Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

When I try to explain the homosexual agenda, many normally sensible people cannot understand the damage it is doing. They think I am overreacting to what is, essentially, an “equality” issue. But homosexuals already have equality. What they crave now is for the whole of society to be re-engineered around them and for everyone to accept their behaviour as normal and thus for all opposing views to be silenced. The way they are trying to achieve this now is through using teachers to indoctrinate children.

Stonewall have sent out ‘teacher training packs’ to staff at primary schools,

Children as young as five should learn about gay relationships in schools and boys should be allowed to express their feminine sides by dressing in frocks or becoming cheerleaders, according to a Government-funded initiative.

The new pack was created by the gay rights organisation Stonewall with the help of a £25,000 grant from the Government’s teacher training body, the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

This is taxpayers’ money being used to make children question their gender and role.

And notice the veiled threat:

Schools and local authorities are urged to use the material to demonstrate they are complying with the Equality Act 2010, which obliges public bodies to promote equality.

Many people still defend Stonewall and the homosexual lobby with the old argument that what goes on in the bedroom is nobody else’s business, and that it doesn’t affect them, but things went well beyond that stage years ago. What Stonewall does affects each and every one of us because they are very effectively changing the norms of society.  We have already seen how they also threaten freedom of speech, freedom of association and the property rights of those who disagree with them.

One of the scariest ways this agenda impacts on us all can be heard in the video, and that is the teaching of children to resist the values of their parents and grandparents. We have witnessed the same agenda when it comes to encouraging children to seek contraception and abortion behind their parents’ backs. The State also wants children as young as five to be given sex “education” with no opt-out for the parents.

The State owns your children now. They have assumed the role of surrogate parent.

One of the teachers in the DVD says that some of the boys “really loved wearing the dressing-up dresses and it went on for several weeks.”

Are the parents told? Told – not asked, obviously. But are the parents being told that their sons are parading about in dresses while at school?

So creepy.

One very popular tactic apologists use when trying to justify same-sex acts is by alleging that some animals are homosexual and insisting that humans ought to take behavioural lessons from dumb animals. One of the picture books being promoted to teachers is “And Tango Makes Three,” about a penguin chick raised by two male penguins. It was based on a true story from New York’s Central Park Zoo, however, one of the “gay penguins” found a female mate. It seems that the penguins weren’t homosexual, just lonely.

But don’t expect a rewrite of the book for future editions. School isn’t for learning the truth, it is about indoctrination and being confused about right and wrong.

This is all about changing the perceptions, instincts and values of the next generation. This is a very serious re-engineering of society. Please do not underestimate what is going to happen when future generations reach adulthood with these negative views on family life and whose brains have been hardwired to accept state propaganda as the final word.

And as I keep saying, this is not about religion. Homosexual acts have been taboo all over the world because normal family bonds are what keep the community strong. The weaker these bonds have become in the UK, the more society has become fragmented.

Stonewall are by no means the only culprits, but the longer they are permitted to pervert the minds and souls of the next generation, the worse this fragmentation will become. That’s why everyone will pay the price. What else can we expect for treating children so appallingly?

How much worse will you let it become before you too speak out against it?

Stonewall - using your children to mould society to suit them

Stonewall - using your children to re-engineer society in their image

H/T – Video noticed and title pinched from here.

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  1. English Viking says:


    I liked this, that, AND the other, before I knew the Christ.

    Perhaps some of my previous experiences should have gone in the bin?

    OK, Maybe not. Perhaps I should ‘shoot up’, and call it a ‘ spiritual experience’?

  2. Stewart Cowan says:


    I wasn’t defending the music per se. It was only a few years ago that I realised that one of my favourite Rush songs was all about drugs.

  3. English Viking says:


    I know I have made a mistake with your screen-tag, capitalising the ‘L’, bit surely it should be so?

    Richard was a man after my own heart.

    Never undermine what you are, nor where you came from.

    I feel both the very strong pull to be English, but also the almost overpowering pull to be Norsk.

    They are both in my blood, and the the blood of my children.

    I guess that’s where I get the compulsion to bitch up Carvath from?

