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I have sore knees. I took the dogs out for walkies and Muffin stopped to do a poo on the pavement. Like the responsible citizen that I am, I carry plastic poop scoop bags with me. Plus, there are sometimes faeces police in hi-viz jackets skulking around. It is one of the few misdemeanours where you can get done for not being in possession.

But I digress. I bent down to reap the brown harvest and my fingers poked through the bag. Either my digits just stopped short of the prize, or just touched it and no more. I wasn’t sure and didn’t do the obvious test, I just took out another bag and, in almost gale force winds, managed to pick up the other bag and the booty.

You might be wondering how the sore knees came about. Well, I had been standing in the gutter to pick up Muffin’s pavement art and I stood up, took a few steps and tripped on the kerb. I was felled like a great oak. Time seemed to go slower than usual. Slow enough to prepare for the inevitable crash landing by letting go of the dogs’ leads and spreading my hands to cushion my landing. It is handy how time slows down. On my way down I also had time to recite a couple of Shakespearean sonnets and say “it’s a lovely evening” to a passing stranger. My final thought before hitting the ground was that I hope my specks don’t get broken, as I hate going to the opticians.

As I lay motionless on the ground, Muffin came over to lick my face while I carried out an initial damage assessment. Knees: both sore. Hands: not bad. Glasses: intact. I was wondering if I had landed on a jobby, but on getting to my feet, I realised that I hadn’t.

So, as I sit here now with slightly sore knees, I think about how much worse it could have been. Even now, I could have been crawling home with broken bones, squinting through cracked glasses and covered in poo.

Life could be a lot worse, so don’t let it get you down.

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  1. English Viking says:


    Neither do I, so it was either a typo, a mistake on my part or a mistake on yours. As you have taken so of the text down, I can’t see which one it is, so please advise what was wrong with what I posted.

  2. lionheart says:

    As EV has pointed out isn’t it a coincidence that most of the people Richard takes an interest in and young pretty blonde women ?? I’m curious as to your views Stewart on his obvious obsession with someone he claims is unconnected to any illegal activity other than by relation and his creepy and desperate pleas for information on her whereabouts and work etc ??? He’s written about 10+ blog entries/articles about how innocent she is and how he would like to speak to her and help her and published about the same number of pictures do you find this sort of behaviour troubling Stewart?

  3. Such shocking lies! For the record: I prefer brunettes.

  4. P.S.

    What a couple of obsessed weirdos Vickyboy and Lieheart are! Their off-topic fantasising in pursuit of their Carvath obsession just spoils this blog.

  5. lionheart says:

    What bit is a lie Richard as opposed to your comment about how the police view your “Tips” and there is public evidence to back up my comment too.

    You have made a “Press Statement” that you received a threat to kill and named the individual that you say was responsible haven’t you?

    Now if the police took anything you say seriously they WOULD have followed that up 100%, its a very serious accusation and crime but even though they are aware of your “statement” no action whatsoever has been taken has it or any interest shown to follow it up simply because you are very well known as a fantasist. Its the same with your accusations about “bent or bad” police who have been using their powers against you and are in the pay of the gangsters and your deluded claims that you where “Working with the good police” to trap the “Bad Police” and waiting to “Fire your Guns”. If one ounce of credibility was accorded to you then that would be the basis of an ongoing investigation and its not because again they know your mentally unstable and delusional.

    The response you’ve had from your incessant pestering is very dismissive and the minimum required BECAUSE of your track record and previous claims and the fact nothing you say is taken as anything other than very very unlikely. Its a fact Richard the lack of any interest in the more serious of your delusional claims is there for everyone to see…

  6. English Viking says:


    Are you going to tell me what was wrong with the scripture I posted?

  7. lionheart says:

    I wonder how many people on this blog have had women make complaints to the police about their behaviour? I know if at least three women had made complaints about me I’d be very very worried wouldn’t the rest of you ??

  8. robbo says:

    English Viking, you’re such a cool dude! I love your rants when they are not bigoted.

  9. English Viking says:


    I thought you thought I was a ‘bastard’?

  10. lionheart says:

    I really am curious as to what Stewart thinks of Richards constant writing about this young girl he says is nothing to do with anything illegal and his requests for personal information on her whereabouts and work ??

    Bear in mind its been publicly said that she had made a formal complaint to the police about him and his very dubious past in the area of unwelcome attention for various women ??

