamed on anyone but themselves.

  10. Richard Borrett says:

    “no chanting by a moon-worshipper during the kosher process, and the praying is to YHWH, the God of the Christians and Jews, but not the God of the muslim”

    So then it is purely about the fact that they are Muslim, and not the fact that ‘special dispensation’ is made for another group – doesn’t that just show that all of this is about Islam and not about defending ‘our culture’

    Oh, and ‘no moon worshipping’? – You mean like how there’s no moon worshipping in Christianity, the religion whose main (or perhaps second) festival move with the Moon each year? Not that I care mind, just pointing out the stupidity of that as a basis for criticism. And on that point, worshipping the moon seems no less silly to me than worshipping an imaginary man in the sky – but again, everyone is welcome to do so if they want.

  11. English Viking says:


    The reason Easter moves around the calender is because we use a solar calendar in the West and the Passover commemorations (which Easter is parallel to) are calculated using the lunar calendar, ie. 13 months. Nothing to do with worshiping the moon, as I suspect you know.

    Yes, it is purely about the fact that they are muslim (to me it is, can’t speak for others) because they are the group which ARE receiving special dispensation. To me, it is way past the point of defending a culture. As far as I can see, the English culture I remember from boyhood died in 1997. This is about preventing a national catastrophe which is ever more imminent as time goes on. The usurping of power from traditional institutions by cult intent on world domination. If you don’t believe me, read their warlord founders’ book on the matter.

  12. Richard Borrett says:

    The reason it’s purely because they are Muslim is NOT because of any special treatment, it is clearly just prejudice (evidenced as I have pointed out by your comments criticising elements of the faith itself, on no objectively rational basis whatsoever.

    Have said above what I think about the Special treatment, but if there is any it is probably as a result of this prejudice.

  13. English Viking says:


    Ahh, I see. It’s because I’m prejudiced that Islam is a religio-political cult whose followers carry out terrorist atrocities worldwide, on a daily basis, and because I don’t want to see my home-town resembling down-town Mogadishu, I’m a racist.

    It’s so much clearer now; if only I had seen the error of my ways earlier, I could have married a six year old or murdered my wife and buried her in the garden, on account of her ‘immodest’ dress sense.

    BTW. According to Islam, you’re a ‘kuffar’. It is an nomenclature which rivals ‘nigger’ in its offensiveness, but THAT’S not prejudice, that’s culture, innit? Don’t be objecting now, else I might think you a bigot.

  14. Mr Borrett,

    There IS a difference between a Mohammedan and a Japanese or a Jew.

    Mohammedans do not constitue a race as do the others. Mohammedanism is a religion (I refuse to use the BBC Isslaam mouthed of course in hushed tones with deep, deep respect) And like the majority of religions it is steeped in superstition and a lot of outdated nonsense.

    All that’s perfectly fine with me, until it comes out of the practitioners’ front doors; that’s when it becomes a problem as current circumstances clearly demonstrate.

    A pity I suppose that they are not Buddhists; as far as I know the Buddhists have never caused any trouble unlike the majority of religions through the ages.

  15. English Viking says:


    With regard to the lack of Buddhist terrorism (let’s not say violence; most martial arts are directly influenced by its teachings), I believe the reason we see hardly any is because they do not have a so called ‘holy’ book instructing them to kill others and promising great reward if they do, unlike our Mohammedan friends.

  16. Stewart Cowan says:


    Of course Muslims get special treatment. Who else is allowed to chant death threats and get away with it? Whose dietary ‘needs’ brush others’ aside? Who else do the CPS take seriously when “offence” is caused (other than Muslims and homosexuals)?

    And whose religio-political system demands the whole world be under its rule?

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