The EU hates Christianity for a reason

I found this picture on the website of The European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT Rights. Clearly, they consider Christians who uphold traditional values to be bad people who need to be silenced because they “discriminate” against those who identify themselves as being homosexual, bisexual or transgender.

Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights on freedom of thought, conscience and religion states,

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, and to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.

But as I pointed out in a previous post, the rights they give us with one hand they can remove with the other:

2. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

So, when the rights and freedoms of homosexuals are considered paramount, this Article is rendered worthless.

There is no freedom of thought, conscience and religion where the sexual preferences of others are concerned. It is simply a mirage.

The “equality and diversity” agenda is vital in creating a European superstate because it is being used to remove our genuine and important freedoms and to destroy society through encouraging casual “relationships” to replace families.

And as Lenin said, destroy the family, you destroy the country.

As you know, I have rejected the Theory of Evolution. I have written many posts on the subject of Creationism because I believe the science better fits. In 2005, French socialist politician and mathematics professor, Guy Lengagne, wrote a draft report called “The Dangers of Creationism in Education” and said, “If we are not careful, creationism could become a threat to human rights” and warned that if Creationism were allowed to be taught in schools, the result could be the replacement of democracy by theocracy, the obstruction of a cure for AIDS, and a rise in fundamentalist extremism.

In 2007, the European Council Committee on Culture, Science and Education rejected the report saying that freedom of thought and discussion was a “fundamental value.” But it was only rejected by 63 of 119 members and will no doubt rear its ugly head again, if it hasn’t already.

Because these “human rights” laws have the effect of pitting one person against another, it is an excellent divide and rule technique. There are many recent examples of people believing they have the right to silence others, such as the Muslim woman who had a discussion about Islam with a Christian couple on their own property and complained to the police, and the pathetic CPS took on the case and the couple’s business was destroyed even though they were found not guilty. There are numerous examples where free speech has been stamped on by the “authorities” under the illusion of “homophobia”.

Countries in the EU are beginning to take dissent on this issue very seriously indeed,

In December 2009, a television programme was broadcast in Hungary featuring the host and guests making remarks about LGBT persons to the effect that the latter were ‘decaying’ and ‘destroying’ society, and that the gay community could not coexist with the ‘civilisation of white Christians’. The Hungarian Radio and Television Commission found that this was capable of stirring up hatred against LGBT people and violating their human rights. It subsequently ordered the television company to suspend broadcasting for a period of 90 minutes, during which it was obliged to screen the Commission’s main findings.

And like those recent “jokes” sent as tweets which were rewarded with police intervention, be careful what you say in jest,

In the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal found that a statement published on a selfdefined ‘satirical website’ that even the death sentence was a mild penalty for gay people was ‘unnecessarily offensive’. The defendant was sentenced to a week in prison (suspended) and a fine.

And woe betide you tell the truth,

Furthermore, the [National Council on Combating Discrimination] in Romania found that a press article depicting homosexuals as a source of debauchery and danger had created a degrading and humiliating environment which was hostile to homosexuals, and concluded that the author had misused his freedom of expression.

And if you think you can belong to any political party you please, you’d better think again because this one was “dissolved” without sufficent grounds,

One potentially significant development took place in the Czech Republic where, on 17 February 2010, the Supreme Administrative Court adopted a judgment dissolving an extremist right wing party, Dělnická strana [Workers’ Party] The Workers’ Party openly espoused racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic views. The Court stated that while the program and speeches of the members of the party did not constitute sufficient grounds on which to dissolve the party, this measure would be justified once the party started to harm the rights of other persons and develop into a real danger for democracy. The Workers’ Party included homophobic statements in its political program and led demonstrations which, even if not openly announced as homophobic, contained homophobic undertones.

They banned a party in case it became a danger for democracy.


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22 Responses to The EU hates Christianity for a reason

  1. English Viking says:

    I’m surprised that I haven’t been banned.


