Footballer Sacked over Twitter Jibe: The Use of ‘Homophobia’ as a Tool of Abuse of Power

It is a strange irony that the greater the number of social networking websites which appear, the less people are allowed to say before getting into trouble with the Thought Police and their snitches.

The agenda is exactly the same all over the Western World: make people feel afraid of expressing opinions that are “off-message”. It’s globalism; global tyranny. It is just developing at slightly different speeds depending on the success of the opposition by decent, aware people. The threats to our freedoms – very basic freedoms, at that – are increasing all the time, as evidenced by this story: Footballer sacked over homophobic tweet aimed at Gareth Thomas.

Mike Ford, manager of the Southern Football League Premier Division club, said the decision was taken in response to Steele tweeting about Thomas’s appearance in Celebrity Big Brother. Steele wrote: “I wouldn’t fancy the bed next to Gareth Thomas #padlockmyarse”.

And that is it. Out the dressing room door you go, Steele.

Ford told the BBC: “On this occasion Lee’s had to pay for his error of judgment. He’s made a homophobic comment, [but] that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s homophobic.”

But Mr Ford, manager of the diddy team playing three divisions down from the Football League, gives Steele no chance to make amends. He is an outcast and forced to wear a metaphorical yellow star in the football world.

Steele, 38, had a long career in the Football League playing for clubs including Shrewsbury, Oxford United and Leyton Orient, and was part of the Brighton squad that won the old Division Two in 2001-02.

Some careers end because of broken legs, illness and accidents. Mr Ford ended Lee Steele’s career because of a quip on the internet.

Reacting to the sacking, the Justin Campaign against homophobia in football said: “While it is never pleasing to see someone lose a position in a club or company, we fully applaud the club’s decision to terminate the player’s contract.

Fancy that; no mercy from the ‘gay’ lobby. No calls for a bit of common sense and sense of proportion. They don’t even realise that to show forgiveness and clemency would further their aims no end.

“For far too long homophobic comments like the ones Steele made have been defended using the erroneous argument that such remarks as simply harmless ‘banter’. However, we no longer accept racist ‘banter’, and likewise, we must never accept homophobic ‘banter’.

To help answer that tired old comparison with racism, and other points, I will turn to this interesting analysis on the Guardian Watch blog entitled, Homophobia – The Gays’ Secret Weapon.

The writer has some sympathy for the club’s position, but then states,

So for the footballer in this case to be sacked for expressing what is a very very common feeling amongst straight men [‘latent homosexual tendencies’], especially straight men who find themselves in environments surrounded by other men, such as football, seems incredibly unfair. He was basically sacked for being a man!

I think this tells us exactly what is going on – and deserves to be in bold text:

This increased use of ‘homophobia’ as a ‘criminal’ offence is all part of the Big Gay Project. Again as Simpson has so clearly explained (back in 1996 in his book Anti Gay for example), the ‘gay’ identity has developed in part through the development of the concept of ‘homophobia’:
‘So, in the As [After Stonewall] epoch, homosexuality, with its nasty medicinal odour, was now an increasingly redundant term. Instead, ‘homo-phobia’, a word with a nasty medicinal odour, was coined to explain the origins of the obviously mentally imbalanced idea that gay wasn’t good. While the innocent BS [Before Stonewall] homosexual was the victim of pathologisation and prejudice, the guilty AS [After Stonewall]  homophobe was obviously deserving of pathologisation and prejudice. ‘

Now onto the comparison with ‘ racism':

I find this conflation of racism with homophobia troubling, in part for the reasons I have stated above. If ‘homo-anxiety’ and ‘latent homosexuality’ are in fact an aspect of nearly all men, then ‘homophobia’ does not relate to an ‘other’, separate from the ‘homophobe’ as racism does.

However, there are ways in which ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ DO function in similar ways as discourses. The ‘born this way’ version of gay identities suggests that being ‘gay’, like having a certain skin colour, or being from a certain place, is innate, natural, fixed. But, as is often the case with identity politics there is an irony here. It is, in part, using Simpson’s ideas,  this ‘fixed, natural, innate’ gay identity that enables ‘homophobia’ to exist.  Without ‘homophobia’ ‘gay’ may not be here at all, and this is why gays use ‘homophobia’ so strategically in their crusades.

As James Baldwin has put it so eloquently:

“People invent categories in order to feel safe. White people invented black people to give white people identity. . . . Straight cats invented faggots so they could sleep with them without becoming faggots themselves.”