    PS If you want a drink, I’d love to. I’ll let you know the next time I’m in the UK, which is approximately once every 16 weeks.

  4. English Viking says:


    C’mon then, we’re waiting, you fat tool.

    Honestly, if you ever get to see me, you’ll shit.

  5. English Viking says:


    I assume you realise that I meant Richard the Lionheart, not Carvath the twat?

  6. lionheart says:

    Sounds like a plan English let me know.

  7. English Viking says:

    Ooh Yeah.

  8. English Viking says:

    I’d like to, but it appears that a man that should know better will not let my comments through.

  9. Stewart Cowan says:

    That’s enough, please, English. Keep it real!

  10. English Viking says:

    Keeping it real over here, Boss!

  11. robbo says:

    Can anyone see this?
    I’m in Cambridge if anyone fancies a pint. Not tonight though, I’m already pissed and the pubs are all closed.

  12. English Viking says:


    you must see another fat one?

  13. robbo says:

    that’s me

  14. robbo says:

    I prefer to say ‘jolly’

  15. Viking… if I ever get to see you? Excuse me? If you’re so keen on me seeing your mighty Viking presence then you only have to post a photo of yourself somewhere on the web and link to it from here.

    Just like this:

    It’s not difficult being non-anonymous, is it?

  16. Post Scriptum:


    Lots of men would like to fight with me. Fighting with me is a privilege. If you’re serious about your desire to meet me in a ring – rather than just talking out of your backside – then you need to make a credible proposal in the proper manner. First of all, the idea of being ‘called out’ on the internet by an anonymous man is somewhat farcical; I suggest you need to ‘man up’ and go public with your identity on the web, and to email me with your details and your proposal for a match (and before you email me, you should contact somebody like Russ Arrowsmith of Salford who could actually could arrange such a charity fight night).

    I think you’re talking out of your backside, but even if you are deadly serious you need to know that a legal and properly organised charity fight night takes some preparation.

    Furthermore, since neither of us are famous, I think you are deluded as to how popular your proposed match would be and how much money might be raised.

    I repeat, I think you’re talking out of your backside Viking. You are thus far unwilling to show your face here in debate on the internet, so the idea that you might put your face in harm’s way in the ring I find rather far fetched.

    I’ve no doubt you are a big ogre… so was Goliath.

  17. lionheart says:

    Don’t bother Viking, a few quick searches will show you that a few have offered the same thing and Richard finds some excuse or other when he realises that they are serious.

    The anonymity thing seems to be a favourite though in a least one of the cases he threatened someone that a couple of councillors knew and when they told him that he was a big chap Carvath seems to have thought better of it.

    What sort of delusional idiot compares himself to the police or serving troops in the army in his “political activism” in dangerous work ?? Remember he’s had “death threats” from gangsters and released “press statements” but didn’t report them to the police!!

    To be fair Stuart even you must think that someone who behaves like Richard does again and again (and remember whats happening with English now has happened with others any number of times elsewhere) is a bit strange don’t you? Unless you yourself have a dozen of so female persona’s telling everyone how sexy are great you are floating about in cyberspace Stuart and that you make a habit of offering to “fight” people on the internet on a fairly regular basis too of course??

  18. English Viking says:


    The problem you’ve got with the Goliath comparison is that you are not David, and God is not on your side.

  19. English Viking says:

    Just read my mail, and I’ve had a slapped wrist from Stewart.

    Carvath is driving me mad, so is the modding. My language deteriorates as my anger rises, I have been told that I am making Christians look like idiots and that Carvath is model of the faith (in a round about way).

    So probably best if I get me coat.

    PS. Sorry for swearing at you, Carvath. Again. Maybe I’ll catch up with again, one day?


  20. Viking,

    I have never claimed or implied that I am King David. I’m Richard Carvath. Shalom.

  21. lionheart says:

    Stewart look around and see how Carvath is viewed almost universally, look at some of the things he’s obviously done (and the fact he keeps denying some of them in the face of overwhelming evidence just makes it worse) and how can you say that he’s a model Christian?????

