Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

When I try to explain the homosexual agenda, many normally sensible people cannot understand the damage it is doing. They think I am overreacting to what is, essentially, an “equality” issue. But homosexuals already have equality. What they crave now is for the whole of society to be re-engineered around them and for everyone to accept their behaviour as normal and thus for all opposing views to be silenced. The way they are trying to achieve this now is through using teachers to indoctrinate children.

Stonewall have sent out ‘teacher training packs’ to staff at primary schools,

Children as young as five should learn about gay relationships in schools and boys should be allowed to express their feminine sides by dressing in frocks or becoming cheerleaders, according to a Government-funded initiative.

The new pack was created by the gay rights organisation Stonewall with the help of a £25,000 grant from the Government’s teacher training body, the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

This is taxpayers’ money being used to make children question their gender and role.

And notice the veiled threat:

Schools and local authorities are urged to use the material to demonstrate they are complying with the Equality Act 2010, which obliges public bodies to promote equality.

Many people still defend Stonewall and the homosexual lobby with the old argument that what goes on in the bedroom is nobody else’s business, and that it doesn’t affect them, but things went well beyond that stage years ago. What Stonewall does affects each and every one of us because they are very effectively changing the norms of society.  We have already seen how they also threaten freedom of speech, freedom of association and the property rights of those who disagree with them.

One of the scariest ways this agenda impacts on us all can be heard in the video, and that is the teaching of children to resist the values of their parents and grandparents. We have witnessed the same agenda when it comes to encouraging children to seek contraception and abortion behind their parents’ backs. The State also wants children as young as five to be given sex “education” with no opt-out for the parents.

The State owns your children now. They have assumed the role of surrogate parent.

One of the teachers in the DVD says that some of the boys “really loved wearing the dressing-up dresses and it went on for several weeks.”

Are the parents told? Told – not asked, obviously. But are the parents being told that their sons are parading about in dresses while at school?

So creepy.

One very popular tactic apologists use when trying to justify same-sex acts is by alleging that some animals are homosexual and insisting that humans ought to take behavioural lessons from dumb animals. One of the picture books being promoted to teachers is “And Tango Makes Three,” about a penguin chick raised by two male penguins. It was based on a true story from New York’s Central Park Zoo, however, one of the “gay penguins” found a female mate. It seems that the penguins weren’t homosexual, just lonely.

But don’t expect a rewrite of the book for future editions. School isn’t for learning the truth, it is about indoctrination and being confused about right and wrong.

This is all about changing the perceptions, instincts and values of the next generation. This is a very serious re-engineering of society. Please do not underestimate what is going to happen when future generations reach adulthood with these negative views on family life and whose brains have been hardwired to accept state propaganda as the final word.

And as I keep saying, this is not about religion. Homosexual acts have been taboo all over the world because normal family bonds are what keep the community strong. The weaker these bonds have become in the UK, the more society has become fragmented.

Stonewall are by no means the only culprits, but the longer they are permitted to pervert the minds and souls of the next generation, the worse this fragmentation will become. That’s why everyone will pay the price. What else can we expect for treating children so appallingly?

How much worse will you let it become before you too speak out against it?

Stonewall - using your children to mould society to suit them

Stonewall - using your children to re-engineer society in their image

H/T – Video noticed and title pinched from here.

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184 Responses to Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

  1. robbo says:

    If you want to know what that higher power is, he’s a cross between James Bond and Ozzy Osbourne and my Uncle Charlie.

  2. lionheart says:

    Just so everyone understands Richard exactly how many times on how many blogs with different people have you said virtually the exact same thing as you have above? I can find links to virtually identical comments where you’ve branded people “fools” made some sort of comment about excrement and threatened to never grace the place with your razor sharp observations ever again.

    You stated that blogs are being “ruined” on at least five places though you’ve been the only single person who ever said so has been you and you’ve demanded that dozens of people are banned going back years on various sites.

