The World is still turning – mad!

Mad WorldIt’s been quite a while since my last post, but I couldn’t help noticing that the “civilised” World is becoming more unstable by the day, so I felt the need to write about it. Pity there isn’t a rehab centre for nations.

Things are still being banned left, right and centre, or threatened with censorship and people are being persecuted for daring to be religious. The Advertising Standards Authority has received complaints about Cranmer’s internet advert which he produced on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage. It simply promotes marriage between a man and a woman, but this is ‘homophobic and offensive’ according to some. The ASA wrote,

We require you to explain your rationale for the ad and comment specifically on the points raised in the attached complaint notification.

In Ireland, there is a move to ban the advertising of most cheeses during children’s television programmes.

Perhaps that’s the time most mice tune in.

In a California town, you need to buy a permit if you want to have your friends over to study the Bible:

Chuck and Stephanie Fromm already have been fined $300 for holding Bible studies for their friends at their home, and they face the potential for additional fines of $500 for each study held, according to a legal team taking their case to court.

Land of the free? In God we trust?

Next up will be three or four “official” church denominations like in China, all sympathetic to the ruling elite.

Rulers in many countries are terrified of real Christians because their beliefs are usually vastly different.

When Bishop Daniel Jenky urged believers to oppose President Obama’s “radical pro-abortion and extreme secularist agenda” at the ballot box in November, he was hit with an IRS complaint thanks to a national secularist lobby group.

At a gathering of Catholic men on Saturday, the Illinois prelate had slammed Obama’s mandate forcing religious employers to cover contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs. The unprecedented attack on religious freedom, he said, signaled that the president “seems intent on following a similar path” as past dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, and Otto von Bismarck.

Those nice secularists were upset because what the bishop said seemed to be “a clear violation of federal law… Churches are tax-exempt institutions, and they aren’t allowed to intervene in partisan politics.”

So, evil politicians must be allowed to just get on with it without question? I wonder if Christians in Lithuania are allowed to question why a neo-Nazi youth group in their country has been adopted onto a council which receives European Union funding.

Back in California and it may soon be illegal for parents to talk to their own children about sexual desires they consider immoral.

California Senate Bill 1172 would make any kind of sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) by therapists, psychologists, counselors and parents an illegal act punishable by arrest, fines and/or jail time.  The bill, which has already made it through its first committee hearing, would require adults seeking therapy or counseling to fill out a consent form containing specific questions on sexual orientation.  Most professionals who have reviewed the consent form and questions are against the measure.

UK politics is as bizarre as ever, with both Labour and the Tories seeming to be keen to hold an EU referendum in the next Parliament. It’s never *this* Parliament, of course. That’s because they are compulsive liars with no mandate from their globalist puppet masters to be allowed to honour their previous “cast-iron” pledges, but they will continue to make the same “promises” because they know that so many people find comfort in lies and that they keep getting away with it.

That’s it for now. I’m away to read the Bible and eat half a pound of cheddar. Needless to say, a warrant for my arrest will have been issued by the time you read this.

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34 Responses to The World is still turning – mad!

  1. Stewart Cowan says:

    They were more attuned to discern truth from lies in those days.

  2. thinker says:

    Stewart people ignore the truth unless it suits them, and conforms with their ideas on their type of society.
    It is completely impossible to prove evolution to be true,i am sure you are aware of this.

  3. robbo says:

    haha thinker, well said!
    Of course you will know, if your name truly reflects your nature, that the point is that after 150 years of trying no-one has been able to disprove it.

  4. robbo says:

    I didn’t know what you were referring to at first so I went back to the video and reran it. I can only assume now that you mean that god gave people the ability to think because “they were more attuned to discern truth from lies in those days.”
    *** DOES NOT COMPUTE ***
    Help me out here please

  5. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thinker – it’s becoming an increasing area of interest for me: why people believe what they do, even when they are being told by compulsive liars (“we will deliver a referendum on the EU” for example). I happen to have spent a lot of time this past year with a congenital liar, so I’ve been able to study first hand (no, not a politician!).