    How many “model Christians” are banned from at least two local churches ? How many have been publicly criticised for their behaviour by at least two priests? He admits in an interview with one of his fictional female persona’s that he is banned from the court buildings and if he was honest he might tell you why and thats the behaviour of a model Christian?

    English looks like a normal guy who’s reacting to how someone is rather than being a hypocrite and ignoring appalling behaviour from someone just because he says he’s a Christian. English has his faith and doesn’t feel the need to make excuses or tolerate garbage from someone who he wouldn’t normally because he claims to be a Christian, he honest and straight (not to mention funny and eloquent to in equal measure).

    Anyone who reads this blog and does even the briefest bit of research would know that if an atheist or agnostic did a fraction of Carvath’s actions elsewhere and made a fifth of the comments he’s made on here to certain people you would say something Stewart be honest and admit you would.

    Carvath does NOT make Christians look foolish because very very few people associate his behaviour with his faith and the most damaging thing he ever does is to claim to be a Christian because I’m sure that puts more people off the faith than anything else I can think of. His behaviour and how he’s seen is down to how he is as an individual and that is something I keep stressing because otherwise Christianity takes a hit every time he offends people or engages on a publicity driven little crusade.

    If you really are a man of faith Stewart then please don’t become an apologist for bad behaviour just because of the supposed faith of the individual, it demeans you and insults Christianity.

  22. robbo says:

    E.V. – Is it because I, a filthy atheist, agree with you that Stewart has sided against you. He doesn’t reply to my questions so maybe you should ask him.

  23. robbo says:

    Listen to what this bloke has to say. I this he’s quite eloquent:

  24. English Viking says:


    What frustrates me most is the knowledge that I am more intelligent than most, but that that intelligence shows me how stupid I am.

  25. robbo says:

    Does anyone want to fear the most evil sound ever recorded? Those of a nervous disposition should move to the back of the room.

  26. robbo says:

    think not this. hear not fear

  27. lionheart says:

    Another prime example of the “Model Christian” for you Stewart.

    Richard hears that an openly gay youth worker and political activist for the green party is unwell and instantly blogs asking if he has HIV !!

    The guy was in hospital with a broken jaw for god sake but now the rumour mill is in full flow in Salford and all this a few days after his “Plague of the Bum Bandits, HIV diagnoses are up.” blog.

    Now do you think that the man in question who really does do REAL community work on a regular basis will think that Richard acted out of love Stewart ?

    Read Richards reply when he’s told what happened Stewart and tell me seriously is that the actions of any sort of real Christian never mind a model one??

    Please just be honest Stewart can you honestly condone this sort of behaviour, this isn’t his fictional “enemies” slandering him its just Richard and who he really is and yet again I guarantee that he will hide his behaviour behind his “faith” and yet again Christianity will be dragged through the gutter in this corner of Manchester.

  28. lionheart says:

    Here is Richard’s reply when confronted by the deeply upset and offended man, no remorse at all just more bile.

  29. Stewart Cowan says:


    All I can see is David Henry’s jocular reply, “I sustained a mandibular fracture after finishing your last book Richard, – excessive yawning! :-OOOOOO”

    Are you not over-reacting, LH?

  30. lionheart says:

    Oh Stewart thats weak, so you still don’t see a problem with that sort of behaviour (and at the time of writing the HIV comments still on Richard’s blog).

    Has he apologised, of course not he never does (and David Henry does NOT see it as a joke, he sees Richard as a joke and thats why he hasn’t over-reacted).

    So to sum it up a few days after the “Plague of the Bum Bandits” article he publicly states that a local; community worker who’s gay is ill and suggests that it could be HIV and you seriously don’t see any problem with that at all???

    And you don’t see why Richard is constantly being called homophobic with phrases like “Bum Bandits” “Bum Lickers” etc etc etc . Seriously Stewart are you suggesting that is behaviour that reflects well on Christianity because if you do that puts you in a minority of 2.

    As English pointed out in his insightful comment about Carvath’s motives its obvious that he WANTS to get himself arrested or assaulted just for the publicity and he doesn’t care what damage he does to the Christian faith and how its perceived to do that.