    The common denominator is always you Richard, not me or Robbo or English and you might want to consider that. Dozens of different people on many diverse sites over a period of years and its still everyone else’s fault. ???

  3. English Viking says:


    Well If he’s allowed to do it, so am I;

    If you ban LH, could you at least consider banning the best Featherweight World Champion Britain never had as well?

    BTW Richard, you’re looking a bit flabby around the midriff these days, and I’m not sure you’d last three rounds in a ring, or 30 seconds in a car-park, so it’s probably best you stop winding up all and sundry, because one day, you’ll do it to wrong bloke.

    (This is all tongue-in-cheek, as I think I know that Stewart will only ban for the gravest of offenses, and Carvath is rock and would never, ever lose a fight. Did you know he once put Mike Tyson in an armlock?

  4. lionheart says:

    Are you sure thats right English? I heard it was Lenox Lewis and it was a headlock ?

    Anyway to get back on topic it a terrible idea to put little boys in frocks, after all some grown men cry like little girls and throw their dolls out of the pram when they can’t get their own way as it is so what would happen if they’d been dressed in frocks as little boys I shudder to think!!

  5. English Viking says:


    Could the reader back-up a way along the thread, as I was being modded and so a post I typed several hours ago has now appeared and may be missed.

    It may show the duplicity of Carvath, and his horde of female admirers.

  6. robbo says:

    Did you watch the video, Stewart? She said the boys wore the dresses of their own free will.
    I assume, as you have not provided me with the link I requested you do not have it. If you do not have it you have not seen it and if you have not seen it you have not checked your sources. This is VERY POOR and undermines your credibility.
    I am going to look for it myself.

  7. Stewart Cowan says:


    Did you watch the video, Stewart? She said the boys wore the dresses of their own free will.

    That’s the same excuse paedophiles who want the age of consent reduced give.

  8. English Viking says:


    If it was of their own free will, they would be turning up to school in them, and wearing them at home, instead of having them handed out at play-time.

  9. lionheart says:

    That’s the same excuse paedophiles who want the age of consent reduced give.

    Its a fair point and applicable in not quite the same way but if I was a judge I’d allow it.

    And yes English I’ve read your comment , it later transpires on yet another blog that Jen Dixgood and Dickie Carvath share the same IP address surprisingly.

  10. Stewart Cowan says:

    Can you all please kiss and make up because I am not going to allow this sort of discussion on any future posts.

  11. English Viking says:


    Could I please point out that there will be no kissing, French or otherwise, between me and Carvath, or any other bloke, for that matter.

    BTW, What ‘sort’? The sort that shows one poster is a liar? If you go mod-tastic, you will go under. Most of the fun is the banter.

  12. Stewart Cowan says:


    I can see why some bloggers get hundreds of comments. They are the sort of comment threads that I find weary. How long would you be happy for this to continue? What sort of resolution do you expect, or hope, to get?

  13. English Viking says:


    I would hope, and expect, that you would allow all comments that do not contain the most foul of language, or concept, free rein. Even dreadful posts can be edited (so long as the edit is made clear, and I don’t mean butchered, like one of mine was). One of the most important things is to allow comments with which you most heartily disagree. Not to expose your tolerance, rather the ignorance of those such posters.

    Failure to do so will lead to Carvath syndrome.

    If you wish to speak in favour of free speech, you must be a Voltaire, and not a Blair, regardless of the morality of either, which is in both cases most vile.

    BTW Please stop the modding of my comments, it wrecks the thread. Perhaps you cannot fix it, but I have said no worse than robbo, who seems to be not half bad.

  14. robbo says:

    Are you really a boxer EV? Will you take me on? I am a super-heavyweight but I have no training. Queensbury rules of course, none of this carpark brawling.

  15. Stewart Cowan says:


    When I find out how to get your comments running smoothly again, I will. You only have yourself to blame!

    I didn’t butcher one of your comments, I didn’t approve it period. I think you know why!

    It’s just not right to have all the comments diverted off course towards Richard.

