The news has become so predictable, is there any point in blogging?

I haven’t posted for a fortnight. I look at the news and the amount of negative stuff bogs me down. I sometimes wonder if there is any point in continuing to blog when I could be either relaxing or putting the time into my business, either of which would benefit me. But how can you relax in a police state? Why work longer than you have to when the state helps itself to a great chunk of the money you have earned, then throws it away?

As usual, I have dozens of tabs open on Firefox with news stories I was going to write about, but in a way, they don’t merit individual posts. The headlines are enough to make you sick. There is sometimes nothing more that needs to be said, because we all know the score by now. We know that the police don’t care much about catching criminals anymore and the judges don’t consider it their duty to deliver justice.

Moral relativism brings confusion (obviously) and very bad judgments are the natural result. Add to this “Human Rights” legislation and police targets and criminals have never had it so good.

Devon and Cornwall Police didn’t even bother to investigate 30,000 crimes last year.

Up the road in Bristol, Marie Wastlund beat off three thugs who were throttling and kicking a woman, while two policemen sat in their vehicle twenty-five yards away. The Mail reminds us of some of the other pathetic inactions of the boys in blue (or should that be yellow?). Remember the two PCSOs who let a ten year-old boy drown in a pond because they were “not trained” to deal with such an incident? Their (in)action was defended by police chiefs.

Then there are the usual reports of people with decades of unblemished service in their jobs who are sacked after of a non-event. Ronnie Lane was head of the art department in Liverpool’s West Derby School, but the testimony of one unscrupulous individual ended it. He restrained a 15 year-old boy who repeatedly tried to scrunch up another pupil’s work and alleged that the teacher had left nail marks in his arm. The boy told him, “get off or I will stab your eye out.”

It seems that all some children learn at school is their “rights”. It’s bizarre when you consider that by honouring his alleged rights, the teacher has no rights to maintain discipline in his classes and the other pupils have no rights not to have their work ripped to shreds or to learn in a civilised, safe environment.

Meanwhile, another 15 year-old, Tom Clarke from Oxfordshire, was playing with a football in his garden when he accidentally lobbed it over the fence and through a pane of glass in next door’s greenhouse. A patrol car was on the scene half an hour later and the police helicopter was diverted to search for the culprit with thermal imaging. “Officers said the incident was not a formal caution or criminal conviction but would be ‘recorded for future reference’ and could be seen by future employers carrying out an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check.”

Imagine falling into a coma in 1970 and waking up today, oblivious of how society has changed, then reading the newspapers. What would you make of the burglar who was freed from prison because being locked up breached his family’s human rights or another prisoner who demanded to be a dad and a Justice Secretary so out of touch with reality that he approved the decision to allow him to artificially inseminate his “partner”?

It is now clear that David Cameron’s socialist party is just as determined to give everything away that our forebears worked and fought for as the traitors in the Labour Governments did. The agenda is the same. The behaviour of this new wave of Quislings is only a surprise to those who were naive enough to fall for Cameron’s lies before the election – and they were lies. Blatant and deliberate lies and for that alone he should be stripped of office.

Why do people keep voting for these liars? Do they think that lying is part and parcel of politics and is acceptable? I think they must. Or maybe they are delusional. Perhaps they think that he is going to stop lying any day now and everything will be just dandy when that happens.

This treasonous government is giving away more money to bail out other countries, plans to “drastically” cut carbon emissions which will cut jobs and increasing military union with other countries.

The Daily Mail never disappoints with its scare stories. The latest “research” suggests that drinking too much coffee can produce hallucinations of Bing Crosby. The volunteers were made to listen to “white noise” and told that “there may be parts of the White Christmas song and if you hear it, press the button.”

There wasn’t any Bing, but regardless, the power of suggestion apparently made them hear him crooning. A bit like people think they have heard a “cast-iron” guarantee from David Cameron when it is really just white noise (propelled by hot air).

