The Controlled Music Industry and “Counter-culture”

Counter-culture, or specially manufactured to effect social change?

Counter-culture, or specially manufactured to effect social change?

After a young friend “liked” Wiz Khalifa on Facebook, a foul-mouthed rapper who promotes drug use, I felt the need to “like” him myself so I could leave this comment on his page:

Here’s the deal – the government makes drugs illegal to hike up the price on the black market, then they ship in the drugs and their friends in the music industry hire artists to advertise their product.

Clever scam, isn’t it?

Don’t be conned, drugs are bad and the government wants you to take them. They don’t want you to be successful and smart. Tell them to stuff their drugs and be yourself.

That probably seems bizarre to people who have not been initiated into the workings of government. Did you know that opium production in Afghanistan is higher now than before the 2001 invasion?

And where does counter-culture come from? And how do so many big corporations profit from it? Because they basically control both sides. In the 1960s, drugs and “free love” (promiscuity) were introduced into the mainstream for a reason. The controlled music industry played a massive part in the situation we see today, where just over half of the babies born are to unmarried women and where divorce rates are off the radar screen.

The family was the target and the “counter-culture” – those hippies and peaceniks – were used as tools to basically jeopardise the stability and happiness of their own children and grandchildren for political reasons. And not their political objectives.

As Lenin said, “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”

He also said, “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

He knew that churches, like the family, had to be destroyed in order for the government to have total control. For the same reason, the family has been savagely attacked in the West and atheism is promoted at the same time as our Judeo-Christian traditions are being dismantled and our morals ridiculed for being “out-dated” or “discriminatory”.

The major piece of “counter-culture” that is feminism was manufactured, with CIA involvement, to fool women into believing that they could enjoy fun and power “having control over their own fertility”. Thanks to the usual culprits of government, the media and state education, feminist “values” have become more-or-less mainstream and have added to the problems we face as a society – by design. For many, the definition of abortion has changed from killing one’s unborn child to a woman’s right to control her own body. The rights of the husband, and particularly the human being getting wiped from the pages of history, are non-existent according to feminism.

One of the triumphs of the social re-engineers’ “rights” programme has been to make George Orwell’s “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” become reality.

Gay Rights probably really kicked off in the USA with the Stonewall riots in 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of New York. And this “blueprint” by homosexuals published in the 1980s, “The Overhauling Of Straight America,” was an agenda to infiltrate the media to portray homosexuals as harmless and denormalised, while painting those who disagreed with same-sex liaisons – i.e. the vast majority at the time – as bigots. They advocated the use of well known and effective propaganda techniques to “persuade” the masses to accept homosexual behaviour as normal and even to defend it. You can see how much of the programme has now been carried out and objectives achieved. It is well worth a read.

So, where are we now with music (or what is promoted as such)?

Well, we have this rapper clown Wiz Khalifa offering prizes on Facebook of roll-up papers for kids to make joints out of. He has over ten million “likes” which is very scary.

I think that what we witness is the music industry increasingly turning out a product which is designed to dumb down (via language and drug use) and sexualise (via language, body language and dress – or lack of), as well as encourage children to consider their parents to be out of touch, and like in the Soviet Union, the music industry’s program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism, so blasphemy becomes ‘cool’ because the rapper and hip hop artist say there ain’t no God.

I wouldn’t be surprised if “counter-culture” is more heavily controlled than the mainstream. How ironic is that? What the music industry certainly aims for is to have the people exactly where they want us at any given time.

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5 Responses to The Controlled Music Industry and “Counter-culture”

  1. Vee says:

    American student revolutionaries in the 1960’s were also strongly influenced by the ideas of Herbert Marcuse, a prominent member of the Frankfurt School. One of the more infamous is Angela Yvonne Davis, currently a controversial university professor who teaches Critical Resistance, concentrating on race, gender, equality, gay rights and prison abolition.

    She was involved in a 20-year campaign to end the ‘Prison-industrial’ complex to free black inmates. A life-long devoted communist, she has furthered the cause of the most oppressive blood-soaked regimes in recorded history for which she received the Lenin Prize from East Germany.

    She is another lesbian that was closely associated with the notorious Black Panther Party. This group was formed in the mid-1960’s and composed of African-Americans who were devoted to Black Power. They espoused socialist and Communist doctrines and were the icon of the counterculture. However, brutal militancy and violent tactics overshadowed their political goals.

