What’s that huge long scar on Obama’s head?

I was thinking of writing an April Fool post, but didn’t get round to it in the end. Anyway, how can you tell the difference these days? Leg-iron had a look through the newspaper websites on the 1st and found many unbelievable stories, but alas, they were all true. He found this good attempt at an April fool by the Express. He writes,

By this time next year it will be, once more, easy to spot the spoof news story for April 1st. It will be the only one that makes sense.

So I thought I would run this story (not an April Fool) by you…

Obama scar

Obama scar

Barack Obama has very long scar that goes up the side of his head and over his crown. What is that? What happened?

No one in the media asks.

We can’t see his medical records, his school records, his college records, or his birth certificate. He’s almost done with his first term, and we still know almost nothing about the background of the President of the United States. Very strange.

Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious.

Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking? Is he really an alien from another planet, which would explain no birth certificate? We have no proof as to where he was born, to whom, where he came from, or what is national origin is. Maybe he’s one of the androids (a replicant), like in Bladerunner, not really human at all.

Anything’s possible.

This is why we need answers — to put a stop to this kind of speculation.

Even Obama’s pal Hawaii Governor Neal Abercrombie could not locate Obama’s birth certificate after boasting that he would find it, produce it and forever bury the birther issue. But no luck. He abandoned the quest. Obama’s political team has spent millions of dollars preventing release of his birth certificate, which now allegedly sits in a sealed vault somewhere in Hawaii. But no one is allowed to see it. No one can find it, not even the governor of the state, after making a much-publicized and valiant try.

Obama’s just one big Mystery Man, which just adds intrigue to what that huge scar on his head is all about. What the heck is it?

The big scar also might explain why Obama can’t speak without a teleprompter and why he often gets lost, even while reading the teleprompter.

If’s he’s a replicant (like in Bladerunner) and not really human, this might have been a case of Obama’s circuitry misfiring. That seems to happen a lot with Obama.

Who knows?

The question is: When will the media start inquiring into what that huge scar on his head is all about?

The man is obviously a puppet leader for the New World Order, but does he just have an unusual skull, or is there something more going on? I would be surprised if the back of his head opens up to reveal computer circuitry – unless perhaps they put the workings of a Sinclair ZX80 in there.

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11 Responses to What’s that huge long scar on Obama’s head?

  1. lionheart says:

    Please don’t tell me that the conspiracy theories have rubbed off on you Stewart ! lol

    It looks to me like a childhood injury, the scars are not regular or straight enough for any sort of surgery but I like the idea of him being plugged in to upload/download information at night though!

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I’m only into conspiracy fact, LH, which is the reason I started this post with April fool talk.

    But, it is obvious that the bankers and industrialists try to get “their man” into the Oval Office. Same in the UK, where we get thickos becoming PMs who all toe the same globalist, warmongering, treasonous, politically-correct line. Did you think it was a coincidence?

  3. lionheart says:

    The timing of your comment ? No I didn’t think it was at all hence the lol.

    Its a side-effect of having communication with Richard I’m afraid that I try to avoid but cospiracy theories can be catching! I have just tried to explain to him that the comments he attributed to me on his blo0g where not and suggested that it could be the previous commentator on the other thread.

    “Worst Nightmare” confirmed to Richard it was indeed him and what does that result in? A Richard statement that as I suggested who it was before the guy confirmed it (thats probably WHY he confirmed it of course) it has to be me!!!!! I have no idea who “Worst Nightmare” is at all and thats the truth but it just shows how easy SOME people can invent a conspiracy! (Why he thinks I’d bother to deny it if it was me is beyond me but obviously Richard finds some logic it there somewhere)

    As a side issue Stewart do you think its a matter of time before big-business picks their own candidates for PM in this country or do you think we are already there?

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    We are already there – look at who gets invited to Bilderberg meetings. Osborne was there four years running. I’ll take another look at Richard’s blog later.

  5. lionheart says:

    Stewart you seem to be about the only person he listens to at all (and that includes friends and family) do you think that you could try and explain to him that there are better ways of doing thing than to alienate the whole world.

    There are people that he worries with his actions but all of them are worried FOR him rather than anything else, it’s obvious from his talk of expecting to be shot at or willing to die as a soldier in the service of Jesus (its a quote of his from a few years ago on another site) that he’s headed down a very dangerous road and there is no telling what he will do to get the attention he craves and he feels his “work” deserves but is denied.

    He is getting more paranoid and delusional by the day (again look at his reference to his “personal security” risk in the comments he made yesterday replying to “Worst Nightmare” (who as far as I can tell is winding him up and nothing more, very successfully too by his response). Do you see everyone who disagrees with you as a “personal security danger” on here Stewart ? I’m sure you don’t but Richard is really that disturbed and is seeing threats everywhere. I’ve been told that he says he can’t get a normal job in case his “enemies” track him down that way and he even has his post delivered to other addresses in case his “enemies” have “powers” that they can use to give his whereabouts to these “threats”!!