  2. reverent1 says:

    This is why we must understand that ‘rights’ do not come from men. It is not government that gives you the right to speak or think you can do those things (and more) without government. Feel free to acknowledge this fact and act upon it by giving thanks to the Creator.

    All governments are instituted by man — and man is corrupt.

  3. Oh bugger I said I wouldn’t feed the trolls but here goes.

    “So, when the rights and freedoms of homosexuals are considered paramount, this Article is rendered worthless.”

    Equal not paramount.

    Do you want people to have the right to refuse to serve Christians because they are Christians?

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Lead that charge back to the Middle Ages Stewart – hardly anyone is following you. Most folks prefer it in the 21st century that science and human rights has built for us.


    Who is now all disappointed with himself for lowering himself once again into the cess pool of anti-human anti-rationalist hate mongering that is this blog


  4. English Viking says:


    You weren’t speaking to me, I know, but I never was a shy one.

    ‘Do you want people to have the right to refuse to serve Christians because they are Christians?’

    Or perhaps the rights of the Quatari ‘Government’ to refuse entry to their country to Jews? I watch with baited breath to see if the Israeli football team qualify for 2022, just to see the proverbial hit the fan.

    I suppose Jews rank the same as Christians in your world, or maybe you can score a few ‘righteous’ points for defending them?

    PS Please define your understanding of equal.

  5. Stewart Cowan says:


    Welcome. The globalists, some of them luciferian, just want Christianity finished off because we stand up for the truth about freedom and human relationships and so many other things. We are flies in their satanic ointment.

    Christianity is perhaps the main reason we have generally prospered as a nation compared to most other places. It must go to destroy the national spirit and ripen us to feebly accept a one world government.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:


    Oh bugger I said I wouldn’t feed the trolls but here goes.

    That’s how I feel when you turn up – but here goes.

    Take a look at that picture. It’s saying Christians who uphold the true moral order discriminate against people who want to live their lives in a particular way.

    It has to be a fundamental freedom to disapprove of how someone else lives their life and affects the wider society based on their behaviour. It’s why we have police and judges.

    There is increasing silencing of criticism, even jokes, about homosexuality. Why do you think it is sooooo important for this tiny proportion of the population to have more (not equal) protection under the law than others?

    The answer is in my reply to Reverent1.

    Do you want people to have the right to refuse to serve Christians because they are Christians?

    They have the right to refuse to serve me – I give them that right as free human beings. They don’t because they have no reason to and it would be a big mistake economically.

    In my business life I get asked to produce all sorts of flags and banners. I turn down orders which in my opinion as a Christian go beyond the pale. I consider this to be my right and I am holding on to that right, regardless of what the second paragraph in ECHR Article 9 says.

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

    I certainly am not ashamed. Ashamed of what? The truth?

    Lead that charge back to the Middle Ages Stewart – hardly anyone is following you.

    It’s the old “Middle Ages” excrement. Yeah that’s right. Ten years ago when the vast majority wanted to keep Section 28 was the Middle Ages, wasn’t it? Yeah, right.

    Most folks prefer it in the 21st century that science and human rights has built for us.

    In my experience that is another myth. And where have I ever – ever – said that I don’t appreciate the positives science has brought? You just repeat mantras you think sound good, but which are completely, utterly and totally groundless.

    Who is now all disappointed with himself for lowering himself once again into the cess pool of anti-human anti-rationalist hate mongering that is this blog.

    Love is hate now, I understand. Look at that placard in the picture – the one which reads “Woe unto them that call evil “good” and good “evil”.”

  7. Stewart Cowan says:


    I still can’t believe they gave that sandbar the World Cup. I have some experience of dealing with their government through another company. After supplying specially dyed Pantone material samples, we provided actual samples of their national flag for gov’t buildings exactly to their spec and at a price they liked. Then they just decided they didn’t want them.

    I’m just glad I could bill the several £100’s for the samples to the other company.