    Davis was also heavily involved in the American Civil Rights Movement and was a prominent member and political candidate for the Communist Party. She initially studied Critical Theory under Marcuse who described her as “my best student”, and then travelled to Germany to study under Theodor Adorno.

    She thus served to link Cultural Marxism with the American New Left in the 1960’s. Davis was involved in the armed courthouse trial escape of two panthers when they took the judge as a hostage with a shotgun taped to his neck. He was fatally shot. The gun was registered in Davis’s name. She appeared on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List before she was eventually arrested. She was acquitted of all charges at the subsequent trial.

    Marcuse preached the “Great Refusal,” a rejection of all basic Western concepts, sexual liberation and the merits of feminist and black revolution. His primary thesis was that university students, ghetto blacks, the alienated, the asocial, and the Third World could take the place of the proletariat in the Communist revolution.

    In his book An Essay on Liberation, he proclaimed his goals of a radical eroding of values; the relaxation of taboos; cultural subversion; Critical Theory; and a linguistic rebellion that would amount to a methodical reversal of meaning. As for racial conflict he wrote that white men are guilty and that blacks are the most natural force of rebellion.

    He may be the most important member of the Frankfurt School in terms of the origins of political correctness, because he was the critical link to the counter culture of the 1960’s. His objective was clear: “One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment, including morality of existing society…” His means was liberating the powerful, primeval force of sex from its civilized restraints, a message preached in his book, Eros and Civilization, published in 1955.

    Marcuse became one of the main gurus of the 1960’s American teenage sexual rebellion; he himself coined the expression, “Make love, not war.” With that role, the chain of Marxist influence via the Frankfurt School was completed: from Lukacs’ service as Deputy Commissar for Culture in the Bolshevik Hungarian government in 1919 to American students burning the flag and taking over college administration buildings in the 1960’s.

    He was the pied piper of sixties radical youth, feminists, black militants, homosexuals and the alienated and asocial. He openly encouraged sex and drugs and introduced the idea of “polymorphous perversity” where all moral and cultural order is rejected. He also called for a “repressive tolerance” but this was to be applied only to the Left.

    Previous societies had been subverted by the written word, but Marcuse believed that sex and drugs were infinitely superior weapons. He became a cult figure in North America and Europe. For example, during the student revolt in Paris in 1968 they carried banners proclaiming “Marx, Mao and Marcuse”.

    Today, many of these same colleges are bastions of political correctness, and the former student radicals have become the faculties. The anti-war factions became the protestors against nuclear power which spawned groups like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, alarmist of population growth, global cooling and now global warming.

    Another advocate of the radical New Left, paediatrician Dr Benjamin Spock wrote a bestseller entitled ‘The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care’ . He propagated the idea of child permissiveness and the expectation of instant gratification. Attempts to outlaw the smacking of a child continue to this day.

    The London based Gay Liberation Front (GLF), now defunct, was an extension of the American GLF which was created following a police raid on a Mafia controlled gay bar in New York in 1969. Black and white gay queens, homosexuals, lesbians and rent boys fought the police and destroyed property in a three day riot. It became a seminal moment in gay history despite the fact we can trace American homosexual movements as far back as 1919.

    Another movement was the Mattachine Society, which had been created by Communist homosexual Harry Hay in 1948. Abused as a young boy of 14 by a 24-year-old homosexual, Hay is considered the founding father of the American gay movement. The riot led to this organisation becoming more influential despite the fact that Hay was distanced from it because he endorsed pederasty and the GLF wished to present a more acceptable and respectable image.

    Two students at the London School of Economics (LSE), Aubrey Walter and Bob Mellor, founded the British GLF in October 1970 when a small group of 19 men and women met in the basement. At the time the LSE was considered to be a hotbed of revolutionary activists in the country. One popular slogan was “Two, Four, Six , Eight – Copulate and Smash the State.”

    Walter and Mellor had previously visited New York and met members of the Blank Panther Movement who supported gay rights on the basis they considered that homosexuals were oppressed. Walter had also joined a gay commune in San Francisco where, “I met Konstantin Berlandt who had dragged up (in a red sequined dress and long blonde wig) to disrupt the American Psychiatrist Convention. Walter would have picked up the politics of queer theory and the components of practical activist organisation and resistance. Cultural Marxism would be at the heart of this and form its essential foundation.

