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As usual on an election day, I trotted off to the polling station to perform my “democratic duty”. The first of the three ballot papers I tackled was the one to elect the constituency MSP. With only four candidates to choose from here in the Galloway and Dumfries West constituency – the usual four north of the border – I had already made up my mind which one to vote for: none of them. For the first time ever, I “spoiled” my ballot paper by writing at the top (as there was no room at the bottom), “None of the below traitor parties.”

Bottom line: if you are in a party that favours handing powers to the EU, the last thing you will get is my vote.

The Tory won here (no, it really is Scotland). I met Alex Fergusson, who is the Speaker, after a church event a few years ago and overall he seems like a decent cove. I would probably have voted for him had he stood as an independent.

The regional list was far more interesting. I had the choice of the main traitor parties plus UKIP, the Greeners, the BNP and assorted others. I have voted for UKIP in the past two or three elections, but this time I went for the Scottish Christian Party. I wanted to vote for a party that stands against the abomination that is the abortion holocaust in this country. Nearly every abortion carried out in Scotland (99%) is for “social reasons” (i.e. not health-related). The figure for England and Wales is not much better at 98%. Abortion is not legal in Northern Ireland, despite Labour characters like Diane Abbott interfering in their affairs when none of the main parties over there support it.

The Scottish Christian Party is also realistic on the EU,

The Christian Party, in keeping with its stance on ‘big Government’, does not support Britain’s continued membership of the European Union as constituted under the Lisbon Treaty. The British people voted for a free trade area – a Common Market – not a European State.

I have reservations about voting for a party which calls itself Christian, but it has some policies to die for!

My final vote was the AV one. I did study the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that AV would have made very little difference, so voted “No”.

I had considered boycotting the vote in protest at the stupid waste of money it was.

Our next elections in Scotland are the local ones next year – unless Dave calls an election or the Queen suspends parliament and sends the traitors to the Tower.

I hope to comment on the SNP’s success shortly.

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3 Responses to Those elections

  1. English Viking says:

    The next election will be later this year. The coalition is collapsing before our very eyes. September/October.

    Result: Labour win.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    The nightmare scenario, English… or it that the ConDems?

  3. English Viking says:


    No, really. The sheep will continue to vote for the slaughterman

    Don’t forget that it is Labour’s ‘turn’.

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