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There were mixed reactions to my post on Friday morning about the arrest of Charlie Veitch. Well, it turns out that Charlie’s girlfriend, Silkie, filmed the entire arrest. This seems to have been a political arrest ahead of the Royal Wedding.

My goodness, I must be getting old. These two coppers look like they’re in sixth form. And they were polite (well, Charlie was the only one without a video camera!).

Recent videos I have seen seem to suggest that the police’s hubris has reached the stage where proper procedure is no longer deemed necessary. Charlie didn’t even have his rights read to him. I guess because he didn’t have any.

The copper who does all the talking (Ashley Bennett) admits that he doesn’t mind obeying orders. Silkie shows a lot of compassion, especially under the circumstances.

And when did police officers stop calling the public “sir” and “madam”. Was it at the same time the shirts and ties made way for paramilitary-style uniforms?

The police were our servants; now we are the slaves?

If you don’t watch the whole video, be sure to fast forward to 12:25. Charlie goes out to the police van and is locked in a cage. They probably have to give the police dogs more room by law! This is absolutely outrageous. This is training us to toe the line. If he was so dangerous he had to be locked up like an animal, they wouldn’t have sent two boys to pick him up.

They would have done this instead.

Max Farquar found the video, also from Friday. Demotix reports:

An alternative to the Royal Wedding called the “Zombie Wedding” was to be held in London’s Soho Square, billed as “a right royal orgy” with “rumpy pumpy and guillotines”.

Professor Chris Knight, Camilla Power and Patrick Macroidan had already been arrested, locked up and had their props seized, on charges of suspicion to cause a breach of the peace and public nuisance.

At the start, there were more press and plain clothes police than protestors,

It seemed the square had been double booked with the secret policeman’s ball at one point. I know you’re not supposed to notice them, but most of them do stick out like sore thumbs. The fact they were all wearing luminous green wristbands, and not making that great a job at hiding them, didn’t really help their cause.

In time, a few more zombies did arrive, as did the zombie wedding cake…

A group of about half a dozen or so ‘wedding guests’ were singing “we all live in a fascist regime” to the tune of the Beatles yellow submarine, when a group of six men in hoodies & jeans came storming into the park and grabbed one of the singers from behind. As the detained man was manhandled towards the exit, another group of men charged in to prevent his friends assisting him, with at least two of them ending up on the floor. In all, I think I counted at least fifteen plain clothed, and two uniformed officers involved in the arrest of this one person. No details were forthcoming from the police for the reason of the arrest, but fifteen plus officers to arrest one man in a square surrounded by uniformed officers seemed a tad excessive, if not over dramatic to me.

And again, no ID was given and no rights were read.

I later bumped into an American zombie family, who had also been in Soho Square earlier. American zombie mum said how shocked they had been at the way the Met had conducted their operation, comparing it to something you would have expected in the former Soviet Union, but never expect to see in London.

I would not be surprised if this whole operation to “cleanse” the centre of London of all dissenters was organised in such a way as to train the public what we can expect if we step out of line. It could also have been an exercise to see how much the police could get away with and what the public’s reaction would be.

Here is another video of the “zombies” in Soho Square. This is LGBT anti-cuts group Queer Resistance, who are ordered to leave the area because Royalists would be offended. Lesbilicious reports,

Police arrested a number “zombie flashmob” participants, and prevented others from holding a picnic in Soho Square.

A section 60 cordon was put in place in the centre of London this morning in response to reports that anarchists were “masking up” in Soho Square. The move gave police the power to stop and search anyone in the area.

In a YouTube video uploaded by a protester, police officers can be seen telling unmasked lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans activists dressed as zombies to disperse before they “offend” royalists.

“So the line is because the pro-monarchy people are coming here, you have to make us go,” asks a protester. “Yes,” they are told, before being informed that: “you have four minutes, either you leave or be arrested”.

As I have said before, the highly favoured status homosexuals enjoy will not last forever because they are just being used in social engineering experiments. They are esteemed as trash by the Establishment just like the rest of us.

Le’Belle alleges that police officers consistently misgendered both himself and his companion, a trans woman. He described how a police woman “cupped” his companion’s “genital area” in order to ascertain her genital status before conducting a search.

The pair were questioned and then held in a police cell for three hours before being released without charge. “It was really horrible,” said Le’Belle. “We hadn’t done anything, we weren’t protesting”.

You might still be thinking that this was a one off “special” day and that the “authorities” had a right – duty, even – to clear the city of “undesirables,” even places like Soho Square, which are nowhere near to the wedding route. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want to see most of these people in public, dressed as zombies and singing badly, but the world doesn’t revolve according to what I want and it shouldn’t revolve around what the Royal Family or the Government want, when what they want is unfair and unjust. I feel that this has set a very dangerous precedent.