  31. lionheart says:

    Sorry comments on his twitter not on blog

  32. Stewart Cowan says:


    I just really read Mr Henry’s comment and I assumed he thought it was no big deal. I can’t be bothered looking through Richard’s old tweets.

    It’s true that Richard seems to have a way all of his own. Are you sure that the phrases you quoted are “homophobic?”

    Does anyone really know what that word means? If you take it to mean “hatred” then I don’t think he does hate them. If you take it to mean “fear” then I don’t think he does fear them. He obviously isn’t physically attacking them.

    What do you think the word means when you use it to describe Richard? You might want to bear in mind the old saying, “Sticks and stones….”

    I have wondered if his choice of words is counter-productive, but I don’t really know. Maybe he does want to get arrested. Maybe he thinks, like I do, that the country is so screwed up now that it doesn’t much matter what happens to us, so we lose the fear – if you have nothing to lose you have nothing to fear.

    Supporters of “gay rights” (or homopervual rights as Richard might say!) throw the words “homophobic” and “hatred” around far too lightly when faced with opposition. Far, far too lightly – and usually at the wrong targets. Maybe that’s because they don’t know what love really is.

  33. lionheart says:

    No Stuart I’m not just throwing the word around and yes I thing that Richard has a lot of hatred in his heart and I’d be interested if you could say hand on bible that you don’t at least suspect the same?

    I have gone to lengths to show the difference in your comments and his simply because I do think that your motivation is so very different, your words tell a story of genuine concern and a belief or a faith and that is why I don’t think the work homophobic is appropriate in describing you at all.

    Richard’s prime motivation is the elevation of Richard Carvath into what he considers to be his “rightful” place of power and influence, he justifies all his actions to himself by thinking that whatever lies he tells or whoever he hurts is justified in his campaign because of all the “good” he thinks he’ll do. He has wet dreams thinking of himself as some sort of cross between William Wilberforce and Richard the Lionheart and that he is destined to lead a revolution of the true believers (and these believers will have to believe in Richard Carvath’s interpretation or they will be declared unworthy to be called Christian as he did with English)

    Just try and find a member of the clergy or a single person of any reputation (that he hasn’t invented in his overcrowded brain) that has a single good word to say for him and his actions Stewart and it’s not about Christianity its about a seriously deluded, often vindictive and bitter underachiever. The crying shame is the damage that he does to the way that Christianity is seen and that those that can’t see or don’t want to see a difference between a homophobic little bigot who hides behind a faith and a true Christian and then religion is so easy to dismiss or disparage as a result.

    Fortunately more and more (almost everyone thank god it seems now) people see Carvath for what HE is and not to judge Christianity on what he says, he will continue his actions and keep blaming others and lying until he gets his 15min of fame. I doubt very much it will be what he wants and more likely to be what everyone else expects, I just hope he owns up for his own actions and doesn’t try to drag Christianity into his mess just for some publicity and his own ends but I fear he will it’s who he is.

  34. Stewart,

    Can anybody doubt that LH is utterly obsessed with me? LH doesn’t give two hoots about you or Christianity; indeed, LH hates and opposes Christian moral standards, which is unsurprising because – as I’ve said before – LH is vice trade. If you were to ask LH a set of basic questions you could quickly discern the LH agenda in more detail.

    Stewart, if you’d like to tease LH, I suggest you ask LH a specific question along the lines of, “So LH, tell us, are you for or against the closure of the Sandy’s Superstars brothels in Prestwich and Northenden, and are you for or against the prosecution of the Sandy’s Superstars brothelkeepers Adrian Paul Burch, Sandra Jane Hankin and Christopher Mark Hankin?”

    If you ask LH such a question, if LH gives an honest answer LH will side with the vice trade. If LH is deceitful, LH will lie and therefore enter the ordeal of having to pretend to side with me against the vice trade. Either way – or even if LH attempted a fudge to muddy the waters – I might consider re-engaging the depraved fool to finish up this thread, and probably terminate LH’s rather unedifying presence on your blog. Perhaps the time has come for LH to get a dose of LH’s medicine.