    This can’t be any sort of way to live and he sees it as normal, he’s running out of goodwill even with those who care and can you please try and get through to him that he is never ever going to get “political power” (your sensible and pragmatic enough to know that anyone with a fraction of his public history and comments is 101% unelectable in a modern society aren’t you Stewart) and he needs to start living a normal and productive life before its too late and he either does something crazy to get noticed or loses what grasp he has left on reality and is re-admitted for his own good.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:


    I was determined not to let this conversation spread to any more posts! I guess you’re exercising the First Amendment!

    You seem to know much more about his utterances than me. As you have already pointed out elsewhere, I have kept a low profile on this subject. I suppose I admire anyone who stands against the prevailing political correctness, but as you have also already noticed, he takes a different approach to me. As you know, I agree with him in essence on many things. I don’t know anyone else who uses words like “civil pervertship” and “homopervuality.” Of course, I agree that it is perverted, but I’m not so sure it’s the right way to approach it, but I also respect his right to freedom of expression.

    He might not have had many proper jobs, but I was the same for periods. That’s why I started my own business in 1998, because I knew I was basically unemployable. Not that I’m thick or lazy or never had proper jobs working for someone else, but I like doing things my own way. And I ended up in debt and had to make half-decent money to dig myself out of it. Richard is a few years younger than me, so hopefully things will happen for him too.

    Richard got 0.9% of the vote in the G.E. which is actually respectable for an independent. I agree that he won’t get elected unless people wake up en masse to the PC mind control they have been exposed to for decades, or he moderates his views and rejoins the Tories. I wouldn’t wish the latter on my worst enemy.

    No, I don’t see anyone in particular as a “personal security danger.” I know I probably upset homosexuals (et al), masons, mormons, muslims, feminists, ecofacsists, politicians, etc. so there might be someone “out to get me.” It’s not something I worry about, otherwise I would blog anonymously. I believe that the British people must stand up and be counted before it’s too late and regardless of the danger.

  7. lionheart says:

    In other words Stewart you disagree with much of the way society operates politically and spiritually and say so, your willing to debate your points and stand for what you believe in ?

    You don’t think that you Stewart Cohen have been chosen to lead us into a golden age by Jesus and neither do you think you “deserve” any position or power unless you achieved it through your own actions and hard work. I hear you condemn behaviour that you consider immoral but I don’t see you target individuals or insult those who you know as people. Do you lie on a regular basis Stewart and if you make a mistake are you capable of apologising for it?

    Richard claims that those around him are in danger and being threatened (again IF that is true I urge him to report it) would you live in hiding Stewart “protecting your own security” if you thought your actions had such an effect of those around you ? (and this is all from Richard himself). Are you banned from any churches Stewart, do you accuse people you know to be gay of being HIV with no reason whatsoever or if you did and it was shown you where wrong would you apologise? Do you feel the need to make up numerous women to write about you on the internet or feel the need to invent a girlfriend to make yourself look better in front of random strangers on the net?

    There are just so many things that normal people do not do that Richard sees as acceptable and his paranoia in living in hiding and seeing “threats” everywhere is getting worse (not to mention that it goes against his whole I am Richard Crvath a Lion and I am scared of nobody (as long as they can’t find me) act that he constantly writes about). I do get the irony in his “protecting hie personal security” and in the next breath saying that he is standing up for what he believes in but I very much doubt he does.

    This sort of thing is his life Stewart he shows no signs of being able or even wanting to change, yes I see your point about his obvious lack of maturity and share your hope that wisdom might come with the years but all this thinking he lives in some sort of spy/gangster film must make you cringe when you read it.

    I appreciate thee sentiment behind your words “I’m not so sure it’s the right way to approach it” and understand that what your trying to say to him without sounding too critical but you can be assured that Richard will read what you write and only see the bits he wants to and expressions like “counter productive” or “hoping that things will happen for him too” will be lost on him. Instead of “think about what you are doing and if its the best way of doing things” and “we all have to grow up at some point, some later than others” he’ll see them as endorsements.

    Thanks for your words anyway Stuart I understand how hard it is for you to criticise his behaviour and see what you’ve written as constructive advice for someone rather than anything else.

  8. Stewart Cowan says:

    No, Christ will be the deliverer of the golden age to the faithful, but I have a part to play. I try not to insult individuals, politicians aside, most of whom, you must admit, deserve it.

    I expect there are people angry at Richard’s involvement in the vice trade. I would certainly report threats to the police.

