Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

When I try to explain the homosexual agenda, many normally sensible people cannot understand the damage it is doing. They think I am overreacting to what is, essentially, an “equality” issue. But homosexuals already have equality. What they crave now is for the whole of society to be re-engineered around them and for everyone to accept their behaviour as normal and thus for all opposing views to be silenced. The way they are trying to achieve this now is through using teachers to indoctrinate children.

Stonewall have sent out ‘teacher training packs’ to staff at primary schools,

Children as young as five should learn about gay relationships in schools and boys should be allowed to express their feminine sides by dressing in frocks or becoming cheerleaders, according to a Government-funded initiative.

The new pack was created by the gay rights organisation Stonewall with the help of a £25,000 grant from the Government’s teacher training body, the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

This is taxpayers’ money being used to make children question their gender and role.

And notice the veiled threat:

Schools and local authorities are urged to use the material to demonstrate they are complying with the Equality Act 2010, which obliges public bodies to promote equality.

Many people still defend Stonewall and the homosexual lobby with the old argument that what goes on in the bedroom is nobody else’s business, and that it doesn’t affect them, but things went well beyond that stage years ago. What Stonewall does affects each and every one of us because they are very effectively changing the norms of society.  We have already seen how they also threaten freedom of speech, freedom of association and the property rights of those who disagree with them.

One of the scariest ways this agenda impacts on us all can be heard in the video, and that is the teaching of children to resist the values of their parents and grandparents. We have witnessed the same agenda when it comes to encouraging children to seek contraception and abortion behind their parents’ backs. The State also wants children as young as five to be given sex “education” with no opt-out for the parents.

The State owns your children now. They have assumed the role of surrogate parent.

One of the teachers in the DVD says that some of the boys “really loved wearing the dressing-up dresses and it went on for several weeks.”

Are the parents told? Told – not asked, obviously. But are the parents being told that their sons are parading about in dresses while at school?

So creepy.

One very popular tactic apologists use when trying to justify same-sex acts is by alleging that some animals are homosexual and insisting that humans ought to take behavioural lessons from dumb animals. One of the picture books being promoted to teachers is “And Tango Makes Three,” about a penguin chick raised by two male penguins. It was based on a true story from New York’s Central Park Zoo, however, one of the “gay penguins” found a female mate. It seems that the penguins weren’t homosexual, just lonely.

But don’t expect a rewrite of the book for future editions. School isn’t for learning the truth, it is about indoctrination and being confused about right and wrong.

This is all about changing the perceptions, instincts and values of the next generation. This is a very serious re-engineering of society. Please do not underestimate what is going to happen when future generations reach adulthood with these negative views on family life and whose brains have been hardwired to accept state propaganda as the final word.

And as I keep saying, this is not about religion. Homosexual acts have been taboo all over the world because normal family bonds are what keep the community strong. The weaker these bonds have become in the UK, the more society has become fragmented.

Stonewall are by no means the only culprits, but the longer they are permitted to pervert the minds and souls of the next generation, the worse this fragmentation will become. That’s why everyone will pay the price. What else can we expect for treating children so appallingly?

How much worse will you let it become before you too speak out against it?

Stonewall - using your children to mould society to suit them

Stonewall - using your children to re-engineer society in their image

H/T – Video noticed and title pinched from here.

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184 Responses to Video: frocks and pompoms for primary school boys

  1. 34. The remark is spot on. How old are you and Viking and LH, hiding in anonymity? Grown adults don’t debate – much less engage in gratuitous ad hominem attacks on a named person – with a paper bag over their heads.

  2. English Viking says:


    Get a job, and stop obsessing about sperm.

  3. English Viking says:

    C’mon Carvath,

    Keep going, you’re making yourself look worse and worse, if that was possible.

  4. Darth Farquhar says:

    Richard, you dont know me, I dont know you, but since having a mooch around here, Ive googled you and visited your site and followed a string of threads for all of half an hour and you come accross as an absolute crazy person. Im sure you wont be shocked by this as I have read many a comment along those lines. Ive also read Lionharts stuff and he seems to be contributing to the forum but to be fair he doesnt like you! You generally come across as very angry and a bit of a fanatic, perhaps ‘Christianity’s Abu Hamza’ Its almost as if you are trying to employ shock tactics with some of your remarks, dont be surprised if you p**s people off.