    Neither myself nor anybody else has any interest in reading highly repetitive, non-stop garbage about an obscure politico – I’m afraid LH’s extreme Carvath obsession is spoiling this blog. I’ve already disengaged from responding to LH’s constant baiting, but LH will keep on abusing your blog hospitality to carry on playing the same tune for as long as you allow it. Your blog is being hijacked by the vice trade; I suggest that the time has come to flush the loo.

  35. lionheart says:

    Translated = Please please please Stewart stop Lionheart picking on me and exposing me for what I really am, ban him now or I’ll spit my dummy and throw all my toys at the laptop.

    For the umpteenth time Richard why are you unable to comprehend that this is Stewart’s blog NOT yours (thats why you don’t have any discussions or contributors at all other that the few insults you allow on every now and then and no I’m not one of them and never have been).

    And please don’t speak for “everyone” because you don’t, you speak for you and not one single other person other than yourself.

    You’ve just publicly linked someone with having HIV and aren’t even enough of a man to apologise but if David Henry posted that he’s seen you talking to some kids so does anyone know if your a child molester you’d be just as forgiving for his “mistake” wouldn’t you? What sort of damage do you think your infantile “look at me please won’t anyone look at me” little stunts do for the public image of Christianity in Salford? You don’t care as long as Richard Carvath gets some attention do you?

    Get a job and stop scrounging of the state while you “write your paper”, and while we’re on the subject have you been to China? have you done any first-hand research at all, do you understand the culture or speak the language?? Or is the equivalent of some schoolboy assignment with a quick look on google and adding your own spin to whats publicly available because your intellect is so great that it can cope with such complex issues where none of the rest of us mortals can read or come to our own conclusions? Of course you’ll bluster and say that I don’t understand the levels of work and understanding that you have on every single subject etc but as someone who actually lasted more than a few weeks in university (unlike you) and had their work graded by others who where qualified to do so I can tell you that its nothing more than a learning exercise for you and that you even think otherwise shows how deluded and ridiculous you are.

    When you contribute to society rather than leech off others for your very survival perhaps you’ll have a firmer grip on reality, when you have a relationship with a REAL woman then you might understand far more of what you preach about but obviously haven’t ever experienced. Who pays the rent or mortgage on the house your staying in Richard, who pays for the internet connection you use to spew your poison and above all what gives you the right to drag Christianity into your constant need for the siren’s call of attention that dominates your very existence?

    Oh and I asked Ted Crofton and there was nothing on his church that he was aware of so thats yet another of your retarded conspiracy theories ruined and for what its worth he’ll be happy if he never hears from you or about you or your antics again.

  36. This repetitive nonsense is just spoiling this blog Stewart. I took the decision to refrain from refuting LH’s excrement – and LH knows nothing about my employment, relationships etc – but I’m genuinely surprised that you continue to provide a platform for this obsessive lunatic.

  37. English Viking says:

    ‘This repetitive nonsense is just spoiling this blog Stewart. I took the decision to refrain from refuting LH’s excrement – and LH knows nothing about my employment, relationships etc – but I’m genuinely surprised that you continue to provide a platform for this obsessive lunatic.’

    If the reader was to change ‘LH’ to ‘Richard Carvath’, they would have my sentiments, exactly.

    What LH believes, as a self confessed non-Christian, is neither here nor there. What Carvath pretends is Orthodox Christianity, and also appears to sucker Stewart into agreeing with him for the sake of preserving unity, is an entirely different matter.

    I will add this; my views on homosexuality are well known. They are ‘Orthodox’. I make no bones whatsoever about calling a spade a spade. But to attempt to reveal (totally incorrectly, as it turns out) that a person is HIV positive, on the net, without permission… well, words fail me.

    I note Carvath has not the courage of his convictions, and has removed the post.

    ‘obsessive lunatic’… that one’s just funny, coming from a mental defective.


    I have obviously misjudged our ‘friendship’. It has been known, so I’m not overly surprised. It is, however, a source of sadness, and not gloating, that I should attempt to correct you over the quarter-wit, Carvath.

  38. English Viking says:


    I’ll assume that if you don’t fix the modding, as it has been fixed for others, that you no longer wish my presence.