    Within a month of the creation of the GLF one of their first targets was the police. They held their first ever public demonstration to protest against “pretty policemen” who were arresting them for public indecency and other sexual offences. They also created the slogan “Gay is Good” and “Gay is Angry”. The latter was a coded reference to the Angry Brigade whose members were also involved in the GLF.

    Shortly after they were joined by an 18-year old Australian immigrant from Melbourne named Peter Tatchell.

    Writing of the time Tatchell observes, “Our idealistic vision involved creating a new sexual democracy, without homophobia, misogyny, racism and class privilege. Erotic shame and guilt would be banished, together with compulsory monogamy, the nuclear family and rigid male and female gender roles.” This was indeed a radical and uncompromising challenge to straight society. It also effectively mirrored the extremist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, which is hardly surprising since he had studied Gramsci.

    He has publicly stated his admiration for two American political movements. First, the Black Panthers because they were sympathetic to gay liberation movements and second, the Students for a Democratic Society. These students were radical political firebrands involved in violently protesting civil rights and demonstrating against the Vietnam war. This group eventually spawned into the Weathermen, a secret underground organisation who used black liberational rhetoric to advance a classless society and world communism. In the mid 1970’s they embarked on a violent campaign of bombing government buildings and banks. They also helped Timothy Leary escape from jail and transported him to Algeria.

    It now transpires that the GLF was closely associated with a group called the Angry Brigade. This group terrorised the heart of the British Establishment in a series of bombing attacks across the country which was aimed to maim or kill government ministers, their families and conservative party officials in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

  2. Vee says:

    The Sixties sexual revolution heralded, what for many, was a freedom of spirit from the assumed oppressive constraints of a moral order that had historically formed the very foundation of our society. In its place, we now confront a new tyranny in which freedom of conscience and speech is near bludgeoned to death. Increasingly, political correctness now dominates daily discourse.

    Today, Christian tradition is seen as irrelevant and family values have evaporated to the point that – anything goes. ‘Mum’ and ‘dad’ are now dirty words and fatherhood is largely inconsequential. Morality, integrity and goodness, it seems, have been consigned to the dustbin of history.

    A new paranoid order has emerged which is sensitive to notions of hate, not love. Truth is the first casualty. A revolutionary Big Brother regulator of human rights has emerged that oversees a ‘clockwork orange’ dystopian society, characterised by suspicion, mistrust and loathing. Call it the new Ministry of Hate. A new menacing therapy called diversity training ensures conformity to a new social/sexual order that smacks of Marxist brainwashing theory.

    We would do well to question this seismic evaporation in Christian ethic and civic morality, if not for ourselves, then for the future well-being of generations to come.

    The answer to this onslaught is, in part, explained in a new groundbreaking book about the growing influence of homosexuality in Western society. Consuming five years of intense research, it was that hot that no publisher would touch it. So the author printed it himself by creating EqualTime Books.

    Entitled ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America: And what a long, strange trip it’s been’ (2011) by Michael L Brown is a penetrating look into the rapid influence of homosexuality in America. Worldwide references have been included to make the bigger picture. So it is useful to us since we can draw informative parallels to what has shaped contemporary opinion about unorthodox lifestyles closer to home.

    Michael Brown, apart from being a impressive scholar, religious leader and prolific author with a nationally syndicated daily radio talk show, is a man of exceptional character. He shows considerable empathy and genuine concern for his subject matter – gays and lesbians. He tries desperately to engage their suffering and turmoil with laudable respect in the hope of gaining a deeper understanding and sympathy for their inner turmoil. This is a rare quality, which deserves acknowledgement. It also validates his research. And so, he admonishes the reader to “reach out and resist”. He wants you to approach gay and lesbian issues with sensitivity and kindness but to resist gay activism with courage. No easy venture for the faint hearted and sometimes difficult to define.

    This book systematically attempts to state how the homosexual movement in America began with the Stonewall riot of 1969. It explains what has been achieved since then and notes they have made formidable inroads into conventional society. Although gays vehemently deny it, Dr. Brown destroys their claim they have no agenda. He shows how they are organised and funded with millions of dollars from corporate America who have willingly embraced gay pride.