    Best regards though, and as long as you believe it it must be true, after all in the great scheme of things that’s what religion is, there’s not a whole lot of evidence to support it and a bucketload to refute it.



  5. Darth Farquhar says:

    of course Darth Farquhar isnt my real name!

    Tarquin Farquhar is what my mates call me, Paul Farquhar is the real one, dont ask! why put such a boring first name with the most ridiculous surname? ah well, I must have messed up in a former life.

  6. lionheart says:

    Richard you’ve mentioned that you have had “sinister” E-mail’s not to mention a face to face death threat (that you where going to be shot according to you, you’ve released a public “press statement” (that the Satan-serving anti-Carvath press ignored to a man) and you have publicly brought the (in your words) very sinister E-mails up yet again.

    Let me ask you a question (I can guess the answer but I think it would be educational for everyone else to hear the answer).

    Have you reported the death threat and “very sinister” E-mails to the police? There are very specific laws against death threats and especially ones made involving firearms as you claim! In fact its your civic and moral duty as a tax-payer (well as a dole scrounging non-tax-payer anyway) to report such things and I urge you to do so (though as this reportedly happened months ago I’m sure that the police will want to know why you’ve waited) so would we all.

    If you haven’t reported them then I would guess that everyone will understand why, no wait I don’t understand why at all particularly as your happy to talk about them on the internet?

    Could it be that yet another anti-Carvath conspiracy came about after watching a gangster film and eating cheese late at night?

    You have some sort of very unhealthy fascination with both masturbation habits of other men and excrement Richard and have brought both into various conversations of the internet (unrelated to either before YOU brought them up) at least fifty or so times in the last few years that I can see, do you think that there is a reason for this? With the sole exception of Islam at least 90% of your “crusades” or topics that you concern yourself with are all sex-related and again I’m getting a teensy bit worried that your getting a little obsessed with sex of all descriptions Richard and I know I’m not the only one…..

    Get a job before it all becomes too much for your increasingly fragile mind and reading and talking about every aspect of the evil act (unless done by husband and wife in the missionary position with the lights off for no longer than 107 seconds including foreplay and getting dressed as directed by you) leads you into temptation.

  7. It seems LH’s Carvath fetish is a sad extension of LH’s insatiable porn habit. LH should see a police priest or a police psychiatrist – maybe both – before it’s too late. I’m not intimidated or influenced by this ridiculous LH smear campaign; I just think it’s extremely pathetic. Equally tragic and pathetic is the vice trade – sick and sad men paying for (a counterfeit of) sex – and those policemen who support it. This is not my blog so I can’t prevent LH from masturbating over his fetish here, but I can publicly express my sincere desire that LH (and those like LH) experience the breaking of their bondage and receive freedom in Christ. LH assumes that everybody else must be as morally corrupt and sexually depraved as LH is; it is not so, but only LH’s delusion. Genuine and God-honouring sex is nothing to do with LH’s brothel and porn experiences which have so queered LH’s mind. Jesus can break LH’s addictions to porn, fantasy and fetishes; I sincerely hope He does. Let’s hope this masturbating delusional fool – who thinks he is Heart of the Lion – will be purged, purified and sanity restored. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such a perverted person; LH is a job for Jesus – but I have another job to do.

  8. lionheart says:

    You’ve got a job, thats wonderful news Richard!

    Oh wait is this one that pays or is this one from the “voices” in your head again?

    I can 100% guarantee that you watch far more porn than I ever have Richard (but then again in the name of “research” I bet most teenage boys could probably say the same thing!). Frankly the amount and content of porn freely available is extremely worrying in my view, there are some fragile minds out there and there should be far more controls available but I digress so to save you any more concern over my welfare I can tell you that porn is not something I have much time for at all.

    We can all safely assume that you haven’t reported any of the “death threats” or “very sinister” E-mail after your answer can’t we and again I publicly urge you to report these things IF what you say is true and I’m sure even Stewart will be questioning why you haven’t done so by now but just to help you out …. To report REAL crime call police on 0161 872 5050 or for more information visit In the spirit of still being helpful (and obviously unrelated to yourself Richard) I have to point out that making a complaint that is later proven to be untrue over something as serious as a death threat for example is in itself a serious crime.