    I don’t suppose I’m much of a loss, but if lost I am, don’t ever bitch about free-speech again.

  39. English Viking says:


    It’s not difficult. Just lift the poster from the ‘modded’ bin to the ‘don’t mod’ bin.

    You must think us English are stupid?

    Un-mod me, or confess a restriction on free speech, just because you disagree with the speaker.

    My patience is wearing very, very thin.

  40. lionheart says:

    Watch out for a ballistic teddy and any carelessly spat dummy’s if you don’t do as he says Stewart, he’s done and demanded the same with various people on at LEAST four sites (of course nobody has listened to him but it never stops him ordering the site owners to obey his royal commands).

    So you have some real first hand experience in the Chinese economy and culture do you Richard (and no once having a chow main delivered doesn’t count)?

    You’ve been shown up time and again as a pathological liar on countless sites and you’ve cried that they are being spoilt but the common denominator every single time is you Richard.

    I know you’ve been gloating that you managed to have English muzzled and you think that means that Stewart will back you regardless Richard and he’ll ignore the countless “issues” that surround you just because you have the same views on a few subjects but newsflash if you read his comments going back years he doesn’t stifle debate and you should have taken notice of his views of how he was treated on the Liberal conspiracy blog and now you want him to act the same way! You managed to provoke English into using unsuitable language but you wont do the same to me Richard, everyone can see that I can back what I say and you just resort to insults and vague conspiracy theories.

    Do us all a favour in these trying economic times and at least try to get a job, as English told you “political activist” isn’t a job and considering that your far more of a “Carvath publicist” anyway then it goes double. Get a job and for once in your life do something that really is of benefit to others other than Richard Carvath.

  41. English Viking says:


    Could I just point out that the only person that does the muzzling is Stewart?

    I have kept my counsel because I chose to do so. Also I’m being modded to death.

    But fear? Nah!

  42. lionheart says:

    I think the fact I can reply despite Carvath’s increasing desperate demands is testament to that English, good to see your still about even if you are quiet EV.

  43. Darth Farquhar says:

    I have no problem at all with Lesbians as long as they are slim and attractive, its the chubby bald ones with dirty t-shirts I cant stand.

    all things considered, I dont think boys wearing frocks and pom poms can turn someone gay, I used to dress up as a chef when I was a kid and I struggle to cook a ready meal!

  44. Two people who don’t know me or my personal circumstances, and known only as ‘Lionheart’ and ‘English Viking’ – are obsessively attempting to defame me over a vast and growing list of fabricated claims and nonsensical accusations, including for allegedly not being a writer and political activist [check my archive, I’ve contested a General Election, etc], for never having worked and for being unemployed [news to me], for not having a woman – ever [oh really?], and – to top it all – for not paying for my own internet connection [I do]. You couldn’t make it up, but actually… it seems you can – and this couple of April Fools do. I wonder if they confer together in the brothel sauna?

  45. English Viking says:


    I’ve told you about calling people ‘fools’ before.

    Stop it. Matt 5 v 22.

    You don’t have a job, you don’t have a girlfriend (your teddy doesn’t count, nor does that photo) and you are not a political activist. You hold no position of authority, not even the puniest of positions on the local Council. You are fat. You are weak. You obsess about masturbation, oral sex and gays. You are mentally defective.

    If I thought you had a physical problem, that you were actually retarded in a medical sense, I would (obviously) not speak up. But you do not fit into this category. You are merely socially inept, you are offensive in your attitude to the same degree that you are defective in your personality. People dislike you because you are obnoxious, not because you are a Christian.

    BTW You don’t know who I am, so you do not know that I do know you. Perhaps you should tread more carefully?

    PS Have you conducted any more ‘research’ on pornography recently? I’ve heard that that kind of thing can affect one’s eyesight. Perhaps that is why you cannot see that you are a ……………… oh sorry! I forgot. Modded to death.

  46. lionheart says:

    Only two people Richard? Well thats strange because according to YOUR archives you’ve had any number of “anonymous enemies” following you for years haven’t you ?

    Now lets look at what you’ve written above and show it for the typical Carvath bull-job that it is shall we? .

