Is Diane Abbott racist or stupid?

Or both?

Diane Abbott. Or is it Robert Mugabe?

Firstly, I think the woman is horrendous, particularly for her campaign to have abortion legalised in Northern Ireland, despite the protestations from all parts of the community there. Typical socialist: we don’t care how you want to live or what you hold precious, we’re going to tell you what to do.

However, this doesn’t imply she is a racist. I’m sure she despises the unborn equally, regardless of colour. I wonder what she makes of the fact that black unborn babies in the USA (not sure of the UK figures) are more likely to be aborted than white ones, in what some term the black holocaust. They say that US abortionists kill more blacks every three days than the Ku Klux Klan has done in its history. I doubt she cares. ‘Rights’ to feminazis of her ilk do not include the right to life (surely the most basic right of all), but the ‘right’ of a woman to ‘control her own fertility’, blah, blah. Similarly, to the feminist mind, the father has no rights in determining the future of his unborn child, just the woman. There’s only one thing worse than a feminist woman like Abbott, and that’s a man who shares her feminist beliefs.

Leg-iron wrote a piece with which I largely agree and raises several valid points,

As a honky myself I took no offence other than to observe that it is not white people, but politicians such as herself, who are using the ‘divide and rule’ principle these days.

Cue some excerps from the post on this blog I link to most,

Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett has announced that:

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.

He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”.

Critics said the revelations showed a “conspiracy” within Government to impose mass immigration for “cynical” political reasons.

Mr Neather wrote: “Earlier drafts [of a policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit] I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.

And as we know, multiculturalism is about dividing the population into pockets of ‘communities’ and the ‘equality and diversity’ brigade can then stir them up with all the phoney ‘rights’ nonsense to get them at each other instead of fighting our common enemy: the social engineers.

As Leggy writes, her comment was racist, as it ‘defined an entire ethnic group within one derogatory statement’, but he doesn’t believe she is. I just don’t know, but as most of her white colleagues would appear to be racist against the native Brits, why should she be any different? I also don’t know if her subsequent twittergaffe (if this isn’t a word, it should be) in which she suggested that taxi drivers are inclined not to pick up black passengers, is based on reality or if it is just her that they don’t pick up, and who could blame them, especially as she looks increasingly like Robert Mugabe (see picture above for proof!) and they are probably fearful that if they let her in their cab she’ll take their home and land from them.

BBC Bristol sacked their presenter, Sam Mason, in 2008 after she called a taxi firm to collect her 14 year-old daughter and requested an ‘English’ driver. I wrote to the BBC at the time to complain about the dismissal and, of course, received the sort of standard reply I expected. Is Sam Mason a racist for wanting to protect her daughter from a (perceived) heightened risk?

So is it just proles who deserve to be sacked for being ‘racist’ whether or not they really are?

As Leg-iron concludes,

Diane Abbott was part of the government that brought about this equality. The one in which the politicians despise us all equally.

She was one of those who made this happen. She was one of those who created these laws.

They are ridiculous, but they are laws. Should she escape them?

One rule for the proles, another for the Politburo. Let’s see if that’s true.

Many, many people are about to find out just where they stand.

Is she racist?

Who knows?

Is she stupid?


Should she be sacked?

She should never have been elected.

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10 Responses to Is Diane Abbott racist or stupid?

  1. Vee says:


    Everything this women does is contingent upon a manifestly racist prejudice which is based upon the simple expedient of avarice and self aggrandisement.

    She hates whitey!


  2. Vee says:


    Oh, yes!

    She’s stupid too!

    Lacking good judgement, she is unable to conceal her racist venom.


  3. Vee says:


    Reflecting its Cultural Marxist narrative, the media LOVE her.

    She encapsulates three strands of victimhood.

    1..She is a woman

    2..She is black

    3..She is a single parent

    Being a politician she has helped to create laws which guarantee a multiple-choice minority status deserving of positive discrimination and social advantage.

    In spite of this, though, she still has a big hateful chip running down her supine spine.


  4. Good post Stewart.

    Diane Abbott’s social/political views are dreadful and diabolical.

    I think the best source for information on America’s Black Holocaust is Arnold Culbreath of Protecting Black Life:

    One of the things I find so ironic about Barack Obama being President is that he is presiding over America’s Black Holocaust.

  5. m bolton says:

    this woman has to go how can she get away with being racist against white people if we were that way to black people we will be arrested so fast and in court i say sack the racist bitch never let her work as an mp ever again put ur to work on the streets with real people sweeping the streets then she will know what it is like for us in the uk to struggle everyday i strugle every mn of the day i am in pain everyday 24/7 i am disabled with out my wifes help i would not want to live alone diane abbot does not know the real people or the real world sack her and ban her as an mp please

  6. m bolton says:

    why is it theres a law for one and a law for diane abbott anyone else would be sacked and be in court ,the police said she has noting to answert o are the police racist too,oop i for got thay are hahaa sue her sack her and let all get on with life

  7. m bolton says:

    i say sack her mr millband now or are u a racist too it sounds like ur are as ur supporting thing low life woman as an mp in ur labout party its so wrong ill never vote labour untill she goes for good

  8. Thinker says:

    this type of person is certainly stirring the pot for trouble,
    just think, how much more will the British people take before they really go to town on racists, that only despise the white population in the UK, its about time that many of our politicians remembered they also have white skin, and how long before they get booted out of their jobs, and find them filled by foreigners, or have our politicians selective sight, to see only one side of the population.
    I am not racially biased, I believe there are many good people in the UK, who work and pay their taxes, whose skin colour is different than mine, in no way should they be discriminated against, but treated as fairly

  9. Silas Blisset says:

    I think that this woman is a disgrace. For being a blatant racist who quite clearly hates white people. Why is she not taken to court like John Terry?She also agrees with Abortion which I find disgraceful.

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