Hope not Hate

I don’t know about you, but I have hope that we can once again feel free to express an opinion in this country without fear of condemnation. That’s what I hope. What I hate is the thought that we won’t the way things are going.

Channel 4 News tweeted a link to Samira Ahmed’s interview with Pastor Terry Jones last night about his invitation to speak to the English Defence League next year:

@channel4news Pastor Jones: “I’m a pastor, so we would definitely consider Islam evil” Video: http://ow.ly/3nUpQ.

From an almost nine minute piece, the most contentious quote was chosen for the tweet, even though there is no context. This is the first time I have heard this man speaking and I was surprised not to be met with the hardcore nutjob I was expecting. He actually said that moderate Muslims are welcome, just not the sort who call for the Queen to either convert to Islam or be expelled. He even says that Muslims should be free to build mosques, so he sounds more ready to accommodate them than the majority of Swiss people, as they voted to ban the construction of new minarets last year.

But nevertheless, Jones has been labelled a “preacher of hate”. Naturally, threatening to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11 hasn’t helped give him a more cuddlesome image in the eyes of the mainstream media. In the end he didn’t burn them, but he had already committed the thought crime.

In this age when we are expected not to say boo to a goose in case we cause offence, thereby threatening the great multicultural experiment (which failed some time ago anyway), there is a real danger that very soon nobody will be allowed to say anything which is not on a list of government-approved beliefs.

Jacqui Smith banned Geert Wilders from entering the UK in 2009 after he was invited by Lord Pearson to show his short film Fitna in the House of Lords. Now we have the new Home Secretary, Theresa May, saying she is ”actively” considering banning Terry Jones. Smith’s decision was overturned by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in London. I hope Theresa May won’t be so foolish as to ban Jones.

But that waste of trees, The Mirror, urges her to ban him because,

He will give encouragement to every racist in Britain whilst provoking fear amongst Muslim communities.

Try as I might, I just can’t picture “Muslim communities” quaking in fear.

Actually, this highlights one of the main problems with our country today. When I was growing up, we lived in the community. This was the South Side of Glasgow and there were very, very few immigrants. I remember the first time I saw a coloured person (as we called them then, out of politeness, only to be told later that this was rude. You can’t win). I can’t recall exactly what age I was, but I was in the car with my mum and an Asian man was standing at the shops. My mum told me he was an Indian gentleman and I wondered why he didn’t have a headdress and a bow and arrow.

When I was in my early teens, I suppose, Asians started opening shops in the area. We had a local Asian grocer’s shop. Before heading out to buy sweets or pop, we would ask, “do you want anything from the Paki’s?” No hatred was implied or intended.

He lived in our community: the community, not a ghetto like Labour’s immigration policies have produced.

The Telegraph continues:

[Pastor Jones] intends to preach ”against the evils and destructiveness of Islam” at an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Luton, Bedfordshire, on February 5.

Mrs May told Sky News’ Sunday Live: ”Of course the home secretary has the right to exclude people who are not conducive to public good or on national security grounds”.

A statement on the pastor’s website said: ”During the protest, Dr Terry Jones will speak against the evils and destructiveness of Islam in support of the continued fight against the Islamification of England and Europe.”

By definition, then, his visit would be conducive to public good. Mrs May said,

Pastor Terry Jones has been on my radar for a few months now.

You can just imagine the politicians and civil servants desperately looking for non-Muslims to accuse of “hate” to appease Muslims and try to equal things up a bit, considering Muslim “preachers” tend to have the monopoly on hatred.

Anti-extremist group Hope not Hate condemned the move and launched a petition calling for Mr Jones to be banned from the UK.

This seems rather an extreme view from alleged “anti-extremists.”

Here are some of Hope Not Hate’s views on the matter:

Pastor Jones’s appearance in the UK will only give ammunition to those Muslim extremists who argue that ‘Christian’ Britain is intrinsically an enemy of all Muslims. Do we really believe that they will sit back and allow Pastor Jones speak in Luton unchallenged? Only last month the head of the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, the police group that monitors extremism, said that the EDL had become a recruiting agent for Muslim extremist groups. Pastor Jones’s visit will only boost the very groups that the EDL claim to oppose.