  11. What a numpty! To date I’ve had no complaints from GMP about any of my handling of this case. There will be a conclusion to this case soon enough, with either GMP enforcing the law against the brothelkeepers or GMP being clearly exposed as not enforcing the law upon major known criminals on its patch, and either of which outcomes will be a good result from my activist’s standpoint (though I would much prefer to see the former). I’d be fascinated to know who these 3+ women are who’ve complained about me to the police because the police haven’t been on to me!

    Be assured that GMP does take me seriously because they have gone on public record as saying they aren’t tolerating brothels and now, with the biggest brothel gang in Manchester formally reported to them – they’ve got to prove it. Just as GMP don’t discuss their tactics – as recently stated in a GMP letter on my blog – neither do I and so I am not about to explain the finer points of my method; maybe it suits my purposes to present and appear as I do, who knows? And you can be assured that Sandy’s take me very seriously to be sending out gangsters after me in person. As for SH, I hope she has been in touch with the police, but if so I rather doubt that it involves any complaint about me: GMP no doubt want to talk to SH to find out what she knows about her parents’ brothels and their associates; SH can testify to what she knows. But if as, according to Lieheart, SH has made a complaint about me then I’ll look forward to hearing from the police, although I’m unsure as to what offence there is in publicly seeking a witness with information about criminals well known to the witness to come forward and co-operate with the police?

  12. English Viking says:


    The fact that you openly admit that you cannot see any offence in your behaviour is more evidence of your delusions.

    I’m not really one for shrinks, tablets and hand-stroking, but I think you need to go to your Dr.

    Tell him that you think you are a crime-fighter; that no-one else dare do the things you do; that you have heard voices telling you that God wants you save prostitutes and porn-stars; that you could have been a professional cage-fighter and that God has told you to research these issues by scouring porno websites and tweeting porn stars.

    Richard, really, leave it, or get some help.

    Even better, get a girlfriend.

  13. English Viking says:


    If you do not either issue a public correction of my faulty knowledge of scripture, or your faulty modding, I’ll be inclined to think that you try to schew things in your favour by underhand tactics.

    I’ve asked you at least 5 times, what was so wrong with the scripture I posted, that you saw fit to mod me and imply that I put words in the mouth of God Himself?

  14. lionheart says:

    As EV states if you really can not see why your behaviour is so worrying then that has to a symptom of your illness because you are the only one, even Stewart can’t bring himself to comment on this because he is desperately trying not to criticise you.

    You ARE aware of complaints by women (or by family members on their behalf) and it just proves again what a liar you truly are and nothing else. You claim above (quite correctly as I have pointed out a number of times in the past btw) that GMP won’t discuss ANY case related information with you. But on at least half a dozen times in the past you have posted that you have had allsorts of information ranging from details of current and future operations to being provided with “undercover” reports on rouge chief constables no-less. (believe me the people you speak to will have seen those comments from you Richard know they are delusions and will be responding to you bearing that in mind) You live in la-la land and contradict yourself on an almost daily basis but still you can’t see it.

    An example of you knowing your doing something wrong and trying to pathetically excuse it is the comment that you have had that picture you have just used Emailed to you with permission to use it, of course thats a lie and your that disturbed you forget you’ve used that picture twice before on now deleted posts! Every post you make will have been copied Richard for evidence in the future no matter how quickly you have a re-think and delete it.

    I think its clear that you are desperately trying to harass the girl probably for two reasons, firstly you are an obsessive and have no contact with real young women and secondly quite possible to try and provoke the parents reaction so you can be a martyr in your own eyes.

    If someone harassed members of your family (as you have previously claimed has happened) would the fact that they where looking for you or (for example) wanted them to be a witness that your homophobic be an excuse for doing so ? To me no it wouldn’t but to you I’m sure that any distress that others suffer on your behalf is excusable “for the greater good” , its very sad and you need help Richard

  15. Vikkyboy,

    Why you obsessively write about me as though you’re an expert on me I don’t know; you’ve never met me, you don’t know anything about my personal circumstances, and your interpretation of my public work on the internet is so unbalanced as to be clearly way off. You’re the obsessed and delusional fantasist – not me. You’re the one masquerading as ‘English Viking’ – join the real world and be your real self here like Stewart. You urgently need to grow up; adult men do not carry on in the ridiculous manner you do under the ridiculous guise of ‘English Viking.’