    I’m not banned from any churches, although I wouldn’t step inside most of them in the first place! Being banned from some of them could be seen as a positive thing. Depends under what circumstances though. No, I can’t think of a time when I have pretended to be a woman.

    I hope you can understand my reticence considering I haven’t met either of you.

  9. lionheart says:

    Of course I can Stewart and I know that its only the shear amount of such stuff there is with Richard that leads you to even say what you have.

    Richard would LIKE his problems to be those of an activist but they just aren’t they are all as a result of HIM personally and how he goes about trying to garner the slightest bit of publicity for himself by exploiting his various crusades.

    I first encountered Richard over four years ago Stewart and though he persists in linking my views on him to the Vice trade its not (I did think he knew who I was with one comment he made but now its obvious he doesn’t). Simply put if there isn’t any personal publicity in it for Richard then he’s not interested, all of his actions are geared to providing a window for Richard to bask in public attention. I know that you see that Stewart and all his “stunts” to attract controversy are all selfishly motivated as a result of his need to be noticed and that taints each and every cause.

    I fully understand that some people have a religious problem with homosexuality, some have a medical argument against it or even a social issue with the effects on a broader society and that is a valid and defensible opinion and I would defend anybody right to make those points in their right to free speech. Richard as you have pointed out is very immature and instead of following your example lowers the whole debate into schoolboy name calling and rash accusations and statements about people in his community and that I do not agree with at all. (and if your honest neither do you Stewart.

    The vice trade as Richard calls it is the same, again I can see both sides of the argument and understand that there will be both moral and religious issues that will make it far more than a discussion on a purely social expediency level and again I have no real problem with both the pro and anti arguments making their points. From a purely enforcement viewpoint then it becomes a nightmare with the current laws and the balancing act of maintaining the principles of “do no harm” that govern our actions. I could go into a long winded lecture why the laws in their current state are wholly inadequate (your Scottish laws are different here btw and in many aspects better in my view) but the simple facts are its impossible to give a definitive answer as to what is the best approach given the current limitations in both resources and after-care support available and its completely correct that the vast majority of attention is focused on the areas such as trafficking and age-related areas as well as coercion, given the financial restrictions its imperative that those front-line services are the ones prioritised. I have read with interest some of the comments on Richard’s blog and it’s clear that much of the issues seem to be related to his publishing pictures of children of people he claims to be in the sex industry (though bizarrely he states that the young woman isn’t involved in any way), he printed details of houses that it was later shown the people in question had left five years previously (its on Salford Online) and even when it was proven it was a young innocent family living there he didn’t apologise. Of course the fact the daughter of the people he claims to be involved that he is obsessed with happens to be physically very similar to the singer Sarah Whatmore that he had a similar “crush” on a few years ago is purely coincidence I’m sure. Why publish pictures of uninvolved children Stewart? it just makes no sense at all, if someone with a problem with Richard’s actions attacked his family then how would that be justifiable at all no matter what he did ?? He just looks like a disturbed obsessive stalking a pretty young girl with the flimsiest of excuses and given his past convictions its a real worry I’d say. Its plain the whole thing is geared to try and get a response so that he can sneak a few more precious seconds of attention but its just such a terrible way of going about things isn’t it?

    Another issue with Richard is his attitude towards women Stewart read this. I honestly believe that most of his attitudes are as a result of a conflict with what he says and what he so obviously thinks and whatever frustrations result from that and his inability to form any sort of relationship with women so he has to blame that on other things…


    He again hides his real feelings behind his religion but there are plenty of examples where he is pressed and slips into his real sexist misogynist self but again its all done for the publicity and that is what I dislike so intently.

    He constantly lies about things like the police actions with him or his “death threats” and when he is asked why he hasn’t reported these things just ignores the question then spouts his rubbish again somewhere else. I found it disgusting that he compares himself as a “political activist” as being is equal danger to the police or serving soldiers and shows the depths of his paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

    All in all he does more to damage any cause that he contaminates with his publicity hungry immature presence than anything else could and drags the standing of both good REAL work in those areas and Christianity into the sewer with him and that I can’t forgive.

  10. lionheart says:

    And just because I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him making such a complete fool of himself with his conspiracy theories I’ll give him some help. It took me about ten min to work out who “Worst Nightmare” probably is after reading his last long comment on Richard’s blog and I’m fairly confident that he is someone that has commented both on here and on Richard’s own blog under another name and has nothing at all to do with the “”vice trade” but is an “internet foe” (I’ll happily Email Stewart with who I think it is but I won’t say publicly because all he is doing is playing on Richards own paranoia and delusions)

  11. Stewart Cowan says:

    I wouldn’t be able to say if I knew, but anyway, Worst Nightnmare’s IP address doesn’t seem to match anyone else’s from the past few weeks.

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