Rather than pin the blame of Islamic extremism with the Islamists, it’s someone else’s fault.

Extremism breeds extremism and Pastor Jones’s intervention will only add to the polarisation within and between communities, something that could have dire consequences.

This polarisation was the point of multiculturalism. We got what the politicians ordered!

I understand people are nervous about banning people and curtailing freedom of speech, but with freedom comes responsibility and it is unacceptable for an extreme few to whip up hatred and violence against others. Just as the Home Secretary bans radical Islamist preachers so she must ban radical Christian preachers.

Except that I don’t think Jones will be calling for the death of the UK and the defeat of our troops. Those sort of people actually live here! We let them in and they stayed and they genuinely hate us.

The obvious difference is as lost on these do-gooders, as it was with another former Home Secretary, David Blunkett, who said that “hatred” laws should apply equally from far right evangelical Christians, to extremists in the Islamic faith.

The Christian Institute said at the time,

The proposal appears to be a new censorship law which allows politicians to decide what is an acceptable religious belief and what isn’t.

Their Director, Colin Hart, neatly explained,

To equate evangelicals with terrorists is an outrage. I call on the Home Secretary to retract his implied assertion that evangelicals in the UK are calling for the murder of non-Christians.

Hope Not Hate continues:

The HOPE not hate campaign strives to bring communities together around shared experiences and identities. We believe that the majority of people want to live together in peace.

I thought this was when they got really silly. Multiculturalism was never about shared experiences or identities. How could it be when we are expected to live in our own “communities”? In fact, we are expected to do the opposite of shared values and instead celebrate the “diversity” which differentiates us.

The UAF have also thrown their weight about already,

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, accused Mr Jones of coming to Britain to ”whip up Islamophobia and racism”.

He said: ”We intend on calling a mass demonstration where everyone can oppose the growth of racism and fascism in this country.”

It gets boring, doesn’t it? The name-calling, I mean, as if that’s the argument won, so shut up. Racism? Cranmer writes,

Islam is not a race and restricting freedom of expression and denying freedom of speech are manifestations of the very authoritarianism by which fascism is defined.

Despite his call for Jones to be allowed into the UK, His Grace is not at all a fan. He says,

And His Grace is fully aware that Pastor Jones holds certain hateful anti-Muslim views which rather conflict with the exhortation of the Lord to love one’s neighbour.

At the same time though, we are commanded to resist evil, and let’s not kid ourselves, raw Islam is evil. The so-called “moderate Muslims” in the West have been softened up like the rest of us. When you look at what goes on in other countries, like Pakistan, Indonesia and Nigeria, where millions of Muslims live cheek-by-jowl, we see a very different scene – and it’s one which will be repeated in the UK if and when the appeasers have their way.

When was the last time you read about evangelical Christians burning a mosque and murdering those inside? Yet there are too many incidents of Muslims burning churches for our mainstream media to even bother reporting one of them, or so it seems.

To avoid any doubt, I am not endorsing Terry Jones’s visit to the UK because I don’t know enough about him or what he intends to do or say, but just what is the Christian supposed to do? “Nothing” isn’t the answer and neither is violence. Hope Not Hate give me no hope and Unite Against Fascism is an oxymoron.

Some people have become so obsessive about political correctness that they perceive any negative comment about a “minority” to be a symptom of “hatred.” I don’t hate any Muslim, not even Captain Hook who lives in Belmarsh Prison and who is wanted by both the USA and Yemen on terrorist-related charges. He has a human right not to face trial for his alleged crimes and has to stay here, while Terry Jones may be barred from entering altogether, even though all he wants to do is talk.

But then, words always were more dangerous to ruling elites than bullets and bombs.

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9 Responses to Hope not Hate

  1. English Viking says:

    Weyman Bennett, the head of the UAF. Not the same Weyman Bennett recently arrested for conspiracy to commit public order offences, earlier this year, at an EDL rally? Oh yes.

    Google his mate, the KGB plant, Gerry Gable.

    Who’s he to speak against violent extremism.