    Your post above is a prime example of some of the very real and very serious problems that I (and many others) have pointed out Richard. Firstly it is written at a very ungodly hour (now I’m awake because I’ve been working but we both know thats not the case with you don’t we), secondly yet again it is riddled with references to masturbation and sex (the shear amount you talk about it means that it doesn’t need Sigmund Freud to see a serious and worrying underlying issue at play here).

    I could post link to any number of outbursts by you about excrement or masturbation going back at least four years Richard to a number of different people but do you think you could keep your two favourite subjects off Stewart’s blog because your lowering the tone old chap.

  9. Darth Farquhar says:

    Richard, after having seen a picture of you, I can pretty much assure you NO ONE is masturbating over you in any way shape or form!

  10. There’s nothing to stop LH reporting himself to the police (the good police that is). LH should take LH’s own advice and contact a good officer on GMP force to confess LH’s crimes.

  11. Darth,

    I am, as they used to say, ‘a handsome devil’! But I said the ‘Carvath idol’ (of their own making), by which I meant something very different to me myself (in the physical person); I was being metaphorical (as you are probably intelligent enough to have realised).

  12. lionheart says:

    What “crime” have I committed to need to turn myself in for? Last time I looked I’m the one urging you to report all these illegal things that keep happening to you!

    You’ve publicly claimed on a number of occasions that the “bad” police have been using their “powers” to supply your “enemies” with information about you so this may be of interest to you

    Exactly the same thing happens in Manchester Richard so again I’ll suggest you make a complaint if you think this has REALLY happened otherwise stop with your lies and conspiracy theories. Its a fairly simple matter to see if your details have been accessed out of the context of a legitimate search in the event of an official complaint or investigation.

    Now I have told you before that the information I’ve seen was not in a police format and that neither would there be access to your medical records from that source but still I would advise you to either remove all your slanderous comments about GMP or report the facts that lead you to make these repeated allegations. In short put up or shut up, it would be looked at and the TRUTH would come out but that probably won’t suit your motives will it?

    You really are looking more and more unstable by the comment Richard and I’m sure that even Stewart can see that your being caught in lie after lie and delusion after fantasy after delusion, yet again (as has happened on every single site you’ve frequented) it’s become a procession of people V Carvath and you wonder why …..

  13. Darth Farquhar says:

    Richard, you may have been being metaphorical, but if it’s true about the made up lady friends (which to be honest it looks a lot like it according to what Ive real on the ‘Salford Online’ website forums) you really do seem to believe you are good looking, Now you see, I dont think I’m an oil painting, but for a 40 year old with a bit of a paunch, I do rather well with the ladies. Perhaps my reverse psychology works, Whenever I was single and out looking for Mrs Right, I never found her, now I dont try I have to fight them off.

    I find myself being dragged unintentionally into this Carvath bashing now, but now Ive read up on you Im finding it all incredibly strange.

    Can I ask you a question Richard? why when I type your name into Google and the suggestions pop up does it say Stalker? your not John Stalker’s love child by any chance, is it a double barreled surname?

  14. Stewart Cowan says:

    English – re. comments

    I am not deliberately preventing anyone from having their comments appearing straight after they have been submitted. Rude words mean the comment is held for moderation, as you know. Short comments or ones with two or more links end up in the spam folder.

    For some reason, comments have been misbehaving lately – yours, HammerheadDawg’s and now some of Mr Farquar’s.

    I am now looking through hundreds of spam comments a day in case I miss any and I spent time last night clicking on everything on the blog’s control panel to try and get it working properly, so I would appreciate if you would stop continually suggesting that I believe I free speech – but just not yours.

    You might think it’s a conspiracy against you, but it isn’t.

  15. I’m no relation of Stalker. Is he still selling garage doors? ;)

    At the present time it’s probably best not to mention any GMP CCs in relation to me (as you might invite unwanted attention for yourself).

  16. lionheart says:

    No they won’t Richard, I’m confident that GMP will have a FULL understanding of you and your motives and they will know whats lies (a lot) and what you’ve just made up (even more).

