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You might remember the story of Colin Atkinson from a few months ago. He is the 64 year-old former soldier who ended up in serious trouble from his employers, Wakefield and District Housing (WDH), for keeping a palm cross on his company van’s dashboard.

Now another Christian, Adrian Smith, who works for another housing trust, Trafford Council and Trafford Housing Trust, has been demoted, with a 40% pay cut, for stating on his own personal Facebook page that ‘gay church marriages’ are “a step too far”. Apparently, the only reason he wasn’t sacked is because of his eighteen years of service.

We are becoming a nation of informants:

Mr Smith was disciplined after a second colleague complained to the Trust’s ‘equality and diversity lead’, Helen Malone.

A few days later, Mr Smith was summoned from his home to a meeting at the Trust’s headquarters in Sale, where he was told he was being suspended while the complaint was investigated.

He was warned that even though his Facebook page could be viewed only by registered friends, rather than by the general public, those readers included colleagues who had taken issue with his comments.

Perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye. It seems his ‘friends’ and colleagues were ganging up on him and perhaps using his rather unassuming comments as an excuse to get rid of someone they don’t like. If he was homosexual and being bullied and harassed, it would have been a totally different matter. One phone call to Stonewall would have left his bosses and colleagues panic-stricken.

A shocked Mr Smith, who managed a team looking after local housing issues, immediately removed the reference to where he worked from the page.

Why remove it? I have a feeling that allowing yourself to be cowed by these creeps will be seen as a sign of weakness. The Trust has 350 employees. Many of these will likely share Mr Smith’s beliefs and most will be afraid to speak out. And I hope those who grassed him up don’t get too complacent, or they could also find themselves the subject of a witch hunt if they are caught uttering a non-PC opinion (if they are capable). I would not have too many drinks at the office Christmas party if I was them. The walls probably have ears. (They will probably have a ‘Winterval’ party, of course, so as not to ’cause offence’.)

The following month he was called to a disciplinary meeting before Mike Corfield, the Trust’s Assistant Director, Customers. Although Mr Smith was allowed to put his case, insiders described the meeting as ‘tense and fraught’.

I can imagine. He would likely have been made to feel like scum by his interrogators. Like there was something wrong with him.

According to legal documents lodged at Manchester County Court, Debbie Gorman, a ‘neighbourhood manager’ also at the meeting, said Mr Smith’s comment could cause offence.

Indeed. A comment could ’cause offence’ but that is sometimes the price we pay to have freedom of speech. The alternative is far, far worse.

But because of his loyal service, Mr Smith was instead demoted to money support adviser, handling rent collection. His pay was reduced to £21,396, phased in over a year, and he was given a final written warning.

Mr Smith’s solicitor has said that, ‘Nothing he said was offensive or abusive. His comments were calm, measured and reasonable.

That doesn’t matter anymore. Freedom of speech has gone. You will comply – because someone, somewhere might be offended, especially when there’s money to be made.

‘Adrian has been treated disproportionately. Even those who disagree with his opinions will surely agree that he has been treated badly.’

I doubt it, actually. Some people are too far removed from reality now.

Last year, the Trust, which employs 360 staff, was awarded a ‘quality mark’ from a gay support group for its work training staff in recognising homophobic hate crime.

But it has also angered a number of elderly residents by ordering them to remove garden benches and flower pots from outside their flats for health-and-safety reasons.

Yes, they are clearly drugged up on a heady cocktail of political correctness gone mad and health and safety taken to insane extremes.

This is the future for everyone if this nonsense isn’t dealt with once and for all. David Cameron promised to end this sort of persecution, but as we know, he is a joker who has actually meted out similar treatment to some of his party members. It is no exaggeration to compare what is happening in the UK and EU to China and Soviet Russia. Clearly, it won’t just be Christians who will be browbeaten, but eventually, everyone but the most mindless drones will be forced to conceal their true feelings. For example, there are some people who want criticism of the EU to be a criminal offence. That would probably make criminals of the majority of the British people at the moment, but imagine it being an actual crime. How many detractors would remain?