    As for Liarheart, if Lies wants to know what GMP makes of me and the communications that have passed between us then write to the Chief Constable and see what the reply is. It is rather foolish to draw sweeping conclusions about the nature of my relationship and my dealings with a group of various GMP officers of different ranks, roles and locations on the basis of one brief (and non-confidential) letter… but a stupid person would do that.

    I’ve never used the Sarah Hankin photo on any of my blogs before, as Lies claims; as I wrote, I was emailed the photo recently along with the sender’s permission to use it in the interest of crime prevention. In fact if I’d had the photo earlier I daresay I would’ve used it sooner. I believe that the photo (or one very similar to it) has been on the internet before, but I have not copied it from the web; when I was emailed it though, I took the decision that to use it with permission on my blog was firstly legitimate and secondly useful to the pursuit of crime prevention.

    Sorry, but still no complaints from any women that GMP have told me about… keep fantasising.

    Believe it or not, I am aware that every move I make on the internet is closely monitored and recorded. And who knows, maybe there’s a lot more than just my blog-life under surveillance? And who knows, maybe if somebody knows they’re under surveillance and how, when, by whom and with what motive – just maybe one acts accordingly to serve one’s own purpose? But then if GMP just think I’m a muppet then they won’t be wasting any time on me will they?

    You know, all this talk of “contact with real young women” – it’s enough to make a man want to start dating a WPC.

    Rogue Chief Constables eh? That does sound interesting! Tell me more…

  16. Stewart Cowan says:


    Your comment has disappeared into the ether. You translated a bit of scripture along the lines of “Shut your trap”.

  17. lionheart says:

    So presumably if GMP contact you regarding a complaint about that photo being used you would supply them with details of your supplier and their written permission? (as no such thing has happened I will guess that you will now lie and say that you wouldn’t to “protect” your informants)

    And if you think my assessments of how you are perceived is based on that one letter then you are clearly more delusional than even I thought. Are forgetting your rants about corrupt police officers using their powers to supply information on you and you claims to be working with “the good police” to track them down (its been mentioned on here before btw). Or perhaps your “publishing” parts of what you claimed was an undercover police report ? (Just to help you out IF that had been real it WOULD have sparked an instant investigation as to how you had access and anyone involved would have been suspended but as it never existed that didn’t happen)

    Again you’ve ignored my question about how you can justify such actions after complaining that members of your family who are innocent of any involvement with your actions have been harassed in the past while you are in hiding “for your security”, do you see that innocent people should never be dragged into this sort of thing just because of the actions of their relatives? You constantly comment on others “hiding” their identities on the internet but you hide in real life and leave others to face problems because of your actions (this is from what YOU have said btw).

    Your in desperate need of medical help Richard and you might well want to consider some of the published information about how Peter Sutcliffe justified his actions and the thought process that he claimed led him to begin his actions, in fact if you read some of the profiling on him as a person before he started killing you might well find some shocking similarities (or at least others will because they are rational). Get help Richard because almost everyone that knows you thinks you need it, your obsessions with pretty young girls that need “saving” is scary in the extreme.

  18. English Viking says:


    That’s because that is what Prov 17:28 advises. I made no interpolations, and nothing about my interpretation could have been mistaken for the actual verse.

    I’m very disappointed that you have made it seem that I twist scripture.

  19. English Viking says:

    Richard Carvath,

    I said that I would not be nasty, and I meant it.

    You have no idea whether you have met me or not.

    You now think you are under 24hr Government surveillance. It’s getting worse by the minute.

    Go and see your Vicar/Priest/Elder/Pastor. Tell him you think God has told you to save prostitutes and porn stars. Tell him of the hours of ‘research’ you need to carry out, trawling porn sites for people to save. Tell him you think MI5 are watching you, and recording everything, but that you have cleverly taken counter-measures and only post things on the net to throw them off the scent. Mention that you are a political activist, but hold no elected office, either now or in the past. Tell him you are a crime-fighter who specialises in closing down brothels, with a success rate of zero, so far. Tell him that your unemployment and lack of real world relationships is making you depressed.

    If he says ‘That’s fine, brother Rich, keep up the good work’, it must be me that needs help.

    If he appears concerned, and offers to pray for you and get you some counseling, he would not be far wrong.

  20. What a couple of nutters! Quickly…

    I’m not under 24 hour government surveillance and nor is MI5 watching me, so be at peace Vikkyboy, and by the way, here’s one brothel victory notch on my bedpost and in the public domain:

    I’m not in hiding, Liarheart, I go about my day-to-day business in public without a paper bag over my head, just as I have always done.