    Let’s hope Israel qualify, if Armageddon hasn’t happened by then. The national and club sides have been improving lately.

  8. Live Rail says:

    I tried to make sense of this peculiar reading of EU law, but ended up baffled. Are you suggesting that those of a religious persuasion should not be bound by the law as described? Would you therefore support those who might believe that Christians should be burnt at the stake, that Muslims who have second thoughts should die as apostate, that if a religion requires that babies be sacrificed, we should protect that right? If you say that any of these should not be permitted, you immediately start to require religions to conform to the laws of the wider society.
    Of course, it could be that you just want some sort of justification for your own prejudices, in which case perhaps a bit of honesty might be a good thing.

  9. Stewart Cowan says:

    Live Rail,

    I don’t think it was written to be made sense of. It’s make believe, like the “democracy” the EU promotes.

    Kosher and halal slaughter are contrary to the law for religious reasons. Homosexual sex is contrary to the law of nature.

    Nobody is burnt at the stake anymore so that’s not an issue. 200,000 babes are sacrificed in the womb each year.

    Islam has its own barbaric laws and customs which I can in no way condone. They never were our ways, but are becoming increasingly so as Christianity is undermined.

    Our laws were based on Judeo-Christian ethics.

    I was being honest. My “prejudices” are based on having sound ethics.

    P.S. Not that I’m not a sinner, but I don’t pretend my sins are wholesome deeds which deserve respect from everyone.

  10. len says:

    What we are seeing in the battle between the European Union and Christianity is a battle as old as time itself.It is the battle between Cain and Abel, between Esau and Jacob,between Moses and Amalek, Christ and Satan, and so on.It is a battle between the carnal and the spiritual.
    The light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ illuminates the carnal nature and reveals it for the worthless thing it is and the misery it has caused throughout time.The Gospel is therefore resisted because it exposes this carnal nature and people do not want their deeds brought to the light.

    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
    John 1:5

  11. AdrianT says:

    No one is trying to silence you because of youe crackpot, fanatical creationist views, Stewart. Your supposed leader, Jesus of nazareth, warned in Matthew 10:22, to expect ridicule, mockery, or even hatred, because others will find your views to be ridiculous.

    That’s what i do at gay pride – i go up to the placard wavers, ask how old they think the world is, ask them how they are so intimate with the mind of god they know whom i should sleep with, etc. Creationists are there to be ridiculed and laughed at. Get used to it.

    (Nobody is trying to silence you – the more drivel you speak the more we all laugh)

  12. Steven Barnes says:

    This site can be summed up in one word… Pathetic!

    You do seem to preach against the LGBT community a tad too much me thinks. One day your rent boys will tell all!

  13. Stewart Cowan says:


    It certainly seems that way. I think more and more people are waking up to the fact that the EU is not so different to what Hitler tried to create.

  14. Stewart Cowan says:


    We are to expect those things because, as Len says, the darkness doesn’t comprehend things of light and you are too interested in the carnal and are endangering your soul.

    You laugh at Creationists out of ignorance. I notice you haven’t responded to my points on Pink News. You are afraid to leave your dark carnal world.

    The post wasn’t about Creationists being silenced, but about people who tell the truth about homosexuality being silenced, which has started to happen. I don’t know how you can deny that.

  15. Stewart Cowan says:

    Steven Barnes,

    Calling sinners to repentance is part and parcel of the Gospel.

  16. len says:

    The ‘battle ‘ between secularism and Christianity is not a physical battle but a spiritual one.It is a ‘battle’ between truth and deception.The enemies of Christ have done all they can to stop the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the ONLY means of escape from the enslavement to sin.
    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is an offence to the unsaved because it exposes their shortcomings.But it also holds out the hand of God in reconciliation and forgiveness to all who will accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on their behalf.
    Jesus Christ was mocked, ridiculed,spat upon, scourged to the point of death ,his beard pulled out and finally given the most excruciating death possible on behalf of all sinners(myself included )Jesus said” If they hated me first they will hate you also” So the response from the secular World is not unexpected.