  16. English Viking says:


    I’ve never really been one for rules, much less those of aristocrats like Queensbury.

    I am getting old now, and things ain’t what they used to be, but if push came to shove, as it usually does, I think (although you never know) you’d wish you hadn’t bothered. Unless you are some kind of K1 monster, like Carvath, in which case I’d simply bottle you, or get my mate Mental Dave to show you what’s what.

  17. robbo says:

    I really am an idiot. Every time I fall for it.
    Put two questions in a post and you will answer the easy minor one and ignore the difficult major issue.
    Where is the video, Stewart? I am very suspicious of the context of those clips, particularly the second one and I need the original video to allay those suspicions. Please provide me with it or admit you are a crap blogger.

  18. robbo says:

    LOL Viking. Ok no probs. I would be scared but I wanted to be able to tell my grandkids something. You understand I hope.

  19. English Viking says:


    I understand why YOU did it, but WHY is entirely different. You could have asterisked stuff you didn’t like, instead of posting a very small part, out of context.

    Why is it not right for Richard to be corrected hither and thither, by all and sundry, just because he is wrong? And delusional. And a liar?

  20. English Viking says:



  21. English Viking says:


    Modded to death.

    Vi snakkes.

  22. Stewart Cowan says:

    I don’t know what all the comment said, so say it again.

  23. robbo says:

    There is a very interesting debate going on atm on youtube. Perhaps some of you may wish to get involved.
    Opening statement here:

  24. robbo says:

    If you don’t like that then you can’t fail to like this:

  25. Stewart,

    If I was prepared to waste the time, I could keep fielding the LH LieFactory for months on end – and it would kill your blog; readers would get heartily sick to death of it. It’s all incredibly pointless anyway when one side is obviously abusing anonymity to endlessly repeat the same fabrications, defamations and smears against a named person. And nobody – not me, not any sane person confronted with this sort of anonymous nonsense – is going to answer loaded questions from anonymous persons who have no genuine interest in knowing truth, but who are really just digging in desperation to provoke the slightest slip in order to make up the next mountain out of a molehill – not to mention the probable perverse pleasure derived simply from baiting.

    What is extremely irritating is that the Lie Factory will keep up a non-stop stream of lies, distortions and exaggerations as long as he is allowed, and as the targeted victim of this nonsense the natural urge is to want to refute it – but it is so ridiculous and incessant that it is now best for me to ignore it however annoying it is. For a morbidly obsessed individual like the Lie Factory, his behaviour here is like that of a masturbation addict; Lie Factory can’t help but comment-masturbate endlessly over any Real Street thread where I have commented.

    And finally a P.S. to Viking…

    You really don’t know the half of who I am and what I have accomplished to date; I have often been tempted to make public my achievements, and the temptation to want to impress and silence critics is particularly strong under sustained provocation – but I keep my peace and the majority of my achievements – the nine tenths of the iceberg – remain private; I am not the raving egotist you fancifully think. I’m not going to give you anything new to the public domain from what remain my private achievements – my best writings/recordings, my campaign victories, the lives I’ve saved, the people I’ve helped etc – but I will just point out a couple of pertinent points from a couple of your facile attempted insults:

    (1) My first General Election last year was an excellent result. Psephology says any indy is lucky to get 50 votes. As a first time indy, with no campaign funds, a largely hostile media, a long list of eight candidates and as a conservative candidate on rock solid Labour turf – I polled 384 votes (0.92% votes cast). Come back to me and criticise a good result like that when you have stood for Parliament and bettered it. I’ve been a parliamentary candidate (and will be so again) – you just anonymously spout off about politics on the internet; we are not in the same league my friend.

    (2) Regarding your implied hardness, masculinity and courage (as opposed to my supposed lack of), I’d just like to point out firstly that all your tough talk is anonymous – which is pretty pathetic – and secondly, I invite you to consider what shape you’d be in after a 45 feet sheer drop onto rock: I’m not dead, paralysed or brain-damaged and, though I’m not yet full strength, in just nine months I’m fully functional for normal day-to-day life (after three limbs broken at once, plus a neck and spine fractures, extensive cuts and severe bruising all over and various seeping head wounds). And you think you could have me in a scrap!