But how long, I wonder, until coffee addiction is used as an excuse to avoid being punished for a serious crime?

“M’lud, after drinking five cups of coffee and playing with the dial on his radio, my client heard Bing Crosby telling him to kill the victim…”

“Case dismissed.”

And as always, we are to be afraid of the terrorists – this time, poisoning our food. The warning comes from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure [CPNI].

That’s a new one on me. But the terrorists are already poisoning us with aspartame and GMO, it’s just that they are known as manufacturers and scientists.

But let’s all be scared of al-CIAda while we eat our delicious cancer-causing food.

If I do give up blogging, just read this post every day. The current news will just be the same, or even more unsettling and bizarre.

But I will soldier on. I believe that more and more people are waking up to how the world really works, and this awakening is something I want to be part of, so expect continued blogging, God willing.

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  1. English Viking says:

    All that is required for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing.

    Don’t give up mate.

  2. Vee says:


    “I believe that more and more people are waking up to how the world really works, and this awakening is something I want to be part of, so expect continued blogging, God willing.”

    Dream on!


  3. Stewart Cowan says:


    I appreciate the encouragement. Not sure if I am “good”. As the Lord answered, “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” I know what you mean, though.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:


    Thanks for that anti-encouragement! Thanks to the alternative news sources and opinions available on the internet, people are waking up. E.g. everyone I have talked to about aspartame avoids it now.

    Whether enough people wake up in time is the key point.

  5. I do hope you will continue to find the time and the desire to blog Stewart. Your blogging efforts are worthwhile and the ‘force for good’ that these efforts amount to is certainly far greater than you either dare to imagine or can currently see the hard evidence for. I do believe that there is good fruit from the seed you sow on this Real Street blog, whether you are aware of it or not.

    Stewart, you are one of ‘The Few’ in the Battle of the British Blogosphere. There are so few social conservatives standing in the breach in the British blogosphere today. You may not feel like it sat at a keyboard but, here on the web, you are a frontline fighter and your contribution matters much in the face of so many bloggers propagating evil. You are honour-bound to carry on the fight.

    Who knows whether somebody out there is now a Christian, thanks in part to your public witness? Who knows how many babies have been saved from abortion thanks to your pro-life stance in public? Who knows how many people have been deterred from a lifestyle of homopervual depravity? And the list of possible – indeed probable – good consequences which follow from your blogging efforts goes on…

    When confronted by the tide of evil sweeping over our nation it is easy to feel discouraged – even to the point of despairing and wanting to give up. But you know that you are on the right team Stewart; the only way you can be defeated is if you give up. Persist and you have the victory.

    Your complaint is not uncommon: you are not the first social conservative I have encountered in recent years to feel like ‘What’s the point?’ and ‘Why do I bother?’ But then you remember why you do what you do, and your strength and resolve are renewed. Soldier on, Stewart. Fight the good fight.

    Find and maintain the right balance between your blogging time, business time and all the other parts of your life. [Personally I wouldn’t waste my time poop-a-scooping, but that’s just a minor criticism, not to mention a quip that anybody reading only this comment-thread won’t get!] For you to stop blogging would be like chopping off a limb Stewart – unthinkable!

    Have you thought of writing a short book or two? The fresh challenge of researching and writing on a different scale to blogging might provide an invigorating intellectual tonic to fire you up. You could publish books or longer articles right here on your website.

    A lot of your blog-posts are about what you are against and what you find fault with – and there’s nothing wrong with that as there is much to oppose and which needs to be opposed, and exposed to public scrutiny – however maybe you should consider covering more ‘good news’ stories, and being constructive such as blogging about and showing your support for campaigners and organisations doing good things around the country of which you approve. Maybe you should consider tweaking the overall tone of your blog to strike a better balance between your coverage of the good and the bad. Remember you ought not to be just a reactionary (only ever commentating on the enemy’s evil deeds), but rather more of a pro-active voice setting forth the right standard for the present generation; focus less on lamenting the enemy’s deeds and more on taking the fight to the enemy – you have the ability to do so.