    Jesus Christ did not come to condemn but to save sinners!.

  17. Scrumper says:

    “You laugh at Creationists out of ignorance.”

    Out of their ignorance perhaps. Personally I’m looking forward to a society where religious bigotry such as yours no longer exists.

    One day you will realise that Christian bigotry is no different to any other kind of bigotry.

  18. Stewart Cowan says:


    You are playing the “religion” card. As I said in reply to s/o else, ten years ago the vast majority wanted to keep Section 28. That’s because most people are disgusted by some of the acts which some homosexuals indulge in.

    Homophobia is not an actual phobia, according to three University of Arkansas psychologists. In a recent study, these researchers showed that homophobia originates not out of fear or anxiety — as true phobias do — but from feelings of disgust.

    The UA researchers also found close associations between homophobic tendencies and concerns about contamination as well as conservative views about sexuality in general. Their findings suggest a social, attitudinal basis for homophobia rather than a psychopathological one, as the term itself implies.

    Believe me, I’m the normal one – it is normal and natural to be repulsed by the acts of people who have an anal fixation. And to then promote this in schools is sick as can be.

    I’m not a “bigot” as you would like to think, I am a realist.

  19. David says:

    Stewart Cowan

    Reading some of the drivel that you write on this blog you do indeed hold bigoted and prejudicial views that in no way reflect realism in any way whatsoever. You claim to be a Christian I suggest you go back and read your bible again, because it doesn’t really say a great deal about homosexuality, in fact in the new testament nothing! And anyway you believe that you are the normal one? How so? Scientific study of a wide range of species from cats down to tiny insects display some same sex sexual behaviour, are you going to go and wave your bible at them? You’ll argue that they are animals and don’t know any better we are animals with animal instincts. Back to the bible, how can you use a book that was written 2000 years ago, at a time when people thought that the worlds was flat, slavery was God ordained and women were chattels, to extract modern ideas? Do us all a favour and go and hang yourself or something because your obviously very unhappy about living in modern times. Hopefully you’ll be reborn a big gay and be happy as a pig in s**t. That’s all.

  20. English Viking says:


    Calm down dear.

    Have you ever read the NT? Apparently not, if you think it silent about sexual perversity.

    Romans 1, Jude v 7, 1 Corinthians 6 v 9, 1 Timothy 1 v 10.

  21. Stewart Cowan says:


    See English Viking for scriptures.

    And anyway you believe that you are the normal one?

    I wouldn’t say I am normal! Unless you mean that I find women attractive, then yes, I am “normal” that way. If the latest ONS figures are correct that 1% is homosexual, then I most certainly am “normal”. How could I be abnormal?

    As for animals – I cannot think of any other subset of humanity that tries to justify behaviour based on what animals do. Why do you descend to this level, I wonder? I have been brought up with dogs and I have two now. They can be particularly filthy beasts, but even so, I have never seen any engaged in buggery, rimming or fisting (pawing?).

    Maybe you could learn from them after all?

    Back to the bible, how can you use a book that was written 2000 years ago, at a time when people thought that the worlds was flat, slavery was God ordained and women were chattels, to extract modern ideas?

    Actually, the Old Testament says the earth is spherical. It took scientists many centuries to catch up. That’s because scripture is as true on that as it is on sodomy.

    The Lord saw women as very valuable. You are wrong again.

    Do us all a favour and go and hang yourself or something because your obviously very unhappy about living in modern times.

    I think you’re the one with unhappiness issues when you request someone commits suicide. “Modern times”? You mean times where sin is esteemed as wholesome – you’re right, I’m not too happy about that.

    Oh, and a real Christian doesn’t accept sin as a good thing. Sin unrepented of cannot be forgiven. Christianity is about souls being saved, not letting people die in their sins and being damned forever.

    David – are sins of the flesh really worth losing your soul for in this brief sojourn on this planet?

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