One thing is for sure: I will never be employed by a housing trust. Nor would I want to be.

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5 Responses to Unbelievable

  1. Thinker says:

    disagreeing with the lifestyle of gay people is one thing, hate for them is something different.
    the Trafford Housing trust has no power or authority to discipline or to interfere in someones personal life,as this person’s opinion does not constitute a criminal act.
    As for a final written warning, taking into account the circumstances, this would be illegal on behalf of the trust, as no criminal act has been committed, it seems that the trust thinks more of its award from the gay support group than reality.
    I do not advocate hate towards gays, I do disagree with the lifestyle they lead.

  2. I hope this guy takes on the housing trust and that justice is done.

  3. Clive McLaren says:

    I have a suspicion he was primed to put his non PC foot in it by that question, ‘so you don’t approve then?’ Has anyone one read ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World? PC attached to the subtly dangerous so called ‘equality laws’ have given authorities and employers incredible powers over our personal freedoms of speech and opinions. ‘Christophobia’ is the new homophobia and xenophobia, but this one is actively exploited by ‘minority’ lobbyists E.G ‘Stonewall’, to get legal sanctions and supported by the European Court of Human Rights, adopted by a very liberal political scene in the UK,EU and USA, and happily shared and communicated by the BBC.

    Divide and rule has never been so successful The wholesale demoralization of our nation because of the lack of genuine, united leadership from the hierarchy of divisive denominations, has created generations of creeping apathy in those who profess to be Christian.

    The real scandals of sexual and financial abuse in the Church, the genuinely homophobic and bigoted minority who get the headlines and get the rest of us tarred with the same brush; all these weaknesses the secular world has exploited to demean our faith to an ever more sceptical public.

    My denomination is riddled with PC,politics, bureaucracy, liberal secularism, petty squabbles over pews and styles of worship, condoned by a lack of courageous Biblical leadership and a paucity of Christian love and grace.

    The enemy is having a field day with all the above distractions. We have taken our eyes off Jesus and our faith is riddled with worldly worms undermining who we are and what we believe. We have become, pharisees and cowards; may God forgive us, and may we see the truth before it is too late.

  4. Thinker says:

    Clive that would come from the Frankfurt school from the 20s and 30s, total destruction of the UK seems to be their goal,
    I know what you say about petty squabbles as I have seen it myself and unsound doctrines, especially from many of the tv evangelists.

  5. Peter Henderson says:

    Did the same housing trust employ a group of people to also protect its staff against Christophobic bullying? If not, why not? I am sick and tired THE RIGHTS OF CHRISTIANS ARE CONSTANTLY BEING PLACED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PILE. Why? Society is being shot through with this hatred of Jesus Christ and His teaching.

    A society which breeds the loss of freedom of speech, is on a par with the beliefs and practices of Hitler and of Communism. During the World War, thousand of people lost their lives to fight for the right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Now society is undoing all this!

    David Cameron’ action stinks in witholding foreign aid from African countries dying of starvation unless they carry out the wishes of the gay lobby who, in conclusion with Stonewall, blackmail desparately starving people of food, unless they are forced to go against their conscience and defy God and the clear teaching of the Bible by ceasing to make illegal Sodomy! Of course we know that the Prime Minister has to obey the commands of his employers – the gay lobby, otherwise he would immediately lost power! This is compromising principles for power, driven along by a hatred for Jesus Christ!

    It is because African culture loves people and are doing all they can to rescue them from God’s judgement over their sin! Ironically, our national leaders and the gay community do not show Zero tolerance. They hate Christians!

    Peter Tatchell, a leading gay activist strongly believes that Christians have a right to freedom of speech and to discriminate against them because they disagree with his views IS WRONG!

    Equality should mean that Christians have a right to express their views in the same way as anyone else. OUR LEADERS AND THE GAY LOBBY DO NOT BELIEVE IN EQUALITY. They promote the persecuion of Christians. They have taken no action to rectify this matter, because they are not interested.

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