Could this be the REAL reason for the smoking ban?

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Ever wondered why the world’s governments hate their people smoking so much? It is one of those questions which has bugged me for a few years now. They expect us to believe that it’s all because they care so much about our health – more than most of us care about it ourselves, but consider how much the ‘authorities’ actually care:

Public water supplies fluoridated against the people’s wishes and best interests.

Depleted uranium on the battlefield, and indeed, used in unnecessary wars.

Children given ‘chemical cosh’ drugs for shyness.

Elderly people suffering from abuse, neglect and malnutrition in hospitals and care homes.

“1.6 million youngsters living in severe poverty.”

And while the cigarette packets warn of damage to your unborn child, 200,000 babes are aborted annually.

But hey, that’s a “woman’s choice” and smoking isn’t.

The smoking ban has led to rape, murder and an increase in drink-spiking because people leave their drinks to go outside for a smoke.

And how about this from the other day: The Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police, Steve House, has said this of the rising murder rate in the West of Scotland,

Mr House again blamed the rising phenomena of indoor drinking, fuelled by the availability of cheap alcohol and the smoking ban.

He said one potential reason for the increase in murders was the reluctance of drinkers to call an ambulance when a violent incident takes place indoors.

He said: “We have seen more violence indoors and that may lead to a delay in calling the ambulance service.

“ If you are at a party and it is taking place in someone’s house and someone is stabbed, logic would dictate that a lot of people would rush to call an ambulance.

“In fact, the opposite takes place and people try to sort it out themselves by rushing to the bathroom for a towel.

If the towels haven’t been used for mopping up sick, presumably.

So, why is smoking really so hated by the world’s governments? Is it, as suggested by Frank, because smoking boosts brain power?

Nicotine makes its consumers focus better and think faster and concentrate longer. Studies have shown that nicotine makes the brain work 10-30% more efficiently in a number of areas.

Nicotine has a significant positive impact in the areas of motor skills, attention, focus, speed and memory.

If this is true, and when the agenda is clearly to dumb down the population, it would be completely logical for smoking to be demonised at every opportunity, through legislation and “education.”

This is also an interesting point: nicotine is,

an effective and fast acting drug, which improves the brain’s performance in social situations – a decidedly “social-drug”.

This is another undesirable quality (to the elites) in an age where we are being trained to self-censor our opinions.

And the ban in “public places” won’t be enough, because the commitment is to a future without tobacco (my emphasis):

If the health of people in Scotland is to be improved and inequalities reduced, smoking prevention must be a top priority.

This report makes a comprehensive series of recommendations intended to protect and dissuade all young people in Scotland from starting to smoke and to deter adults, individually and collectively, from encouraging or enabling them to smoke. Their full implementation should take Scotland much further towards a future where smoking tobacco has become a thing of the past.

And we will all live happily ever after, of course, by doing exactly as we are told – staying at home drinking our sodium fluoride, giving the kids their drugs washed down with aspartame-laced pop and taking them for their mercury-containing flu jabs.

We will dump our old folks in homes where they can be left to vegetate, so that we are free to live the lives we want, unless that involves smoking or going to the pub or expressing opinions others might find offensive or a thousand other things.

In this brave new world we will be working during the day for just enough money to live on, then sat at home staring at the telly all night, receiving our instructions from the State broadcaster. Then we will go to bed.

And they will tell us we have never had it so good.

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4 Responses to Could this be the REAL reason for the smoking ban?

  1. Magnetic says:

    Astute observations. You might find the book “Rampant Antismoking Signifies Grave Danger: Materialism Out of Control” of interest. There’s also a considerable piece on smoking and Christianity. It’s available free from the following website:

    The antismoking Godber [eugenics] Blueprint (on the main page) is also of major interest.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thank you, Magnetic. The piece on smoking and Christianity sounds very interesting.

  3. Each individual has the right to or his or her own life, and this right is the source of all other

    Propery rights are essential to the
    maintenance of those rights.

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