    You’ve claimed amongst other things recently

    Your being targeted by “evil” police
    Your working with the police to trap the evil police
    You have access to “undercover” reports
    You have details of corruption amongst high ranking officers
    The judges are part of a masonic conspiracy that you’re getting close to unmasking
    The police are using their confidential files to help your enemies
    The police are including you in internal and external investigations

    I’m sure I’ve missed something out and yes you’ve deleted some of this (but I’ll assure you that details will have been kept by someone and its easy to prove because records are kept by blog hosing companies than can be accessed in investigations), so many lies and conspiracies for one little unemployed man.

    I doubt that any remotely rational person will come to any conclusion other than you are slipping further away from the shores of sanity by the day and that paranoia and delusion must be terrible to live with if these are the results…

  17. English Viking says:

    Hey Stewey,

    I’ll take your word for it, but thousands wouldn’t.

    PS Have you noticed how mental Carvath is?

  18. English Viking says:


    You’ve got a thing about masturbation, haven’t you?

  19. Stewart,

    I’ll catch up with you and your readers next month; I’m taking a web sabbatical starting now. God bless Real Street.

    P.S. This link may be of interest: Love Hard!

  20. English Viking says:

    Tried to comment on Carvath’s blog, but he is even better at modding than Stewart.

  21. Stewart Cowan says:


    You’re really getting on my t*ts over this moderation business. I have already explained what the problem is – time and again.

  22. lionheart says:

    So he’s “dealt” with his enemies and now he’s baking a month off (how do you take a month off when you don’t work is an interesting question).

    I really loved this last bit of your comment Richard

    My name is Richard and I can’t escape who I am or pretend to be a character I am not


    Considering your best known for pretending to be all sorts of different people (mainly women who find Richard Carvath sexy but share a computer with him!) You just have to admire the irony or more likely instability of someone with his reputation who’d make that claim.

  23. lionheart says:

    * taking not baking

  24. English Viking says:

    Hey Stewey,

    Chill out.

    PS How come you can use those words, but I can’t?

  25. English Viking says:


    Sorry for my aggression, you know what English people are like.

  26. Darth Farquhar says:

    Im guessing CC’s is Chief Constables and not Coupe Convertibles! Unless the boys in blue are all tooled up with new vehicles for the summer. I dont understand? You’re working with the Police but issuing ultimatums to the Chief Constable on your blog?

    Which one is it? Frankly Im flabbergasted by your whole web presence, have you thought about writing fiction?

  27. Worst Nightmare says:

    I think Dickie is being a little optimistic with his estimate of being away from blogging for a month; secure mental units tend to keep people a lot longer than that…

  28. lionheart says:

    He hasn’t been sectioned again as far as I know and his “break” is exactly in-line with predictable Carvath behaviour.

    He is in fact sulking with Stewart, he feels “betrayed” that Stewart allowed criticism of him and his actions on here. Richard’s version of free speech only applies to Richard Carvath and people who say they agree with Richard Carvath ALL the time.

    Once he commits a huge blunder Richard will delete it and then never ever mention it again (apologies are for wimps) and anyone that does is going to hell (the voices tell him they are). If someone (me in this case) tells Richard that if he runs for any sort of public office that questions about his criminal record or employment history and achievements that are REAL that would qualify (or disqualify) him will be asked then rather than understand that Richard will blame the questioner because in his mind because he doesn’t want to talk about them they are therefore irrelevant. Anyone that mentions anything that he doesn’t want people to know about is “an enemy” or not a Christian, he can deal with political or faith based arguments simply because he has a line and that is it and he’ll just keep repeating the same thing over and again until people get bored and wonder off.

    Stewart has seen this for what it is and kept out and let it run on its own merits, I’m sure he’ll have looked at the links and come to his own conclusions (as evidenced by his silence), he’s restricted abuse but otherwise (with a great deal of sadness I’m sure because of Richard’s other views) let it run. Stewart will understand my point regarding the importance of separating the behaviour of the individual from the image of Christianity as a whole in circumstances like these.
    As a result Richard will be sulking with a vengeance and in all probability will be secretly doubting Stewart’s “real” faith in Carvathian Christianity or thinking he’s under the “influence” of the servants of Satan.