    [Stewart might have me in a scrap simply because he’s a Glaswegian but nobody else on this blog is tough enough!]

    Viking, it must needs be said – you aren’t even close to me in regard of those qualities of authentic masculinity you so desire to possess. If you want to take a first step in the right direction my friend, then I suggest that your personal journey of ‘manning up’ begin with revealing your name and identity: ‘Viking’ may sound exciting but it’s a fiction and a fantasy – try giving your real name if you want to go toe-to-toe with me in future. As the Christian you claim to be, are you going to introduce yourself to Jesus as Viking? No, He will only entertain the truth – not your fantasy. Why not accept who you are and join the real world today. It’s much better to be your true self than to pretend you are somebody else or something you are not. You are definitely not a Viking. You are probably not that hardcore either. I really do know what it is to fight; I have genuine experience; I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I stand for… give your name before you give me your criticism Viking. Without a name, you’re nobody I need to listen to.

  26. robbo says:

    Oh boy.

  27. Robbo,

    Maiden ROCK!!!

  28. lionheart says:

    Oh double boy bet English feels proper silly now he’s been put in his place like that,

  29. lionheart says:

    I have to ask Richard but these “lives you’ve saved” are they like real people or persona’s you’ve decided to give homes to ??

  30. Goodnight Real Street, and God bless.

  31. robbo says:

    Dude, they put the AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH AAAAH AAAAAH AAAH OH into ROCK. Isn’t it great when we find something we can agree on.

  32. Iron Maiden are awesome. Dodgy lyrics? Maybe. Great heavy rock? Yes indeed. Brilliant live performers. Best at their peak in the mid 80s, and the major media have never backed them, so to come out of nowhere to fill stadiums around the world is pretty impressive.

  33. john Leon says:

    I reckon Maiden were best with Paul D’iano, I saw them around Twickenham, often at the Winning Post in Whitton in the late seventies, they were one of many N.W.O.B.H.M. bands, not as innovative as the greats from 10 years earlier but well worth the one pound entry fee.

  34. Still got the vinyls?

  35. English Viking says:


    If you really knew anything about fighting, you should know the first rule is never to under-estimate your opponent.

    Will St Peter introduce himself as Simon, or Peter? What about Saul/Paul? Thaddeus/Judas? Justus/James? I’ve got more, if you want them.

    BTW Iron Maiden? Do I really need to explain to a so-called Christian the error of promoting such a thing? Is The Number of the Beast your favourite? When I got saved (Oh yes, I really did), I burnt all that trash.


    It’s Norwegian for ‘we speak’, if you take it literally, but it means ‘see you later’.

  36. Viking,

    I’d say you’ve well and truly broken your own ‘first rule’ of fighting in regard to me then.

    Some of the more important basic principles of street fighting are as follows:

    (1) Avoid the situation in the first place, or flee if possible;

    (2) Charge a gun, run from a knife;

    (3) Protect the core – sacrifice a limb if necessary;

    (4) Person landing the first major strike/stab/kick usually disables enemy and comes off best in the exchange.

    I have not ‘promoted’ Maiden; I do appreciate their musicianship.

    Peace to you, my axe-wielding friend.

    Shalom and Vi snakkes.

  37. lionheart says:

    You missed out

    5) At all costs avoid conflict with well trained toilet cleaners with a fascination for Rocky films.

  38. john Leon says:

    Richard, Vinyls? I would have to look for the L.P.’s, which are still boxed up from when I got my 1st C.D. player nearly 20 years ago, sadly the singles got lost in my exodus from the U.K.

  39. lionheart says:

    Don’t worry English your in good company, Richard has managed to get the conversation around to his reputed fighting skills and “threatened” or hinted that a commentator is in danger of having then demonstrated on at least five sites (though he seems to have backed off at speed when someone he threatened offered to see him in the ring on Salfordonline after a couple of councillors said that the guy he was threatening was a big chap)

    You do have to wonder how many other Christian PPC are making a habit of schoolboy threats don’t you??