    I’ve not once suggested that you have never worked (you’ve never LASTED or worked your way up in any job but thats a different thing). I have said that your not working NOW and haven’t for months (you could be doing some volunteer work in a charity shop for example) and are you actively looking for work Richard because I’ve been told your not and planning on being a “serious political activist” instead and EVERYONE other than you thinks thats a joke and your a deluded sponger with that attitude.

    The same exactly about your little attempt to twist what has been said about never “having” a woman. YOU claimed the other day on here that you had a “Miss Carvath” now suddenly its “you have HAD a woman” so what happened did she burst on you? I have said that you haven’t had a RELATIONSHIP in the same way you’ve never had a “proper” job.

    To have a real lasting career or a relationship with a (non-imaginary and non-inflatable) woman (and remember Richard a woman has to WANT to be with you or its harassment again whatever you say Jesus tells you) takes work and commitment. You have very little REAL experience at either so you have to learn, you can’t just do what you’re doing with “Chinese Economics” or your “book” about sexual behaviour and read a bit on the interned and then declare yourself “an expert to PHD level or higher” as you have publicly done before.

    You are NOT a writer anymore than any student in university is Richard, “publishing” stuff on your own site makes you a blogger not a writer you idiot, nobody of any standing has been interested or reviewed any of your work have they and the chances of you being “published” are laughable. Do you have ANY genuine REAL experience in anything you write about Richard, any at all ?? Ask Stewart if he sees himself as a writer or a blogger and he gets geometrically more views and responses than you so why are you a writer and he’s not?

    And I notice you only mentioned your internet connection and ignored my comments about where you live or who’s electricity you use but we’ll let that pass shall we?

    As for your comment that because he thinks your a disgrace to the image of Christianity a personally a bit of a tit (being polite) that means English Viking is part of some “vice trade conspiracy” (that according to you seems involves high-up police officers too using their “powers” to thwart you in your holy mission!) just goes to prove everything I’ve said about you and your deluded paranoia not to mention seriously insulting and as ignorant and arrogant as your latest publicity stunt with the groundless HIV accusation that you’ve just made against David Henry.

    You forgot to order Stewart to throw everyone who disagrees with you off his blog at once in your last comment by the way Richard.

  47. lionheart says:

    Sorry I missed out your comment regarding standing at a general election. Its in a similar category to everything else you claim (such as being a writer), you came dead last with less than 1% and lost your deposit, you didn’t even have the guts to show up for the count like all the other candidates did Richard and failed to attract a single well known public figure to your cause.

    You then claimed yet another vast conspiracy involving amongst others..

    The Press (all of them)
    A Conservative candidate / Party
    The standing Labour candidate
    The Lib Dem leader (and his assistant)
    Community web sites
    And various “anonymous” shadowy “enemies”

    All of whom you had a PERSONAL argument with or accused of being “evil” or “scared” of you in the run up to the Election (I’ve probably missed out a few but it gives the broad idea of your modus operandi). You’ve had more conspiracies than the X Files Richard but none of it has ever ever been your fault just the actions of less intelligent and anti-Christian “enemies”. Grow up and get a job and stop reading kids fiction or at least stop blaming everything on being involved with the Christian faith rather than with you personally.

  48. Are Viking and LH still masturbating over their Carvath idol? Goodness gracious!

  49. Darth Farquhar says:

    “Are Viking and LH still masturbating over their Carvath idol? Goodness gracious!”

    is that really necessary? what are you? 5?

  50. You know, fellow Real Street readers, there’s a sense in which I find it fascinating how LH has written scores of comments – hundreds upon hundreds of words – about somebody who LH asserts is a complete and utter nobody and no-hoper in every aspect of life. It’s illogical. It’s frankly bizarre. But is it unique? Famous celebrities have obsessive fans, but is my following of fanatics actually a first of sorts? Is this a new web phenomenon in the making, in which anonymous weirdos obsessively follow non-famous people they hate? I can’t imagine what it must be like being so obsessed with me; I hope LH doesn’t start posting his stained underpants to me or anything similarly freaky; LH’s sinister emails are quite enough!

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