– James Baldwin to Nikki Giovanni

I might add to that statement – ‘faggots invented homophobia so they could continue to exist as a distinct identity group in an ever-changing world’.

So if we want to get rid of homophobia (and indeed racism, for whilst skin colour is something we are born with, the ‘black’ or ‘white’ identity is not), we need to challenge the categories on which it is based. And that means challenging the notion of a ‘gay’ identity, especially challenging the idea that ‘gay’ is particularly special, particularly oppressed, and particularly, to use Simpson’s word: ‘fabby’.

I don’t know where the writer gets the idea that ‘homo-anxiety’ and ‘latent homosexuality’ are an aspect of most men; it would be interesting to read any believable research. Certainly, there has been a major shift in what is considered normal and acceptable behaviour. As the writer indicates, homosexuality was the mental illness of the past, but now not thinking that ‘gay’ is good is considered its replacement clinical condition.

The extra danger now to freedom is that once something has been labelled a mental condition, it makes it easier for ‘dissenting’ individuals to be abused by the state, as happened in the USSR:

Soviet psychiatric hospitals were used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate hundreds or thousands of political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally. This method was also employed against religious prisoners and most especially against well-educated former atheists who adopted a religion. In such cases their religious faith was determined to be a form of mental illness that needed to be cured.

Many people wonder why one or two percent of the population has so much influence in how our society is evolving, or rather, being re-engineered, but in my opinion the main reasons for the promotion of homosexuality are these:

1) as a divide and rule tactic;

2) for the weakening of traditional family life, society’s basic unit of strength;

3) as one part of the agenda to erode the West’s moral values and culture;

4) to aid in the control of thought and speech.

It has nothing to do with equality, fairness and justice and everything to do with control of the masses. The Tories promised to reverse this madness of political correctness, but it keeps marching on. Of course it does; they are party to it. They wouldn’t be allowed to form a government if they weren’t keen as mustard. It’s a global phenomenon. It’s also surely one of the reasons we didn’t get our EU referendum. The EU is one of PC’s major steering groups and 27 countries are subject to its diktats, so that isn’t something the globalists will sit idly by and watch disintegrating if they can avoid it.

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17 Responses to Footballer Sacked over Twitter Jibe: The Use of ‘Homophobia’ as a Tool of Abuse of Power

  1. Hi
    Great post, thanks for referencing me.

    This is Metrosexy, by Mark Simpson who I referenced in my piece. It does explain more about that ‘latent homosexuality’ in men:

  2. James Strong says:

    This sacking is a manifestation of thought control and it’s frightening.

    Some people are pro-gay, some are anti-gay and some are indifferent.

    I wouldn’t go into a communal shower after a sporting event if a known gay was in there.

    But I don’t regard myself as homophobic. How the thought police regard, I don’t care. I hope that it continues to be possible for me not to care what the thought police think of me, but I fear that might be an unsustainable position in the future.

  3. Great post Stewart.

    All men are heterosexual by nature. All men are born heterosexual. A tiny handful – we’re talking 1% of society – will choose (for whatever reason) or be led/corrupted into engaging in homosexual perversion behaviour.

    Homosexual behaviour is an evil and depraved perversion which does great harm to participants, and the promotion of the pervert agenda in society is doing great harm to British society.

    All right-thinking men – that’s the vast majority of us – must stand up and say ‘No!’ to the perverts who want to corrupt our children and communities and who want to demean the honourable status of marriage.

    Evil perversion must be crushed wherever it raises its head. The tide is finally beginning to turn in the UK as more and more people are standing up and saying ‘No!’ to the perverts and their organisations like fake-charity militant pervert lobby group Stonewall.

    As an Englishman I will not tolerate the evil and depravity of homosexual-perversion in my society… who stands with me against the militant perverts?

    Well then, if you’re a real man and you’re going to take responsibility for the welfare of your children and your community, then take a stand and take action against these evil people who are seeking to impose their evil on everybody else.

  4. Somebody said something stupid and his employers weren’t impressed. It happens all the time. You could argue that Oxford City over reacted a little, but it’s really dumb to start crying about discrimination.