    There’s a new strand to the evolution debate I have heard about which I must look into, and that is that the Theory was fabricated and ‘given’ to Darwin to promote in order to achieve certain aims of the eugenicist classes, so that people would believe that selective breeding was good and natural.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:


    I hope I have made a good attempt at showing how very unlikely the Theory of Evolution is.

    I didn’t really watch the video. I sell flags and it’s rather busy right now! What I meant was was simply that people were perhaps better equipped to recognise the truth in the days before the telly told them what to think.

  7. thinker says:

    they have been able to disprove it, but some people have just decided to ignore the truth, that is out there.
    And well said Stewart

  8. robbo says:

    Oh right, thinker, great. That’s settled then. The truth is out there! Maybe you should try doing some reading, thinking is not quite doing it for you. Here may be a good place to start:

  9. thinker says:

    they tried to say that dinosaurs were millions of years old, but a discovery was made some years ago in the states, I believe in New Mexico of dinosaur skeletons, with blood cells in the bones, now anyone can do some research and see that blood cells can not exist if the skeletons were millions of years old.
    not only that, carbon dating was done on the bottom 2 layers of the grand caynon, and guess what, the evolutionists found out that the layer above the bottom layer was 1 million years older than the bottom layer.
    A mollusc was also radio carbon dated and it was found to be a million years old and the thing was still alive.
    not only that evolutionists will only be 2 seconds in hell before thay change their minds

  10. thinker says:

    forgot to say darwins observation of finches on the Galapgos Islands, showed that there were variations in the beaks of these birds, which do not prove evolution to be true, but rather just a variation that is normal among these birds.
    It is just like seeing that all crows are black, then you get an albino crow, it is just a variation, people with different colours of hair, black, blond, ginger, again just variations.
    But no one has observed evolution in an species, and neither can one species evolve into another, othwise there would have to be millions of missing links, of which there are none.

  11. robbo says:

    Did you read the page I suggested thinker? Why not deal with some of the issues in that?
    If you had any information except what you got from your religious indoctrination you would know that carbon dating is only useful for dating organic matter up to a maximum of about 10000 years. Anyway what has the age of the Grand Canyon got to do with evolution?
    The ludicrous threat of hell is not going to work on me you prat.
    The concept of proof is only useful to mathematicians and lawyers, it has no place in science. The finches count as evidence which has been added to massively over the last 150 years. If you take the time to read the link you will find out more.
    Speciation has been observed many times both in nature and in the lab. Read about them here:
    and here:
    Funny you made a slip about missing links there are in fact millions not none and every time we find a new fossil another is added to the number. Read about transitional fossils here:
    I will look up the dinosaur blood myself as you can’t be bothered to provide me with the link and get back to you about all that research you haven’t done. ROFL.
    No really – ROFLMFAO. Anyone can do some research. What a joke!

  12. thinker says:

    you are entitled to your opinion, as I am, I have seen all I need to see about evolution, and was taught it at school.
    and fossils are not formed over millions of years,
    just to think, that some years ago that some foolish scientist built up a picture of a man from a tooth, only to find out it was a tooth from an extinct pig.
    I hope this gives you some reading Robbo

  13. robbo says:

    You are talking about Nebraska Man, one of the most well known creationist lies. You have done NO research, thinker, NONE, ZERO. You are swallowing anything you find that backs up what you already believe hook, line and sinker. The boot is NOT fossilised. The picture was published by a tabloid newspaper and was never accepted by scientists. Get a grip man and do some googling and reading and you will see that you are being lied to.

  14. thinker says:

    well you are entitled to your opinion Robbo, I dont force my ideas on others, and I do know the links that I supplied cover more than nebraska man.
    Try looking up mysteries of the, this site is maintained by a non Christian.