    A week or so ago he was claiming to have a job and a girlfriend and now he’s had to backtrack and being an unemployed single man living on a friends couch while writing “an article” on a subject he has no first-hand experience or any practical knowledge of or any cultural understanding of whatsoever doesn’t fit with his own self-view and having that pointed out is a sure-fire way to be sentenced to Carvath purgatory.

    As a result Richard has been slaughtered and publicly discredited (though he’ll be the only one who won’t see that and will doubtless see this as some sort of stunning victory where he “fired his guns” and we all immediately acknowledged his brilliance and the error of our ways). In his mind Stewart should have protected him and thrown everyone other than himself and Richard into the moderation bin, he didn’t instead he kept it open and now we’ve got a flurry of toys leaving the pram and Richard has taken his ball home and isn’t talking to anyone for a month.

  29. Worst Nightmare says:

    I would add the word ‘yet’ after ‘again’ in your opening sentence, LH; he’s a ticking bomb and it’s only a matter of time before something or someone pushes him over the edge. He can’t/won’t see that it is he that needs help, not the rest of the world, and that delusion is getting stronger by the day. He isn’t going to admit it, of course, but it probably would be better for all concerned if he voluntarily admitted himself and got himself sorted; he might them be able to cope better with all the other stuff in his past that he denies ever happened. Until he does, though, all the ‘religion’ in the world isn’t going to help him – he’s just going to get to the point where he upsets somebody who doesn’t give a stuff and his mental problems will be replaced by a whole heap of serious physical ones

  30. lionheart says:

    I hope not but yes I agree it’s a real possibility and one that many think he’s actively perusing just for any publicity that night come with such an incident.

    There are a number of people who are trying quite hard behind the scenes to see that doesn’t happen as much for the effect his actions have on innocents around him as for any other reason and I think that it’s plain to see that the vast majority of Richard’s claims of him being “threatened” etc are pure fantasy from his responses to my questions about reporting such things to the authorities rather than to “the press” or on the internet.

    Even Stewart (as possibly the last person who believed anything Richard said) will have noticed his evasive reply when I asked him about his latest “death threat” (I say latest because he’s made such claims before though they have NEVER been proven).

    Its all about the personal publicity with Richard (the word personal is important because its about HIM not the causes in reality and his crusades all prove that out) and I just hope that his desperation to be noticed doesn’t result in someone else paying the price for that. I genuinely don’t think he really cares if those around him get hurt as long as he gets the attention he thinks he deserves from the media as a result.

    If you notice Stewart addresses policies or organisations where Richard attacks individuals (such as his recent HIV accusations) and that is a key difference here, Stewart wants to speak out against what he believes is wrong but Richard needs the direct confrontation for his own ends. All his “crusades” are about the glorification of Richard Carvath first and foremost and if you read his blogs in detail you’ll notice his countless mentions of this or that deserving national media coverage and how bitter he is the press keep ignoring him and his actions, he doesn’t care if its negative press (as proven by the way he proudly lists all the slaughtering’s he’s had in the local press for various outbursts)or if he drags Christianity into his actions.

    He wants no he NEEDS to have something happen so in his mind that people like Stewart will see him as a martyr or hero for the faith and thats his goal whatever the cost to anyone or anything, of course the fact that in reality it’ll be seen as a self-aggrandising publicity stunt whatever he does because of his track-record is the reason he hates his past being brought up.

    Everyone from priests to fellow members of churches to political figures all say the same thing and doubtless will publicly when and if he does get his few min of fame, there are comments like this all over the net from many people that will be pointed at as proof of his intentions was known and what his true agenda is and always was (Richard Carvath in the headlines).

    I just hope that neither friends or family or the reputation of the faith he claims to follow have pay the price for his life’s quest for any sort of attention or infamy (and wose of all I’m convinced he doesn’t care if they do).

  31. lionheart says:


    I’ve just been made aware that Richard is answering comments on his blog that he claims come from me, they do NOT. I have never commented on his blog because there is no chance of there ever being a debate of any substance on there ever he just wouldn’t allow one.

    I would guess that the comments he refers to (a picture of a mental hospital apparently as a joke) was probably made by “Worst Nightmare” reading his comments above? (I found it amusing lol) and I am sure that Stewart can confirm we are different people,?

    Thank you

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