    Close scrutiny is also given to the educational system, from the early years to the echelons of high learning in America’s leading academic institutions, which, at their inception, embraced Christian ethics of love, duty and tolerance. Aided by leading academics, queer theory has now assumed a firm dominance in the educational system and is entrenched in higher learning.

    For the Christian reader, the more disturbing section will be that on Queer Theory, which holds that, Christ has become a homoerotic hero for gay indulgence. This particular chapter contains a small measure of what the British reader may expect in any future development of unconventional church teaching in the UK. Brown rightly describes this as a perversion of Holy Scripture.

    Another useful chapter exposes the demonstrable contradictions in which gays attempt to separate behaviour from identity. In short, the driving force behind gay politics is all about behaviour. This indicates the compelling nature of their addiction to an insatiable sex. This is followed by a constructive discussion of how scientific debate is being effectively stifled by the gay lobby.

    The final two chapters bring the reader to current developments. This is possibly the most disturbing part of the book.

    Any speech in America which does not affirm homosexuality is now subject to stigma and formal retribution. The oppressed have become the new oppressors and faith organisations are losing their historically established rights. Examples are given in Canada and the UK. Christians are being marginalised and a new ‘thought police’ are knocking at your door. A process of increasing stealth is effectively curtailing freedom of speech.

    Using homosexual sources, Dr. Brown looks to the future. What he finds is that embracing gay and lesbian rights is not enough. The future is genderless and comprises a long complicated list of in-between gender identities – from androgyny to trisexuality. The theoretical foundation for ‘gender bending’ includes, bigenders, gender radicals, butch lesbians, cross-dressing married men, transvestites, intersex, individual transsexuals, drag kings and queens, gender benders queers, gender queen, two spirits and he-shes.

    He is at pains to state clearly that not all homosexuals have any interest in vulnerable young boys, yet is unable to escape the fact that too many do. He gives a timely reminder of a renewed interest by the gay community who may be tempted to stretch the boundaries of sexual conduct in the future.

    This book will appeal to two types of reader. First, those who know little about the subject and who seek insight and, second, those who know a great deal but who wish to update their knowledge of the current situation.

    Satisfy your immediate curiosity and visit Dr Brown’s personal webpage at He wants to hear from you.

    You can also read extracts from his book free of charge.

  3. Dr. Brian Oblivion says:

    I have a minor quibble with the villians in your scenario at the very least. And bear in mind this is from the perspective of from the freest of the free nations that ever was and could ever be.

    The Red Scares and Communist Party hunts are in the distant past. They ran their counterproductive or rather destructive course decades ago. The Red Scare was put to good use to direct the resistant public in the state’s favored direction away from apathy and isolationism (a rational pacifism perhaps) in the more profitable direction. A new War to End All Wars was not something America would want to miss out on.

    Armed with some new methods of persuasion introduced by Edward Bernays a public relations industry was born and any reservations about using propaganda (persuasion, whatever you want to call it) to “nudge” the public in more profitable ways was put to use. I think it’s been in force since that time.

    The narrative of the clever socialist or die-hard communist, the leftist in every pot urban tale never goes away and its urgency hasn’t waned in the thirty years or so I’ve heard it referenced. The radical wobbly movement in the United States was an actual threat 80 years ago, no doubt. My great grandparents were radicals as were most immigrants who fled Europe to get away from the assholes and systems of control back in Europe. They came here with no money, no power, and were very wary of the old realities they fled.

    So of course they were looking to people like Eugene Debs. These people wanted all the crazy things that the American revolutionaries had espoused when they decided to break away from Britain. Concessions to labor that were minor compared to Europe in the long and short runs only occurred because the wobblies and radicals fought and died in the streets for them. What happened to the wobblies anyway? They’re long gone, the ghosts of that radicalism was extinguished completely and America was thus safe for democracy and freedom ever since that May Day that those horrid anarchists were hanged for daring to take the ideals seriously. They were intended for the polite landowners, not immigrant workers. But lesson learned and quickly forgotten.