I only use my telly for watching videos (so that I don’t have to fund the BBC), so while most people had already digested the televisual feast that was the Royal Wedding and were relaxing with Britain’s Got Talent, or some other prolefeed, I was watching this video: Taking Liberties.

The film is largely about the erosion of our freedoms under Tony Blair. We see protestors being arrested and prevented from going to their destinations. It seems fairly routine – not just on “special” days.

The film tells us that police have used The Terrorism Act to stop and search 100,000 people – and not one was a terrorist.

The “pre-crime” arrests we see in the videos I have linked to are nothing compared to what Blair would like. Forward to 46:24 and he advocates intervening before birth!

The state kidnapping of babies and children is just one more thing which happens when we lose our rights and the state gets more power than it should have. Not that there aren’t legitimate circumstances for taking children into care, but I am certain that we have gone beyond what is reasonable and decent.

The film covers other important topics like ID cards and the extradition treaty David Blunkett agreed with the USA whereby British people can be packed off to the States even without prima facie evidence. They say, “We want Mr Whoever” and our police are obliged to arrest him and put him on a plane.

And near the end of the film is an interesting piece on a judgment made in the House of Lords. They decided that the police had acted wrongly in turning back the coach-load of protestors en-route to a demonstration (as seen in the first part of the film), even though the courts sided with the police all the way. The House of Lords has protected basic freedoms a number of times when our elected representatives in the Commons voted to take them away.

No wonder the main parties want to change the Lords. They seem to be on the people’s side more often than our elected representatives are.

The film asks who is to blame for the situation we find ourselves in: the Government, the police, the media – or us?

It is “us,” isn’t it?

The EU ban on selling hundreds of over-the-counter herbal remedies has just come into effect. With the pan-European organisations sticking the jackboot in harder and harder, and with a European police force inevitable one day, the time will surely come when protestors, or anyone else, can be arrested and flown to a prison anywhere from Lapland to Cyprus.

In fact, even today, the European Arrest Warrant means you can be whisked away to another country. Michael Turner of Corfe Castle ended up in a Hungarian prison for four months without trial then was thrown out onto the street without an explanation. Apparently there are thousands of people in jails across Europe who have never been charged.

The writing is on the wall. The direction we are going is clear. There will be no mercy. We need to take our country back.

The first thing we can do is not to vote for the traitor parties in this week’s elections.

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2 Responses to Police State UK

  1. Vee says:

    Yes, I have been watching some rather hysterical You Tube clips from supporters of those arrested in the ‘Minority Report’ raids before the Royal Wedding. There is a particularly amusing clip where the girlfriend of some activist or other bitches on and on to two PC’s about ‘political arrests’.

    Personally, I have never seen such a light touch arrest in my life, with the officers allowing him to wander all over the house once the words have been said. They put up with such a load of nonsense from the rather shrill ‘I’m studying law at Cambridge don’t you know’ girlfriend without even a minor hint of annoyance that they really should show this as a good example of how to remain calm if they ever open police training colleges again.

    We all know that if this was Syria or China (as constantly claimed by the activists in the clips) people wouldn’t even know of the arrests, let alone be able to walk around filming in officer’s faces, take numbers and then post the whole thing with comments on You Tube. The suspects also wouldn’t be released unharmed and without charge a few hours later. Studying law at Cambridge or not, these people seem to have totally missed the fact that one of the sworn duties of a police officer is to maintain public order.

    This does not mean necessarily waiting until things get out of hand. Our pre emptive arrest powers extend to crime arrests as well as public order arrests. Waiting for something dangerous or criminal to happen before you take any action is not an option under the Human Rights Act.

    We have the right to protect the millions of people who wanted to enjoy the day from an entitled minority, bent on causing real anger and violence (what on earth else would have happened if effigies of the Royal couple had been beheaded in the middle of London on that day?). Otherwise it becomes a question of who can deploy the biggest mob with the loudest shouting and the hardest fists. This is the same kind of action which precedes and prevents the Right from marching through immigrant areas.

    But as usual, I guess it’s OK when it’s used against ‘other people’.

    Here is a good reason to maintain some sense of proportion over the off public order arrest: If people continue to ‘cry wolf’ over this kind of thing, in a future time when there really is a police state, no one will listen. You are doing real disservice to potential victims of state harassment and violence

  2. Stewart Cowan says:


    Hope you don’t mind me reposting your comments to the right place.

    Firstly, is it common not to have your rights read when being arrested? As for the tiny cage in the back of the van: that’s inhuman. I am truly sickened by that.

    I have watched quite a few of the Love Police’s videos. If anyone gets annoyed it’s one person who takes offence by saying a few words (or tuts, in traditional British fashion) then walks away. That’s why I say that this was a political arrest.

    I don’t think this is crying wolf. I think we’re in big trouble. True, it’s not China yet, but China is the globalists’ model state and things will keep getting worse if we allow it.

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