So how are you all?

Greetings! Work is busy, so blogging has been light (pretty non-existent). My new flag website is finally up (though needs a few finishing touches) and awaiting hundreds more products to be added. I don’t think I have ever plugged my businesses here before, but if you want flags for the upcoming events you could do worse than buying from me. So buy flags and bunting at sale prices from Flags of the World. (That should be a good description for SEO purposes!)

I am on disc number 14 of my Laurel and Hardy box set, so just seven to go after this one. I was right when I said they would last me till the Spring. That’s practically all I have watched in the past two months. I saw an episode of Hart to Hart as well. It was the one with the unbelievable plot and the incredibly corny dialogue. No, I can’t be more specific.

Nothing much changes from month to month anyway. The UK Government still cannot help but stick its nose into the affairs of other countries and threaten them with ‘democracy’.

And Cameron still minces around trying to be all things to all people: a Europhile and a Eurosceptic; against political correctness and pro-equality in all its unjust forms; pro-Christian and pro-secular humanism.

He probably also claims to be pro-life and pro-abortion as part of his devotion to two-facedness.

But of course, he is merely a puppet of the same forces as New Labour and he’s putting on an act and not a convincing one.

The football team I supported in my younger days went into administration: the Teddy Bears – the Queen’s Eleven: Rangers. To make matters worse, they had ten points deducted, although they could have done with getting ten points added on if they had hoped to catch up with Celtic. But imagine Glasgow without Rangers. It would be like Amsterdam without Ajax, Turin without Juventus, Brussels without Anderlecht or Liverpool without, er, Liverpool. And Celtic; what would become of Celtic?

Surely the Rangers brand is too big to fail and no top flight team in the world can match their 54 league titles. If Rangers fail, so will Celtic. Who in the East End of Glasgow is going to bother much after the loss of their other half? Where will the fun be in singing about the IRA when nobody’s chanting back about the UDA?

Or maybe it would be good for them both to perish, and Queen’s Park to resume their glory days of the 19th Century and Partick Thistle to start theirs. Maybe a new football order could grow, one which isn’t dominated by sectarianism, which makes the city look like it is populated by the last of the Neanderthals.

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3 Responses to So how are you all?

  1. Oh, I’m all right, I suppose.

  2. OK thanks – except for a head cold. My blogging is sporadic these days; I need fresh wind in the sails..

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    You’re soldiering on like myself, Michael.

    I’ve just had my first cold in a year or two, C.C. It wasn’t too bad at all, really. Big Pharma was not required. It probably didn’t affect my blogging as it is also sporadic.

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