  40. English Viking says:


    You cannot defend Iron Maiden from ANY standpoint as a Christian. Whether they are talented is irrelevant.

    Perhaps you’ve just got a thing about black leather.

  41. English dude –

    BTW Iron Maiden? Do I really need to explain to a so-called Christian the error of promoting such a thing? Is The Number of the Beast your favourite? When I got saved… I burnt all that trash.

    Oh Lord, you give them eyes, yet they do not see:

    The Number of the Beast is a song written by bassist Steve Harris who was inspired by both a nightmare he had after watching the movie Damien: Omen II, and the storyline of the poem Tam o’ Shanter by poet Robert Burns.

    The intro to the song is actually taken from the Book of Revelation: “Woe to you O earth and sea for the Devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short” – Chapter 12, Verse 12; “Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number/its number is six hundred and sixty six.” – Chapter 13, Verse 18.

    Are you adverse to groups taking quotes from your bible?

    The song is not anti-Christian, anti-religious, or pro-Satan – just a song about good and evil… a story based on dark forces and visions… just because someone happens to mentions Satan does not make one a disciple of Satan or anti-God.

    And if ya bothered to study the artwork of both the album AND single covers you’d see what was really goin’ on…

  42. I’m 34 so I just about remember the days of vinyl. My first music purchases were on cassette tapes. And 10 to 15 years ago, when I was a very active musician, several bands I was with in the studio were still using analogue 4-tracks (and 16-track DAT tape was still considered as pro standard). How technology has changed in the last 20 years. A good quality electric drum kit is worth having these days but the early 80s ones were truly awful. Funny how the classic guitar designs have essentially never been bettered though, like the 50s Telecaster and the 60s Strat – still going strong today. I daresay Stewart knows much more about vinyl records than me, and Viking can probably tell us about wax cylinders.

  43. English Viking says:


    I could show you a thing or two about all sorts of things.

    Many a good tune is played on an old fiddle.

    I think I’m almost at the point where I will do what has already been done.

    Put your money where your mouth is, Carvath. I can arrange a charity match, in London, Manchester, or Liverpool.

    I will put up £1000.00. I expect you to do the same.

    It could go on the Internet, with viewers paying £1.00 each.

    I suggest that Japan is a worthwhile recipient.

    Come and have a go, you t*ss*r. I will play with you, then hurt you, big time.

  44. English Viking says:


    C’mon, you’re a big man. You can survive head-long dives down a mountain, you have saved multiple lives.

    You’re a Super Hero.

    Sorry. Made a mistake there. You’re a twat.

    PS. If Stewart mods me for this, I’ll know he has lied about his mod policy.

  45. Stewart Cowan says:


    Excellent retort.

  46. lionheart says:

    I’d pay to watch English lol. Where are you from anyway English I’d love to buy you a drink sometime, Etuart is a little far for me but if your between Brighton and Manchester English or Robbo then let me know guys.

  47. lionheart says:

    Stewart not Etuart lol

  48. Stewart Cowan says:

    Talking of vinyl, the quality hasn’t been equalled, never mind bettered.

    But we middle-aged+ blokes like being nostalgic when it comes to the music of our youth. It’s like a sort of camaraderie. Yeah, I liked Maiden. Yeah, me too.

    I liked Scorpions, UFO, Rainbow and Rush.

    Saxon too.

    Then I went all Jethro Tull mid-late 80s.

  49. English Viking says:


    Google ‘Møre og Romsdal’.

    Then you will be within 500 miles.

    My screen-tag is for real.

  50. lionheart says:

    Ah makes sense now, I would have shown you what I do for a living because I think you’d appreciate the irony in some of Richard’s more outlandish accusations then. Who knows you might return to these shores one day and the offer of a drink will still stand if you do sir.

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