Business as usual?

Blogging has been non-existent again this week. My retail flag website was hacked into and used to send thousands of spam emails, and the hosting company more-or-less removed the site, so we have had to build a brand new one from scratch. Two or three years ago, I made a big mistake when messing around with the previous version of the site and all the product data was lost, but the hosts are supposed to keep the information for a day or two, however they took too long to retrieve it and it too was lost forever. Just as well I actually enjoy adding hundreds of products to online shops! Yes, that is what I call fun.

But perhaps stupidly, I stayed with the hosting company, 1&1, after the first fiasco. They claim to be the World’s No.1 Web Hosting Company, which goes to show that you don’t need to be particularly good to be the biggest. In fact, the man who is working on my new site has found 1&1’s technical “help” to be the worst he has experienced. We are still waiting for them to give us the correct IP address so we can accept credit cards online again.

But enough about my woes, a Facebook user has just asked the question, “Is the United kingdom being stripped of its assets deliberately?” So far, 25 to one believe so. It has been an on-going process over many years, but the climate change scam made it crystal clear – make it too difficult for UK companies to compete and the factories close here only to reopen in the Far East, where environmental considerations can largely be ignored. Net result: the big corporations make even more money and the globalists get to impoverish the rich countries. Oh, and the environment gets worse over-all as the “developing” countries belch out even more waste and giant tankers and aircraft transport the goods back to the UK.

A young child could spot the holes in the climate change agenda. David Cameron goes along with it because he is bought and paid for by those destroying the West’s industry. How I worry that his treason will see him being dragged away by a lynch mob and hung from a lamp post. It can’t be long, Dave, the way you’re going. Not everyone can restrain themselves as well as me.

Leg-iron has written about how the Government has just destroyed an entire industry – servicing cigarette vending machines.

However, the entire cigarette vending machine industry has just become worthless. Have a factory making the machines? The factory, and everything in it, is worthless. You cannot sell up, you cannot recoup any losses, the specialised machinery is a load of scrap metal now. Have a business, built from scratch, based on the supply and maintenance of these machines? All your carefully-built business is now worth less than the shirt you’re wearing. All your staff are out of work. Redundancy payments? With what? That stock of machines can’t even be sold to cover the losses.

The Daily Mail writes:

Tobacco industry chiefs said it would ‘abruptly and entirely eliminate’ the vending industry, costing at least 550 jobs.

Wolverhampton-based Sinclair Collis Ltd – which owns about 20,000 machines – had argued in the Appeal Court that the ban would encourage illicit tobacco trade and amounted to a violation of its human rights and European free trade rules.

As I have warned before, we have NO rights. As Leg-iron argues, the banning of these vending machines in pubs and clubs will have absolutely no effect on tobacco consumption or on children. It is purely spite-driven to further an agenda of control.

All that the Government/EU needs to do to take away our rights is to create a diversion – smoking is a health issue, so they can ban what they want. The “health” excuse was also used to ban hundreds of over-the-counter herbal remedies last month. The only motive the Government now needs to destroy someone’s business is spite.

Probably one day, the EU will declare that no other flag may be flown over the Empire other than the crown of yellow stars on a blue field. How long could my business last? Would I be arrested for selling Union flags – surely a sign of dissent?

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3 Responses to Business as usual?

  1. john Leon says:

    The EU, the Eurozone and the Euro are not going to be with us in the form it is now for much longer, if the serious commentators are to be believed, somehow I think when it collapses it will not be a partial collapse and much spitefulness will be returned to those who have foisted it on their citizenary by the citizens…..however as I have been wrong before it may not happen and the piigs will keep on flying………

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I hope you are right and I hope the traitors will receive just recompense.

  3. LJ Rolfe says:

    I wonder “Yes, that is what I call fun.” Could that be seen as a plea for some products to list Uncle Stew?

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