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Off to the gulag to cure your disease…

Frank Davis teases us with the statement, Smoking Is A Disease, and gives some opinions of those allegedly in the know. He then presents his own very valid points, But I think that to claim that smoking is a disease … Continue reading


Happy Burns Nicht!

I think they might be Swedish? If that’s not to your liking, I found this fine unaccompanied version of John Anderson My Jo. It won’t allow me to grab the code, so here’s the URL.


Warsi is wrong.

I have been prompted to write this post after reading the whole of Sayeeda Warsi’s lecture at the University of Leicester. As if there isn’t more than enough cobblers spoken in universities without an unelected cabinet minister going in to … Continue reading


Double Baez

I don’t know what to write about. It’s all too depressing. Or bizarre. Or silly. Autonomous Mind has identified our major problem: those who represent us (rule over us) are not afraid of us. He quotes from Richard North’s article … Continue reading


“I am the EU” – our glorious leader speaks!

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Smoke and Mirrors Aimed at Giving the Government the Green Light to Continue Committing Treason

The treason upon treason upon treason committed over the past four decades by the unscrupulous and naive in all the main parties is set to be a thing of the past, thanks to the European Union Bill which kicked off … Continue reading


The future’s not bright

Thursday’s Alex Jones broadcast was amazing. There was so much vital information crammed in. Subrosa has blogged about the Piers Corbyn interview and she asks why people like him, who are far more accurate at predicting the weather than the … Continue reading


The Bermuda Rectangle

I have been tagged by Leg-iron to talk about my desk. Like his, it’s somewhat cluttered and things like invoices, gadgets and USB leads can turn up months after their disappearance into the void. I often find something I failed to find previously while … Continue reading


Gerry Rafferty, thank you

I was shocked to read over at Subrosa’s place of the death of Gerry Rafferty. Paisley-born like me and sadly, an alcoholic, like me, but also a great talent, unlike me. “This is the time and place To bring out our memories It’s … Continue reading


2011: The future has arrived. Orwell’s vision almost complete.

All of a sudden, it’s the year 2011. It sounds to me like a date far in the future, but it’s here right now, minus the flying cars and personal robots to do our every menial chore while we’re out … Continue reading