  15. robbo says:

    I’ve ignored the bible mysteries site as it appears to be totally off topic.
    Michael Behe has been comprehensively debunked time and time again. Search yourself on youtube if you can be bothered.

  16. robbo says:

    By the way, you just gloss over the fact that Nebraska man is a creationist fraud, not a scientific one. This is typical, you have no regard for the truth, you know what you want to believe and if one reason to believe turns out to be be wrong then any other will do. Look at the evidence that makes over 99% of scientists accept evolution as a fact and deal with that. If you are happy to linger in superstition and ignorance, fine. You’re not bringing me down with you. Good day.

  17. thinker says:

    obviously you never considered the other facts presented, and the link at liveleak I provided that only tells me you want to believe what you want to believe, as you seem to have ignored it.
    fair enough you are entitled to your belief on this subject.

  18. robbo says:

    No thinker you have not watched even your own nonsense. Live leak is Michael Behe and I am well aware of his claims and have been for quite some time. You have presented no facts at all and it is you who is only prepared to believe what you want.
    Please answer me this one thing: how can you tell me with one breath that I am entitled to my beliefs and with another tell me I will suffer in hell if I practice them?

  19. robbo says:

    Please answer me this one thing: how can you tell me with one breath that I am entitled to my beliefs and with another tell me I will suffer in hell if I practice them?

  20. johnnyrvf says:

    @robbo. Good question. One great problem, possibly the greatest, with religion is the enormous amount of mis representation and deliberate politicisation that has been deliberately introduced into the texts and creeds over the centuries, in my own limited understanding of the world and life in general the more diverse points of view I can experience and comprehend, e.g. I can actually sympathise with has led me to understand that with reference to normal existence rather than trying to follow theological arguments it is how you act in and with respect to who and what is around you that is what determines whether you are hell bound or not, however there are many who will point out that non belief in the Supreme is an automatic ticket to Hades. As far as I am concerned life is too complicated to try to understand the never ending discussions of ever smaller splitting of theological hairs enjoyed by some, I don’t pretend to know any answers to the universe but do believe this to be relevant, God is immortal, therefore time is of absolutely no relevence outside of creation, therefore I very much agree that the world and universe is as old as modern science discerns, the 7 days written in the bible is just political crap put there to get the hoi poloi of the times to bow down to the king as he was perceived to be there by the grace of God, another gross mis representation of what was actually written, the original text states 7 periods of undefined time or in more modern parlance 7 aeons, I cannot verify the biblical account to reality but it certainly has been severely messed about with. Finally it is up to you and God, whether you believe in him or not whether you go to hell and no one else, which is a more practical and reasoned theological provision but one that many people scorned forget in the sting of the rejection of their perception of events.

  21. robbo says:

    Thanks johnny. It doesn’t really answer my question but I suppose only thinker can do that.
    OK. Question for you. If they were not literal days what does it mean “there was morning and evening, the first day” etc?
    What about the flood? Was it real or figurative?

  22. johnnyrvf says:

    @ robbo, I think these questions are almost impossible for me to answer with any authority but I will try to impart a few insights given to me by greater minds than mine. My understanding is, although I have no proof, that the new testament scrolls were written in Greek and also Hebrew, and then in Latin, the problem lies there in the subtle difference of meaning of words and phrases between the three languages let alone modern English, for example the word love as used in the English language does not exist in Greek, there a 4 separate words which describe different aspects of human emotion, e.g. parental emotional feelings verses brotherly sisterly bonds etc, in the early Byzantine era many people spoke both Greek and Latin and could distinguish the proper meaning of what was written rather than the very limiting translations into other languages as well as living in an era and culture of learning and living impossible for us in the 21st century to grasp; so to answer your question I assume that although fossils found in New York suggest that the moon was much closer many million years ago and therefore affected the tides and subsequently life on earth much more acutely than now, the Earth still rotated around the sun at pretty much the same distance and speed as it does now ( however apparently the Sun has warmed considerably in the last 1.5 billion years ) so that the 1st day is a factual as well as allergorical statement, after all think of the level of scientific knowlege of when it was written these scribes knew absolutely nowt about what was going on outside of their own small existence and were searching for an enlightenment to explain what could not be comprehended. I think the 1st ‘day’ is to describe how the Universe came into being and then the solar systems and life followed in the next 6 days and that after the ages of creation God had created order out of chaos ( which was once explained to me as something that exists but is without a discernable structure, it is an opportunity waiting to become into recognisable coherence ) and as an example the absolute certainty of the controlled order of night following day was used. However remember that the word day was deliberately mis chosen for the English version of the bible, and therefore cannot be considered a serious representation of what was actually written.
    As to the flood, I have read both points of view, that it happened and that it is allegorical, if it actually happened I would propose that it was not a global event as such but a very unusual and severe ‘local’ weather situation as in the recent flooding in Australia and therefore it was quite possible that a circumstance akin to the ark actually happened but it has to also be perceived in the comprehension of the world at the time, the allegorical reasoning is that God decided to punish mankind for its wickedness but after destroying it except for Noah and his family He realised that this was no way to treat many innocent people……As I wrote in my 1st comment so much has been mis represented I find it hard to comprehend the exact meaning of much of the old testament, however the Book of Job is all about how to act when under great duress, yet the language is nothing like how such fortitude is to be found if using modern English.
    I know these are not very concise or complete answers, if they are not to the point please ask again and I will rethink them through.

  23. robbo says:

    So basically what you are saying is that we can’t really trust anything in the bible at all and that god did not know before he killed everyone that it would be wrong to do so. I am with you on the first point. The second seems to beg the question why believe in god at all, after all isn’t he supposed to know everything?
    What are these fossils that show the moon used to be closer to the earth? I’ve never heard of any such thing before.

  24. johnnyrvf says:

    @robbo, nope, at least that is not what I wanted to write, however my interpretation of the Bible is probably, based on your reply, very different to yours, which is fine by me, I believe in individual choice of freedom and as the Bible is not a workshop manual for a Honda Step thru, it is easy to read into it what you want to, especially as in my opinion it has been badly translated. As to why believe in God, well that’s a huge question that even if I could give a coherent answer it would only be a subjective one, however I will try to give one reason that may ( or may not ) have some form of logic to it.
    I am I suppose involved in fairly high tech engineering, in that my business is constructing, repairing, improving and modifying motorcycles, when one considers the amount of work that goes into making a simple wiring loom or machining a wheel spindle, when taking every thing into account, I often think about the train of events that led to the material being alloyed to ensure a part which is fit for purpose, whether it is in steel or titanium, two vastly mis represented ( there is that word again ) materials, I tend to think that on a much bigger scale things are too precise, fit together too well to be a fluke; not one part of the machining process on the lathe is an accident, not one part IN the lathe is an accident, the material did not arrive at my workshop by a strange series of events, the transportation was deliberately thought out as was the vehicle it was delivered in as was the factory that made the vehicle as was the education to get the driver to a level of competence to drive the van in the first place as was the administration in the govt. dept ( well maybe not it IS govt. admin after all ) who devised the education and licensing program etc, etc, etc. Now I know it does not matter how long I leave a lump of metal in the rack, it will never form itself into anything else that the form it arrived in unless I or someone else does something with it…….so exponentiate this series of logical events to the universe and I find it very difficult to believe that all those galaxies, those huge ‘ star factories ‘ now being discovered many many light years away just happened, out of nowt, or happened because the universe was always there, when scientists tell us it has an age so therefore is relative to that strange concept called time……of course, should magic or alchemy become mainstream science and amazing things start happening because of that I will be happy to re think my outlook.
    As to the fossils, I am sorry to say I cannot remember the article, let alone a link to it, it was more of a throw away comment about the fossilised cockroaches that had been recently discovered in New York or rather the ancestors to the cockroach are so old they would have been around in an age when the moon was much closer to the earth; I did read recently that the moon is slowly getting further away from the earth, the rate has been calculated and this is I understand not in contention but being a lazy b*gg*r I cannot be bothered to google it but I am sure it is not hard to find.