  2. Zaphod says:

    “When was the last time you read about evangelical Christians burning a mosque and murdering those inside?”

    Well, not that I’ve heard, but they do have some fun with abortion clinics, don’t they?

    I tolerate moderate Christians, though. Those who reject the values of the Old Testament. Have you studied it?

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    English, I hadn’t heard that about Bennett. I wonder if Gable based his moustache on Terry Jones’s?

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    Zaphod, I suspect that some people do have fun with the places responsible for 800,000 deaths a year in the USA.

    And what is a “moderate Christian” to you? One who keeps his ‘faith’ for an hour a week in church?

    I am aware what happened to people who rebelled in Old Testament times. It should serve as a warning!

  5. Zaphod says:

    A moderate Christian would be one who follows the New Testament, Christ’s legend. Seems a nice guy, your Jesus.

    His father though, He wasn’t a Christian, was he? Yes, I’ve had the warning. I was programmed at school, too. I reject your god’s values utterly. I despise them. No offence, but I really do. I’m not the only one.
    Do you expect us to follow your rules? You don’t need to kill us, you can leave that to him, can’t you?

  6. english Viking says:


    Christ and his father ‘are one’.

    John 10 v 30.

    Still think He’s a nice guy?

  7. Zaphod says:

    English Viking,
    I’m no expert, but I know of nothing in the NT to suggest that JC did anything morally unacceptable to me. In the OT however, are related many, many acts by Jehovah which I find utterly repugnant. Can you personally both believe the entire Bible and love Jehovah? I don’t believe the Bible as history. I argue with the morality of those who believe and accept, especially the OT.

    The NT contains enough morality to serve as a rough ethics guide, but only if the OT is explicitly rejected.

  8. English Viking says:


    I’m no expert either, but I do know that the Bible teaches that Jesus IS Jehovah. He is the embodiment of true OT morality.

    BTW He’s not averse to killing either. There will be a bloodbath when He returns, just read Revelation for the facts.

  9. Thinker says:



    With Muslims establishing their own schools, one wonders how their kids will acquire our values and be able to successfully integrate into our society.

    This incident happened in London.

    The Uncomfortable Definition of an Infidel…

    FACT: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the UK

    Last month I attended my annual training session for maintaining my security clearance in the prison service.
    There was a presentation by three speakers from the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who explained their beliefs.

    I was particularly interested in what the Islamic Imam had to say about the basics of
    Islam, complete with video.

    After the presentations, question time. I directed my question to the Imam and asked: ‘Correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a Holy War against the infidels of the world and, that by killing an infidel, (which is a command to all Muslims) they are assured of a place in heaven. If that’s the case, can you give me the definition of an infidel?’

    There was no disagreement with my statement and, without hesitation he replied, ‘Non-believers!’

    I responded, ‘So let me make sure I have this straight. All followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not a follower of Allah, so they can have a place in heaven. Is that correct?’
    The expression on his face changed from one of authority to that of a little boy who had just been caught with his hand in the biscuit tin.’

    He sheepishly replied, ‘Yes.’

    I then stated, ‘Well, I have a real problem trying to imagine Pope Benedict commanding all Catholics to kill Muslims, or the Archbishop of Canterbury ordering all Protestants to do the same in order to guarantee them a place in heaven!’
    The Imam was speechless!

    I continued, ‘I also have a problem with being your ‘friend’ when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill me! Let me ask you a question. Would you rather have your Allah, who tells you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or my Jesus who tells me to love you because He will take me to heaven and He wants you to be there with me?’

    You could have heard a pin drop as the Imam remained speechless.

    Needless to say, the organizers of the Diversification seminar were not happy with this way of exposing the truth about the Muslims’ beliefs.

    Within twenty years, ie. 2029, there will be enough Muslim voters in the UK to elect a government of their choice, complete with Sharia law.

    Everyone in the U.K. should be required to read this, but with the current political paralysis, tolerant justice system, liberal media and P.C…madness, there is no way this will be widely publicised.

    Please pass this on to all your e-mail contacts.

    John Harrison MBE. MIDSc

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