    I’d be fascinated to know what information I’ve ever put into the public domain on the SS case that isn’t 100% accurate. If something’s incorrect, a reliable source need only email me, identify himself and tell me what I need to know.

  21. English Viking says:


    In what way were you responsible for the closing of this ‘business’ and in what way is that photo of an old corner shop that is ‘To Let’ evidence of this victory?

  22. lionheart says:

    He wasn’t involved at all EV the reason this place was raided and subsequently shut in fact had little to do with the establishment itself even.

    As the police stated at the time it was in connection to money laundering and other organised crime suspicions regarding one of the suspected partners. In fact a number of charges have been brought against two different people involved but NONE of them are in relation to the sexual offences act.

    in fact one of the people involved has been reported on in the local media in the last couple of months and I will bet that Richard doesn’t even know who he is or what he’s been charged with it’s only in Richard’s mind that he is responsible not one other person thinks so (though I do beleive that another local counsellor WAS involved in action with the police but he doesn’t seem to be claiming credit like Richard does).

  23. Well Vikky, you could try doing your homework. There’s plenty of stuff still online, for example the Youtube Brothelwatch video and my 2009 blog archive. But one thing you won’t find online anymore is that brothel’s website: Victory!

    As for the Sandy’s Superstars brothels, if Greater Manchester Police shuts down the Sandy’s gang for money laundering or drugs offences rather than for brothelkeeping or sex-related offences then that’s fine by me.

  24. lionheart says:

    In other words not one living person other than Richard says he had anything to do with the outcome, the police certainly wouldn’t but as long as he says so thats ok then (apparently he was instrumental in the first and second gulf war too, of course the army don’t give him the credit but he was really)

    I notice you refuse to answer my question about supplying the details of who “gave you permission” to use the photo of the young girl Richard or (more importantly) how you see what your doing in reference to the claimed harassment of your family and your leaving them to face the problems you create quite happily while you live in hiding (as you say because of “security considerations”).

    You really are showing just how disturbed you are with this obsession with this young girl are your quest for personal information on her whereabouts, lets be clear here if the police want to talk to Sarah Hankin it would take very little effort for us to do so would it and they certainly wouldn’t need your help in any why at all so your obsession is about you and nothing else.

  25. I’m hardly going to reveal a source to ‘Lionheart’ the obsessed nutter on the web now am I?

    What’s with the “us” all of a sudden? Claiming to be police now? Or with a police partner agency/organisation?

    I’m not in hiding you obsessed weirdo, and neither is anybody I associate with. When are you going to come out of hiding from behind your ridiculous LH front?

    My relatives aren’t criminals, Sarah Hankin’s parents are. The Hankins… friends of yours by any chance?

  26. lionheart says:

    I didn’t ask if you would reveal it to me Richard I asked IF you where asked by the police after a complaint could you provide proof of that having come from someone else?

    And are you now saying that Sarah Hankin is a criminal and therefore “deserving” of your stalking her or is the statement that she is uninvolved true (that you have made any number of times) and every bit as undeserving of harassment as your family is because of your actions (as you have claimed has happened). You can not have it both ways.

    I’m not claiming to be anything Richard it was a typo.

  27. It’s none of your business how I would handle the police in your hypothetical scenario; why waste your time fishing for information or confirmation/denial that I would never give you – are you stupid? To the best of my knowledge Sarah Hankin is not (and never has been) a criminal or a prostitute and she has never had any direct involvement in her parents’ vice crimes, but she certainly possesses lots of useful information about her parents and their close associates and she would be a valuable witness in court. The Hankins have conducted a significant part of the running of their vice syndicate from their home over several years so Sarah will have seen and heard plenty as she was growing up.

  28. English Viking says:


    Your fantasy world is becoming both more ridiculous and offensive by the day.

  29. lionheart says:

    So presumably should any of the huge number of people who have openly accused you of being homophobic and who have wanted to see you prosecuted start harassing your family (because they might have heard or seen you do things that would help a prosecution) then you would understand that tactic and thought you don’t accept that you are you’d approve of their actions because they are doing what they believe in? Personally I would not approve of it for one second and would want anyone that did so reported to the police where they would probably give the same excuses for their behaviour you just have.

    Seek medical help Richard.

