Double Baez

I don’t know what to write about. It’s all too depressing. Or bizarre. Or silly.

Autonomous Mind has identified our major problem: those who represent us (rule over us) are not afraid of us. He quotes from Richard North’s article in the Mail on Sunday,

The political classes are now a gated community. They feel safe. They are not afraid of us.

Riddi of England left this comment:

What none of them will ignore is a “flash crew” visitation to their home addresses and local area offices of the relevant sitting MP.
Preferably carrying gifts…

a toy windmill ,

a european arrest warrant

a global warming piece of coal

and whatever else may be apposite.

This is in no way to suggest intimidation .

It is to be the expression of democratic political localism in action as urged by our current regime.

I expect this to become a national pastime quite shortly!

I’m surprised it hasn’t by now. Why haven’t we been holding our representatives to proper account? I don’t think it’s fear. I think it’s apathy.

I have challenged politicians, by email, letter and in person. You get fobbed off. They are actors in a play which has been written for them. I realise this now. Certain agendas will come to pass. We are meant to have no say in the matter. The politicians have no say. When they get “found out” they just reinvent themselves. Ed Miliband says New Labour wasn’t very good and he’s doing things differently, so presumably we can now forget about illicit warmongering, the sale of half our gold at bargain prices, thousands of new laws, and of course, treason.

The Tories have seen the error of their ways and apologised for Section 28. They are now as camp as a row of pink Volkswagen dormobiles. For political reasons and, increasingly, in practice. Why? Because that’s the agenda they have to follow, just like Labour and the LibDems and the SNP.

Selling their soul to the EU is another agenda which just has to be fulfilled by all main parties. As far as I can see, most don’t even get thirty pieces of silver for their treachery. Incredibly, Labour are now complaining that the Tories are prepared to give away too much sovereignty to the EU.

British politics is like a pantomime and the voters are the children sitting in the audience. We booed New Labour for betraying us and now we are booing the Tories for the same thing. In this pantomime, though, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of a hero; no Prince Charming or Robin Hood. The “good guys” were the bad guys before and will be again. It’s a modern democracy in action.

No wonder prime ministers and presidents love talking about democracy so much. They get voted in to betray us. The people are enslaved by their own naivety. They don’t need guns pointed at them to comply as they believe themselves to be free.

Too many people still believe in the “science” put out for political reasons. People argue with me about Creation vs evolution science. Most concentrate on issues like why am I a Creationist rather than whether the actual science backs one or the other. I think, though, that people are waking up to the fact that we are being fed incredible lies to fool us into becoming even more controlled.

What do you like seeing in a museum? I like looking at all sorts of things. From the vast amount of stuffed animals in the Natural History Museum, to artefacts from ancient civilisations, to old phones and toys.  The Digital Glebe likes the Me163 Third Reich rocket plane in the Science Museum, but he hates the touch screen eco-propaganda of their new climate-change exhibition which neither inspires nor educates.

Neither is important anymore. I’m afraid we are in a similar situation to 17th Century Italy (or what is now Italy) when Galileo Galilei spent the final years of his life under house arrest because the science he believed to be right was not acceptable to the rulers of the time.

Leg-iron and Frank Davis are two of several bloggers who expose the false science of the antismokers.

Dr Leg-iron, a scientist himself, has spotted a ridiculous Israeli “study” on the “dangers” of third hand smoke. He writes,

Not only is it another attempt to impose controls, it contains no valid science of any kind whatsoever. If they still taught proper science in schools, a 14-year-old could rip it apart.

Frank knows that when it comes to antismoking studies, the conclusions are drawn first, and then the “post-normal” research is carried out second, rather than the other way round, as in old-fashioned “normal” science. But now it’s official.

an anti-smoking research group in California has admitted, in its grant application summary itself, that the purpose of the research is to generate data that will support a pre-determined conclusion that thirdhand smoke is toxic to exposed nonsmokers in order to promote smoking bans in private homes….

the researchers stated that their proposed work “will be a critical step in a timely assessment of whether the THS exposure is genetically harmful to exposed nonsmokers, and the ensuing data will serve as the experimental evidence for framing and enforcing policies prohibiting smoking in homes, hotels, and cars in California and elsewhere in order to protect vulnerable people,”

Science has been deeply compromised in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, yet humanists and secularists put their trust in this “science” like it is their god who must not be questioned.

Anyway, I only intended to put up a couple of links and these two Joan Baez songs. In 1999 I inherited a boxful of 45s and one of them was The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down which I was reminded of on Facebook last night, so I fancied posting it here.

My dad passed away ten years ago, and I got his LPs. The Joan Baez album has this traditional ballad, Geordie. This YouTuber has kindly added pictures to match the lyrics.

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5 Responses to Double Baez

  1. Many thanks for the name check!

  2. Ultimo Tiger says:

    “like it is their god who must not be questioned”

    So a bit like you then Stewart.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:


    I’m delighted to see you understand the religious mindset of the humanist.

    I have questioned the Almighty and found him not wanting. On the other hand, it is very clearly obvious that what comes from those purporting to be scientists cannot be believed or trusted.

    How much do humanists and so-called “atheists” take stock of their beliefs, I wonder?

  4. len says:

    Our Governments seem to be set on a course which is irreversible.We seem to being going ‘down a road’ which will ultimately get a lot darker as we slide further down the slippery slope which the Humanistic Philosophy of ‘ no God and no moral absolutes’has led us.This Philosophy has given’free rein’ to all that is worst in Humanity.
    Jesus says that just before His return our times will be as it was in the ‘ days of Noah.’
    What was it like in the days of Noah?

    “the Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time” (Gen. 6:5).

    The only consolation is this will not last forever as the darkness intensifies the light of the Gospel will shine ever brighter!.

  5. Subrosa says:

    Delightful choice of music Stewart. She has such a pure voice.

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