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A mixed bag of sheer madness from around the world

Apparently, Chinese boffins have bred a herd of 200 cows that have been genetically modified to produce “human” milk. AgroBiotechnology at China Agricultural University, confirmed that the genetically modified herd’s milk “contains the characteristics of human milk.” Li added that … Continue reading


Coming to my Census

The big day has come. Census Day 2011. Time to fill out the form. Or not? Actually, I have just spent ten minutes filling mine in. I am not really keen to join the boycott. I boycott many companies and … Continue reading


Great budget. Well done, George

According to the BBC’s Budget Calendar, I will be better off, thanks to George Osborne. That’s the good news. It is only because my earnings have been quite a bit lower than usual that I will especially benefit from the … Continue reading


Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

When I try to explain the homosexual agenda, many normally sensible people cannot understand the damage it is doing. They think I am overreacting to what is, essentially, an “equality” issue. But homosexuals already have equality. What they crave now … Continue reading


Gollygate 2: it’s not child’s play.

Husband and wife, Bill and Star Etheridge, were due to represent the Tory Party at the upcoming local elections. They also run their local branch of The Campaign Against Political Correctness. It has been clear for a while now that … Continue reading


Postscript: Liberal Conspiracy’s ‘jaw-dropping bigotry and homophobia’

Further to my last post about Sunny Hundal removing my comments from a post on Liberal Conspiracy for alleged “homophobia,” I noticed this post of Iain Dale’s from four months ago. What a truly disgusting site Liberal Conspiracy can be. … Continue reading


Why is Liberal Conspiracy the Number 1 Blog?

I don’t usually slag off other bloggers because they are entitled to their opinion as much as I am and after all, if you disagree with the post, you can always leave your own comments underneath and an interesting and … Continue reading



Several people have come to the blog in the past couple of days due to searching for Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, the homosexual pair who were refused a double bed in a Christian-run B&B, and who won £3,600 in … Continue reading


Filling children’s heads with doom and gloom

In my reply to Leg-iron under my last post, I commented on how the State seems to love children being constantly worried about anything and everything, from the environment to world poverty. (And next up: four and five year olds … Continue reading


Happy No Smoking Day

A belated Happy No Smoking Day to you all. This is how Leg-iron planned on marking the occasion, I have rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco and a pack of Henri Winterman’s Half Coronas. That should allow almost continuous smoke production throughout … Continue reading