  25. robbo says:

    So why is the bible of any use then? We can’t understand it so let’s look for something else we can understand. What makes you think that even if you could unlock its hidden mystical meaning it would be worth knowing?

  26. robbo says:

    The argument from design is dealt with nicely here:

  27. johnnyrvf says:

    @robbo, In answer to your first comment about what makes me think that?, is this asked in a genuinely curious frame of mind or in what gives you the right to dictate frame of mind? I am probably mis reading your intent here but understanding the reason for the question helps me to give a more precise answer; for myself, at various periods of my life I have understood passages of the Bible in a mystical sense or rather what my conscious intelligence would perceive to be mystical, but there again how I conceive mystical is a function of my mind and therefore not being a psychiatrist or medical researcher into the human brain and how it functions I cannot give you an answer that would explain in any empirical sense what the Bible is saying mystically, however it is how one reacts to the Bible and whether what is written at the time it is read has a ring of truth or relevance it that persons life that is part of the answer to comprehending if the bible can or does have any real meaning. It is in my limited opinion saying many things about Human kind on many different levels of intellect and experience, so what one may read as a child would have a completely different meaning and reason to an adult, but if some one has no interest in the Bible and only perceives it as fairy stories or a book for life’s cripples who need a sky fairy it has nothing of importance in it at all.
    As to the second video his arguments are his opinions and prove nothing at all about anything except how limited his knowlege of the world is, if the author really wants to make a serious impression I would suggest he shuts up and learns to understand what life is really about, I’m surprised you would find his monologue remotely relevant. We all are guilty of comfirmation bias but this person pushes the envelope; just because I do not understand many technologies or forms that these technologies takes does not mean that there was no thought behind their existence.

  28. robbo says:

    I don’t know what a what gives you the right to dictate frame of mind might be so I guess my question was asked in a genuinely curious frame of mind.
    Couldn’t you say that about just about anything. A great piece of music or poetry, literature, filmmaking or art can all instil mystical thoughts. As functioning adults we have to keep our feet on the ground. I just want to know why you think the bible is special. How can you interpret it in such a way that it can be any kind of a decent moral guide, let alone divine? Why does it say for example that it is OK to beat your slaves so long as they don’t die. And yes, I am genuinely curious. It doesn’t have any bearing on reality.
    As for your second answer I just have to disagree. You gave me a version of the argument from design so it was relevant. I gave you a prepackaged response. I think his argument is sound and I have never heard it refuted. If you could let me know why it is so obviously incorrect I would be grateful.

  29. johnnyrvf says:

    @robbo, I was not dictating your frame of mind, I was merely trying to ascertain in what aspect it was being asked, personal experience has taught me that it is very easy to mistake the form of a question as there are no face to face clues on a comments section such as this, as I have only engaged in a short series of replies I cannot for one moment take the liberty of assuming I know you, therefore I am cautious. I think that the New Testament is special, there are some books in the old Testament on which some of the law of western civilisation is based upon and the Psalms and others that in my ignorance I forget their exact titles which are calming to read but I always found the majority of the O.T. to be in great contrast to what the N.T. illustrates about humane behaviour. As to intelligent design I am going to cop out here and say let us agree to disagree, in my defence I believe the subject is so vast, so vexatious, so complicated that even if I could come up with many coherent arguments all you have to do is dismiss them and the discussion makes no real progress, after all I perceive life from a perspective as unique as yours and what I perceive is something that I arrived at after a lot of thought and experience, negative and positive; as I am sure have you. I do not wish to be truculent but in certain situations it is best to call it a day, simply because I do not believe I can succinctly answer your questions in a satisfactory manner.

  30. Rich says:

    New post re. St George’s Tron, please ….

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