    I rarely make overt mention of scripture, but remind yourself of Phillipians 4: 4-13. Rejoice!…

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    Marvellous post, Richard. Thanks so much. I wrote a book about my drinking years and let a friend read the first chapter. He also said I should have lightened it up in places. Not easy when I think back on those times. I hope the dog poo story was a bit of light relief – it was for the dog…

  7. Vee says:


    I have direct experience of the horror of war – WW2 and the depravations and poverty that for many years followed. I have direct experience of living under the potential threat of a nuclear war with Communist Russia and the constant sheer dread it induced in our society.

    That threat has now dissipated and we are relatively well-off, even at unprecedented levels, are healthier and live longer. Science and technical innovations have provided us with unparalleled opportunities to facilitate satisfaction and well-being.

    But look around today and you stare into a vortex of unimagined threat, hostility and horror.

    We were once a proud nation whose morality was based on the Christian/Judean tradition.

    Today we are corrupt and selfish. And it’s getting worse, not better.

    Here, quick-fix abortions are on an industrial scale, and teenage pregnancies – the highest in Europe, are fuelled by a health strategy that induces an explosion in sexual diseases.

    In cases of heinous crime we cower from the death penalty as being uncivilised, but are prepared to take it if the foetus is not to our liking, or, increasingly now, the elderly become too burdensome.

    The Blair/Brown Labour Government’s indifference, hostility even, to traditional marriage, resulted in the lowest rate of marriage since 1862. Figures from the Office For National Statistics for 2008 showed 232,900 weddings, the fewest in a year since 1885, when the population was just 30 million against around 57 million today.

    In November 2010, Cabinet minister Duncan Smith warned that the collapse of marriage had brought soaring crime rates, doubled the chances of living in poverty and cost the country an astonishing £100 billion a year.

    In 2009 Mr Justice Coleridge from the Family Divison of the High Court said that, “…the breakdown of marriage in this country is on a scale, depth and breadth which few of us could have imagined even a decade ago… Almost all of society’s … Ill can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.”

    Moreover, between 2000 and 2007 more than a dozen girls aged ten became pregnant as did an alarming 60,000 pregnancies to children under 16. A scheme is now run encouraging schoolgirls as young as 11 to request the morning-after-pill by text message on their mobile phone.

    At the same time the crime statistics began to surge and society became more violent as it lost it former homogeneity and respect for authority. For example, there were 2,900 crimes of violence in 1939, 23,470 in 1964 and a staggering 1,158 million in 2008. Violent crime has soared by 77% since Labour came into power. Indeed, the Blairite doctrine on being tough on crime and its causes was abandoned in a sewer of conceit.

    A 2009 Home Office study reveals that Britain now has 1.6 million hardened criminals committing dozens of offences each year and a householder is attacked by a violent burglar every 30 minutes. Disturbingly, 250 women are arrested every day for violent crimes.

    We are now spending more than £31 million each year on the ‘chemical cosh’ Ritalin to treat unruly children to counter poor discipline and inadequate parental control. A fifth of youngsters under 16 are now formally diagnosed with one or more behavioural disorders.

    In 2011, the Daily Mail disclosed that some 650,000 school kids aged between 8 and 13, are being prescribed Ritalin, or its equivalent, to control behaviour in schools by their teachers who feel they have lost control. According the NHS figures only 9,000 children were similarly treated in 1990.

    The 2009 British Crime Survey revealed for the first time that a child is a victim of a violent attack every 20 seconds, mostly by other children and that child victims are three time more likely than adults to be assaulted. Little wonder, then, that 80,000 pupils from primary and secondary schools were suspended for attacking teachers or schoolmates, some as young as four-years-old.