    Freedom of speech is not freedom from response. If you say something someone else might find offensive then be prepared to justify it, apologise for it or face the consequences (if someone overreacts, you call them out on it, you don’t start crying about discrimination). There should be leeway for stuff said whilst drunk or taken out of context (particularly the latter) but “*Sob* The homosexuals are picking on me!!!!!” is not a valid defence for saying something dumb. I notice that there’s no mention in the article of Steele himself commenting on his sacking. Perhaps he’s better able than you to accept that he did something stupid and has to move on.

    Richard, Gareth Thomas is more of a real man than any of the “right thinking” types you fantasise about. To have the guts to be honest about his sexuality in the world of Rugby must have taken some doing. He’s gone down in my estimation for appearing on Big Brother, but no-one’s perfect.

  5. Gareth Thomas a “real man” you say Ian? I beg your pardon? The reality of authentic manhood and the truth of authentic masculinity is that any person who is truly a ‘man’ [all men being entirely heterosexual by nature] does not engage in homosexual-perversion behaviour but rather acts in accordance with his heterosexual nature. Gareth Thomas needs help to overcome his homosexual problems and return to his normal and natural heterosexual condition.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:


    Thanks for the link. The social re-engineering of male and female roles is more advanced than I had thought.

  7. Stewart Cowan says:

    Agree with all of that, Mr Strong. It’s a few decades since I was in a communal shower after a sporting event. Can’t say I considered there might be wandering eyes in those days. If I’d known one of my team mates was homosexual I’d have timed my showers to perfection (before/after he showered) and kept a tight grip of the soap at all times.

    And padlocked my buttock cheeks together!

    It’s just as well I work for myself or I would have had to think twice before typing that.

  8. Stewart Cowan says:

    Well said, Richard. As a Scotsman and Briton, I too will not tolerate the evil and depravity of homosexual perversion in my society.

  9. Stewart Cowan says:


    Perhaps Steele knows there is no point in arguing when the system has become so corrupt.

    Yes, it must have been an ordeal for Thomas to ‘come out’ but I think the greater man would address his problem of same-sex attraction and not give in to it.

  10. My, you’re an impressive collection of real men aren’t you. Scared someone might see your dangly bits and terrified of anyone who’s not the same as them.

    Genuine real men are secure enough that they don’t feel threatened just because other people are different.

  11. Speaking for myself Ian, I’d say I have full immunity to Displayed Dangly Bits Aversion Syndrome since I spent 36 days in hospital after my big fall in June/July 2010.

    As you can imagine when one is wearing a body brace, three limb casts and stuck on a bed, well – my Pride of England got rather more attention from half a dozen nurses than it did from me for several weeks.

    I have to say, if there’s an up side to falling down a cliff and breaking your neck, then it’s being a captive patient of nurse Gemma, care assistant Kirsty and all their lovely colleagues at [the former] Newcastle General Hospital. I was a happy man on that ward, believe me.

    Ian, you need to grow up and accept that if you’ve got a willy – then you’re sexually compatible only with a woman.

    Stewart, I’m glad you’re out and proud as a Scottish heterosexual; well done.

  12. I’m sure your little Dick was a source of great amusement on the ward.

    I’m grown up enough to understand that different people like different things and that if you find the person you’re sexually compatible with then, no matter what gender you both are, no bigot should try to get in the way of your love.

  13. Actually I think the med students were more impressed by my head wounds; but on the other hand, some of those young Geordie nurses really were too kind behind the curtain ;)

  14. robbo says:

    Hi Stewart!

    Do you still deny that you are homophobic?


    That story is rather disturbing. For a morality campaigner to be so proud of his dirty and perverted thoughts while getting a bed bath in hospital. Is it just that your dirty perversions are only about the opposite sex that you can be so bold? BTW my flatmate is a transexual woman and since she has not had her surgery yet she is more than happy to be qualified to chase girls which, strangely enough makes her a lesbian. Where is she going wrong?

  15. No, that story is rather humorous. Man-meets-nurse is a classic. I had some especially lovely conversations with the teenage student nurses; those young geordie lasses are delightful. But what’s disturbing is your advocacy of the tranny perversion.

  16. Stewart Cowan says:

    Yes, Robbo, I deny I am ‘homophobic.’ I am not afraid of homosexuals, I am afraid for them – for their health (physical, spiritual and mental) and their safety.

  17. Silas Blisset says:

    I think to be frank and absolutley honest here.Regarding the sacking of footy manager.It was his own fault. Everyone is intitled to there opinions but it is most unprofesional to say homophopic comments in public.
    Also gay people have every right to have rights like anyone else. Homosexuality isn’t a mental disorder.

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