    Americans don’t remember May Day. Sure typical of the dark humor inherited from our British cousins the name was changed to the more appropriate “Loyalty Day”, very witty that. Ronald Reagan, the mirror image of Thatcher who freed Britons from the threat of socialism or whatever referred to May Day as “LAW DAY.” Because Americans going back to the day they learned that yes you can be hanged for your ideals, agreed with the Gipper, without law there is no order.

    Despite leftist professors and teachers who like the crafty Jew (that’s an old and lasting boogey man) or some other dirty foreigner are always tirelessly poisoning our institutions, laying in wait, stabbing us in the back, or whatever else they do so very slowly and invisibly and that ever persistent liberal media bravely supporting business as usual despite the liberal socialist thirst for blood… are remarkably patient and useless.

    Come on, I don’t know about the menace in Europe, so vigilant I am for the commie leftist Marxist terrorist I don’t have the energy to analyze Europe. One thing is certain… I think… EU is the name of your collective cage. Like Americans for the last 200 glorious years, you need to shed those ideas of nation and become one glorious homogeneous blank slate so you can accept the new Utopian reality and freedom that will become natural once you get used to the idea.

    I do realize that the socialist Obama who cheerfully signs everything the Republicans want and more while being almost in too much of a hurry to thrown Medicaid and whatever else is lying around into the deficit reduction hole is at any moment going to … run for reelection to finish the job of eliminating the last remnants of the radical era finally at long last….

    Obama a socialist oh that’s funny oh so funny. Come on get a grip. Where are those socialists? The commies. The Marxists. The … anything at all? There’s barely a whimper, in fact there’s cheers. What for? Beats me. With austerity here and now normalised forward we go the most free ever people, we the.

    Where’s the crafty enemy? I dunno. In the free press? Nah. In the schools where the speculators learned how to make money out of money booms and busts from speculation. Nah.

    I can’t help but wonder what my dead great grandparents were thinking as they reflected over the risky flight to freedom’s shores and radicalism was completely wiped out in their lifetime and prosperity which they saw flourish and vanish, the violence and the apathy, the wealth that accrued. The children will have a better life than we did. I honestly don’t know. But they were a bit quiet.

    My irrelevant theory is that Edward Bernays, the father and advocate of the public relation industry which dwarfs congress, and Walter Lipperman’s press whose purpose was to create a “necessary illusion” ultimately won with efficiency only found in a free market economy. Obama, villain and empty suit, the hope of the faithful with no shared values, no ideas at all really is the ultimate politician — shiny and articulate but completely empty — it’s a triumph of the market. The free market is a stunning success.

    Unfortunately it’s not my toy after all. Well then again maybe I’m the socialist, I forgot to keep watching the television.

    Ironically the nihilism of Marx and Trotsky who like other tyrants destroyed links to the past in their glorious revolution leaving no way back and no escape was conflated with socialism… And who wouldn’t reject that crock of misery and nihilism.

    Critics are the only real villians that get outed: they somehow always are agents of the tobacco industry, or hate America are avid Marxists because Marxism is just so irresistable an in vogue 100 years later. You bet. Disco still rocks the house too. Noam Chomsky… he’s gotta be in his eighties. That’s the one, Horowitz exposed him. Being a former Marxist he uh oh wait. There is no enemy other than Goldstein, so remember the name, I bet Yurp has one too.

    So what now? Celebrate my chain? Exercise my all powerful freedom of speech? Brr, chilling effect. The advancing surveillance state. Who knows, maybe freedom of speech is a wonderful thing like in Tinanamen Square… what happened to that. Maybe there’s value in being anonymous. I hear they never forget something or other.

    The last one in Europe should not fail to turn out the light. Thanks. Gotta be green.

    God bless America, the beacon of hope for the world. We will bring freedom to the world. Amen.

    P.S. where are the villains?

  4. Dr. Brian Oblivion says:

    I apologize for dumping that load on your blog. The European fears have a lot in common with the American fears… it’s the same basic plot, with different emphasis on the villains, but the end although not explicit cannot be what we and those before us were hoping for and striving for.

    Is there a real threat stalking Europe? Is it the obvious and clearly identifiable other… the immigrant? Anyone else? Are your politicans responsive to your electorate or do they sometimes without explanation resist and ignore what seem to be rational requests?

    Too many questions. I’m sure you know your business. I’m sure mine will be assigned as the austerity settles in for real. Good luck.

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