    We have unprecedented rates of family breakdown, of lone-parenting and mushrooming welfare dependency by both the needy and greedy, the deprived and depraved, increasing school failure, indiscipline, anti social behaviour, drug abuse, mental breakdown, teenager violence and delinquency, homelessness, exploding teenager venereal disease and growing rates of teenager pregnancy and the prison population is getting younger. The social consequences of all this is unprecedented and catastrophic.

    Bog housing estates, the modern gulags of dependency and deprivation, are inhabited by inadequate bog parents who’s children attend bog schools which lack discipline, certainty and value, leading to welfare dependency, crime and incarceration, ill-health, self-harm, substance abuse, mental breakdown, suicide and early death.

    With the current increase of teenage stabbings, anxious parents are kitting out their children with body armour clothing because of fears they will be attacked walking to and from schools already heavily reinforced against intrusion.. Slash-proof blazers and fleeces lined with body protective Kevlar and now commercially available. In some areas authorities provide taxis to convey children to and from school because it is consider too dangerous to let them walk.

    Now, every British bank note is contaminated by cocaine within weeks of entering circulation. The police have stopped testing notes for traces of the drug in criminal investigations as the contamination is so widespread. According to the Forensic Science Service the results are now meaningless as every note tests positive for cocaine.

    Moreover, our nations economic health could be gauged by the fact that 21 percent of the working population is not earning a living. That amounts to an unprecedented 8.08 million people who are economically inactive.

    With the full sanction of the Majesty of Law, sexual politics now endorses the lie that what was once considered a crude perversion is now a virtuous variation. And woe betides any who disagree. Our society is not yet fully homosexualised, but with an increasing overt interest in children it is gradually getting there.

    I could go on, but it’s getting late.


  8. len says:

    When times are good people become complacent and life just drifts along.Many people sleepwalk through life quietly die and are no more.
    But when adversity comes people start to question “why is this happening, what`s life all about?”. And it is at this time that their eyes can be opened to the reality of their lives and the possibilities of change.
    It is during such times of soul searching that the fortunate individual will discover the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    This Gospel is not a ‘rule book ‘to tell one how to behave but the Gospel is a ‘signpost’, an indicator which points one to the heart of the Gospel , and a relationship with the living,risen Jesus Christ.
    In these ‘last days’things are getting progressively worse as people become more materialistic, greedy and selfish,but all this is prophesied in the Bible.We in the UK are moving away from God and turning inward upon ourselves.The rise in Homosexuality is an indicator of a self indulgent, self obsessed ,Society.

  9. English Viking says:


    Is that you?

    From HG’s place?

    I’m sure it is.

    I know I have offended you on many occasions, but always remember, no matter what my short-comings, we are on the same side.

  10. len says:

    EV, It is indeed me,we have ‘locked horns’ on the odd occasion, but I feel we are both travelling in the same direction and I and wish you all the best.The truth of the Gospel is under attack as never before and anyone who defends Biblical truth is OK in my estimation.

  11. Darth Farquhar says:

    * * * * * tumbleweed * * * * *

    It’s quiet in here, what’s going on?

  12. Darth Farquhar says:

    is there a party going on that Im not invited too?

  13. English Viking says:

    Shh, he’s here, he’ll hear us!

    *shuffles feet and looks at floor*

    Ah, hello Darth, didn’t see you there. Party? No, of course not.

  14. lionheart says:

    As a dog lover here is something that might cheer you up Stewart

  15. Stewart Cowan says:

    Yes, my people, I have returned to visit the blog.


    The truly disgusting this is that it is all deliberate – the dumbing down, the sexualisation, the benefits dependency, etc.


    People are going to feel adversity on an unprecedented scale in modern times, so I expect there will be an increased interest in spiritual things as material goods become less available.


    Too much work for parties at the moment.




    Is this true? The link no longer exists. If it is true then craziness has reached a whole new level.

  16. Bunni says:

    I know what you mean, Stewart! I have basically quit blogging about horrible politics because it’s just SO depressing and hopeless. I like to find cute vids to cheer people up these days, because Lord knows we need it! Great Blog, I’ll follow you now ;-)

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