  30. Liarheart misses the point with that crass attempt at sophistry…

    Being a pro-heterosexual political activist is not a crime under UK law, and neither are pro-heterosexual views a moral offence according to God; furthermore there are no negative consequences in an individual’s life or for broader society which attach to the sexual ethics I stand for.

    Being a brothelkeeper is a crime under UK law, prostitution is a moral offence to God, and prostitution has many severe negative consequences for people involved and for broader society.

    Liarheart needs to grasp that I am the good guy, and Lies is on the side of evil.

    Greater Manchester Police would not view any of my conduct in regard of the Hankin family as in any way criminal; any Hankin is welcome to make a complaint to GMP if they think they are the victim of a crime – and indeed I would urge them to do so.

    Greater Manchester Police is able to confirm that Sandra Jane Hankin, Christopher Mark Hankin and Adrian Paul Burch are the brothelkeepers of the Sandy’s Superstars vice syndicate, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003; all GMP has to do now is act to enforce the law.


    There’s nothing more I have to say on this off-topic theme here on Stewart’s blog, so with this comment I’m finished with this thread.

  31. English Viking says:


    You are not a political activist, stop it.

    Definition of political activity

  32. lionheart says:

    And Richard misses my point with his idiotic excuses.

    It is NOT about the people you claim to be brothel owners/keepers it is about you obsessively stalking their daughter who you yourself say is NOT involved.

    Everyone here can see that the issues are completely separate. You are harassing and stalking a young girl who you claim her only “crime” is being related to someone. The principle of involving or targeting innocents simply because of family ties is repugnant to normal people and let me also remind you that you are NOT a judge and in this country its our legal system that decides who is and is not a criminal. I personally think you have committed an offence with some of your gay-hate comments and so do a huge number of others so again if they follow your example and target your family according to you thats justified? It is NOT, even if you where found guilty that is in no way your family’s fault or responsibility and they should not be involved by others it really is that simple. Lets also remember you have said that any number of people are guilty of various “crimes” ranging from corrupt chief constables, judges, police etc so aren’t they all lucky your not stalking their daughters too?

    Ask Stewart how he feels about you asking for information on a pretty young girl like this even without your very chequered history its a little creepy but with your attitude its downright disturbing and deeply troubleing to any normal person (EVERYONE except for you Richard).

  33. English Viking says:


    We’re going to have to agree to disagree on something.

    No-one likes a gayboy, do they? (Except sailors, of course).

    Is that ‘gay hate’?

    People should be allowed to say what they like. Even if it is repugnant. Even if it is wrong. Saying and doing, commenting and inciting are both two very different things.

    Carvath can’t be wrong all the time. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. A better parallel would be a clock ticking backwards: that is correct 4 times a day. A better parallel in the fact that it goes backwards, not in the amount of times it is correct).

    I think Carvath is deliberately provocative on the gay thing (who am I to talk?) but he is, essentially, correct.

  34. lionheart says:

    Its not about whether its right or not EV its about whether he is guilty under current UK legislation was the point I was trying to get at. I don’t think Stewart is and have said so when others have accused him simply because of the way he makes his points on the subject (many of whom in regard to the nature of some of the proposals that I agree with) Richard with phrases such as “Botty lickers, disease ridden perverts, child molesters etc) is a very different matter not to forget his recent outburst in accusing the community worker with a broken jaw of having Aids.

    Regardless my point was if some of the people who do think he is guilty (and remember its him that has decided these people are NOT the courts) decided to target his family to “pressurise” them into saying anything that may implicate him or prove that he is homophobic then that would be just as wrong (but no more so) as what he is doing.

    Anyway like everyone else I doubt he would be stalking this person if she wasn’t a pretty young girl and thats the really worrying part….

  35. robbo says:

    A man can be many things. As I’ve said before, it’s not so bad being a bastard.

  36. 00infinity00 says:

    Interesting argument asides from the actual point,Yeah naming yourself English viking is quite the joke hah har !! heh heh
    may i intervene? you guys are truly gritty keyboard warrior intellectuals with shine and honour !! yeah stare at the dream screen … carry on… if you listen you can here your “mother”board breathing quietly…YES?

  37. Silas Blisset says:

    Richard Carvarth is obviously a deluded,mentally unstable man who needs help.His blog is full of homophopic ramblings and furthermore his stalking of a preety young blond woman is very disturbing.His obsession with prostitutes,porn,”Angel” and sandys is all strange,deluded and quite frankly unnerving

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